There is one week left from the original engagement period, and it has entered the midsummer. The weather is sultry and unbearable.

There are a lot of things about getting married in the country, and Lu Qiang is annoyed.

The two took time to order dresses, saving wedding dresses. In order to be happy, Lu Yin planned to choose a cheongsam.For work reasons, she met a wedding dress designer and opened a private custom club on Fengqing Street. It was a man, but she raised her hand and put her foot in the room with a feminine look.He is well-known in the industry, and he must be ordered to make a wedding dress more than two months in advance.

Because it is familiar, it is convenient.But it was obviously too late to order a new one. Lu Yin's body standard, he selected a few good samples for her to try on.

The clubhouse is more than one hundred square, divided into two floors.When they went there were only two shop assistants trying on clothes for customers. Lu Yin had been there twice and directly pulled the landing force onto the second floor.Upstairs is not as luxurious as the decoration below, basically his work room, a long wooden table covered with various design drafts, standing next to the model shelf, and the white lace is scattered on the body.

Lu Yin stood at the stairs: "Beat!"

The man raised his head from the sketch and saw it was Lu Yin. He put down his hand and greeted him. His eyes fell on Lu Qiang for a few seconds and looked up and down again.

Lu Qiang wears an undershirt and closed casual pants, and still has old shoes on his feet, but the texture style is much higher than last year.This one was selected by Lu Yinxuan, the undershirt fabric fits softly, revealing the two muscles of the chest, the shoulder size is just right, and the strong arm is wrapped.The casual trousers are black. The elastic waistband eliminates the belt and closes at the ankle. No socks are worn, and a pair of shallow shoes are directly pedaled.

In the past, he was not elegant, and he was a random strip without modification. On the contrary, he now has a kind of rough carving.These worshipped by the women around him, the taste is enhanced, highlighting the masculine and masculine side of his body, but living more meticulously.

The two stood together, separated by half an arm, and did not behave intimately, but there was a kind of ambiguous and sticky feeling.

Beat looked back and forth and said, "Yin Yin, is this your husband?"

Lu Yin, now, introduce immediately: "His name is Lu Qiang."

Beat turned to him, held out his hand, and smiled: "Just call me Beat."

Lu Qiang stood in his pockets, sweeping his white and tender hands with his eyes down, and raised his eyelids: "What's the matter?"

Lu Yin took a breath, hit him with his arm, and gave Beat a sorrowful look.The other party smiled embarrassedly and withdrew his hand: "Luo Shengnan. Chinese name."

After a few words of greeting at the door, Lu Qiang was invited to sit on the sofa opposite the fitting mirror. He selected some red cheongsams for Lu Yin and asked her to take them inside to try them on.

Beat wanted to talk casually with Lu Qiang, turned around and found that there was no place for him to sit.Lu Qiang held his arms, his legs wide open, almost occupying the entire sofa.

He hesitated for a while, walked over and sat against the sofa arm.

After talking about the topic for a few words, Lu Qiangai ignored it. In the end, he could only focus on the door of the fitting room.

Lu Yin had just tried a few pieces, but Lu Qiang said it was not good. It was not because the waist was pinched too thin. It was because the chest was inexplicably opened a hole. The sides of the skirt were high forked, and the entire thigh was almost exposed.

Lu Yin lost her interest and tried the last one perfunctoryly.

She came out on high heels, Lu Qiang looked over and raised an eyebrow.

This is not a sleeveless, high-neck style, but the waist is still too thin, the hem is also short, but it is much better than the previous ones, at least not split or chestless.

The cheongsam fits, reflecting the advantages of her slim waist and hips, straight legs, and slender and weak ankles.

Even Beat was dumbfounded.

"This one is good, very temperamental, and the size is also suitable for you!" Beat was so excited that he patted Lu Qiang and put his hand on his shoulder naturally.

Lu Qiang squinted at him, shook his shoulders, and shook his hand out.Chong Luyin lifted his chin: "Turn around and look."

Lu Yin pulled the skirt, spinning slowly obediently, brightening his back.She saw herself in the mirror for a while, and was a little shocked.

But he saw the man frown tightly behind his back, "chirping", his hand pulled out from the arm he was holding, and his hand directed twice, meaning that she should change it.She did not have a complete piece of fabric on her entire back. They were all red organza, thin and exposed, down to the waistline, and the shallow depression of the spine could be clearly seen.

Lu Yin returned to the dressing room, and Lu Qiang asked, "Do you have any serious clothes here?"


Beat chose another one for Lu Yin, not the traditional cheongsam. After the improvement, the hem has a fluffy arc and the upper body is also dignified and generous.

Finally, this one was selected. Lu Qiang took out his wallet and paid for it. He set his sights on the direction of the dressing room.

Lu Yin wondered: "Isn't that bad?"

Lu Qiang smiled meaningfully and whispered, "Keep wearing tonight."

Lu Yin's cheeks flared up, and he pinched him on his waist.

Lu Qiang jumped, as if scratching his heart with a hundred claws. He took a lip to swear at her and prevented her from being present.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows and finally prevailed.

After thanking Beat, the two left.

Crossing the ancient quiet road, Lu Yin took his hand and shook it: "Do you have an opinion on Beat?"

Lu Qiang naturally grasped: "I still want to ask you, where do you know such a half man and no woman."

"Why are you half-male-female, just a little more elegant?"

Lu Qiang hobbed: "I said two things hard and hard, just be virtuous, waiting for people to engage."

Lu Yin stepped, "You..." She threw away his hand: "Are you sick?" She ignored him hurriedly, and walked quickly, her braids trembling left and right behind her head.

Lu Qiang looked at her back, scratching her forehead with her fingers, and just wanted to step up, the phone in her pocket shook.

He glanced out and frowned.The phone number is Laoxing. He called several times during this time. Later, he didn’t pick up and went to the security kiosk. Lu Qiang was very determined. He didn’t want to cause trouble, not to mention clarification is so simple, he can’t talk to Lu now. Yin separated, even one minute and one second.

Lu Yin walked out for a while and found that he did not follow him. Looking back, he stood at the spot, his head was loosely lowered, and he held the phone in his hand.

She called him.

Lu Qiang raised his head and gave a meal. He pressed a few times on the screen and, in his pocket, walked towards her.

This road is a prosperous area. It is already three or four in the afternoon. Looking for a place to eat, Lu Qiang will change his work later.

Some of the bottom shops outside the shopping mall, some newly opened, gongs and drums.

They used to be a bustling tattoo shop. The door was full of people. Some masters performed superb drawing skills on paper. The writing was smooth and the drawings were complicated and domineering.

This way of soliciting customers is very novel, and Lu Yin couldn't help but watch it for a while.

Lu Qiang stood behind her like a wall, well separating her from the crowd.Slightly bowed, and said loudly against her ear, "I will do this too."

Lu Yin looked back, "Really?"

"When I first came out of my hometown, it would be easy to be a kid in a tattoo shop."

Lu Yin smiled and bowed her head.Lu Qiang lowered her neck and held her height close to her lips.Lu Yin said: "I don't believe you still have this skill?"

Lu Qiang raised his eyebrows: "Someday I will give you one, and you will believe it."

Knowing that this was a joke, Lu Yin asked, "What pattern do you want to tattoo?"

He suddenly bit her ear tip, her lips clinging to the small hole, so that she would not hide: "Lu Qiang Lu, just tattoo your ass and egg."

A current rushed behind her neck, and Lu Yin shrank to avoid: "I'm not a farm animal."

He was extremely ambiguous: "Aren't you just my little animal?"

Lu Yin's face was hot, and he said, "Sit you under your ass every day?"

Lu Qiang chuckled: "I can't do what I want."

Lu Yin reacted for a few seconds and suddenly understood what he meant. The sound of Zhentian singing turned into a buzzing noise and rang in her ears.

Just blamed her for not having enough segments, and shut her mouth obediently after being molested.

After seeing it for a while, Lu Qiang dialed the crowd and led Lu Yin out.In the Japanese buffet on the fifth floor of the shopping mall, she couldn't help walking. Lu Qiang was okay. He basically didn't use a few chopsticks. Lu Yin liked it, but he couldn't eat the Japanese devil's set. It was better than steamed buns with pickles.

After a meal, I turned around in the shopping mall and bought some new home supplies. After digesting it, I drove back.

Driving all the way back to the community, Lu Yin put him at the gate box. Before getting off the car, Lu Qiang pulled her body and kissed him deeply. Lu Yin bit him and stopped.

He got out of the car and did not stand still. Lu Yin stepped on the accelerator.

Lu Qiang watched the car's tail disappear, standing with a hip crotch, and raised his hand to rub his lips for a while.

"Yo!" There was a lazy voice behind: "It's exciting enough."

Lu Qiang didn't move, he heard the voice and frowned.

The rural child who succeeded Lao Li ran over: "Brother, the man said that he was looking for you and waited for a long time here."

Lu Qiang nodded: "Go back to dinner after get off work."


Chen Sheng stood up from the bench and pinched the cigarette: "It's really busy with people. I thought what was going on. I was so busy doing chicks." He glanced in the direction where the car disappeared: "That girl looks really hooked. Where are you looking for?"

The window was open just now, and Lu Yin looked very carefully.

Lu Qiang's pupil shrinks: "Something?"

"Not welcome?" Chen Sheng sneered: "I thought I would, Qiu told me."

Lu Qiang didn't answer, returned to the box and put on his uniform. Chen Sheng followed, "It's not convenient for Mr. Qiu to meet you, you know what happened. Don't go around the bend, what about the phone? Give me."

Lu Qiang: "What phone."

Chen Sheng glanced at him. The two followed Qiu Shizu at the same time, and the nest meeting they entered together clearly showed that they were more flexible in their brains and were not subject to reuse.He had a brute force and a lifeless energy, but was appreciated by Qiu Shizu.

Originally caring about his status, since the last night's sneak attack, Lu Qiang became a counselor, and even more thoughtful to squeeze him round.

"Don't install garlic, I want your phone."

The automatic recording set on his mobile phone, Wu Qiong called him that night and recorded it. Although there is nothing important, it can prove that Wu Qiong played with Qiu Zhen's mobile phone.Before the incident, Wu Qiong took Qiu Zhen's mobile phone to increase the possibility of the two being together, which was not good for him.Although Qiu Shizu didn't know the function he set up, he must eliminate all possible evidence to ensure Qiu Zhen's safety.

Lu Qiang said: "A few days ago, water was thrown in and thrown away."

Chen Shengqi was badly corrupted: "You don't want to be fucking tricks, it won't do you any good."

Lu Qiang glanced at him calmly and said lightly: "It was really thrown away."

He "fucked" his voice, and the gap between the two was huge. In order to hide his eyes and ears, he didn't bring anyone to fight alone. He didn't have the upper hand, and he didn't dare to openly grab him.

Lu Qiang changed his clothes and drew a few strokes on the watch, what to do.

Chen Sheng glanced at him coldly, his brain flicking, and he suddenly smiled, not forcing.Then asked: "I heard that you have come close to an old criminal police recently?"

Lu Qiang had a meal and didn't answer the call.

Chen Sheng said: "Your friends are quite wide, they are mixed with the note? Qiu Lao asked me to warn you, don't say what you shouldn't say, don't do what you shouldn't do."

After a cold snort, he kicked off the stool at his feet and walked outside the community.

Lu Qiang's hand propped the edge of the wooden table and lowered his head.He threw a pen and turned his neck to look outside the door. "Wait a moment."

Chen Sheng stood still.

He straightened up, "Say to Qiu Lao, Lu Qiang lived a good life, please rest assured, I don’t know anything. Lu Qiang speaks, and I dare to make a guarantee today, he won’t gossip, he should know my Be human."

Chen Sheng glanced at him with his eyes, pulled his lips, and drove away.

The car drove all the way to the entrance of the nest meeting.

Qiu Shizu is taking a hot spring in the backyard. Shisha and red wine are on the side of the pool. His arms are on both sides and his eyes are closed.

Chen Sheng squatted and kneeled: "Old Qiu."

Qiu Shizu said lazily and narrowed his eyes: "I'm back? What does Qiangzi say?"

"He said that the mobile phone could not be given, he kept his life."

Qiu Shizu opened his eyes suddenly, wondering: "He really said so?"

Chen Sheng looked solemn and nodded. "I also found out that he was walking very close to Xing Weixin of the Criminal Police Team recently, and the other party often went to him."

"Xing Weixin?"

"It was the criminal police who picked up the thing about Xiaozhen six years ago, and later he was still chasing him, and he didn't find the evidence to get it."

Qiu Shizu asked: "What can they say together?"

"Not clear."

"That phone is of little use, I'm afraid..." Qiu Shizu paused and guessed.

Chen Sheng said: "Today he was seen with a girl, and I heard that he had received the certificate in the previous section, it seems that he is his little wife."

Qiu Shizu looked up at him.

"Looking at that little girl who pays great attention to it." Chen Sheng said: "Shall we do something to warn him?"

For a while.

"You can do it." Qiu Shizu leaned back again, closed his eyes, and at the end came the sentence: "Be careful."

Chen Sheng smiled.