Start with a fake university

Chapter 1 A Fake Admission Notice

parallel world--

Fog city.

In the city in August, the heat is unbearable and the heat waves are rolling.

Outside the Happy Garden District, a handsome guy with a short-sleeved T-shirt, sandals and slippers about 1.78 meters tall came into the coco milk tea shop.



"any drinks?"

"A cup of pearl milk tea." Ding Yue sat down opposite a thin man with glasses, and then shouted at the beauty of the clerk: "Miss Sister, no pearls, no tea."

When the little sister heard it, her pretty face instantly blushed.

"Ding Yue, you have to point your face, don't think that people won't come and beat you because you are handsome."

The glasses boy Huang Youjie rolled his eyes and said, then took two bites of his favorite fresh milk purple potato mash.


It would be nice if it was fresh and without mashed potatoes.

Huang Youjie is a classmate of Ding Yue High School. The two met here today, but there are very important things to discuss!

"Stop gossip."

Ding Yue asked seriously: "Did you bring things?"

"Bring it, where's the money?"

"It's ready, I cheated all my sister's New Year's Eve money... I borrowed it." Ding Yue said and took out a Xia Guo ICBC card from his pocket.

"how much is it?"

"✌️Ten thousand!"

Ding Yuebi replied with gestures.

The money in the bank card is the new year's money that my sister Ding Xiaoyou has saved over the years, as well as some pocket money she earned as the UP owner at Xiaopozhan.

"I sold all my figures, as well as my little skirts, black stockings, hair sets, cosmetics... plus all my belongings, there are only six thousand and five in total. A hundred dollars."

Huang Youjie wiped the corners of his eyes heartbroken.

Then he also took out a bank card of Xia Guo Construction Bank, which contained all his savings.

"Good buddy!"

Ding Yue stretched out his hand with emotion and patted his shoulder hard.

The other customers drinking milk tea in the milk tea shop looked at the two people's verbal conversation very mysteriously, and their actions were sneaky, and they couldn't help but look at them with strange eyes.

Is it?

The two of them are going to make some kind of dirty business in this milk tea shop?

"I will inspect the goods first."

Ding Yue seemed to notice the strange gazes of the nearby guests, and quickly put away the bank card.

Huang Youjie nervously took out three EMS postal parcels from the black schoolbag on the side seat: "This is mine, this is yours, and this is Abin's."

"Oh yes, what about Abin?"

Ding Yue asked.

"A Bin is working on a website for us at the Starlight Internet Cafe next door with his master. Yes, his master only charges us 5,000 yuan."

"5000 yuan can be a website?"

Ding Yue didn't know much about this knowledge, and he didn't know if the 5,000 yuan was used to make the website a loss or a profit.

"I heard from Abin that it is mainly renting a server...he can do the website interface himself. By the way, the website link will be"

Ding Yue did not ask more about this matter.

I don’t know if A Bin’s computer technology is reliable, but his master’s technology is indeed quite powerful!

Picking up his EMS postal parcel, Ding Yue opened it and took out an admission notice.

On the front is a base map with a prosperous color.

Printed on it is-[[.jpg] Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences]: the words "Gewuzhixin, Integrity and Virtue", and a background map of a campus.

Then the other side is the text of the admission notice.

[.jpg] Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences

Admission notice:

Ding Yue

You are hereby admitted to our school ______ School of Architecture (Department) ______ Civil Engineering Major_____. Please come to the school to register with this notice. For the specific time and place, please refer to the "New Students Admission Notice".


August 11, 2020

Don't say it yet.

This admission notice is pretty realistic, and there is also a copy of "New Student Admissions Guidelines" in the courier.

Yes, this is a fake admission letter.

As for the Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences on the admission notice.

It was also the name of a fake university that Ding Yue chose after discussing with his friends.

In Xia Guo's education network system, there is no such thing as Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences at all.

But it does not matter.

After Xu Bin completed the official website of Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences, Ding Yue sent it to his parents Kangkang.

Plus this letter of admission.

Ding Yue didn't believe it anymore. Can his parents believe that he really got admitted to an undergraduate university?


Ding Yue failed the college entrance examination this year, and his results were terrible.

The most important thing is.

When Ding Yue just crossed this parallel world, he discovered that the original owner of this body actually gave P a score of less than 200 points in the college entrance examination to more than 500 points, and then sent a screenshot of the score after the P to his parents. Up.

This wave of operations is so beautiful that Ding Yue has a dumb face!

At that time, Ding Yue looked at the score P chart that had been sent to his parents, and wanted to click to withdraw it, but it has been more than two minutes since the message was sent and it was too late to withdraw it.

Then Ding Yue received ecstatic admiration from his parents.

Why didn't you nurture you for eighteen years? The kid really didn't let your parents down. More than 500 points can steadily go to undergraduate college and so on.

Ding Yue wanted to cry without tears.

How to do?


That would probably blow up the parents, and then invite them to have a meal of mixed double helix ascending bamboo shoots with fried meat.

After hammering, throw them on the construction site to move bricks.

This won't work!

How can I say that Ding Yue was also a senior graduate of a key university when he was on the earth in his previous life.

Now that he has crossed into the parallel world, how can he become a brick-moving boy who failed the college entrance examination?

After calming down.

Ding Yue quickly thought of a thief-stimulating solution.

That's-real fake dramas!

First of all, as a traverser, Ding Yue thought about copying texts and songs casually in this parallel world, and being a copyist, how could he get ahead?

When the time comes to make money, and then show off with your parents about failing the college entrance examination, the parents will naturally not say anything.

After all, these years, earning money is king.

White silver is a symbol of strength!

People say that reading changes destiny, but in fact it means reading to acquire knowledge and using knowledge to make money, and then money can change destiny.

So Ding Yue thought, now it's better to hide it from his parents and let them think that they have really been admitted to an undergraduate university.

After four years of college, how could it be enough for Ding Yue to copy the public and get rich?

After having this idea.

Ding Yue happened to chat with Huang Youjie and Xu Bin's two classmates during a barbecue. The three hit it off.

Reach a PY consensus!

Because of Huang Youjie and Xu Bin, this year's college entrance examination results are as horrible as Ding Yue.

However, it is not easy to conceal the fact that parents failed the college entrance examination.

First of all.

Do you have to have an admission letter?

The screenshot of the college entrance examination results can be P, but the admission notice must not be absent, so Ding Yue asked Huang Youjie to find someone to make three fake admission notices.

Then, what university do parents need to know?

There are dozens of colleges and universities in Wucheng, big and small, and colleges and universities there are everywhere. The name of Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences sounds like that, and it has an internal flavor.

But just in case parents searched the Internet for this non-existent university.

Therefore, Ding Yue asked Abin and his master to build the official website of Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences, and by the way, do a few questions and answers about this school, as well as Qiandu Qianke.

"Ding Yue, now we have the admission notice and the school's official website is being set up. What if my parents want to send me to the school to report to the school by the day when the journal is opened?"

Huang Youjie drank the remaining milk tea in one breath, and then asked worriedly.

"Well... don't panic, it's not a big problem."

Ding Yue said confidently.

Then Ding Yue moved slightly in his mind, and a virtual panel appeared in front of him——

"[System] Activation process: 40%..."

"1. Admission notice (completed)."

"2, the establishment of the school's official website (in progress)."

"3. Look for the school site (unfinished)."

"4. Open the journal to (unfinished)."

Another reason why Ding Yue had to bite the bullet and really do the fake thing about failing the college entrance examination is that he wanted to see what kind of golden finger would he activate after completing these four steps?