Black Mercedes-Benz, E350, license plate number: Zhang A99999, domineering license plate, can not be bought in Zhangzhou for money.

It’s Qiu Zhen’s car.

Lu Qiang stood for a moment while holding the car door. The cold wind blew in. The driver was impatient and urged: "Are you sitting?"

He pulled his gaze back, waved his hand, and slammed the door.

The driver lowered his curse inside, stepped on the accelerator, and coaxed away.

Lu Qiang stopped for a while and raised his leg in that direction.

The windows are dark, and the whole picture cannot be seen from the outside. There are more than one person shaking.Without waiting to get closer, the thick and slightly crazy subwoofer gradually replaced the cold wind roaring, and the body vibrated with the rhythm.

Lu Qiang supported the roof with his elbows and knocked on the co-pilot's glass twice.

It didn't take long for the car window to drop halfway, and the deafening music came.He turned his head a little and bowed to look inside. The co-pilot sat on a girl with a low chest and big bosom. She was still wearing stockings and thin shirts for the cold days. year old.

Her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and she rushed impatiently: "Go, small advertisements will be sent elsewhere."

After finishing talking, he had to raise the window, halfway up, Lu Qiang raised his hand and pressed it, glanced at her, and his eyes fell on the driving position.Qiu Zhen folded his legs on the steering wheel, lying halfway, looking out the window on his side, his eyes blinked, his mind seemed to be empty, and he didn't care what happened here.

Lu Qiangshun moved his gaze slightly, looking at the gate of the community, nearly fifty meters apart, and it was not very real.

This lasted for a few seconds, and the girl saw Lu Qiang immobilized and straightened up: "You're fucking sick, didn't hear anything, and went on the side."

The sound overshadowed the sound, and Qiu Zhen excitedly moved his feet slightly.

Lu Qiang lifted his chin: "I'm looking for him."

"When you are the head of state, who are you looking for," the girl smashed his hand with the phone and spoke eloquently: "Who are you, where did you come out, get up, get up, hurry up..."

Lu Qiang didn't move. He lifted his eyelids to look in through a small gap. His forehead gathered light lines due to the movement, slightly hooked the lip line, his eyes calm, without any emotion.

There was a harsh scream in the car, and the girl's hair was pulled back by the people inside, her eyes were lifted, and her scalp was almost knocked down.

"Brother Qiu, brother Qiu, let go, why..."

Qiu Zhen was fierce: "Do you know who you talked to just now?

"Yeah... it hurts..."

Qiu Zhen pressed hard again: "Go behind."

The girl couldn't tell the situation, but was shocked by Qiu Zhen's anger. When she was young, she felt misty in her grievances. Her innocent face was covered with innocent hair.

Qiu Zhen hurriedly opened the door: "Brother Qiang, get in the car."

Lu Qiang stepped back and sat in. The car body sank, and the original spacious room was seated with two big men, which seemed slightly cramped.

Qiu Zhen smiled: "The dead girl knows nothing, don't mind."

Lu Qiang laughed and said: "It's okay, this body really looks like an advertisement." He went out anxiously, grabbed a piece of clothing to wear, it was a cotton uniform for security guards in winter, hidden in blue, with silver buckles on it, outside the fur collar Turned over, gray suddenly, was regarded as advertising, and did not complain to her.

Qiu Zhen snorted and looked back, "Not yet called Qiang Brother!"

The girl is also a scene, seeing Qiu Zhen's attitude, knowing that this person is not simple, put away the arrogance just now, and sit up and say: "Good brother, I have a clumsy eye, you don't know that you and Qiu are acquaintances, don't know me as a little girl. ."

Lu Qiang glanced at her from the endoscope and responded with a lip corner.

Qiu Zhen didn't deliberately introduce her, that is, the Yingyingyanyan around her.

Lu Qiang turned the audio down, and the ears were immediately cleared: "Are you busy? Give me a trip if you're not busy."

Qiu Zhen paused and glanced out of the window.


"No," Qiu Zhen turned the chair back forward: "Just picked you up last time?"

Lu Qiang said: "Yes."

"Then just take the Zhangbao Expressway."

"Zhangbao Expressway and Qufu Road."

Qiu Zhen should make a U-turn in front and drive on high speed.

After a moment of silence, he asked, "How come here, strong brother?"

Lu Qiang said: "Look at a friend from a former prison and live here."

Qiu Zhen's fingers tightened, and Lu Qiang looked at him: "How about you, this wilderness and wilderness, here is the play?"

Qiu Zhen responded vaguely, staring at the front with his eyes full of thought.All of them were tuned. In the past, Lu Qiang used him as a driver and pulled him to Zhangzhou.That was fourteen years ago. Lu Qiang had just turned eighteen years old. He came out of his hometown for a few years. He just followed Qiu Lao. Qiu Zhen was eleven. He was in the fourth grade of primary school.

Within a few years, Lu Qiang gradually gained recognition and trust from Qiu Shizu, and gave him his baby son to drive him to and from school.He was quiet and quiet, he could fight and fight, Qiu Zhen didn't worry, every time he came back from a disaster, he tried his best to help him get things done, and over time, Qiu Zhen was willing to stick to him and share big things with him in advance. Say, than kiss your own father.Comparing the heart with heart, Lu Qiang naturally treated him as a brother...

Until six years ago, Lu Qiang was imprisoned and Qiu Zhen was sent abroad for further study. The distance is far away. After a few years without contact, it is natural to see each other again.

Living in a space where no common topics can be found for a while, the music can't hide the dull and awkward atmosphere.

Lu Qiang didn't feel it, his head was resting on the back of the chair, and his eyes were half drooping.

The girl in the back sat in the middle and looked at the two in front. They also felt that the car was too quiet, and then the topic just now: "I also want to ask, Brother Qiu, it is good to go shopping in the financial street. Why did you come here suddenly?"

Qiu Zhenmeng stared at the endoscope, not lukewarm: "You take a break." Lu Qiang turned to look at him sideways.

Qiu Zhen smiled, and the pretend said easily: "Brother Qiang, I haven't been together for a long time, go out for a drink?"

Lu Qiang thought for a while: "Success."

"Where to eat?"

"you decide."

Lu Qiang should stop talking and use his mobile phone to fiddle for a while. Ding Ding Dong Dong a few information prompts. He looked at the screen and secretly chuckled a few times before retracting his pocket.

...... ......

After getting off the highway, Qiu Zhen put the girl in a convenient place for a taxi. Zhangzhou did not come back for several years.According to the memory, find the private restaurant that the two people used to go to.

Lu Qiang did not set foot in high-end places for a long time, and the dog food restaurant was used to it. It was uncomfortable to sit here. He was lazy leaning on the back of his chair and lighting a cigarette.

Qiu Zhen delivered the menu.

Lu Qiang lifted his chin and said you came.

Qiu Zhen clicked on the menu a few times, the waiter bowed to place the order, and then took the door to quickly exit.

The serving speed seems to be faster than before. Lu Qiang swept the circle on the table and raised his eyebrows. There were small stews and sirloin in the four dishes and one soup, according to his preference.

Qiu Zhen smiled: "Remember right, strong brother."

"That's right," Lu Qiang took off his coat and pulled up the clothing of his forearm, forming natural stacks of folds on his elbows. "It's rare that you remember."

Qiu Zhen said: "It's all in my head and I can't forget it."

The wine glasses were full in front of them, and they touched each other. Qiu Zhen took each chopstick and tasted it, frowning slightly: "The taste is wrong."

Lu Qiang threw a waist flower in his mouth, and there was no special reaction: "It has been many years, the boss has changed, the employees are not the same as before, and the cook is more unlikely to keep it and become normal." Finally, he looked up at him and stopped. Stop: "Remember that smell before?"

His eyes were unscathed, and he faced him loosely and casually, his tone of voice was low, and the meaning in the words was not obvious, but he also heard faintly, referring to Wu Qiong.

Qiu Zhen was uncomfortable, and his gaze formed a sharp sense of oppression, which was a bit unrecognizable.

Lu Qiang suddenly loosened his back and smiled, "eat food."

A bottle of Moutai fell down, and another bottle was opened.Alcohol permeates every cell, and the slight smell of breath evaporates through the skin and into the air. When you talk more, it means something like'recalling the past.'

Qiu Zhen smoked his cigarette and looked at the light smoke: "I still teach you to smoke."

Lu Qiang received: "The second year of high school."

"Butterfly Spring, only a few dollars and a pack, and it is inferior and choking. If you put the Chinese Yellow Crane Tower without smoking, you will like this."

Lu Qiang's eyes sank: "I'm used to it, I can't change it."

Qiu Zhen didn't hear anything, leaned back, and continued to recall: "Not only smoking, I admired you at that time, there was a kind of learning, what clothes did you wear, what kind of wine did you say, how to express your expression... Later, I was looking for a girl For your eyes, you like big buttocks with fleshy flesh, and then I found myself proud of this one too," he thought, he shook his head and smiled: "I was a girl for the first time, you also give me experience, what posture, What skill, but I got a hot brain, and he went after forgetting his brain. When you come back, you still scold me..."

The cigarette butt in Lu Qiang's hand was deformed, his fingers were white, and his eyes were stained with rare depression: "...I can't learn well with me."

When Qiu Zhen made a joke, he didn't feel anything bad, and he laughed.Lu Qiang nodded his desk and took a breath. "That line, I'll be here today. It's not too early. I'm back."

Qiu Zhen's mouth froze: "...I will call someone to send you."

"No, I will take a taxi." Lu Qiang got up, took the clothes on the back of the chair and put them on, and walked to the door.

Qiu Zhen didn't wait, he paused, his side was half-turned, the room was unclear, and half of his face was hidden in the darkness: "I saw you last night. At the entrance of Four Seasons Hot Pot on Qufu Road, you and a girl "" He looked at him: "I have good eyesight, it's Wu Qiong, right?"

Qiu Zhen had a stiff neck.

Lu Qiang said: "Your dad gives you entertainment. Lecheng leads you to the right path. He is not young and will not be able to toss for a few years. You have to pave the way for you. You should do your best. "

After a short pause, he withdrew his gaze.

Qiu Zhen buried his head, his shoulders half collapsed, the light above his head was blocked, and he could not see his expression clearly. There was a hint of drunkenness in the tall outline.

Lu Qiang said: "Let's put it in the past. Look ahead, don't be fooled."

He held the doorknob in his hand, and there was a repressed voice behind him: "I'm not reconciled, I just want her to explain."

In fact, Lu Qiang sees clearly: "Just for this?"

Qiu Zhen's lips twitched, his eyes dodge: "Um..." murmured: "Why did she do that?"

"Why don't you know?"

"Brother Qiang," Qiu Zhen stood up: "Did you blame me?"

Lu Qiang twisted the doorknob for a moment: "No wonder."

This is the truth.

After coming out of the restaurant, Lu Qiang stopped the car on the side of the road. Lao Li called on the phone halfway. When he changed shifts, he asked him to lock the door and leave, so he went back.

He got off near the restaurant last night. Opposite is an artificial canal. Here is close to the suburbs. To the far away is the farmland, which is irrigated by the water pulling the Zhang River.The water is undulating and the shore is frozen.

Lu Qiang walked over, elbows supporting the railing.The sky was completely dark, the lights were gorgeous on the opposite side, and the cold wind carried a smelly smell to scrape the bones. Under this environment, cigarettes quickly burned to ashes.

Lu Qiang sucked in deeply, and struck out another one.

On the other side of the dam, a sporadic white light beam hit the river. The water was dark and turbid, and some fish floated on the water.Lu Qiang stared in that direction, and his eyes were gradually out of focus, only the bright color flashed.After a while, the fisherman got up sharply, the fishing rod picked up, and the line was quickly taken off. The water surface was more prosperous. After a few splashes, something broke out.

Lu Qiang retracted his gaze, turned around, took his back against the railing, and continued to smoke.He didn't see how big the fish he caught, and certainly not as big as the small river in the village. Even if it did, the taste might not be delicious.He sipped his mouth and squinted to taste the smell after hours, but he sucked in a mouthful of oil smoke, opposite the restaurant, the level of public consumption, oil smoke mixed with river wind, the taste is special and authentic.

He eventually gave up, unable to start even aftertaste.Seeing the pedestrians hurried past in front of them, the hair was messed up by the wind, and the clothing corner flicked.

Lu Qiang lit a third cigarette...

...... ......

He didn't go to the sentry box tonight. It was late at night when he arrived home. The room was dark. The bleak moonlight outside the window divided the mullion into several pieces and cast it on the desk and bed.

The quilt raised a small hill, but Lu Yin didn't wait for him, and the kung fu took a nap.

Lu Qiang's eyes softened, his shoulders collapsed naturally, he didn't turn on the light, removed his underwear, and got into the bed.

Behind the movement, Lu Yin was so excited, she was sober for a moment, and her conditional reflex thought of her. The person behind her held her and pulled her waist into her arms, unable to move.

Her heart thumped: "Lu Qiang?"

He only responded for a long time, "...It's me." He closed his eyes and took down his chin.

Lu Yin's heart returned to his head, exhaling gently, and his head fell back on the pillow.After the fright, the senses gradually became clear, and he could not help being shaken by the temperature behind him, hiding forward: "You are so cold."

Lu Qiang didn't back away from the past and greedily ingested her temperature: "" The voice was hoarse.

Lu Yin felt wrong, but did not turn back hurriedly, sleepless, eyes quietly open in the dark.After a few minutes, the body temperature behind him gradually warmed up, and even exceeded the normal temperature, like a stove.

The smell of the wine frozen by the cold wind diffused, and choked the smell of tobacco.

Lu Yin frowned and said softly, "Did you drink?"

No one speaks.

Lu Yin held up his elbow and remembered that he was pulled by him and fell back onto the pillow.

Turning around, his scorching breath sprayed on her face, not drinking lightly, and his nose was full of alcohol.

Lu Yin tried to retreat a little: "I'll give you a glass of honey water."

Lu Qiang kept his eyes closed and pulled her arm. She ran back again. The two struggled in the dark for a long time. He rarely repeated Lu Yin capriciously like a child.

She was smirked, thumped him in the chest, stayed for a moment, and her palms moved slowly over his head again, soothing smoothly, kissed his lips, and rubbed her hot cheeks and forehead with her thumb.The action is terrible.

Lu Yin coaxed: "I'll go and come back soon, you are waiting for me, okay?" The tone is soft, slowly like hypnosis in his ear.

Xu was a series of gentle movements to appease him, and it worked quickly. She tried again and successfully got out.

Lu Yin adjusted a glass of warm honey water.

Turning on the light, he frowned and narrowed his eyes to see her, his eyes were not clear, drunk and blurred, and there was a slight red blood in the corners of his eyes.

She could not lift him, so she had to put his head on her lap.Lu Qiang propped up his arms suddenly, rubbing his ass up, rubbing his head to her chest.She gave Lu Yin full weight, so big, she couldn't get it close.

Lu Yin hurriedly put the water cup on the cupboard, his palm was only enough to wrap his head, "Want to vomit?"

Lu Qiang smiled low, and didn't know what to laugh.

Lu Yin turned his back, "Drink water?"

His lips moved, saying something intermittently.

She was close to her ears, and her heart couldn't help.

Lu Yin heard his words clearly, but did not understand at that time until the night of New Year's Day.