Lu Qiang and Lu Yin explained a few words and drove all the way to the train station.

Qian Yuanqing didn't dare to walk around after the phone call, waiting at the newsstand across the road.It was almost noon, and the sun was burning. She sat in the shade of the tree next to her, holding a newspaper in her hand, and folded it a few times as a fan.

She wore a blue-and-white silk short-sleeved shirt, blue cloth trousers, black shoes on her feet, two old travel bags next to it, stuffed up, and a hand-woven basket on the other side.

Lu Qiang got out of the car, a few steps already sweating, he quickly crossed the road, and at a glance, he saw the people sitting in the shade.

Lu Qiang's feet are like pouring lead, and it's hard to take the next step.

"Wait to be tired." He didn't look at her, first picked up two travel bags.Rao is strong and strong, and he has a little effort, and the road is far away. I don't know how she brought it.

Qian Yuanqing didn't notice him and silently looked at the strange city.Glancing at him, he didn't see much surprise: "Here?"

Lu Qiang dumbfounded, two luggage bags changed to one hand, to go to carry the basket.

She quickly took hold and stabilized: "I took it myself, don't you break it for me."

Lu Qiang released his hand and glanced at his eyes. Inside was a basket of firewood eggs.He blurted out, "Lu Yin can only eat liquid food now."

Qian Yuan Qing glanced at him: "Other people will not eat it?"

Lu Qiang choked, his finger touched his forehead, and he stopped talking nonsense, only saying: "The car is parked in front."

Qian Yuanqing followed him, and Lu Qiang had nothing to say: "It's all okay on the phone, in fact, you don't have to come by yourself." Later, she called again, when Lu Yin was awake and the wounds were healing well , Lu Qiang told her not to come.

Qian Yuanqing said: "Farming is done, and idleness is also idleness."

"What about the ground?"

"Let Xiaozhi's dad show it for a few days."

The two said to the side of the car, Lu Qiang opened the co-pilot door for her, and put the luggage in the trunk.

It took a few minutes for the car to start before the temperature dropped.

Qian Yuanqing put the basket under his feet and took his hands to his hair.She has a lot of white hair mixed with hair, and her temples are clipped behind her ears, and her hair is regular and clean.

Lu Qiang was very steady and turned to look at her.

Qian Yuanqing looked out of the window and came to the big city for the first time.

He lighted the steering wheel and stopped talking. After a while, he turned his head: "Mom."

Qian Yuanqing withdrew his sight.

Lu Qiang said: "Just go with us. After the formalities are completed, you will be sent."

"I dont go."

"I haven't dealt with the previous issues. This time, I'm afraid they will go back to my hometown to trouble you."

Qian Yuanqing snorted coldly: "Just an old lady, who can treat me?"

Lu Qiang tried to persuade: "The environment there is good, there is a yard in front of the house, you can grow vegetables and flowers at that time. It is no different from the country. Some old people have to support their old age in their old age," he paused for a moment. Well, you need your care."

"Then what do you eat?"

Lu Qiang's hands tightened, his lip line stretched involuntarily, his heart was irritable, and he wanted to smoke a cigarette.

At the red light ahead, Lu Qiang slowly stopped the car.

He slit the window and felt the smoke to smoke.The back of the head rested slightly on the back of the chair, watching the red number in front decrease for one second and then turn to green.

Lu Qiang stepped on the accelerator and reopened.

After smoking a cigarette, he said, "Mom, actually go out..."

Before the words were spoken, Qian Yuanqing frowned, "Going to you, I'm not holding me to do anything, don't go."

It was anxious to say more, Lu Qiang choked back in his throat and swallowed back.

No one spoke in the second half, and Lu Qiang drove the car back to the hospital.

The high window in the stairwell of the hospital was directly across the road, and Lu Qiang took the next sentence and left. Lu Yin was excited after being surprised.She couldn't sit in the ward, swaying to the stairwell, the windows were a little high, she tipped her feet and looked out.

Below is the bustling traffic, slowing down at the entrance of the hospital.I can't see anything on the fifth floor.

Lu Yin's head was dizzy, and Venus appeared in front of her. She dropped her foot, slowly, and returned to the corridor.

Within ten minutes, two people walked out of the elevator. Lu Qiang was carrying his luggage. Qian Yuanqing was one step behind, carrying a basket in his hand.

Lu Yin's eyes were bright, and she lowered her hat unnaturally, ushering in two steps: "Auntie, here you are!"

"Hmm." Qian Yuanqing looked at her from top to bottom: "This thin, wind can blow you away."

She smiled, "Not so exaggerated. Auntie, are you tired on the way?"

Lu Qiang frowned right next to her and tapped the back of her head: "Say."

Lu Yin reacted slowly after half a beat. Her cheeks were flushed. She opened her mouth and suddenly changed her mouth.

Qian Yuanqing waved his hand, "What's the name different. Don't stand here, which one?"

She was busy and took her to the ward.

Qian Yuanqing looked around, the ward was very advanced, there was a reception area outside, and then walked in was the ward.The room is neat and clean, and there is not much smell of potions. The curtains are pleasant light green. There is a bathroom. On the small hand-washing table, there is an induction stove and simple kitchenware. Next to it is a small refrigerator with a height of half a person.

She opened the refrigerator and looked at it, waved to Lu Qiang and told him to take the travel bag.

Lu Yin looked around curiously.

She took out the same thing, and Lu Yin was slightly stunned.

One package contains two processed chickens and bonbons, afraid of heat damage, wrapped in ice cubes, packed in a sealed foam box, filled with red dates and soybeans; the other contains three crucian carp, each They are two or three pounds in weight and are packed in the same way. When opened, the gills are bright red and the scales are neat, which is fresher than what is currently slaughtered in the market.

With these two bags, ice cubes take up half the weight.Lu Qiang's throat became astringent: "Dao Lao brought these over and Zhangzhou sold them all."

Qian Yuanqing took the pig liver and pig heart from the inside again, without lifting his head: "The chicken was raised by myself, and the crucian carp was caught by Xiaozhi's father when I heard that I was coming."

Things were put in the refrigerator one after another, and she looked up at Lu Yin, "What soup do you want to drink tonight?"

Lu Yin covered his eyes with his fingers, before he could take it off.Sneaking into her eyes, she sniffed her nose and smiled: "I want to drink chicken soup."

Facing the sunshine, her pale face was filled with fresh energy.

Qian Yuanqing couldn't help but smile: "That line."

After consulting with a doctor, Lu Yin drank two small bowls of chicken soup and half a bowl of millet porridge, and stirred an egg yolk.

Lu Qiang ate half a chicken himself, and Qian Yuanqing peeled two more eggs, and he swallowed them in a few bites.

The room was air-conditioned, but he was still sweating.Three people crowded at the table, a short time, comfortable and warm.

When it was dark, Lu Yin was allowed to take a walk in the garden for half an hour. Qian Yuanqing had nothing to do and went along.

Lu Qiang walked slowly behind, looking at the backs of the two women, filled with hearts.He tickled the corners of his lips, stopped at the same place, and wrapped a cigarette in his hand.

The two sat down on a bench by the lawn.

At a distance of more than ten meters, Lu Qiang stood on the side of the lawn. His palm reached in and touched his belly, which was a little harder than a few days ago, and it was covered with a layer of sticky sweat.Tilt up the clothes, fold it up twice to reveal half of the navel, and a pinch of dark dense hair runs through the middle, gradually thinning out and extending to the chest.The upper edge reveals a small dragon body, intertwined near the right rib, and the muscle direction is the most rigid and compact texture.

Lu Qiang patted his belly twice with the palm of his hand, and sent the cigarette to his mouth, and raised his head to take two bites.

When half a cigarette was smoked, the phone shook in his pocket.

Take it out, Lu Qiang looked slightly paused.

After a few more shocks, he picked it up.

Without greetings, Lao Xing asked bluntly: "How long will you be there?"

Lu Qiang looked into the distance, and his eyes fell on the thin figure: "Half a month."

The other party was silent for a while, "Can it be early? If the time limit is exceeded, the police have no right to let him stay in the country to cooperate with the investigation."

Lu Qiang said: "Look for ways to drag it."

"Can't it be early?"


He hung up the phone, smoked again, and looked at the sky. There were already a few stars, the temperature dropped, and a cool breeze from time to time.

Lu Qiang stepped up and it is rare that Lu Yin is in a good mood today.

Qian Yuanqing got up from the chair, and the village had regular work and rest schedules. At this time, the lights had basically been turned off to sleep.

She supported her waist: "The weather is fine. If you want to sit for a while, I will go to bed first."

Lu Qiang asked, "Which one do you remember?"

"Yes." He said the next two words and walked to the inpatient department alone.

Lu Yin watched her leave, her eyes always smiling.

Lu Qiang stood in front of her and pinched her cheek from the top: "Just so happy?"

Lu Yin said, "I am very full, can I be unhappy?"

Lu Qiang scolded: "Is you hungry?"

She took off his hand and laid down his clothes flat, complaining: "You can't compliment your cooking level, and it's far from the aunt."

"I'm used to it." Lu Qiang nodded her and sat on the lawn not far away: "You can eat the food I made with Lu Qiang, you are the first one, be content."

Lu Yin grunted and got up to sit beside him.

"Wait a moment." Lu Qiang stopped, took off the thin blanket she draped, folded it into a square, and placed it next to herself: "Sit down."

Lu Yin supported the wound and, with the help of his arm, slowly sat on the grass.

Lu Qiang leaned back and lay down with his arms on his back. The thorns stabbed one leg, shaking twice.

The night was getting darker, there was a column of cold white light next to the trail, the building opposite was lit brightly, and a few patients were walking beside.

The breeze flicked, blowing up his clothes, revealing a small piece of skin.

Lu Yin turned back suddenly: "You always see what I do?"

Lu Qiang's eyes flickered, moved, and fell back on her: "Afraid to see?"

"No." Lu Yin asked, "Do you have something to tell me?"

After a while, "No." He turned his gaze to the sky again.

Lu Yin also followed.The vast sky is as untouchable as glittering gold falling across the sky.The breeze blew the leaves rustle, and the grass was moistened against the calf, which made the night extremely clear.

Lu Yin expressed with emotion: "I don't know if the stars over there are so bright!"

Lu Qiang said: "It's all the same."

"I can't believe it, we are leaving."

Lu Qiang changed his legs, and murmured.

"I haven't resigned yet."

"Discharge Office."

"Let's meet Ye Fan before leaving."

Lu Qiang turned to look at her: "Let her come tomorrow?"

Lu Yin thought for a while: "Forget it, her temper should be worried again, and she will soon be discharged."

Lu Qiang: "Well."

Lu Yin pursed her lips: "And..."


"My uncle," she looked back at him: "Can I go back to Qianyuan again?"

Lu Qiang took a meal and sat up from the ground with a solemn expression: "Yin Yin, the flight ticket has already been booked." Lu Qiang said: "We are not going back forever. This time it is more urgent. Can you..."

"I understand." She whispered.

Ye Qiang buried her figure very small, Lu Qiang looked at it, and his chest was blocked.He felt the smoke from his pocket and remembered nothing, no point.

Cigarettes in his mouth, "You live by yourself after high school?"

The topic changed too fast, and she nodded doubtfully.

"Can you take care of yourself?"

Lu Yin said: "Of course, otherwise how can I grow up so healthy and healthy."

Lu Qiang smiled and teased her: "If you want to throw yourself abroad, you must be crying."

Lu Yin looked at him and raised his eyebrows in disbelief: "Don't underestimate me, I am very adaptable," she said proudly. "The harder the environment, the stronger I will be."


"of course."

Lu Qiang bit her cigarette and looked at her. The light in her eyes was blocked by darkness, and her emotions were unpredictable.

For a moment, her hand was held by him.