The next day, it finally rained and cleared.

When Lu Yin woke up, Lu Qiang was not around. She propped up halfway and whispered to the outside. No one should answer. There was a faint sound of water flowing from the bathroom.

She put on her pajamas and toes fell to the ground. Yesterday he was directly brought in by him. One high-heeled shoe was thrown at the door and the other one went missing.Lu Yin picked up his shoes and went out barefoot.

There was no one in the living room. The breakfast was bought on the dining table. The fritters were still in plastic bags. The soy milk was packed in insulated barrels. Next to it were stacked tableware.She turned her head, and the bathroom seemed to be silent again.Lu Yin found another shoe on the coffee table and placed it on the shoe rack at the door.

She folded back, stayed in the bathroom door for a moment, put her hand on the armrest, gently pressed, and opened the gap.A hazy mist came out, her shoulders loosened, and the door widened again.

Lu Qiang took half a bath and didn't wear anything. Half-bow body stood in front of the washstand. He didn't look back when he heard the movement, glancing over from the mirror alone.He was full of foam on his cheeks, raised his head slightly, and stared at the door. His hand continued to move. The razor slid smoothly from under his neck, revealing a refreshing and clean slip, with a pale blue color.

Lu Yin glanced at him and bowed his head to help him close the door.

Lu Qiang looked at the mirror, "Early."

Lu Yin tightened his hands and turned his toes back: "...early."

This greeting is a bit different from peacetime. It is not easy to get up in the morning, but because of the change of identity, I heard this simple word and suddenly felt tenderness and sweetness, which made the morning after the storm a little better.

Lu Qiang said, "Come in if it is convenient for you."

"No," she explained, "I thought you were not there."

Lu Qiang shaved a few times, bowed his back, and flicked two drops of water to his face. He was naked, and he did not specifically avoid it. He showed her generously.

Lu Yin's eyes dropped and fell behind his thighs, where there were two smooth and strong muscles that contracted and tightened with his movements.Her eyes moved a little, her face was hot, and she quickly avoided her eyes.

Lu Qiang wiped his face, raised his eyelids, and looked at her lightly from the mirror: "Would you like to take a bath together?"

He raised the eyebrows naturally on one side and straightened his lip line. He asked her in the most normal tone, but Lu Yin's heartbeat was half a beat, and he always felt that his tone was frivolous.

Lu Qiang said: "I was tired enough last night, come over and wash?"

"No need to."

"Water is hot."

Lu Yin couldn't help staring at him: "I'll talk about it later."

At nine o'clock, the two packed up and sat down at the table for breakfast.

Lu Qiang gave her a bowl of soy milk, separated the dough sticks in half and handed them over.

Lu Yin squeezed his fingers and pinched them into the soy milk, waiting for the bubble to soften, and scooped up with a small spoon to eat.

Lu Qiang looked at her bowl and remembered that a year ago, they had just met, and she was the way to eat early in the morning. She buried her head and sipped her mouth like a kitten.

At that time he did not expect to have today.

Lu Yin realized his gaze and licked his lips: "What's wrong?"

Lu Qiang asked: "Do you eat eggs?"

She nodded, and the spoon scooped twice in the bowl. "When did you come back last night?"

Lu Qiang shattered the eggshell on the table: "About two o'clock." He came to the circuit for basically an hour, except for the time to wait for the car to walk, and stayed on the street corner for ten minutes.

Lu Yin asked: "Is there anything important about her?"


She looked up suspiciously and Lu Qiang said: "She stayed at the hotel at the end of the street last night with Qiu Zhen." He peeled half of the egg and turned around in his hand, still explaining the sentence: "She was Qiu Zhenqiang that year. .Brief that girl."

"I know."

Lu Qiang accident: "How do you know?"

"Sergeant Tan said outside the police station that day."

Lu Qiang was silent for a while, only remembering that he still had half of the eggs peeled in his hand.

The two did not know that Wu Qiong had an accident, and Lu Yin was sympathetic to her. She did not question their past entanglements, nor did she think about why Lu Qiang alone was called in the middle of the night.She was thinking about it, and pursed her lips, "How about you call her and ask again later?"

"I don't have her number." Lu Qiang said: "She called with Qiu Zhen's mobile phone."

Lu Yin opened his mouth and said nothing.Lu Qiang put the eggs in her bowl and buried himself in the meal.

The living room fell silent for a while. The warm sunlight outside the window spilled onto the corner of the table. The contour of the window edge was reflected on the floor. The two sat opposite each other, and only the porcelain spoon crashed against the dishes.They did not know that such a quiet and peaceful morning was already quite rare for each other.


The police came to the door on the third afternoon. Lu Qiang and Lu Yin came back to see the house. Qian Yuanqing set a date. On June 20 of the lunar calendar, they married chickens and chickens, and banquets were held in the countryside. After that, they returned to invite colleagues.

The house has been seen before the certificate. The contract was signed today. It is a newly developed building on Qufu Road. It is finely decorated and can be checked in after handing over the house.

Lu Qiang thought about having a drink with them in the afternoon and talking about logistics together. When he first entered the community, he was stopped by a few casual clothes.

Among them was the policeman he knew, who was under the old Xing Ministry. The previous case had contact with Lu Qiang. His attitude of public affairs meant that he wanted to go back to assist in the investigation.

Lu Yin was trembling, and both hands caught his hand.

Lu Qiang sank his eyes: "What's the matter?"

Plainclothes said: "There was a homicide on the 10th. I hope you can cooperate with us in the investigation and go with us."

Lu Qiang obviously felt that the hand he was shaking was shaking, he looked back at her, Lu Yin panicked, shook his head incredulously, and his lips had dried out fine lines.

Lu Qiang squeezed her hand and turned to ask: "What homicide? What does it have to do with me?"

The plainclothes tone is not good: "Don't ask so much, someone will write you down when you go back."

Lu Qiang glanced at the man and went to see Lu Yin. Her lips were white and her hands were sweating and her fingertips were cold.

"It's okay," he said with a smile. "It's useless. Help the investigation. How big is it. Maybe it's looking for witnesses or something."

Lu Yin knew he was comforting her, and her legs were trembling: "Lu Qiang, what the hell is going on?"

He touched her cheek with the back of her hand. "I'll take a look. You go home and eat at night. There is food in the refrigerator that I bought yesterday."

Lu Yin didn't slow down from the shock, didn't listen, and was pulled forward by him, and she sent a few steps forward. She turned back mechanically, and whispered, "...When will you come back?"


"I want to go too."

He frowned, lowering his head and saying, "Go back and be obedient."

Lu Qiang put the palm of her hand on the back of her head and gently sent it out to watch her slowly walk into the community.

Lu Yin's steps are all imaginary, looking back frequently.Lu Qiang lifted his chin and pointed at the angle of her calm lips, Lu Yin's lips were stiff, and he tried to squeeze out a smile.

After her figure finally disappeared, Lu Qiang got into the car with those few plain clothes. He thought that it was commonplace to enter and leave the police station. He was too familiar with this process. Although he was doubtful, they might not say it when asked.

He was taken to a separate interrogation room, opposite a table, two seats, computers and tea cups on the table, the room was empty, next to a video camera.After waiting for about ten minutes, two police officers came in, holding thick materials, and spread them out on the table.

The two whispered for a while, drinking a few sips of tea slowly, one of them was writing something on the book, and turned his head to answer the words.

Lu Qiang coldly glanced coldly, his spine slid down a few points, his legs spread apart, leaning comfortably.

The two chatted for a few minutes, and finally entered the topic, an inquiry, a record, and their face immediately became majestic.

At the beginning it was some basic information, and Lu Qiang answered them one by one.

The policeman asked, "Where are you between two and five in the morning on May 10?"

He recalled: "At home."

"What are you doing at home?"

He raised an eyebrow: "Sleep."

"Who can prove it?"

"My wife."

The opposite police officer looked up at him, "Can anyone else prove it?"


"Don't you know the Fortune Hotel?"

Lu Qiang thought, and suddenly looked up: "The one on Luzhou Road?"

"you've been to?"

He had a bad hunch, and vaguely knew what had called him to do: "I know, but I haven't been in."

The police officer looked at him with sharp eyes and wanted to find flaws in his expression. Lu Qiang calmly looked back at him.

After a few seconds, the other party withdrew his eyes, turned a moment in a stack of documents, and showed him a photo: "Do you know this person?"

In the picture is a young girl, wearing a blue turtleneck sweater, short hair, pointed jaw, looking at the screen with a light expression, without a smile.

Lu Qiang's lips straightened: "What's wrong with her?"

The policeman patted the table, "Answer the question head-on, do you know?"

Lu Qiang swept him: "Know."

"What is your relationship with her?"

Lu Qiang repeated it again: "Only know."

The policeman put down the photo and leaned back: "It's so simple to know? You have the case here. Six years ago, you had committed rape. The victim was the photo," he nodded. "To be honest, what are you doing between two and five o'clock on the tenth?"

Lu Qiang said: "Sleep at home."

The police officer looked a little serious, "Don't lie, where you were at the time, we can just drop the monitor and we will know."

Lu Qiang said: "Randomly."

The policeman snorted, interrogating this calm-minded suspect was very troublesome. He threw a pen and took the evidence directly from the basket at the foot. The outside of the evidence was sealed with a plastic bag. He pinched a corner: "You see this never seen it?"

Lu Qiang looked at it, it was a folding umbrella, the umbrella face was pure black, and the umbrella handle was a log color.His eyes darkened: "It's mine."

The policeman put it down and raised another one, "What about this?"

Inside the bag was a plastic lighter, green, with a black ink stain on it, he knew.Lu Qiang admitted: "Mine."

The police officer raised the last one and asked him no more, "This fingerprint case also has your fingerprint on it." He finally found the flaw and his eyes flashed: "You just said that you haven't been to the Fortune Hotel, but these exhibits I found it in Room 1202. The forensics department has experienced it, and your fingerprints are on it."

The policeman pressed step by step: "How do you explain?"


Lu Yin spent the afternoon in torment and was not in a good mood to eat dinner. He sat on the sofa and stared at the wall clock on the wall.She has never encountered such a thing since childhood. Before knowing Lu Qiang, the door of the police station has not stepped in. The words of the homicide have been hovering in her mind. She believes that Lu Qiang did nothing, but people are At the police station, she didn't know the depth of the moment, and she was in a difficult position.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Lu Qiang had not returned and called him, still shutting down.

She was like an ant on a hot pot, panicked in her heart, unable to sit still, and waiting another quarter of an hour, she grabbed a coat and drove out the door.

At this time, there were still people working in the interrogation hall. Lu Yin stood on the tiptoe and did not see Lu Qiang. She asked a police officer casually. The police officer did not know who Lu Qiang was.

She stood against the wall in the corridor.

The police officer went in and out a few times just now and couldn't help but kindly remind: "If it was brought back for interrogation, it might be in an independent interrogation room on the second floor. At this time, there seems to be someone in the fourth trial."

Lu Yin thanked, the voice had just dropped, and the man had already gone upstairs.

The policeman shouted, "You can only wait in the hallway, you can't get in."

After a while, the figure disappeared, and no one responded to him.

Lu Yin found the fourth trial and was in the penultimate room of the corridor.There are no windows on the entire wall, only a few dark red security doors, a long bench across from it, and a pale white energy-saving lamp above the head.

It was too quiet in the hallway, and she could hear the sound of her heel knocking on the ground.

Lu Yin held her left hand with her right hand and slowly adjusted her breathing. She took two steps back and sat on the back seat.She didn't know if it was Lu Qiang. Although she couldn't do anything, staying here was always more reassuring than at home.

For about ten minutes, rustling voices sounded in the corridor, with scattered footsteps.Lu Yin looked sideways, and two people turned over the stairs, talking, and were heading in this direction.

Walking in front is an old man, holding a thermos under his arm, carrying his hands on his back, with a steady pace.She looked away and fell on the policewoman behind.

Lu Yin's eyes lit up, and he stood up involuntarily and greeted him.

Lao Xing glanced at Lu Yin, not bothered, and knocked on the security door of the fourth instance.

Lu Yin stopped Tan Wei: "Police Officer Tan, just to meet you."

Tan Wei put his hands in his trousers pockets and looked at him for a moment: "Who are you?"

"I am Lu Qiang..." She paused, not very embarrassed, and only said: "I am his girlfriend."

Tan Wei lifted his chin as if it was a memory, and then it became clear: "Remembered."

Lu Yin didn't want to study her expression at this moment, and quickly asked: "Is this person Lu Qiang?"

Tan Wei looked at her lightly: "Yes."

Lu Yinxin sank halfway and clenched his fist: "He was brought over by several policemen today and said he was going to investigate a homicide case. May I ask, so I can tell me what is going on?"

Tan Wei laughed: "Yo, I dare not say this."

Lu Yin frowned slightly.

She said: "Last time I told you that, Lu Qiang almost didn't kill me. I dare not talk more."

Lu Yin pursed her lips: "Sorry."

Tan Wei smiled, "What's wrong with you, which door is sorry?"

Lu Yin did not want to tell her anything else, and asked directly: "How long will the trial end? When will Lu Qiang be able to leave?"

Tan Wei said: "It depends on how he tells him. If he doesn't have anything else to go at any time, there is something else..." She paused and pouted: "It's hard to say."

Lu Yin groaned and asked two more questions.

Tan Wei knocked on the security door a few times, "Go home and wait, you can't stay overnight here."

"Can I see him?"

Someone opened the door, and Tan Wei said, "No."

Lu Yin walked a few steps, the gap was not wide, a dark yellow light overflowed from inside, she saw a table, and the red dot of the camcorder next to it kept blinking.Within a few seconds, her eyes quickly searched and landed on the chair opposite.

There was a tall man sitting, slacking against the back of the chair, his shoulders hanging loose, his palms between his legs.

She looked up and saw his face. He was looking sideways, looking in this direction.

The eyes touched, and the security door slammed closed the next second.

Lu Yin took two steps and put his palms on the door panel, and the corridor suddenly returned to silence, leaving only the white lights above his head.

Lu Yin thought about how he was just now. When he looked at each other, he clearly frowned.