When I came back at eight o'clock in the evening, the number of cold days, even though it was thick, it was frozen through.

Lu Qiang pulled her into the yard, the lights in the main room had been extinguished, and Qian Yuanqing had always slept early, but left the door for her and did not lock it.

Lu Yin gently opened a gap and turned back.Lu Qiang still looked at her in the dark night, his hands closed in his jacket pockets, as if holding a string, the other end tied her leg, and it was difficult to move.

She felt a little uncomfortable, "You go back to bed earlier."

Lu Qiang was silent.

Didn't say good night, she was a little empty in her heart, waiting for a moment, she bit her lower lip: "Then I went in."

The old door creaked softly, and in the quiet night, like the moment an avalanche came, the heart trembling didn't dare to gasp.

Lu Qiang stepped forward, pressed against the door, pushed back gently, and pressed her back against her chest.

Lu Yin's breath was stagnant and her chest was forced to stand up, and asked what you were doing.

Lu Qiang didn't answer, took her to the west of the yard, close to the fence, and next to it was Genzi's house.A large black lock on the Westinghouse door, Qian Yuanqing's foot hurt, did not come here for a few days to cook.

Lu Qiang touched a wire from the window sill, shunned it in his hand, and took the time to look at her, which just happened to meet her eyes.

Lu Yin shuddered and turned away: "You are crazy here, I am going to sleep."

Lu Qiang caught her: "Are you looking forward to your eyes?"

"...I don't understand." Lu Yin was embarrassed by what he said, trying to prove something, twisting his body to escape.

"Honest, Yin Yin." Lu Qiang chuckled, kissed her casually on the face, hugged her, and pried the black lock a few times.

This room is much smaller than that of Qian Yuanqing. The door is the kitchen. There is a half-height stove in the corner, a large pot on top, and some dry firewood next to it.

There was only one main room, and Lu Qiang led her in.

Lu Yin also minded what he had just said, unscrewed his wrist awkwardly, and lifted his eyes, then paused slightly.

This room is clear at a glance. There are very few furnitures. There are only writing desk wooden chairs and wardrobes. On the opposite side is the Kang. There are several posters on the wall next to it.

Although it has been unoccupied for a long time, it is extremely clean and tidy.

She was still clutching her hand, and Lu Yinang raised her head: "Is this your room?"

Lu Qiang's expression didn't move. After a while, um.

A white mist exhaled between the speeches. There was no fire in the room, and the cold could penetrate into the skin.Lu Yin's fingertips were cold.

Lu Qiang let go of her, "There are quilts in the cupboard, you lay them first, I'll boil the water." Then he turned and went to the kitchen.

Lu Yin stood in the middle of the room for a moment, and walked a few steps. The old photos on the desk were pressed in black and white. There were several family of three. They took photos for the camera without extra action.Lu Yin looked at them one by one, most of them were single photos of Lu Qiang. When he was a child, he was already very handsome, and he hadn’t opened yet, but his eyes were cold and keen, and his face was flat.

She poked her finger at his face, slid it gently, and landed on the lower right corner of the photo, where the time and place were marked. She looked at it, almost every photo.

Lu Yin appreciates it enough, only to remember to go to Kang to get the bedding and spread it halfway, and feels too obedient, knowing what he is thinking about, always seems to be unable to wait.

Thinking about this, Lu Yin's face was a bit hot, and the temperature under the butt also increased. She touched it with hands. It was indeed not like the cold before. He had burned Kang.The door of the outside room was wide open, and the gray smoke in the kitchen gradually drifted outside.

Lu Qiang boiled a pot of hot water, and there was a pure cypress bath tub in the room.The bath barrel is very large, made by the father himself. When he was a child, he could swim in it.Brush it carefully with hot water a few times, put it in the center of the house, filled with hot water.

Lu Qiang closed the door, and after a while, the temperature in the room finally rose.

Lu Yin was still sitting on the kang head, watching him busy inside and out.

Lu Qiang glanced at her: "Don't sit silly. Take off your clothes." As he said, he pulled off his sweater, his two pectoral muscles expanded and swaggered across the market.He stretched out his hand to untie his belt again: "Want me to hug you?" He said he had gone in this direction.

To the edge of Kang, he took off.

Lu Yin's face was cold, and her redness was abnormal.She still wanted to hide, and Lu Qiang dragged her ankle to pull it over. Dahong Zhuang left a few times, as long as the cotton trousers were loosened, it was not difficult to take off.

I don’t know if it’s too cold because of the cold. A small pimple appeared on her body, and she secretly glanced down.

Lu Qiang did not rush, holding the pit edge with both hands, looking down at her with an eye down.

She crossed her arms, pressed her breasts, covered her palms on the other side, the white flesh was squeezed and deformed, the blue veins were hidden under the skin, the gullies were obvious, and they could not be stopped.

Lu Qiang swallowed his throat, buried his head and kissed the back of her hand, slowly traversed past, and continued to suck her wrist bones.The chest in front of him fluctuated irregularly, his hands tightening and tightening, his throat overflowing with laughter, his head tilted and sucked her thumb.

Lu Yin seemed to be electrocuted. The temperature in his mouth scalded her and instinctively shook his hand, but he was caught by him in the next second. A current rushed to the back of the head. She bit her lip and screamed, Lu Qiang succeeded.

Swallowing left and right, she stood upright.

Lu Qiang temporarily let her go: "Take a shower first."

The humidity of the water was just right, the mist was permeating around her, and the skin was slightly pink by the hot water.Lu Qiang kissed her shoulders, her hands went down, and stayed in front of her chest for a long time.

Lu Yinkou was speechless, and a row of teeth marks on his lower lip.

He was unscrupulous and squatted down behind her to look down.

Lu Yinmeng moved his legs together, trembling: "...What is this for?"

"Wash it for you."

Lu Qiang broke her leg, and on the surface of the water, there were frequent ripples in the palm of his hand.

Lu Yin's teeth were shaking, and the heels were numb with fever.

With shortness of breath, she couldn't help shivering.

At an important juncture, he suddenly exerted his strength, and Lu Yin's heart was taken away, and he unconsciously grabbed the back of his hand, hoping to be relieved, and not to be restrained.

"About to arrive?"

Her eyes were blurred.

Lu Qiang succeeded in her, dropped his fingers back, rubbed quickly, he could obviously feel her tightness, and did not insist for a few seconds to explain.Lu Qiang held it down to help her delay.

She lowered her head, her nails clasped his arms, and couldn't make a sound.

Lu Qiang held her lips against her back neck and waited patiently for her to recover.At the end he stood up and stepped in with his legs raised.

Half of the water in the tub pierced like a broken thread bead, and the wolf hit her heart hard.

Lu Yin regained a little consciousness, holding the edge: "I'm fine, you wash it."

Lu Qiang wanted to laugh, and with her arm closed, her hip fell on his lap.Another burst of water.

"Yinyin, it's not authentic." He kissed her and said, "I'm going to make you beautiful, just run in a hurry?" After a few malicious statements, "How do you do it?"

Lu Yin sat back on his lap, his body was a little taller, the whole milk was exposed outside the water, the extreme heat, the extreme cold.

The two rubbed the water a few times.

Lu Qiang pinched her waist lightly, pointed it, and poured it hard.Lu Yin lost her voice and bounced to hide. His hips shrugged and went deep.

The surface of the water was turbulent, and the splashes scrambled to flee.

Lu Yin almost crawled on the edge of the barrel and begged him to stay away.

Lu Qiang hit enough, bowed and hugged her knees, stood up straight, long legs spanned, a few steps away, Lu Yin lost again and again.

He made her half prone in a posture, and stood beside the bed himself, and he made a pleasant pass.

Lu Yin gripped his bedding tightly, his teeth trembling: "Lu Qiang..."

For a while, "...huh?" The voice was terrible.

"The knee hurts."

Lu Qiang paused and pulled out.

In a flip, Lu Yin lay on his back on the Kang. He grabbed her ankle and lifted it down, buttocks close to the Kang edge.

Give her time to take a breath, Lu Qiang swipes her forehead, "Is it exciting?"

Lu Yin closed his eyes and acted dumb.

He smiled and leaned over to kiss her.Starting from the forehead, she stroked her ruddy lips all the way, leaving marks on the collarbone, grinding her breasts, and finally, the small belly button was not spared.

Lu Qiang squatted slowly, put her legs on her shoulders, gave a few greedy glances, and bit her head at the side.Only Yin, Lu Yinmeng bouncing up, his eyes struck.Without giving her the time to react, she slurped.

Lu Yin took a breath, and after a long time he didn't exhale. After a few seconds, he began to twist his legs and kick.

Lu Qiang clasped her waist and hips and fixed them on her mouth, where can she easily let go.

Lu Yin fell frequently, shaking his waist and shaking.She covered her eyes and sobbed low, this time she was really crying.

Lu Qiang just released her and kissed her lips comfortably.

Lu Yin cried: "Old and unreasonable, you will only bully me."

He laughed: "I don't know what's wrong. If you make you happy, will you become an old man?"

Lu Yin slapped his face: "You're disgusting."

Lu Qiang was stunned, his tongue pressed against his cheek, and he didn't care to smile.The first time a face was beaten, it was all because the person was different.

No longer tormenting her, Lu Qiang supported himself, pressed down and sent in.At this time, there was no pity to take care of.

Lu Yin buried his head in the bedding, his fingers tightened, and his chest waved.

After a long time, he stopped, holding her two ankles with one hand, raised her to her right shoulder, followed her lips together, and kissed the concave knee, all the way down, kissing her feet.

Lu Yin shook away: "Isn't it smelly?"

"Not smelly, fragrant." She wrapped her toes fiercely.

Lu Yin shook, and her belly was tightened.

Lu Qiang got caught and threw her legs aside, Lu Yin curled sideways in his arms.

The rough roar accompanied with a low chant, sounded like a high-five, bursting into the sky.

His carotid artery was protruding, his face flushed, and he bit her shoulder.Going forward fiercely, the slurry was thinned, and she gave it to her in full.

It took a long time for Lu Qiang to withdraw from her body, find a clean tissue, and clean it for her.

Lu Qiang didn't go up, lit a cigarette, and leaned against Kang Yan'er. He didn't have any focus and cast it on the ground lightly.The bath tub in the middle moved out of place, the water was already cold, and the water spattered out and sprinkled all over the floor.

His eyes flickered, and he looked down at her with her head down, the quilt covering only one corner.

He held the cigarette in the corner of his mouth and rubbed her thumb against her cheek: "Tired?"

Lu Yin yelled softly.

"Do you have strength?"

Lu Yin raised his eyelids alertly: "No."

Lu Qiang smiled, his eyes narrowed by smoke, and he couldn't bear it, "Drink water, I..."

Before he finished speaking, he glared and looked towards the door.

Lu Yin said: "Drink."

"Hush." ​​He dragged the quilt, covered her tightly, and put on his trousers quickly.

Lu Yin was shocked and heard the sound of the door.

Outside shouting: "Who is inside."

Qian Yuanqing's voice.

Lu Yin almost bounced, his heart beating very fast, and wanted to plunge into the ground.

The door sound continued.

Lu Qiang was about to pass by, and she was pulled to death. Lu Yin sternly said, "Aunt, aunt, it's me."

The door stopped and Lu Yin held his breath.

For a while, the crutches hit the door heavily, and Qian Yuanqing said, "Let the beast come out to me."