Star-Crossed Lovers: The Ex-Convict and the White Rabbit

Chapter 53 (Complete, suggest reviewing)

Qian Yuanqing stayed in the hospital for a week, and those who came from his hometown basically gave Lu Yin soup to make up his body, and Lu Qiang followed him all the time.The two later turned red, and their weight could not be restored temporarily, but their spirits were much better.

After booking a train ticket for tomorrow morning, she refused to take the plane and did not let anyone else deliver it.

Qian Yuanqing was stubborn, and no one could persuade her. She could only do what she wanted and booked a berth ticket.

After dinner, Genzi also came, and the two sat in the hall and talked.

After a while, Lu Yin came out of the ward. "My aunt and I went downstairs and you talked slowly."

Genzi quickly got up: "Sister-in-law, can you do it?"

"It's okay," Lu Yin smiled, symbolizing the active arm. "It's almost done."

As he was saying, Qian Yuanqing came out slowly, and the root said: "Auntie, slow down a bit."

She should smile and point to the ward with a smile: "There is also crucian carp soup in the thermos. I'll drink it later. The fish was still caught by your dad."

Genzi has a sweet mouth, "Hey! Go ahead, I love your soup."

Qian Yuanqing was coaxed by her, waved her hands, and took the lead in the direction of the elevator.

Lu Yin rubbed for a few seconds, looked down at Lu Qiang, "Then I went."

The voice is gentle and docile.

Lu Qiang looked at her with a hard look, and if no one looked at each other for a while, his tone was soft: "Don't go far."

"The small garden just downstairs."

"Come up early."


After saying hello, she stepped down to chase Qian Yuanqing.

Qian Yuanqing murmured with his hands behind his back, "Don't run, hold the wound."

Lu Yin stabilized her foot and reached into her arms, holding it vainly.

The weather is hotter than the previous few days, and the outside temperature reaches 30 degrees sooner. Even in the evening, the residual temperature is still there.

The wind swept warmly on my body and got up just after sweating.

The two walked along the small garden for a while, and walked around the promenade connected to the clinic, sandwiched between the two buildings, and the wind blew over, which was still cool.

Finding a chair and sitting down, Qian Yuanqing wiped the sweat on her head with a small handkerchief, and couldn't help complaining: "This ghost place, like a steamer, is no better than our Huaizhou."

"Is Huaizhou cool?"

"Cool." Qian Yuanqing said: "I didn't sweat so much when I went to work."

Lu Yin noticed her hand along with the words, the hands were light brown after sun exposure, and the skin on the back of the hand was cracked, so that the roots and veins were clearly seen. Because of the long dry farming, the joints were thick and thick, but the nails were very Short and trimmed very clean.

Her hands were so casually placed on her thighs that she knew it was warm and dry without touching it.

Lu Yin didn't dare to stare for too long, she pursed her lips: "Auntie, I'm so sorry. It was the first time you came to Zhangzhou. I didn't take you to have fun. I was with us all in the hospital."

Qian Yuanqing said, "What fun is there on a hot day."

"That shouldn't be in the hospital."

She looked at her and plucked the leaves off her shoulders: "You didn't make a noise, thinking I would come."

She sneered and looked at the passing people.

Lu Yin didn't say anything, and looked down at the thread on the sick suit.

It took a while for Qian Yuanqing to say: "It's all a family. Don't think so much. It's a good thing to pay attention to raising your body." She stopped. "The days will be longer, when you have children, I Show you."

Lu Yin squeezed to the ground, the thread clenched his fingers, and suddenly disconnected at the root.She ignored one question and remembered another question: "Auntie, are you really not going with us?"

"Don't go."

Lu Yin bit his lower lip: "Lu Qiang really hopes you can change your mind."

Qian Yuanqing said: "Don't persuade me, I won't go."

"Can you tell me why?"

Qian Yuanqing looked at her, and in the face of Lu Yin, she was always patient and meticulous, and she didn't have any bad temper.

She said: "That's my home, wherever you can raise your feet and say go."

"Will come back."

Qian Yuanqing shook his head and smiled.A gust of wind blew over, and a strand of white hair stood on top of her head. The wind ran away, and the hair fell slowly again.

"What about my old man?"

Lu Yin had a meal.

Qian Yuanqing said: "His son is stupid, doing stupid things to blame others, and killing him. Lao Lu is worthless, his son has done nothing." She sighed and leaned against the back of the chair. Only then did he continue to say: "Lu Qiang is not with him, but I can't follow him, leaving him alone."

"Do you understand?"

Qian Yuanqing suddenly looked at her, Lu Yin's eyes were black, and she looked away embarrassedly. She lowered her head, "Understood."

She smiled and patted Lu Yin's shoulder, looking up at the sky: "Go back, it's not too late."

Qian Yuanqing supported her waist and Lu Yin pressed her: "Auntie."

She sat down again.

Lu Yin hesitated for a while, and took something out of the pocket of her medical gown and stuffed it into her hand.Thin and hard material, she spread her palms, a dark green light green card mixed in her palm.

Qian Yuanqing glanced twice: "He asked you to give it?"


She repeated: "Lu Qiang asked you to give me this card?"

Lu Yin reacted and quickly shook her head. "No, this is my money."

Qian Yuanqing was stunned: "I can't use it when I take it back."

Lu Yin refused with both hands, holding her hand, and holding the card in her palm, the facial features quickly grabbed together because of anxiety.

"There isn't much money in it. It's a bit of what I saved in my usual life. Auntie, you keep it. Lu Qiang didn't know about it. I made my own claim."

Qian Yuanqing looked at her with an excited expression and couldn't help but smile: "You give me money, I really can't use it in the country."

"Then save it."

She also wanted to refuse, Lu Yin said first: "You just said that we are a family, if you insist on returning it to me, I will be very sad."

Lu Yin knew that it would work against her to speak softly and pretend to be poorer than anything. Her expression was extremely in place, her nose gently wrinkled, and she was about to cry or not cry.

Qian Yuanqing looked at her helplessly, and finally loosened her shoulders. "Let go, your hands are sore."

...... ......

The next morning, Qian Yuanqing was sent to the car.

Lu Yin insisted on going. After the doctor checked the room, she changed into casual clothes, avoided the sight of the little nurse, and secretly followed the train station.

The farewell scene is always a bit sad. Both of them are very silent, but Qian Yuanqing is relaxed and light-hearted, like completing a task.She refused to take anything, just took her basket away.

It was still early when we arrived at the waiting room.It's not the peak of the Spring Festival, there are not many people waiting for the bus, and there are empty seats in the hall.Lu Yin took Qian Yuanqing to sit down, and Lu Qiang separated by two seats and sat next to him.

I talked on some topics intermittently, and time passed quickly.

Qian Yuanqing asked them to go back, rushed a few times, and the two did not move.

The far screen reported that the train was running on time. Ten minutes later, passengers rushed to the ticket gate, and a long queue lined up.

Parting is getting closer.

Qian Yuanqing glanced in that direction, and got up and said, "Go away, I'm going in."

They also stood up and followed at the end of the line.

Lu Yin asked: "Have you got your ticket and ID card?"

She patted her pocket: "Here it is."

"Remember to change tickets on the train."


"Go to bed at night and cover the quilt, and the car is full of air."

Qian Yuanqing glanced at her impatiently, his eyes turned forward.Lu Yinzhi closed his mouth and looked up at Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang was always silent, and he could not tell Lu Yin to help. She glanced at the thin back in front. She was still wearing the blue cloth trousers and black cloth shoes that day, and changed to a beige short-sleeved shirt. The color was old. There was no trace of folds.She was not tall, only to Lu Yin's eyebrows, a little rickety on the back, standing in the crowd with a basket, outdated, gray-faced, out of place.

Lu Qiang didn't dare to look at it again, removed his eyes, and looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin raised his head and squeezed his hand: "Give me some change."

Lu Qiang didn't know what she was going to do, and she took out two hundred dollars from the wallet.Lu Yin took it: "Wait for me."

She trot a few steps towards the convenience store next door.

The supermarket is very close, within the reach of Lu Qiang.

At this moment, the two of them were left alone, looking at the figure in the supermarket.

One minute later, the waiting room is broadcasting: passengers taking this train are waiting at the second platform, the train will enter the station immediately, please prepare your documents and wait for the ticket check.

Lu Qiang retracted his gaze: "Mom..."

Qian Yuanqing asked: "Something to tell me?"

After talking for a long time, Lu Qiang said, "No."

Qian Yuanqing squinted at him, snorted, and then looked away.In the supermarket, Lu Yin is very fast, picking up the same, seeing the production date and throwing it into the basket.

Lu Qiang suddenly said: "For the past three decades, I seem to have been doing something wrong. If there is a chance to remedy now, the price is that I will be separated from you for a while," he paused, "I should not grasp ?"

Qian Yuanqing was not surprised: "Do you have an answer in your heart?"

"Not determined."

She looked at the busy back in the supermarket. After a while, she chinned: "Do you think she deserves her?"

Lu Qiang was silent.

Lu Yin has paid there.

Qian Yuanqing didn't give him an accurate answer, only said: "No matter how you go in the future, remember that you are now a family, and you have to shoulder that responsibility."

She asked this sentence, and then fell silent.

Lu Qiang's top lip meat, "Mom..."

She frowned.

"Do you still blame me?"

She paused and did not speak.With the looseness ahead, the train crew began to check the tickets.

Qian Yuanqing moved forward, and the people around her were crowded in the middle, and noisy instantly. She said two words quickly, and he didn't hear clearly.

Lu Yin hurried back, and the plastic pocket in his hand weighed a little, and Lu Qiang helped him to help Qian Yuanqing.

"Give you food on the road."

Qian Yuanqing looked down and did not refuse this time. He took it and put it in the basket. "Go back."

The crowd was crowded at the ticket gate and their bodies collided with each other. They stopped and could not move on.

Qian Yuanqing stopped suddenly, dry palm squeezed Lu Yin's hand: "You are a good boy."

Lu Yin held her subconsciously.

Qian Yuanqing said: "Our old Lu family has treated you badly."

Her words came clearly from the noise.For a moment, Lu Yin's eyes were filled with tears, his throat choked, and his mouth could not speak.

Qian Yuanqing smiled, patted her again, let go, and drowned into the crowd without looking back.

Lu Qiang took Lu Yin to the other end, across the railing, and after a long time, he saw the slightly rickety figure.

Lu Yin wiped tears, and suddenly screamed.

Qian Yuanqing shivered in vain, staggering under his feet.

She turned back.

Lu Yin shouted again: "Mom."

"take care."

Qian Yuanqing's eyes were hot, and the figures of the two children gradually blurred.


From the train station, Lu Yin's eyes were still red.

Lu Qiang embraced her in her arms and bowed her head to kiss her.

The car was running, and it was a bit dull. At this time, I didn't know what to say.

Lu Qiang raised the temperature of the air conditioner, opened a gap in the car window, and looked at her: "Is it cool?"

"Not cool."

Lu Qiang turned back to look at the front, his arms stretched out, holding her hand from her leg. After a few seconds, Lu Yin spread his fingers and interlocked his fingers.

To catch up with the morning rush hour, the road is a bit blocked.All the way through schools, downtown areas and elevated tunnels.

Lu Yin calmed down slowly and clenched her fingers: "What are you thinking?"

Lu Qiang's expression was loose: "I didn't think about it."

"Don't worry about her too much, she knows how to live better than any of us."

"I know."

Lu Yin looked at him: "Well."

There was another silence. It took a long time to drive to the hospital door. Turn left in front of the speed bump to enter the hospital door.Lu Qiang stepped on the brakes suddenly, the body flicked, and could be parked in the lane.

Lu Yin was shocked and pulled the upper armrest: "What's wrong?"

He looked straight ahead, his eyes hard to tell.The hesitation in my heart seemed to have a result in an instant.

The team whistled in the back, the race was over, and the hospital guard ran out to check the situation.

Lu Qiang met her gaze and smiled, "It's okay." He stepped on the accelerator and rushed across the door. "There is a place to go."

The car circled in front of the hospital door, and then returned the same way, crossed the tunnel, elevated, and got off the intersection, going directly to the suburban direction.

Suspicious in Lu Yin's heart, he only sat quietly.

About half an hour, the car stopped in a hidden forest, surrounded by greenery, but in the middle of a rugged path.In fact, she hasn't been to many places in Zhangzhou, this is the first time here.

Lu Qiang pulled the handbrake, "Go."

Lock the car door, Lu Qiang turned his palm back, and his fingers hooked twice, and within a few seconds, a soft little hand came together in the palm of his hand.

The kingfisher croaks in his ears, the leaves sway slightly in the wind, and there is no half figure.Lu Qiang Yu Guang watched the movements around him. He understood that there was a danger in walking around at this time.Throughout the road, an inconspicuous car followed slowly and he knew that it was sent by Lao Xing.Since he hit Lao Xing's request that day, someone has been secretly protecting him.

This reassured him a lot.Before sending her away, he wanted to take her.

The path was a gentle slope up, and after walking for a few more minutes, I saw someone coming down one after another.She didn't ask Lu Qiang where to go, the incense on her nose became stronger and stronger, and she already told her the answer.

Lu Yin's body was still weak, and her head was dizzy. The latter part of her body was lying on Lu Qiang's back.But she wasn't enough. She put his arms around him and rubbed his sweaty neck with the tip of her nose.

Lu Qiang turned her head, she also looked up, looked at each other for a moment, the two tacitly sent out the lips, kissed each other softly, and then smiled.

Lu Yin kissed the root of his ear again and put his head back on his broad shoulders. After experiencing life and death, she was more dependent on him than before, bolder, more active, and generously expressing her inner emotions.

Lu Qiang's laughter overflowed his throat, "Buddhists are important, and the female donors are careful in their words."

Lu Yin didn't speak, so he looked at him sideways.

Lu Qiang released his hand, squeezed her hips, and rolled her throat: "Are you good now?"

Lu Yin knew what he was doing in his hand.

Her head was straightened slightly, her lips pursed, and she was still embarrassed: "Yes, all right."

Lu Qiang looked at the front, and unexpectedly, he did not make a fuss.

Stepping up the last step and crossing the high threshold, he put her on the flat ground.In front is the courtyard paved with bluestone slabs. It is old and eroded with the wind and rain, and it has been bumpy.

The temple is very small, the outer eaves are old, and the two bodhi trees on both sides of the temple are green and lush.

There were not many people who knew it, and the door court was slightly cold.

Lu Qiang took her across the threshold, and the atmosphere was solemn and rigorous.Lu Yin did not deliberately pursue these, and this is the first time he has come to such a place.

She whispered, "You used to come here often?"

Lu Qiang looked around with his eyes: "For the first time."

"Why are we coming?"

He replied somewhat perfunctoryly: "Just look at it."

Lu Qiang let go of her hand and took a step first.There is a huge circular incense burner in front of the temple. Cigarettes rise slowly. The inside is covered with heavy incense ash. There is a window next to it.

Lu Qiang stood in front of the door for a moment. Someone burned incense in front of him to worship Buddha. He looked at it carefully, took out his wallet, and asked for incense next to it.

Lu Yin stood a little dull.Seeing this man walk back without any other object, holding the incense in his left hand, holding the candle in his right hand, lighting the three pillars in his hand, stopping for a moment in front of his chest, and then holding his head high above his head and earnestly pressing it.

Her heart was hot, her palms were sweating, and she was unbelievable. A man like him who was rough and wild would believe in the existence of Buddha.

After finishing, Lu Qiang inserted the three pillars into the incense burner, without looking at Lu Yin, and walked into the temple.

Among them, the Buddha's treasure is solemn and compassionate.He raised his head and saw it looking down on all beings with a smile on his face.

Lu Qiang always stood with his head raised.Lu Yin did not know when to come in and stood behind him.

The picture was still in front of me, and the morning light passed through the gate and the broken window frame, illuminating the entire inner hall.The Buddha had a golden body, and golden light shrouded him. His broad shoulders were extremely flat, and his arms fell naturally.In a ray of light, Lu Qiang bent his knees slightly, slowly kneeling on the futon in front of him.

Lu Yin's heart twitched, and his lower lip bite a trace. For the first time, he saw the man standing in front of others with a humble gesture.She didn't know what he was thinking or what he was praying for, but he saw his hands folded and placed on his chest, the original unruly Zhang Kuang's body revealed a different kind of piety.For a long time, his palms spread out, and he laid it up on his side. Then he bowed down and crawled to the ground.

It hasn't been straight for a long time.

Lu Yin was full of tears in his face, but he felt so distressed.She covered her mouth and nose, suppressed the out-of-control voice, stepped backwards, and quietly retreated.

...... ......

I don't know how long, Lu Qiang came out from inside and raised his head, it was the endless sky.

Lu Yin stood in the shade and waved at him and smiled at him.

Lu Qiang passed.

Lu Yin held his arm: "What did you ask Buddha?"

Lu Qiang laughed and said, "Early birth of your son."

Lu Yin will not believe it, but he no longer wants to delve into the end.

He helped her to hide the blazing sun, his face deep and clear.

Look at each other for a few seconds.

Lu Qiang held her chin and kissed her lips no matter what the occasion.


More than a month ago, Lu Yin was pushed into the intensive care unit. She was deeply comatose, and her life and death were uncertain.

Lu Qiang stood next to her. Someone left behind and died old and sick, but in the blink of an eye, as long as he could follow, why care about the world and Huang Quan.

In an instant, Lu Qiang realized.

He smiled remarkably, unusually calm.

He leaned over Lu Yin's ear and said softly:

"If you can survive, Lao Tzu pays God to worship Buddha, and goes to the old man's house to buckle his gratitude. If you die, Lao Tzu will never live alone and accompany you to Huang Quan."