Usher in a new life, four years later.They have already returned to Zhangzhou to live.

That year Lu Qiang only got a three-month visitor visa. He had a criminal record and immigration was a tricky business.

Italy soon enters the autumn. It is influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The air is humid, the sun is shining, and the leaves are covered with gold.

Lu Qiang had nothing to do. He escorted Lu Yin to and from work every day. After being laid out by the tailor, he sat for a while at the square of the chapel. Sometimes he fed the pigeons, sometimes snuggled around, and sometimes, tourists with high eyes and nose bridges handed the camera. Speaking, Lu Qiang couldn't understand or ask, and took it expressionlessly, aiming at them perfunctoryly and pressing the shutter a few times.

The days are idle and comfortable. More time, he accompanied his little princess at home. Lu Qiang witnessed the whole process of her turning, climbing and standing on the bed. This feeling is quite joyful and wonderful.Lu Qiang cautiously hugged her, like a little sugar man who would melt away in the palm of his hand, his eyes soft and his mouth smeared with honey.

The little fellow became more and more intimate with him, staring at him intently, reaching out his hand to touch his chin, holding his finger to the corner of his mouth, and giggling.The little princess likes to sleep on Lu Qiang's belly, one big and one small, nested on the sofa in the living room. When she wakes up, the clothes on her front are full of saliva, but he feels that the saliva is scented.

Later, she only had a good relationship with Lu Qiang. The father and daughter were stuck together all day long, and he would never find Lu Yin or Qian Yuanqing.Lu Yin's status plummeted in the heart of the little guy. She was both sweet and sad. She worked hard in October to conceive, all for the man.

Qian Yuanqing said: "Isn't the taste in my heart? Then regenerate one."

Lu Yin pursed her lips, and since then, she has made a decision in her heart.

The pleasant days were fleeting. Three months passed quickly. The visa expired and Lu Qiang had to secretly return to Zhangzhou.But did not expect Zhangzhou to change dramatically.

Since Lu Qiang was released from prison and escorted by the police to go abroad safely, Qiu Shizu was anxiously anxious. In addition, he missed his son. The condition deteriorated again and again, barely supporting for two months, and died without treatment.The sadness of his sonless death, and the people around him tried to find his money, and none of them was sincere.The nest meeting was a mess, without a principal, the business plummeted, and the internal groups gradually disintegrated, and the brothers scattered, and each made a way out.

It didn't take long for various loopholes in the background operations to surface, and the inexplicable activities of the nest club were all involved.The above was sent to conduct a comprehensive review, and only a few days later, they were ordered to suspend business.

Overnight, the nest would close down, Qiu Shizu disappeared from Zhangzhou, and the whole thing only became a resource for people to talk after dinner.

His death was not the revenge of the Chou family, nor the vigorous gangster fight, but because of Si'er.

This is God's will.Everything has its own arrangement.

Good and good results, evil and evil, all good and evil will be rewarded in the cause and effect cycle.

A snowflake fell on his forehead. Lu Qiang raised his eyelids and looked at the sky. The sky was dark.

He stood lazily and moved his gaze back to the tombstone.

The year is approaching, Zhangzhou is ushering in the winter again. The branches and leaves beside the tombstone are covered with dust. The whole cemetery is shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere and Xiao Ran is silent.Lu Qiang didn't bring flowers or offer fruits and vegetables snacks. He crouched down, shrugged his shoulders, and stared at the words on the tablet.

-Tomb of the beloved father Deng Qiming.

The person who made the payment was Deng Qiong.The incident behind Lao Deng was personally handled by Liang Yarong and Professor Wu. After learning about the past and the cause of Wu Qiong’s death, Professor Wu was deeply sorrowful. It was his misbehavior that left Wu Qiong with a restrained handle. He felt guilty and took the tragedy secretly. responsibility.The words'Child Deng Qiong Jingli' were engraved by him.

In the life of Lao Deng, it was only at this moment that he was fulfilled. On the square inch stone tablet, he was reunited with his daughter, no longer far away.

Lu Qiang's eyes moved, and he took out the smoke from his pocket, lit one standing in front of the monument, and ignited another around the palm of his hand.He stared down at the fire, biting the cigarette, and asked vaguely, "Old man Deng, don't you want to see me?"

No one could answer him in the cold wind.Withered branches scraped the tombstone, and dust gathered in the corner.

The cigarette burned in front of the tablet fell, and Lu Qiang reached out and held up, but was blown down again. He didn't hold back.The entire cemetery was empty and gloomy, and the cold wind circulated above, making a nearly twisted howl.Lu Qiang lost his eyes and rubbed his thumb joint with the cigarette twice, his eyes flushed.

He was silent, stood up, and smoked the cigarette before saying: "I will not come to see you in the future, it is useless, there are some grudges that I will say after I die."

He dusted off the dust and turned away.

When Lu Qiang met Lu Yin, every decision had scruples. She was not afraid of hatred by others. She was afraid of tears.He is selfish, but this is not unforgivable, maybe Old Deng will not forgive him, but Lu Qiang thought, he must understand.


On New Year's Eve this year, Lu Qiang flew to Italy again, after a year of reunion.After the first month, he hurried back to Zhangzhou, under the Dalong line, engaged in three medium-sized trucks, and registered a small company to undertake the logistics business of the first line of Binhai.

This line has only been done by Dalong, but it is also a half-hanger. The rules and regulations process is not well understood, and it is very difficult to operate in the early stage. Every step is particularly difficult.They only used one car, and Dalong and Kundong ran the line to test the water. He and Genzi helped to load and unload.At the middle of the year, Lu Qiang's driver's license was finally retaken, and his roots were also upgraded to B. After the market was understood, only three trucks were rotated.By the end of the year, medium-sized to large-sized, and another few were hired, rented an office in a nearby factory, recruited a group of people, Lu Qiang finally relieved.

In recent years, he has been running on both ends, and sometimes flew over, just to look at them and hurried back.After everything was arranged properly, Lu Yin and Qian Yuanqing returned to Zhangzhou with the little princess.At that time, the little princess was three years old, wearing a pink and tender bow on her head, wearing a pettiskirt, short arms and short legs, and could hold his thigh and sweetly call his father.

They lived in the high-rise building they bought before leaving. They had three bedrooms and one living room. The living room was spacious. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows was an open-air balcony with a wide view, facing the artificial lake in Nanshan Park.

After going through many ups and downs, life finally returned to peace and went around in a circle, finally returning to its original point.

After spending more time together, there was only one thing left behind to close the door. Lu Yin's physique was not easy to conceive, and there was no movement how to toss.

Until the winter of the following year, Lu Yin’s birthday, Lu Qiang threw the child to Qian Yuanqing and took her out for a time. The newly built resort hotel outside Zhangzhou City, the mountains and forests, the private hot spring water vapor curls, flowers with champagne, love Indulge when you are thick.Since that time, Lu Yin hasn't come to menstruation, and occasionally has symptoms of anorexia and nausea, and went to the hospital to check, only to know that good things are coming.

This time differently, Lu Yin had an experience and was accompanied by Lu Qiang. The symptoms of early pregnancy soon passed.In five or six months, his stomach became pregnant, and his temper became irritable and irritable. Lu Qiang was upset and hated his touch even more. He always took his back to him at night.

On this day, Lu Qiang had seen the little princess and came in lightly: "Sleep?"

Lu Yin turned her back, lazily.

There was only a dim light at the head of the bed, and her long hair spread peacefully on the pillow, forming a gentle wave.Lu Qiang leaned over and sniffed between her hair, and came along the way, kissing on her temple.

Lu Yin was upset and returned his hand to push his head away: "Keep away from me."

After a few seconds of silence behind him, a large hand lay on her waist, squeezed, slid in along the corner of the dress, and landed on her breast.Ben didn't want to do anything. She hadn't done it since she was pregnant. Qi Nian gradually got used to suppressing her heart, but she was soft in her palm, and finally awakened the brother under him.

Lu Qiang's chest pressed against her back, the movement was not simple, the fingers kneaded skillfully: "The doctor said that coming sideways does not affect the fetus."

Lu Yin was tickled and annoyed by him, holding his finger back and breaking hard: "Are you annoying."

Lu Qiang sighed and nudged her shoulders: "Are you fucking stupid, dead hand?"

Lu Yin's head did not return: "Who told you to move your foot."

"Can't touch it?"

"Trouble you."

Lu Qiang gritted his teeth, patted her hips fiercely, and replied: "It's legal to bother me."

This time hurt her, Lu Yin burst out of breath from somewhere, got up, and a soft pillow greeted him, "Lu Qiang, you really hate it." She beat and pinched, emotional, and squeezed A few tears came out.

Lu Qiang was dumbfounded, responded slowly, and leaned over to hug her, his cheeks sturdy and struck a few times.

His tongue pressed against his lips and turned to the beginning: "Wrong, wrong, don't move."

Lu Yin twisted the meat on his chest: "Go down."

"Where should I go?"

"Don't stay in bed."

Lu Qiang's ass was only on the side of the bed, but he was not seated. Lu Yin kicked him. When he slid down, he supported the ground and jumped dexterously.The clothes were messed up by her, turned over to reveal her belly, her trouser legs were rolled up halfway, bare feet, funny and embarrassed.

Lu Yin looked at him, wiped his face, and chuckled.

Lu Qiang's face is not good: "Lu Yin, just accept it when you see it well."

She is not afraid of him at all now, pointing to the door: "You go to the living room."

He threw the pillow next to him: "The living room is cold." He wanted to lie on the bed forcibly.

Lu Yin shoved him and grieved again: "Are you mad at me, I am pregnant!"

Lu Qiang propped the crotch with one hand, Hu Lu two heads behind, Lu Yin also glared at him angrily, she sat sideways, the palm supported the mattress, like a pot on the belly, a heavy burden.Lu Qiang felt distressed, but he didn't dare to hug her. He couldn't afford to provoke her, secretly inhaling, and hugged the futon out of the bow.

Lu Yin said: "Close the door."

He turned back and pointed her at her, "But if you're so embarrassed, just accumulate materials for yourself. When you're finished." Lu Qiang smiled lightly, and kissed her forehead, gritted her teeth and said, "I have you." Yes. Baby."

He talked cruelly, but couldn't see her in general. He warmed up a glass of milk and retreated after seeing her drink dry.

Lu Qiang sneaked into the little princess's room and squeezed for a month.This time, the little girl was so beautiful that she couldn't sleep with them. Now she is telling stories every day and she is arrogant and naughty. She always babbles with her for a few minutes before going to bed.Qian Yuanqing knew and shouldn't know, a heart of soup to give Lu Yin to make up the body, he has no status at home, swallowing his breath finally reached her due date.

On the day of the obstetric examination, the doctor said that her over-nutrition caused the fetus to be too large, and suggested a light diet and more activities and more walks in these days.

When she came out of the clinic, she met a woman head-on. She was still wearing high heels with a big belly, beautiful makeup and a tall ponytail.Lu Yin couldn't help but take a few more look, inexplicably familiar, suddenly remembered a person, many years later, but I have seen it on that occasion, it always makes people remember.But think about it and feel wrong. The man next to her has fat lips and big ears, a big belly and loose stools. The covered brand name is soft and soft, but he is already middle-aged.It wasn't the gentleman of the year.

Lu Qiang wrapped around her waist: "What does the doctor say?"

She returned to her mind: "Let Duo San walk."

"What are you looking at?" He glanced behind him.

Lu Yin finally withdrew his gaze, leaning against his chest, and suddenly grew a sense of happiness.She smiled: "It's nothing. Let's go."

There was drizzle outside from the hospital.Lu Qiang looked up at the sky and was in a good mood.

The two looked at each other: "Go there?"

"it is good."

Lu Qiang fetched the umbrella from the car and helped her to walk along the side of the street. The rain was hitting the umbrella. For a time, there was only regular rain falling in the ear.

Lu Yin asked: "Do you like rain?"



Lu Qiang said: "It rained on the day of release."

Lu Yin thought for a while and finally smiled: "It is indeed a pleasure to be reborn."

Lu Qiang didn't explain, but also slanted his lip angle.

After crossing a few intersections, the rain gradually increased.They hid in the arcade of the shopping mall to avoid rain. The rain formed water columns and flowed down the eaves, dividing the bustling street into two worlds, plopping on the pavement and splashing blossoms.

There were couples with clothes above their heads, hugged and ran past in front of them, with laughter lightly.

Lu Yin watched them run away and asked, "Why did you like me at first?"

Lu Qiang said: "You are in good shape."

She thumped him, "Why didn't you do it right?"

"You have a right course." Lu Qiang looked at her: "Then talk about when you will see me."

Lu Yin said nothing.

"When bungee jumping?"

Lu Yin glared at him: "Where is that early."

"You all agreed to let me touch it, and said you didn't like it?"

She blushed for a while, and said in a dazed voice: "It's you who are stalking." She lowered her lip: "I just felt a little bit friendly at the time."

Lu Qiang smiled, and suddenly touched her ear, "You guy is looking very old-fashioned, and the heart is actually very open. I am looking for excitement and timidity, and I just run into Lao Tzu," he exhaled. I met a strong and healthy body, and my eyes are waiting for me to hurt you."

Lu Yin was stepped on his tail, whispered, and twisted it around his waist.

Lu Qiang escaped quickly, keeping a half-arm distance from her.

Lu Qiang asked: "When?"

She turned his head and ignored him.

He said: "No kidding."

After holding on for a while, Lu Yin finally answered: "It may be the day of the fever, or it may be a little later."

There can be so many reasons and reason for two people's affairs, not to mention the speed of acceptance.When the relationship is weakest, the other party takes advantage of it to provide the warmth and protection that they need most. The things that have been in love for a long time gradually change from habit to love.

"How late is it?" Lu Qiang patted her on the top of her head without saying angrily, "I've been treating me like a cowboy before."

Lu Yin laughed.

"Is the service satisfactory?"

She was so cheeky, she blinked: "Give you a good review."

He snorted.

Look outside and look at her again: "Is it cold?"

Lu Yin said: "A little bit."


Lu Qiang took her arm around her, wrapped her under her arm, rubbed her naked skin with her big palm, and waited for her body to warm up slowly.

Walk through the rain screen and look at the bustling street.

There were only two of them under the corridor, snuggling with each other.

So-called pain is nothing more than that.

That is,

When you are cold, I happen to be able to keep you warm.

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