Lu Yin asked Lu Qiang to get some bone, and has been giving Qian Yuanqing soup to make up his body these days.

Qian Yuanqing was cold on the face, but her heart was not so calm. Apart from Lu Qiang’s level, the two had no relatives and no reason. She was attentive and thoughtful, and finally got a little overdone. After rushing her several times, she only smiled gently. After fifteen, go away.

The taste of the year gradually faded, and the villagers resumed their work. When they got up early in the morning, they saw someone leading the cow to the milking station.Lu Yin wore a pair of black cotton shoes, wide and wide, no style, lined with straight and round thin legs, it was simply funny.

She picked up the wood and ran to the house.

Qian Yuanqing made the cotton shoes the next day. The upper was covered with thick cotton and the sole was one inch thick. It was extremely cold-resistant on the snow.

That day, she threw her shoes on the ground with a straight face: "Take care of wearing them, freezing you, I am not responsible."

Lu Yin froze, ignoring her attitude, and she was still happy.She took off her booties and stepped in with her feet, trying to take two steps, like stepping on cotton.

She showed her face, "Thank you aunt."

Qian Yuanqing held the corner of his lips and snorted coldly.

These shoes can be worn for several days, but they are not very heel-like. They are like children who sneaked into adults, but they are very warm.

Lu Qiang came in from the outside and inevitably glanced at her feet and passed the freshly caught fish.

Qian Yuanqing was not as resistant as before, only glancing at him at first, not greeting or ostentatious, treating him like air.Lu Qiang stood in the middle alone for a while, raised his hand, and immediately glanced at Kang with his forehead. It was meaningless, and raised his leg and walked out.

Passing by Lu Yin, he bowed his head and said, "When the soup is ready, you have a bowl."

Lu Yin pursed her lips and nodded.

One room is quiet.Lu Yin moved to the small bench and sat on the ground to deal with the fish just now.The soup pot on the stove was bubbling, and the white mist was steaming and spreading around, emitting a rich and delicious taste.

Lu Yin wiped his hands and squatted in front of the stove, tasting lightly with a spoon.

Qian Yuanqing handcrafted people and glanced at her: "That animal is good to you?"

She gave her a hand, and hummed, and then tasted it again, "I didn't know how before, but now I learn very carefully, and I can cook some dishes, so I can barely eat them." She gave Qian Yuan Qingsheng a bowl: " Are you drinking now?"

"Leave it there," she sat tired and adjusted her posture: "Don't mind me, drink your own."

Lu Yin squatted by the fire and folded her hands on her knees: "Will you make a bun for me when you're ready?"

Qian Yuan Qing glanced at her: "Then something good will be sold at the village entrance."

Lu Yin said: "Lu Qiang is always nagging, but I can't miss it. I was the same as you at first. Just think, aren't the buns all the same? Is there anything delicious? He said you always made it before. Can eat three or four... so I want to try it."

Qian Yuanqing's eyes flashed, "I can't do this with my legs."

"Why can't you do it! The wooden boards have been removed." Lu Yin snorted and grunted carefully: "Anyway, I'll let you have so much bone soup."

She didn't appreciate it: "Let's watch it."

Lu Yin served soup for himself, and took a squat without squatting, and asked unconsciously, "What did Lu Qiang do when he was a kid?"

She paused for a moment and said in a cold voice: "It has not been a fuel-efficient lamp since I was a child." Lu Yin waited for his chin and listened to her continue: "The front foot opened the scoop for the head, and his father's back foot apologized to help the gang. Yes, other children saw him hiding. One year, like nine years old, he stole firecrackers into the boiler at Liu Quan'er's house. The next day he was on fire, the firecrackers exploded, and Liu Quan'er was almost not disfigured."

Lu Yin smiled lightly: "Why does he like to eat steamed buns?"

Qian Yuanqing's hands didn't stop: "It's not because of a greedy mouth. In the past, the family was poor, and the pigs were only killed once during the holidays. After the killing, they were basically sold, and there were some baggage and pigskin left. I took the iron pan and stewed it. , Steamed buns on top, and the soup of stew oozes up... buns are all meaty."

Lu Yin took a few sips of the soup in her hand. It took a long time. She held the warm soup in her hand.

Quiet and unnatural, Qian Yuanqing realized that there was too much, she frowned: "I want to eat and sit at the table to eat well, what's it like to squat here."

Lu Yin, accustomed to her cold words, moved to the table with her chopsticks, and couldn't help but looked at her again.She was right in the moment of softness in her eyes, and her hard heart couldn't resist the blood.

Lu Yin knew that she didn't close her eyes that night when she learned the truth. It wasn't forgiveness. She was just in a mode of resentment, which could not be changed for a while.

Perhaps, what is needed now is time.

After a few more days, Qian Yuanqing was ready to get out of bed, stood on tiptoe, supported the chair cabinet, and with the support of Lu Yin, went to the table to eat.

Lu Yinbao's black chicken soup and two vegetarian dishes.Someone came out of the curtain and Lu Yin turned his back and looked back at his neck.Within a few seconds, Lu Qiang pushed open the door in the house and took a cane in his hand.

Lu Yin got up and took over: "Did you buy it?"

"I went to town in the morning."

Lu Yin weighed a few times and rested at the table, smiling: "Auntie, you can use this after getting out of bed."

Qian Yuanqing put vegetables in his mouth without lifting his eyelids.

The two stood a little awkward.Lu Yin rubbed his hands: "Have you eaten?"

Lu Qiang: "No."

She bit her lower lip and tentatively asked, "Sit down and eat together?" After asking to see Qian Yuanqing, Lu Qiang couldn't help but glance at her.

The other party is indifferent and eats his own, as if not heard.

Seeing a play, Lu Yin pulled his sleeve: "You sit, I'll get the tableware."

Lu Qiang licked the corner of his lips and sat down opposite her with his trouser legs.

Lu Yin is on thin ice, and dare not speak at all when eating, secretly looking at Qian Yuanqing's expression.Looked at Lu Qiang again, he ate a big meal, bowed his head, his eyes were no different than usual.

Lu Yin was sullen inside, who knows if the apparent composure is pretending.

The activity in her heart was too frequent. She was not attentive and was choked by rice grains. Her cough face was red and red.


She nodded and couldn't answer.

Lu Qiang put down the bowl, moved the stool to her, and patted her back gently with her big palm.

Lu Yin covered her mouth and nose, her eyes coughed red.

Qian Yuanqing frowned, and glanced up at his eyes. "Take some water." There was no temperature, and I didn't know who to tell.

Lu Qiang scanned the table for a while before getting up to find water for her.

Lu Yin finally caught her breath and raised her hand to wipe the tears she forced.

Lu Qiang helped her take away the rice grains in her mouth: "It's really capable, and I can't understand the food."

Lu Yin stared at him: "Not paying attention."

"Do you still drink it, then pour you some more?"

"No," Lu Yin took the chopsticks. "Much better, let's eat."

She gave him a dish: "Try this."

Lu Qiang said: "Tofu is doing well, broccoli is a bit light."

"Is it?" Lu Yin picked it up and tasted it. "It's a bit, then you have something else."

Lu Qiang didn't say anything, and ate rice in his mouth.

Lu Yin gave him soup: "This has been boiling for three hours, and the taste should be good."

Lu Qiang stood up and took a sip.

"how about it?"


Lu Yin smiled, "Do you want more food? Will you give me a little more?"


The two forgot the occasion, and some were left alone.

There was a snap over there, and Qian Yuanqing dropped her chopsticks. "It doesn't stop eating a meal." She stood up at the table.

Lu Yin hurried to help, reaching for the crutches next to him: "Auntie, try this."

"No." She turned, "used." I don't know who to say.

Lu Yin put down her crutches and shrugged back to Lu Qiang, carefully supporting her to bed.

This lasted for two days, Lu Qiang came back more and more, Qian Yuanqing ignored it, and did not reward him with half of his eyes.But in any case, the atmosphere has eased, Lu Yin finally breathed a sigh of relief.

On the evening of the tenth day of the first lunar month, there was a heavy snowfall, and the snow fell from the sky like flying catkins. Not long after, the traces on the ground were all covered up. Some children were laughing and running, and they played snowball fights outside.

Lu Yin lay beside the window and looked at it against the glass for a while. In the courtyard, the light of the lantern became softer.Zhangzhou has never had such heavy snowfall, and even if there is, it is not pure and clear here.

She took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Lu Qiang, and it was not long before there was an echo.

Lu Yin smiled and turned back to see Qian Yuanqing. She passed, "Auntie, I will go out."

She looked at her: "It's snowing outside, what are you doing out there."

Lu Yin vaguely said: "Turn around casually."

"With little animals?"

"..." she nodded.

Qian Yuanqing grunted: "Go, I didn't tie your legs again."

"Oh, I will be back soon." Lu Yin answered and picked up the coat and walked out.

Before the door was pushed open, Qian Yuanqing shouted to her: "Wait a moment." She slowly rubbed her to Kang Shao, flipped through the cabinet for a long time, and found a pair of cotton trousers: "Change it and go out again, I will give it to myself I’ve done it and haven’t worn it yet."

The cotton trousers are made of cotton and are very thick. They are very common in the local area and almost everyone wears them.It's just too bloated, and the lines don't show up at all.

Qian Yuanqing paused, and rummaged again in the cupboard, "The cotton-padded jacket was also replaced."

Lu Yin was surprised.The quilted jacket is big red, with pink flowers, and is an ancient cardigan style. The buckles are small and delicate, and a circle of gold thread is embroidered around the neckline.Lu Yin studied clothing, and at a glance, she knew that she was excellent at handwork.

She asked, "This is what you did?"

"It's okay to play."

Lu Yin looked at it repeatedly for a long time, and the cotton-padded jacket was booming and joyous.

Qian Yuanqing was impatient and thought she was ugly: "Whoever looks at you in the big dark sky is so stinky. That little wind blows you away."

Lu Yin smiled and said to change immediately.

The cotton trousers did not come in her size, they were fat and long, and she wore a belt.The quilted jacket is the right size, from the cuff to the tiger's mouth, the hem to the hip, and the waist is a little fat, but it is generous.

Qian Yuanqing couldn't help but look up and down. When she saw that she was still standing silly, she plugged a scarf and let it go.

After waiting for half a day at the entrance of Lu Qiang Station, half a cigarette, only to see a person flashing out of the door, dangling, walking very hard.

When he approached others, Lu Qiang's ashes fell into his hands. He shivered and looked down for a long time before raising his hands and waving.

"Go," he said lightly.

Lu Yin put his hand in his palm and raised his head and asked, "What expression do you have?"

"what happened?"

"...It seems quite disgusting."

"No." Lu Qiang looked at the road ahead and took her to the East River Moon River: "Your scarf is not right."

Lu Yin didn't understand: "What's wrong?"

"The red jacket should have a green one."

Lu Yin hummed: "Should that give you a green hat...ah! It hurts..."

She hadn't finished speaking, her fingers were clenched together, and he gritted his teeth: "Lu Yin, you fucking don't want to live a squeak."

Fingertips are bloodshot and a little cold.Lu Yin noticed the aphasia and quickly pleased: "I was wrong."

Lu Qiang wasn't really angry, and bit her mouth fiercely before she stopped.

At this time, the snow was a little smaller, and it fell quietly, without wind, and the whole village was immersed in a silence.

In fact, there is no intention to go, Lu Yin simply wants to see where he grew up.

All the way to the east, the village is getting farther and farther away, and the red lights of the lanterns form a line in the distance, peaceful and peaceful.Today, there are stars and moons, white snow covers the ground, and the sky is not pure.

At the Moon River, Lu Qiang showed her.The road and the river could not be discerned. The snow-capped snow stretched out, and the boundary between the land and the river was flattened.

Lu Yin was disappointed.

Lu Qiang took her along the river, and the moonlight stretched their shadows and walked all the way, leaving behind two long series of footprints, staggered and messy.

After walking for a while, a small arch bridge appeared in front, experiencing wind and frost, erosion and aging of the stone pier, and the original appearance could not be seen.

The two stood up, and Lu Qiang hugged her from behind.Standing on a high place, Yiping Pingchuan was a little shocked.

Lu Yin asked: "Is the fish caught from here?"

Lu Qiang clung to her ears, low.

She hid: "Can you catch fish in winter?"

"Use special tools to dig holes."

"Can you catch it?"

"Look at the technology." Lu Qiang said: "There are not many lines."

Lu Yin snorted: "Just do it."

He murmured again, licking her earlobe with her lips and palms up, covering her chest, and grabbed a dress: "It feels bad."

Lu Yin smiled softly.

He asked: "How long have we not been intimate?"

Lu Yin: "..."

Lu Qiang pulled her cheek, "Did you miss me?"

"No," she opened her eyes. "You can see it every day."

"What about my brother?"

Lu Yin breathed for a long time, feeling that her face was cold, but instead was hot: "Thinking can't be healthy... really shameless."

"It thinks the pain you think." Lu Qiang smiled and put it on her ear, and the virtual voice said: "It only hurts when it is healthy."

In the ice and snow, substantive things can't be done, Lu emphasized a few plays, and they started kissing.

When the snow stopped, the sky was dark and bright, and today's stars were particularly shining.Standing at the bridgehead, the entangled figure shrank into a small spot, the world was vast, and they seemed to be in a state of no one, only to nestle in each other in the vast white.

Lu Yin secretly opened his eyes, his outline was clear and deep, his eyes closed, and he never felt soft.

In the moonlight, his kisses are less aggressive and more religious.

A thin beam of light crossed the eyes, and Lu Yin turned his head slightly, a meteor.Meteor is not uncommon, rare is the person who accompanies the experience.

She closed her eyes gently and sketched a wish in her heart.In fact, it is not extravagant, but they are the sun and the moon, destined to experience ups and downs.

In order to meet the moment, even if it is difficult, she also hopes that the ending is good.