Forehead tickled, Lu Qiang stretched his hand and scratched, he changed his posture, his cheek resting on his arm.

Lu Yin saw his face this time.She had a finger pulse meter on her index finger, and had to touch the remaining three to touch his eyes and cheeks.Just waking up, her eyes were half drooping, her body was weak and weak, her head was dull, and only her fingers could move.

Lu Yin was a little dazed and didn't even understand why she was lying here.

She covered his sunken cheeks with her fingers and said again: "Why lose weight like this."

The voice was separated by a ventilator, and she sighed and breathed, and after a sentence, she lost her strength and breathed slightly.

His body shook, and Lu Qiangyu suddenly opened his eyes, but he only opened his eyes. He didn’t dare to move, so he lay on his back, raised his eyelids to look at her, and squeezed two shallow lines on his forehead. His eyes were incredible. .

Lu Yin tried to give him a smile.

Lu Qiang grabbed the hand on his face and sat up for a while.

He opened his mouth, not knowing what to say, and stiffly asked, "Wake up?"

Lu Yin closed her eyes: ""

He calmed down: "When did you wake up?"


Lu Qiang got up, put two palms on his thighs, looked around, put her right hand on the side smoothly, pulled the stool to the unobstructed wall, walked over, and photographed the bedside pager.

Lu Yin chased him with his eyes, watching him do all this in an orderly manner, and asked, "Is this a hospital?"

Lu Qiang stunned, "You don't remember?"

Lu Yin frowned: "My head is a little dizzy."

The air instantly dignified, Lu Qiang leaned down and stared closely at her eyes: "Who am I?"

She was funny and gently: "... Lu Qiang."

Lu Qiang's lip line loosened and lowered his head: "Are you dizzy?"

Lu Yin wanted to support his head, but he hadn't moved. He was held up by him.

Without saying a word, the little nurse outside ran in, "What's the matter?" When they looked at the two of them on the bed, "Yeah, I woke up? I went to call Director Chen."

He ran out again.

Within a few minutes, Director Chen brought several doctors in a hurry.The nurse pushed Lu Qiang out, but did not push it. He waved his hand on his tiptoe, his eyes flicked and looked at her.

The little nurse said, "Families go outside and so on."

"Can I stand here?"

She shook her head: "You will affect the doctor's treatment."

"I don't say anything."

"No." The little nurse refused mercilessly and rushed him out again.

Lu Qiang was pushed back a few steps, across the crowd, two pairs of eyes quietly met in the air.Lu Qiang did not turn his eyes, she was alive, and she was really smiling with his eyes open.

The nurse snapped the door, and Lu Qiang could only see the end of the bed through the small window.He swallowed his throat and supported the wall next to it with his hands, only to feel his calves turn.

Lu Qiang turned over, his body slipped down inch by inch, and his lower back squatted against the wall.With his elbows on his knees, he took out the cigarette case from his pocket for a long time.

There was a no smoking sign above the corridor, and Lu Qiang couldn't control that much, and pulled out a bite between his teeth, over there a fire, his lips flickered, and the cigarette fell to the ground.Lu Qiang stared at it for a long time before picking it up, blowing it up, and holding it back in his mouth.

A green smoke rose, winding around in the middle of the air, Lu Qiang pillowed against the wall, and finally felt a bit real.

The doctor stayed there for more than ten minutes, opened the door, and greeted Lu Qiang actively: "The patient is basically sober, congratulations."

Lu Qiang bent his lips: "Thank you Director Chen."

The other side waved his hand: "It's completely your care. I just saw her wounds and healed well. I'll pay attention to nutrition later and review it regularly. After all, you are young and you can recover quickly." He pointed: "Go inside Let's see."

Saying to leave, Lu Qiang shouted at him, "She didn't know where she was just now."

Director Chen stopped and turned sideways to him: "The situation is normal, the anesthesia dose is too large during the operation, and the brain stem has been squeezed and hit, which will temporarily affect the memory. The patient may be at any time for a long time. Feeling dizzy and disgusting, don't worry, relax your mind..."

Director Chen smiled: "Give her a little time."

Lu Qiang returned to the ward, and Lu Yin fell asleep again.

The nurse was adjusting the flow rate of the potion. Lu Qiang sank: "What's going on?"

She glanced at him and explained: "The patient is weak and Director Chen went to sleep after reading it."

"When will it wake up?"

The little nurse smiled and asked, looking at him more.He has a handsome face, a burly figure, and a frowning frown, and his expression is cold and serious. The most rare thing is his attitude towards the patient.Half a month ago, the patient had just been brought in. He was guarding almost every day, and he only nested on a bench in the corridor at night, almost inseparable.

She had persuaded several times that this man actually said that she wanted to give money, in addition to being surprised, it was more emotional to them.

The little nurse comforted and said: "Don't worry, she will wake up naturally after sleeping well."

Lu Qiang was really scared, slowing his breath, and felt that the problem just now had no brains.

Lu Yin went back and forth for several days, waking up for a short time, unable to say a few words, and fell asleep again.Later, I didn't doubt my situation, but I was too dizzy before I could think about it.

She was sober after three days, all the equipment on her body was removed, she no longer needed an oxygen mask, she could breathe spontaneously, and her skin was much more rosy than in the previous days.

Waking up in the evening, Lu Qiang reclined on the sofa to watch TV, with one hand resting on the back of the head and the other hand holding the remote control.There was no sound from the TV.

He watched absent-mindedly. The time of the news broadcast was the same on every channel. He broadcast a circle and put the remote control on his stomach.A sniff came from the direction of the bed.

Lu Qiang looked sideways, and Lu Yin woke up, staring straight at the ceiling, biting her lower lip, and something shining brightly came out of her eyes.

He was shocked and stepped over and asked softly, "What's wrong? Yin Yin, have you had a nightmare?"

With tears at the end of her eyes, Lu Yin turned his gaze to his face, "...No."

"That's a headache? I asked the doctor to come." He would press the caller above his head.

Lu Yin clenched his hand and cried a little: "Lu Qiang, I'm so scared."

She was sober and finally remembered the experience that night.Suddenly bright headlights, with the collapse of the sky, she turned around, all her internal organs were moved, all her behaviors were no longer under her control, and she rolled with the bumps of the body.Everything happened between electro-optical flint, and fear annihilated everything. At that moment, she almost thought she was dead.

Escaped from the dead, recalling the scene, she was trembling with fear in her pores.

Lu Qiang sat on the bed beside his legs, covering her from above. "Don't be afraid, I'm here." Kissing the tears at the end of her eyes, his mouth almost touched the corner of her lips.

Lu Yin sniffed his nose: "It's clearly a red light, and the truck came through the red light."

Lu Qiang patted and comforted: "I know." He paused, raised his eyes and looked at her: "The owner knows that it is a red light."


Lu Qiang raised his arms and pushed his cheeks: "I'm sorry..." He paused and swallowed: "That group of people came at me. There was a festival before. I can't find a balance from me. I only care about picking. Start. I'm sorry... Yin Yin, this time I'm affecting you again."

Lu Yin blinked, his palm unconsciously held his forearm, "They..." She sighed back her tears: "Because what troubles you?"

"Wu Qiong and Qiu Zhen."

She was stunned for a moment, as if she understood.

The two were silent for a moment, and no one spoke. After a few seconds, they almost spoke in unison.

"What if I trouble you again?"

"Do you regret it?"

After a brief pause, Lu Qiang bowed his head and smiled bitterly, and replied, "He knows my temper, and he dare not dare to pick things up for the time being." He rubbed her cheek with her back and asked again: "Do you regret it later?"

"What regret?"

Lu Qiang said: "Know me."

She pursed her lips and brightened her eyes a bit, to be honest, "It seems that it wasn't my willingness from the beginning. You can't get rid of it like gummies. I was afraid of death at that time."

Lu Qiang's face was a little dark, and he gritted his teeth, ignoring her analogy, "Just afraid?"

Lu Yin lowered her eyes and didn't answer her lips. Lu Qiang bit her fingertips and deliberately made a bad voice: "Laozi asks you, are you just afraid?"

She shifted and asked: "Then know that today, will you still follow me?"

"why not?"

Lu Yin thought of the film bridge, and said deliberately: "Shouldn't you be afraid of others hurting me, even if you particularly like it, do you watch it from afar?"

Lu Qiang was told a layer of goose bumps by her, pinching the meat on her face: "Are you fucking confused? Especially like it? Who said?"

Lu Yin bent his eyes and smiled.

Lu Qiang replied seriously: "If I knew that this day, I would have killed him early."

He adjusted his posture, turned over, and lay down halfway by the bed.No lights were turned on in the ward, only the glare of the TV kept flashing, the curtains were half open, and the sky was not dark.

Lu Qiang whispered: "This half-month is like a nightmare. Seeing you lie there half-dead, I really wish I could pull you up. I lie down and let you taste it." His voice was a bit sad. I was wronged and paused for a few seconds. "I regretted that you didn't wake up for a few days. I used to be too dark. How to rinse it, it was still a mess. You are so clean, maybe I was wrong."

Lu Yin could not help laughing: "It's still possible to get a divorce."

Rarely sensational, she was blocked by her words.

Lu Qiang breathed for a long time, his hands clenched, and he bowed his head to see her sly smile.

He grinded his teeth: "It's not tight yet, so the skin is tight?"

Lu Qiang was in full stance, falling down and biting her lips.Hold your elbows, carefully avoiding her wounds, and dare not touch her easily.Lu Yin only had freedom of movement in his hands and feet, holding his palm against his chest.

At first, it was a short touch, and Lu Qiang sucked her lips in a small mouth.The head lifted up, and fingers touched her cheeks and tip of her nose, looked carefully, and buried her head again.This time, the dexterous tongue protruded inwards, slipped over her teeth, and accidentally touched the softness that came out.Lu Qiang's head was white, almost subconsciously sucked, slammed out, his head tilted, looking for a comfortable direction, swallowing vigorously.

I don't know how long the past, Lu Qiang breathing gradually, but also understand the size, restrained herself, pinched her cheeks apart.

Lu Yin was short of oxygen and her head was dizzy. She closed her eyes and calmed down for a moment.

Opened, Lu Qiang was looking at her with a smile.

He took her hand and squeezed erotically, slowly sliding down from the side. Lu Yin was unknown, so he turned the palm slightly and covered it on the back of her hand, grabbed and pressed down under him. .

...Incomparably hard and as strong as a pillar.

Lu Yin was speechless.Every intimate contact is completely different.He can always transfer some complex feelings into desires and release them from demand.And she only took the initiative to cater to her and kissed him only when she woke up to see him touched, more emotional than rational.

Lu Yin was furious: "Are you still human? I'm sick."

Lu Qiang teased her and raised her eyebrows: "Hands are good."

"You..." She pulled out.

Lu Qiang was afraid that she would pull the wound and did not dare to hold it too hard, looking straight at her because of her angry face.The room suddenly calmed down, and Lu Qiang stared at her so stunned. Lu Yin noticed and looked at him slightly.

Lu Qiang rolled his throat, grabbed the hand on his side, lifted it up, and put it under his cheek.

He closed his eyes for a long time, "It's so fucking good." Lu Qiang felt for the first time that there was a trace of temperature in such a cold and pale place.

Lu Yin's eyes were soft and landed on his slightly concave cheek. Don't think about it, you know how he came over these days.Her eyes were hot, she blinked quickly, turned her head back, and closed her eyes.

When the two were almost asleep, Lu Qiang's phone buzzed and vibrated.

He propped his head to check, paused, and looked at Lu Yin: "It's the root."

Lu Yin nodded.

Lu Qiang pressed the green button and asked, "How are you looking for, root?"

There was a long talk over there, Lu Qiang listened intently, the two were near, Lu Yin vaguely heard some content, but did not understand.

Genzi finally explained, Lu Qiang looked at Lu Yin and said: "Other things you decide, but the security of the community must be guaranteed, there must be a yard, be quiet. Understand and understand the neighbors." He thought about it, "and Don’t forget to ask a nursing and nutritionist, preferably Chinese."

There should be down there.

Lu Qiang paused for a moment: "When will you come back?"

"next week."

"Watch out for yourself."

Genzi said: "Relax, I am delicious and delicious every day, I can't bear to leave."

Lu Qiang smiled lightly, didn't hang up the phone, after a long time: "Genzi, brother, thank you this time."

...... ......

At the end of the call, Lu Yin looked at him suspiciously.

Lu Qiang got up from the bed, raised the bed higher, and moved the stool to the side of the bed.

Lu Yin waited for him to speak.

He played with the phone for a while and raised his head: "We may be going out to live for two years."

"Go out?" She didn't understand: "Where are you going?"



Genzi will be back in a week.Things were done there, the house was selected according to Lu Qiang's requirements, just enough for 300,000 US dollars, in line with the local temporary residence policy.

Lu Yin's health improved day by day, and he was able to sit on the bed, supported by Lu Qiang, and walked in the ward for a few minutes.

When she went to the bathroom for the first time, she was scared by herself in the mirror. She had surgery on her head, her hair was shaved, she was wrapped in pale gauze, and she lost a lot of weight, and her cheeks were sunken. She was not like a ghost or a ghost. .

Lu Yin cried several times for this, and Lu Qiang began to patiently coax her, saying that I don’t dislike you for fear.Later, as soon as it didn't work, she was frightened by the noise, and then scared her loudly to throw her away. Lu Yin's tears fell even more fierce, and she had to endure her temper.

Stumbled, the days seemed to recover as before.

Seeing that her body is getting better, Lu Qiang finally rest assured to do what should be done.These few nights, as soon as Genzi came, he went out and came back in the middle of the night.

Not only that, Lu Yin can always catch his straight eyes, follow her figure, and often collide without glancing away.

The look was complicated, and she couldn't read it.

Try to ask him, Lu Qiang said nothing, and Genzi seemed to have a good discussion. When he came home late, he would sit outside and play games in the hallway.

In a few days, Lu Qiang knew Chen Sheng's whereabouts.

Genzi rubbed his hands, and waited until the time to call Shangdun Dalong to get a big vote.

Lu Qiang smiled, but did not intend to add them.

In a flash, it was a month and a half. One day, Lu Qiang received a strange call.

There was noisy, no one talked after connecting.

Lu Qiang: "Hey."

There was only gurgling sound in my ears, and after a while, a full tone: "I'm at the train station, come and pick me up."

Lu Qiang heard it, but he was not too sure: "Who are you?"

"Your mother."

Lu Qiang was slightly sluggish, his heart was sour and his throat choked.

After a thousand kilometers, she took the villager's donkey cart and switched from the long-distance bus to the train without flying.

Did not call, asked east and west.Still here.