Star Slashing Swordsman

One word.

I had a strange dream that day.

I, who was only a mediocre villager, somehow remembered in my dreams the life of one swordsman. The raw swordsman continued to hold the vision of a "star slayer" that binds the body of a blade iron.


Zukin, dull pain twitches and seeps in and transmits to the brain. A mighty headache and an excessive stream of memories awakened my consciousness. The swordsman I saw in my dreams, yearned for strength.

And he was an overly foolish swordsman who tried to prove his strength by means of the act of 'slashing the stars'.

Night heaven covered in darkness.

Neglectly scattered stars are beautifully reflected in your eyes by the time you accidentally want to end up in your own chest.

But no one can hold it. No, everyone was aware that it was out of reach, but therefore even the initial desire to get it had stopped spreading.

So one swordsman thought.

"If you slay a star like that," I wondered if you could prove to 10,000 people the strength of your sword. And the swordsman, who believed it was right and did not doubt it, used 'star slaughter' as his guiding principle and thirsted to spit blood. He even waved his sword under a clear, pale blue (tarsel) sky that spread everywhere. He continued to seek out good opponents who could feed him to form the Star Slash.

"Stars, slaughter..."

It is an act that can also be described as the backbone of a remembered swordsman, words.

Somehow, that came out unconsciously pounding my mouth. I fell into such an illusion that wonders and their words fit into Ston and the back of my chest.

Then I felt strange familiarity with the word 'star slaughter', and I had hope. I admired it, I got it.

Just a day to have even the same day.

To my life as a villager everywhere, maybe I was just not aware of it, and I was pioneering it. By then, my words had a fever.

"Awesome, I"

I tremble my throat and spin my words in a plundering voice.

The discomfort caused by the headache was attached, but I'm just saying what's wrong with it, the more I focus on the word 'star slaughter', the fading and gushing aspirations of the remnants of the pain.

"Awesome awesome!!!

I raised my torso to jump up praises the swordsman who was waving his sword in his dreams while his eyes shimmered.

In the end, he was a swordsman who had finished his life without completing the Star Slash, but his life was shining.

His world was so beautiful that it nailed my heart and dazzled (eyebrows) everywhere. Full of hope.

"Cool, dude..."

Even that swordsman was unreachable to the 'star slayer' to describe as your business. To the way of life that I continued to aspire to it, I admired it from the bottom of my heart this very moment of the day.

For me, who lazily spent my days as a villager, the swordsman's way of life was dazzling. Now, it's like you want to reach out unexpectedly. It was like a jewel.

"But swordsman, ah..."

I'm just a villager.

It's a mediocre villager like you sweep all over it and throw it away.

I dreamed of a swordsman? It immediately became aware that it was a desire that was disproportionate everywhere.

"... yeah. But even so."

With that said, I shake my ankle to the right and left in an attempt to abandon my earlier thoughts.

"I want to try"

Instead of slashing the stars, I'm suspicious that I can even shake my sword properly. Anyway, I'm a villager. Ordinary just villagers.

Born who might not have ever been blessed with the opportunity to wave a sword if it were meant to be. Even if I want to, I get anxious all the time.

However, I had an example (memory) to wear in order to form the Star Slash. An example of a swordsman called "The Sword Ghost". I admire it.

"Only regret, because I don't want to"

When it was a story I had no connection with, I could not trump that dream. Unfaded raw scenery I dreamed of.

Many of the terrible death fights that have been waged by the time it became a hundred million to count. Numerous rivals incited each other by hurting and hurting each other.

In a place like this, I couldn't help but be ashamed of myself trying to finish my life in vain as just a villager. I thought it was stupid.

The world shines, life burns.

The option of falling back did not already exist to me, knowing that I could lead a brilliant life of everything depending on my way of life.

There is only one way to even move forward.

And if I dream of "star slaughter," just like that swordsman again, I won't start talking about not acquiring at least the same skill as that swordsman.

The skill of an outsider stained sword. Physical skills, experience, that would have been cultivated over the years to support it, Survey. You can't even go up to the mound where that swordsman stood to not wear them all.

So what do I need to do to make a Star Slash? Understand it strongly and engrave it deeply into your head.

"It's much more fun this way than repeating the same thing every day."

Sleep, eat, plow the fields.

It's definitely more fun raw sent by a swordsman who dreamed of 'star slaughter' than living all that life. That was outrageous.

"So I'll do it."

As if taking an oath against someone.

I put hopeful and hopeful emotions on my words and spit them out.

"... do it, not. I'll do it."

I line up my words with a joyful expression as I delightfully distort the mouth that remains young as the year deserves.

"One day I'll have the stars floating there,"

No matter how much I reach, I proclaim my arrogance toward a star that I do not feel comfortable reaching.

"I'll kill you."

That night we celebrated our 8th birthday.

I found it worthwhile.

I found a longing that existed far away by the end.

For some reason, the world began to shine in my eyes when I was on the border that day. Oh, I felt that.