Lu Qiang was not taken into the interrogation room until the next afternoon, sitting opposite Laoxing, and there were two others, one old and one young.The old sits in the middle, the small sits at the outermost.

Waiting to be ready, the little police officer smoothed a dozen forms, picked up the pen, and prepared to record.

His routine: "Name."

Lu Qiang said: "I'll make a call first."

The police officer raised his eyes: "It is now during the interrogation and cannot call."

Lu Qiang ignored him and looked at Laoxing.

The police officer moved the paper position: "Name."

Lu Qiang said nothing.

Lao Xing settled down and put the glass down.He leaned over and whispered a few words to the person next to him. The other person's fist pressed against his lips. He looked at Lu Qiang and nodded.

Lao Xing got up and turned off the camcorder, took the phone out of his pocket and handed him.

Lu Qiang missed the answer: "I want mine."

Lao Xing glanced at him and withdrew his hand. "Don't say it for too long." He pointed at the police officer: "Zhang'er, in the exhibit column, you can bring it here."

Lu Qiang got his phone and pressed the power button.After waiting for a few seconds, it shook twice.

There were two calls from the root, he didn't care.Sliding his finger upwards, his eyes moved slightly. The following consecutive passes are all strange numbers. The numbers are special and are not arranged according to the laws of domestic numbers.

He licked his lower lip, his thumb swayed in vain, and clicked the return button.

Lu Qiang glanced at the screen and asked Lao Xing: "Can you give Gen'er Cigarette?

Laoxing stood next to him and handed it out to help him light it.

Lu Qiang took a deep breath and glanced at the phone. The screen didn't light up until it hung up naturally, and time was recorded on it.

He looked at it for a few more seconds before lifting it up and sticking it to his ear.


After a while, over there: "Hey."

Lu Qiang called: "Lu Yin?"

"...It's me. Where are you?" Her voice was slightly anxious, with a trembling sound coming from a distance beyond reach.

Lu Qiang inhaled, and squeezed the cigarette with his hand up, paused at his mouth, he rolled his throat, lowered his head, and dropped his hand back on his leg.At the end, he lifted his mouth into his mouth and sipped.

A few seconds: "Interrogation room."

There was a sigh of relief, there was no sound.

Lu Qiang asked: "Are you here?"


"Have you settled down?"

Lu Yin said: "Okay."

He tried hard to relax and put soot on his leg. "What did you do just now? It took so long to answer the phone."

Lu Yin said: "Asleep."

"Is that morning now?"


In addition to confirming his safety, she spit out a few simple syllables.

Lu Qiang asked: "Don't want to take care of me?"

After he finished asking, Lu Qiang stopped talking. Lu Qiang held his breath. After a while, there were faint sobbing sounds on the phone.The cigarette butt was deformed by Lu Qiang, and the other hand was clenched into a fist. Several pairs of eyes in the room were staring at him. He ignored him and sat there.

For a moment, the emotion on the phone seemed to stabilize: "Lu Qiang, I hate you." Her voice finally gave a little strength.

Lu Qiang sank deep and whispered: "What do you hate Lao Tzu?"

Lu Yin said: "I don't know anywhere. I can't see a few yellow people here."

Lu Qiang said: "The care that Genzi is looking for is Chinese."

"I'm not familiar with neighbors."

"It's said that distant relatives are worse than close neighbors," Lu Qiang said: "When you're fine, talk more, Genzi said it's an old couple."

"The house is too big, so I am alone."

Lu Qiang's cheek line moved, after a long time: "Sorry, Yin Yin."

"...I want to go home." Hearing his voice, she couldn't help it, and finally cried.

These four words made him unprecedentedly heavy. Lu Qiang was picked up by her fiercely in one heart, hoping to fly over immediately, even if only to wipe her tears.

Lu Qiang's eyes were hot, and he stubbornly said: "You should be on vacation. It won't take long for me to come to you."


"I promise." Lu Qiang could think of her tears with her eyes closed.He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees: "Don't cry, Lu Yin."

"Uh." she exhaled.

Lu Qiang said: "My woman must be strong, and I believe you can take care of yourself." He paused: "You should know that I have to stay here forever, but I have to stay. Wu Qiong's death cannot be separated from me. I’m wrong for so many years. I don’t want to live with you in a confused way."

"This is a debt." Lu Qiang said with a deep voice: "Do you understand?"

Lu Yin sucked his nose: "I know."

He frowned loosely, "Wait for me over there, okay?"

"how long?"

"I still do not know yet."

Lu Yin felt wronged and deliberately said: "For a long time, I won't wait."

Lu Qiang sinked: "What are you doing?"

She hummed softly: "Go find another man."

Silently, Lu Qiang remembered that there was still smoke in his hand, and the ash fell to the ground, leaving only a small half.

He sucked in: "You go." Lu Qiang sneered, "Don't let me see, cut off the grandson's second son."

Lu Yin pouted, crying and laughing over the phone.Lu Qiang also raised his eyebrows with a smile on his lips.

Lao Xing paced back and forth, his watch stretched out in front of him and nodded.

Lu Qiang glanced: "Yin Yin, I can't talk too long."


"Someone call Genzi." He ticked his forehead. "If... the situation is not good, you can write to me."

"……it is good."

Lu Qiang squeezed the phone and listened to the electric sound inside: "Then I hung up."

The phone hesitated for a few seconds in the ear, and there was no response there. At the moment when the finger was pressed down, there seemed to be distant words in the receiver.

Lu Yin said, waiting for you.

...... ......

Lao Xing returned to the table, he put the cup in the corner, and the atmosphere became serious.

He asked, "Can we start?"

Lu Qiang leaned back in his chair: "Yes."


In the later days, Lu Qiang spent all in the trial and interrogation. Xing Weixin took care of him. He was not severely bombarded by the spirit. He was just suffering from time and lack of sleep. His eyes were dark and his beard grew unreasonable.

The police tried to collect information as much as possible and had been busy all day and night.

On the thirty-fourth day, the materials were finally ready, and Lao Xing sent the things to the procuratorate in a tight time.After waiting several more working days, the news came over, and the answer was that he agreed to formally arrest the suspect Qiu Zhen, and at the same time handed over the information to the internal public prosecutor's office and filed a lawsuit with the court.

Due to the particularity of the case, the court quickly accepted the case and arranged a time for the hearing.

On the day of the court session, it had entered mid-October. The weather turned cold, and the leaves and leaves of Zhangzhou city were covered with flowers, and the atmosphere was in decay.

Lu Qiang met Qiu Shizu that day, and he looked at the trial bench calmly. They invited the best defense lawyers, but the day did not produce a result, the trial bench agreed to choose a date to pronounce the sentence.

The presiding judge made a final statement: "The trial of the court is over and the court is now adjourned. The bailiff is requested to return the accused to the prison to continue in custody. The next hearing time will be notified separately.

Qiu Zhen was handcuffed and taken away from the side door by the bailiff.

The crowd in the auditorium gradually dispersed, Lu Qiang turned around, and Qiu Shizu had already left.His eyes shook, and with a hateful look, Liang Yarong was mixed up by her husband and Liang Yajun and looked at his direction together.She rickets her body, her hair is gray, her skin is thin and her eyes are full of hatred and anger. If her eyes are a knife, she has already uttered thousands of words.

Lu Qiang's eyes fell, and for a moment, he turned his head back, and now no matter how he remedies, Liang Yarong's hatred towards him cannot be reduced.

The sentence was scheduled to be a week later, and the French Open was restored. The day was surprisingly smooth. Qiu Zhen was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape and escape of legal sanctions.

Lu Qiang's cover of crimes was so bad that criminals could not be brought back for a long time, and he was sentenced to eight years in prison.Since he had served six years in prison before and reported the merits, he actively assisted the police in investigating the case, and he was commuted for 15 months and 21 days.As a result of the final verdict, Lu Qiang was imprisoned for eight months and seven days and was immediately executed.

At the moment when the presiding judge finished reading, there was an almost distorted howl in the auditorium. Liang Yarong could not accept the murder of his daughter, and Qiu Zhen could escape the death penalty.She hit her chest with her fist, and cursed the people on the dock with the most vicious words. She was full of tears, her hair was distributed, and her voice was hoarse.The people present poke their fingers at the corners of their eyes and look sympathetically at this sad mother.

She was asked to leave the courtroom in advance, and this painful atmosphere could not be calmed down for a long time.

Lu Qiang turned his head to stare at Qiu Shizu. Qiu Shizu shrugged his collar with his hand and gave him a glance under the corner of his mouth, turning around without a word.

Since then, the dust has settled.

Qiu Zhen was sent to Xiaoshanghe to serve his sentence, and Lu Qiang went to Linshi District to be specially protected.

It took four months from review to sentencing.After Xing Weixin loosed his breath, he began to investigate Wu Qiong's murder.

...... ......

Lu Qiang has received a letter from Lu Yin at the end of January, and there are still a few days to go for the New Year.

He unfolded the letter under the supervision of the prison guards. There were a total of three pages, all of which were all descriptions of her life there.She found a light job and was in a private tailor shop near her residence. It was not very big, but the boss took care of her.She is well-maintained. The caregiver is a 50-year-old aunt. The children live there. She retired and took part in casual labor. Occasionally, on weekends, the aunt's son and daughter-in-law will come together to have a lively meal together. Outing.There is a Century Park in front of the residence. She often goes for a walk after dinner. There is a row of benches on the lawn. From that direction, you can see the fiery sunset. She said that when Hongxia was full of half of the sky, she missed him.

Lu Qiang swallowed his throat and looked on.

She said that in the park, there is a supermarket opened by a Chinese. There are many fresh ingredients that are air-freighted from China. She is not used to eating things here. She usually buys food and cooks it with her aunt.

There was no fritters and soy milk for breakfast, she missed it.The bed is too big when sleeping at night, she can roll from side to side, but sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night.The foreigners are very open. They have no secret of their emotions. They can kiss deeply on the noisy street. Whenever they see this picture, she misses him very much.

Lu Yin said that the first three months were difficult, she could not eat, she vomited in the dark, dizzy, weak, and tossed and turned at night.She couldn't fall asleep, holding the quilt to suppress the cry, and repeatedly dialing his number, but there was always a cold busy tone, and at this time she hated him the most...

Lu Qiang's hand shook a little, he didn't understand this paragraph, and read it again.

Turn over, there is a page.

He read it, his eyes fell on the last four words, his figure was halted, and his fingers were shaking.

The guard next door felt, "What's wrong with you?"

Lu Qiang shook his mind, and quickly handed the stationery over, "Help me see, what is this in the end."

The prison guard looked at him in surprise, suspecting that he was mentally abnormal, and helped him read it.

Lu Qiang didn't know what to think for a long time, the paper in his hand was crumpled by him, he was still staring at those four words.

Prison guard: "Are you all right?"

Lu Qiang responded: "Police officer, I want to reply."

The prison guard sent him two pieces of paper.Lu Qiang did not go to school for a few years, and his posture was awkward. After thinking for a long time, he dropped the first stroke on the paper.

His handwriting was rough and he had a heavy stroke, and he had scratched the paper several times.Ask the prison guard if he can't write. The prison guard simply moved to the stool, sat next to him, found a pen and paper, and wrote down the words he asked for him.

At the end, he was impatient.

Finally written, a full page.Lu Qiang took it over and looked at it, pursed his lips, and suddenly broke.

Prison guard: "..."

He laughed: "Write badly."

The prison guard's nose was almost anxious, and he threw the pen, leaving him standing beside him.

Lu Qiang reconsidered. He didn’t ask him this time. He only wrote eight characters on the letter paper: Lu Yin, you are so fucking good.

Lu Qiang suffered from insomnia that night and almost closed his eyes overnight.

The next day, apply to the district to see Wang Quanzhi.

When Genzi came, he looked at him with a spring breeze, and his smile reached his eyes.

Lu Qiang said: "Help brother do something and get the old lady out."

Genzi grinned straightly and waved his hand: "Brother, don't bother me. The old lady of our family doesn't know if you don't know. It was useless to persuade you. I can't help it."

Lu Qiang leaned against the back of the chair, forefinger lightly hooked his forehead, and raised his eyebrows proudly.

He chuckled with confidence: "You say that."

Rootless: "How to say?"

"You tell her that your daughter-in-law is pregnant, let her do it."

Suddenly, "Who is pregnant?"

Lu Qiang said: "Your sister-in-law."

He blinked and patted his thighs: "Really?" Then he smiled, and gave him a thumbs up unclearly: "Brother, you are really strong."

Genzi returned from the prison and hurried back to Huaizhou to do what Lu Qiang had ordered.

The blink of an eye was New Year's Eve.

The prison area was decorated with lanterns on that day. The small blackboard was filled with blessings. After eating dumplings at night, I moved the small bench to watch the Spring Festival Gala.

It is rare in the prison to be so lively, it is later than usual to turn off the lights.

It was already midnight on the bed, and Lu Qiang couldn't sleep. Looking at a small piece of sky outside the high window, it was far away from the city, I couldn't hear the firecrackers, and there was no fireworks all over the sky. It seemed extremely quiet.He remembered that he hadn't been together during the Spring Festival last year. She went to her uncle's house and he hurried back to his hometown.

This year also separated, he was in prison, but she was in a foreign country of more than 8,000 kilometers.

Fortunately, it is different in the future, with the old lady and his son.Lu Qiang thought that he didn't form that little guy, and even turned a few times, even more sleepless.

The upper ber brothers leaned out and asked quietly, "What are you doing?"

Lu Qiang said: "I can't sleep."

The brother's chin rested on his elbow, his face smirking: "Missing a woman?"

Lu Qiang glanced at him, turned his back, looked at the night, his lips moved: "I want to be my wife."

Life is looking forward to, and it's going very fast.

After the first month, there are five months left in prison.

One day, someone visited him in the cell.What he did not expect was that Qiu Shizu was sitting outside.

The two looked at each other for a moment, Qiu Shizu picked up the microphone and asked him: "Do you know Chen Sheng is dead?"

Lu Qiang said: "I know."

He didn't hit him that night, and Chen Sheng died of drug overdose.The police only routinely questioned Lu Qiang. He did not have any collision injuries. Chen Sheng’s death had nothing to do with Lu Qiang.

Qiu Shizu was straightforward: "I want to know the purpose of your every attempt to send Xiaozhen to jail."

Lu Qiang lowered his eyes for a moment: "Conscience can't pass."

Qiu Shizu didn't expect him to answer this way. A pair of sharp eyes looked at him through the lens. A few seconds later, he laughed ironically, "Hadron," he called out: "You have done so much in the past, now Tell me about conscience?"

Lu Qiang leaned back in his chair and looked at him indifferently, without saying a word.

Like a silent contest, Qiu Shizu smiled, "No matter what your purpose is, Lu Qiang, I won't let Xiao Zhen stay in prison for too long. I won't tell you that I have dredged inside and outside in the past few months. Almost." After he finished, he looked at him with satisfaction.

Lu Qiang touched his eyebrows and then relaxed, still not speaking.

Qiu Shizu said: "I came out later, and Chen Sheng provoked the relationship between you and me, and harmed your woman. I didn't even know about it." He looked at him: "I always trust you, I know you better, I believe you I won’t betray Xiaozhen, so I didn’t focus on you from beginning to end, I didn’t expect..."

He rolled his head and shook his head. "I'm disappointed."

Lu Qiang said: "I treat him the same."

For another moment, Qiu Shizu suddenly moved and adjusted his collar: "His temper should be learned a little," he said. "I will not pursue this matter, even if I pay back the owed to you that year."

Qiu Shizu stood up: "Hadron, you can do it yourself in the future, you can't be alone now."

Lu Qiang fixed his eyes and smiled gently at him.


He was informed of Qiu Zhen's death in early April. It was sudden and surprising. The news came from Xing Weixin.

Xing Weixin said: "Old Deng did it."

A month ago, Liang Yarong went to Xiaoshanghe to see Lao Deng. Lao Deng was diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of last year. It was just in the early stages, but people were already losing weight.

The two spoke for ten minutes, and when Deng returned, he was very silent.

Going to work in the previous section, he secretly nailed ten centimeters of steel nails to the inside of his thighs, wrapped the cloth tightly, and brought it back to Xiaoshanghe.

He used this steel nail to kill Qiu Zhen.

No one knows how his skinny body did it, probably because of his father's instinct, or the power of the moment when the dead net broke.

After that, he exhausted everything, leaving only a weak soul.

Xing Weixin said: "It's been a few days."

Lu Qiang asked: "Where are people?"

"City Hospital."

He moved his hands up to rest on the table, buried his head, and after a long time: "Can you give me a cigarette?"

Xing Weixin handed it over and watched Lu Qiang slowly draw it out.

When he got up and left, he met his red eyes.

Lu Qiang said: "Help find a good place."

Qiu Shizu had just regained consciousness at the moment. His only son died. He had blood on his head and went to the hospital with a stroke.

In just a few days, ten years old.

After sobering up, he still could not accept the reality, grieved and rescued twice in a row.

The first thing he did after getting out of danger was to let Lu Qiang's family die.

However, a few days later, the subordinate passed the news that his wife, children and mother had already left and went abroad.