Lao Xing entered the interrogation room, where two police officers stood up, one of them asked: "Xing team, did you find it?"

Lao Xing put the thermos on the corner of the table, took off his coat and put it on the back of the chair. He nodded: "You will go back at two. You will take it away when you tidy up, and Tan Wei and I will come."

The policeman looked disappointed, it seems that the case still has to be investigated.They picked up the information on the table, and it happened that Tan Wei knocked on the door, greeted her, and left by mistake.

Tan Wei closed the door, threw his hands back into his pockets, stood beside him for a moment, and glanced at the man in front of him.He looked sideways, looking in her direction, but not looking at her. His eyes were fixed on the closed security door, his eyes dark.

Tan Wei stepped sideways, blocking his sight.

Lu Qiang's eyes shook, glanced at her, straightened her head, and returned to her original state.

Lao Xing handed over a glass of water. He didn't pick it up, and raised his eyelids: "Is it finished? When can I leave?"

The paper cup was raised in front of him for a moment, Lao Xing withdrew his hand, walked behind the table and sat down, Tan Wei also took notes in the past.

Lao Xing said silently: "Between 2 and 5 in the morning on May 10, Fortune Plaza is room 1202 in the hotel. A Chinese woman is suspected of being murdered. She is 26 years old and works at Uray Technology."

Lu Qiang looked at him.

Lao Xing said: "You know this person. She is Wu Qiong."

Lu Qiang's expression remained unchanged, looking at Laoxing.Tan Wei nodded the table, "Lu Qiang, talk to you, did you hear?"

Lao Xing patted her arm and told her not to be anxious, leaning against the back of the chair without urging her.

After a while, Lu Qiang looked away.

Laoxing handed him a cigarette in the past, Lu Qiang looked at it, and took it this time.

He lit the fire in Lao Xing's hand and took a deep breath.Lao Xing also ordered one, leaning on the table and pumping slowly.

For a time, the closed interrogation room was smoky.

Lu Qiang quickly smoked this cigarette, and Lao Xing asked: "I will give you another one?"

Lu Qiang: "No."

Lao Xing put it bluntly: "We checked the surveillance video of your community, and it showed that you had been out at 1.03am on the 10th, and you came back by taxi at two in the morning and went out again at ten o'clock in the morning." He pinched Cigarette smoke: "The death time of the victim Wu Qiong is about three o'clock in the morning on the 10th. The time does not match, you can basically elute the suspect."

"I didn't take any steps and found anything. I will tell you 15-15. I hope we have the minimum trust between us and you can cooperate with us in the investigation."

Lu Qiang held his arm and gave him a look.

Lao Xing said: "We found the lighter and umbrella with your fingerprint in Room 1202, can you explain it?"

For a moment, Lu Qiang said: "I have seen Wu Qiong before."

Old Xing frowned, and looked at Tan Wei: "You mean, you went out between one and two in the morning, did you go to see Wu Qiong?"


"You gave her something?"

Lu Qiang said: "It was raining at the time, she did not hold an umbrella, I gave her my own. The cigarettes and lighters were also borrowed by her, I did not want it."

Lao Xing thought for a moment, "That is to say, it is very likely that you were the last person who saw Wu Qiong except the suspect before she died?"

Lu Qiang was silent and did not answer.

Lao Xing asked: "Where did you meet?"

"The door of a street corner clothing store."

He lifted his chin towards Tan Wei and asked her to record it carefully.

"What did you say?"


Lao Xing looked at him, twisted the thermos cup, drank tea, and laughed: "Meet in the middle of the night, say nothing?"

Lu Qiang said: "She had something to say to me before, but when she saw it later, she was speechless."

Lao Xing's sharp eyes were fixed on him, and Lu Qiang looked comfortable.

For a while, he asked: "Wu Qiong didn't say where she was going?"

Lu Qiang was silent for a moment: "No."

"How is she feeling?"

"It's too dark, I didn't pay attention."

"So what did you do?"

"Smoking a cigarette and staying for less than ten minutes."

Nothing was asked in this conversation. His answer was too simple, I wonder if it was true or not.

Tan Wei couldn't help but sneered: "I don't believe you didn't say anything, just to meet in the middle of the night? What is your relationship?"

Lu Qiang hung her head and ignored her.

Tan Wei was ignored and threw the pen in his hand: "What attitude do you have? Without cooperating with the police investigation, do you know that we have the right to detain you!"

"Tan Wei!" Lao Xing Cisheng stopped, "Come here today. You can sort out the notes and check the street corner monitoring."

He turned to Lu Qiang and said, "Lu Qiang, you can go, thank you for your cooperation. But before the case is cleared, you better not leave Zhangzhou, we need to come back to ask questions at any time."

Lu Qiang stood up and nodded at him.

He didn't want to wait for one more minute and opened the door impatiently.


It was already early in the morning, and the people in the police station were almost gone. The headlights were turned off, leaving only a few wall lamps.The hallway was dim and silent, dark at the end, and a little light outside the window could not see through.

Lu Qiang glanced at the person sitting on the bench.She put one arm around her chest, the other elbow on her wrist, her palm covering her forehead, her head down, and she seemed to be asleep.

She was very small, quietly nested in a hard seat, her jacket was thin, her thin feet were exposed under her trousers, and she didn't move.

Lu Qiang looked away for a moment, licked his lower lip, he clenched his fists, and stood for two seconds before moving up to her.

Lu Yin was only shallow sleepy, faintly feeling a warm breath approaching, someone touched her lips and touched her, she shuddered, opened her eyes immediately, and stood up immediately.

With a pair of hands on his shoulders, Lu Qiang squatted in front of her and asked softly, "Asleep?"

Lu Yin recognized him in a panic, his eyes lit up: "Are you all right?"

Lu Qiang didn't answer, clenched her teeth and pretended to be cruel, scraped her nose, and screamed warmly: "Fucking him again, who will let you come at night."

The two were very close. Lu Qiang was on tiptoe, his heels were slightly overhanging, squatting in front of her, a little taller than her.

She stared at him closely, unable to say a word.

Lu Qiang leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Silly?" He teased her, took off his coat, wrapped Lu Yin whole, put his arms on her, and stood up together.

"The car is outside?"

Lu Yin shrank in his arms and murmured.The tense nerves were slack, and the feet could not walk like a force.

The temperature is much lower at night than during the day, and the cunning cold wind drills straight into the trouser legs.

Opening the door, Lu Qiang put her into the driving position, walked around quickly, and sat down to the co-pilot.

Lu Yin struck the fire twice, she held the steering wheel and drove towards the house.

Lu Qiang didn't turn on the light in the carriage, Lu Qiang looked at her, turned on the air conditioner, and put his palm against the air outlet. After a while, the warm warm air continued to blow out.

Lu emphasized turning direction: "Is it still cold?"

Lu Yin stared at the front.

He looked over, and her face was suddenly darkened by the street lights, and Lu Qiang's palms covered her back neck: "Did you eat at night?"

Lu Yin squeezed her lips tightly, still squinting.

Lu Qiang glanced in front of his eyes, and then turned back to his eyes: "Worries you, Yin Yin."

He didn’t say that. It was okay. He was forced to control the emotions all the way. He was full of grievances and worried about the need for venting. She felt useless, her nose was sour, and her tears could not help.

Gently blinked, there was a lot of tears, she tried to restrain herself, and Lu Qiang was still watching.

It happened to be walking through the downtown business district, with bright lights outside the car window, and the dim light shining into her eyes. Lu Qiang's heart beat, and the palm behind her neck could not help being pinched.

Lu Yin sucked his nose, his eyes became more and more blurred, like a rain curtain blocking the window.

Lu Qiang coaxed: "Don't cry."

She couldn't see the road clearly, her hand was crooked, and the car slipped an arc on the road.

Lu Qiang's eyes: "Yin Yin, stop by the side first."

After listening to his words, Lu Yin flashed right and pulled down the handbrake on the secluded road.

Lu Qiang twisted the lights, pulled her shoulders, her small face was full of tears, she bit her lower lip tightly, trying not to make a sound.

He was squeezed tightly in his chest and felt suffocated in the car.He took her under her arm and took Lu Yin out of the driver's seat, resting it on his lap.

Her arms tightened and she nestled into his chest.

Lu Qiang put a lip on her forehead: "Afraid?"

Lu Yin sobbed carefully.

Lu Qiang sighed and said slowly: "I didn't do anything, what are you afraid of."

Her tears and nostrils rubbed against his chest, and Lu Qiang pinched her chin, covering her lips, and sucked her tears inch by inch.

The car was very quiet. Occasionally, a car swept from the rear, and Lu Qiang turned off the headlights, his eyes suddenly dark.He squeezed her chin gently, raised her lips to his mouth, and held them softly, kissing gently.

Lu Yin struggled slightly, then he grabbed his back and swallowed it more deeply and seriously.There was an imperceptible pleasing in his kiss, and she was cautiously pleasing her, unlike the usual ferocious long drive straight in, but with a shallow kiss on her lips.

She was confused, forgot to cry, and even forgot why the two kissed together.

With a slightly chaotic breath, Lu Qiang left Cun Xu and put her hand on her cheek: "Take a look, I am here, are you afraid?"

Her fingers were cold, Lu Qiang pulled her lips and kissed, "I'm sorry." These three words with helpless sighs, and apologies for her helplessness.

Lu Yin felt soft and deeply regretted his gaffe. He quickly wiped his eyes and sat straight from him, shaking his head and saying, "I'm not afraid."

She took the initiative to kiss him: "Did you eat at night?"

"No." He also asked, "What about you?"


"Then go home and cook for you?"

She leaned back on his chest again: "Let me do it."

The two stayed on the side of the road for a while, and their emotions were stable. Lu Yin suddenly thought of asking the matter: "What is going on in the murder case they said?"

Lu Qiang leaned his head against the back of the chair and closed his eyes halfway. After a while, she heard his voice: "Wu Qiong is dead."


The matter came to an end, Lu Qiang had a stable life for half a month.

Laoxing telephoned at noon on this day and did not go to the interrogation room. He made an appointment with a tea room and met Lu Qiang outside.

Lu Qiang didn't want to go, he couldn't bear to come in person.

Lao Xing loves to drink tea and prefers the oolong with a strong color and strong taste. He calls the high-end Dahongpao in the pot, steaming room, and full of tea fragrance.

He gave Lu Qiang half a cup and pushed it with his index finger.

Lu Qiang lowered his head and glanced at his eyes, without moving: "Straight talk, I don't have time to spend here."

Old Xing smiled and took a cup of tea to sip. "We checked the video on the corner and confirmed that you didn't lie," he glanced at Lu Qiang. "The lighter and umbrella you gave Wu Qiong are clearly recorded on it. In twenty-three minutes, Wu Qiong left alone, and you stood at the spot for a minute before you took a taxi in the opposite direction. Twenty-four minutes later, the taxi appeared at the door of your community, and you got out of the car until ten in the morning. Come out with a woman."

Lu Qiang didn't know what he was going to express, and he didn't make trouble.

Lao Xing said: "I saw someone take Wu Qiong into the hotel that day. Who killed her, in fact, you and I know it all, right?"

Knowing that he would not answer, Lao Xing lowered his head and slowly drank the strong tea in the cup.The jug next to it was bubbling, and white smoke came out of the spout.

After being quiet for a while, Lao Xing said: "We received the report at 12 noon and she didn't check out at that time. The waiter went up to check and found Wu Qiong's body."

"According to the person in charge, at ten o'clock in the morning, there was a slight glitch in the hotel, the computer room was damaged and the power was cut off for ten minutes. After that, the hotel's monitoring records for three consecutive days disappeared. The murder weapon disappeared, and half of the hair could not be found.” Lao Xing turned to the teacup: “The registration at the front desk is Qiu Zhen’s ID number, which has almost become the only clue, but our people came to him to ask questions, Guess what he said?"

Lu Qiang raised an eyebrow.

"Qiu Zhen said that he has lost his ID card for a month, and the wealthy room is not opened by him.

After listening, Lu Qiang lowered his finger and tapped his finger on the table. "This is a police secret. Can it be made public now?"

Lao Xing smiled and said: "I am either anxious or not capable enough. I have no choice but to open my mouth."

"I'm afraid you have found the wrong person."

Lao Xing said: "It is the same as the rape case six years ago. Everyone knows that you have committed a crime on your behalf, but you are suffering from no evidence. Let him go and stay abroad for six years. Have you ever thought that this is unfair to a little girl?"

"This is a human life. If you let him go this time, it is likely that he will leave Zhangzhou immediately and never come back. This case cannot be solved, and Wu Qiong can never rest in peace."

Lu Qiang lit a cigarette and exhaled slowly: "What do you want?"

Lao Xing remained silent for a while, and raised his head: "Clarify the matter six years ago and hold him back for a year and a half. I don't believe I can't find evidence."


On the other side, in the Qiu family villa.

Chen Sheng stabs leaning against the sofa, glancing up at Qiu Lao.

Qiu Shizu's legs were on the corner of the table, and he held a cigar in his hand. He hadn't smoked for a long time. "Did the police follow Xiaozhen recently?"

Chen Sheng said: "Follow it."

"How much evidence do they have?"

"Basically no."

Qiu Shizu nodded with satisfaction, his eyes fell on the restaurant in the distance: "Xiao Zhen said that girl had seen Lu Qiang that night?"

Chen Sheng nodded: "Yes."

He leaned back in his chair and looked at the ceiling. After a few seconds, he asked, "Go check what's going on."