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Chapter 713 Penguin Car is in the departure (seeking subscription)

At the end of April.

Penguin Group held a board of directors, this board, the Horse boss is also participating.

At this board, the main business of Penguin Group is the future development of Penguin Auto Group in the new energy vehicle field?

In the face of the situation in which the domestic new energy vehicle is rapidly developed, all individuals have seen, the leaping group of Leap Group has dominated the future.

Even, the new energy car, the future, has been hailed by many netizens, "National Automobile", "Light of Domestic Vehicles".

This means what it means, you will be very clear in everyone's heart.

Leaping · Future New Energy Cars, the most used for more than a year, will become a car who loves to love in summer, even before people love the Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, it is estimated that all Leaps · Future new energy car.

Therefore, in such a future situation, Penguin Group must make decisions to determine the birth or death of the Penguin Auto Group.

"Ma, in my opinion, the new energy car this piece, our competitiveness is already in a disadvantage, and in terms of technology research and development, even if we invest more money, it is afraid to surpass the graphene battery. Technology. "

A board member analyzed.

"You can't say that, the new energy car is the development strategy of our group company, combined with advanced Internet technology such as Penguin Calculation, cloud smart, and the spread of penguin networking technology in the future, it is very important. One link, the old man does what you mean is this? "

Another board member gives different ideas and suggestions.


There are two sounds above the board.

One is to analyze the first board member, now the Penguin Motor Group has been suppressed by the Leap Group in all parties, and if you want to go, it is also a very difficult thing.

Therefore, this first voice, it means to give up the path of new energy vehicles, this development field strategy, you can only have to discard it.

Otherwise, in turn to more money, only the loss of the Penguin Group's report losses will be more serious, and it is even more serious about the stock market value of Penguin Group, so it is not very cost-effective.

After all, after leaping, future new energy cars officially opened, the stock of Penguin Auto Group began a big decline, and it also affected the stock of Penguin Group.

Another sound is to adhere to the development of new energy vehicles.

Because of the development of new energy vehicles, it is closely related to other technical projects of Penguin Group, and also related to the Internet of IoT projects involved in the Internet, it can be said that it is a very important part, so this kind of sound The meaning is that it is not able to give up this piece of Penguin.

Penguin Group can be said to be high-speed development in the Internet age, and the Horse boss has even even mount the throne of the country.

Today, Internet technology is already very mature, with 5G development, and the breakthroughs of various technologies, people in the busy work everyday, the needs of convenient lifestyle, and it is more and more strong, including the birth of takeaway Prosperity is a good example, people don't even want to do everything in their daily lives, and they can be more convenient to take out.

Under such an era, Penguin Group has stared on the field of Internet of Things, and invested in huge research and development funds, ready to develop an Internet of Things belonging to his own Penguin Empire.

The so-called Internet of Things is to combine people in daily life, combine with the Internet, and achieve real intelligent Internet is convenient and fast.

And the car is a thing that people can't ink everyday life.

At the beginning, the development strategy of Penguin Group is to develop penguin new energy vehicles, and then combine the Internet of Things, so that the penguin cars can invent people's lives, thus forming a larger industrial chain.

At the Board of Directors at Penguin Group, members of the board have launched a fierce discussion on these two sounds.

The Penguin Auto Group will continue in the new energy vehicle area, or is it to be separated?

The Marker is also a little hesitation at the board at this moment.

The development strategy of Penguin Motor Group is really important, but it is already in a disadvantage. It is also a fact. It is true. Facing the leaping group, the future new energy car is not only the power of his penguin, but even the eagle The sauce has no way from the Flying Energy Car from Leaps. This new energy vehicle is here to come here.

Even, even the mighty and huge, the rice technology group, Huawei Technology Group, etc., has announced the exiting the new energy vehicle area.

The most direct reasons for this board, in fact, the official official has identified the use of leaping and future new energy vehicles for official cars.

This shows that leaping and future new energy cars have been favored by the country.

"The general, in this way, our penguin cars, in the future development route, from the technical point of view, I am afraid that it is difficult to catch up with the leap car, I really can't, we temporarily give this piece of new energy car. After you have a right time to come, you will find an opportunity to enter. "

A director suits the Horse boss.


The horse is a little bit, but it is only whispering, and there is no response to this proposal.

"Horse, I think so, I can't make it, once stopped, we have no chance to admit, we should have developed a new generation of penguin cars, combat the flying car, and he leaps the car. But it is a new company. Our penguin cars have so strong foundation, what are you afraid? "

Another director is still uncomfortable, I don't want to see the penguin car.

In fact, this director, the chairman of the Penguin Motor Group is very good, so on the board, it is natural to talk to the penguin car.

"Lao Liu, you will be a bit hit by it. Now the technology is in front of it, we must recognize the reality, otherwise, can only make our penguin group's losses, such a shallow truth Do not understand?"

Two directors have begun to fight again.


Just when two director argued, the horse took the meeting table, and the eyebrows said: "I also see it, everyone wants to stop the loss in time, let the penguin car temporarily stopped, second is to continue Invest and develop funds, compete with Leaps, if this is the case, the board vote. "

This matter, MA is always relatively tend to stop the loss in time, let the penguin car temporarily stop, and then find the opportunity to enter the venue, but there are still many people in the board to continue to let the penguin car into funds to develop, and The flying car is resistant, so the horse always thinks, only the board can vote for this matter.

Soon, on the board of directors, the board of directors vote.

More than a dozen directors, six directors have continued to invest in R & D funds and the flying car.

In addition, nine directors, plus horses, the voting decided to let the penguin stop to stop loss, suspend the expansion of the new energy vehicle field.

The final result is self-evident.

At the end of the board meeting, this decision was conveyed to the side of the Penguin Car Group.

When Que Xuejin learned about this news, the whole person was forced.

I have run for such a penguin car group in myself, and I was finally abandoned?

In the face of powerful opponents, do you really only have the ending of the penguin?

"He is always, have we really do not have a way?"

Next to Yan Xuejin, Dong Yan, the general manager of Penguin Motor Group, is very helpless.

"The board has decided, what is the way? Now that our penguin car group is facing too much, unless we ..."

Xuejin is also unwilling, trying to make the final struggle.

What is the last struggle?

Xuejin has no bottom, because the future, new energy cars is now too popular now, and even have become a new energy car in the national level.

To confront such best-selling cars and car companies, unless you can join other brand manufacturers, everyone will join together to form a chamber.

"The total, do you have any way?"

Dong Yan couldn't wait to ask.

"It's too hard, it's too difficult."

Xuejin really flashed the idea in my mind, that is, unite all domestic cars, even foreign car companies outside the leaps, and everyone work together, and it is possible to form in the domestic market. A counter power, and it is not necessarily played.

But this idea is between it.

Because the current situation is far more difficult than everyone, whether it is Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi, or a domestic Biarian, Geely and other car companies, there is no way to compete with Leaps, and these car companies Also started to the layout of their own road, they can't play the leaps in the new energy car, so they can only keep the acre of their own fuel vehicles.

Even if you do new energy cars, you can do a low-end, such as the price is more than 100,000, one thing, the leap with the leap car is not too competitive.

"The general, even if it is difficult, we can also try it."

Dong Yan Manager recommended.

"Director, do you know, if you want to fight against the flying car, we must jointly join the car companies at home and abroad, compete with the market in China, but despite this, it is also very likely Incompatibility, then, if you want to join the car companies at home and abroad, this difficulty is difficult than the day. "

Xuejin understands the reality, the reality is such a cruel.

If you don't do this, then the Penguin Motor Group can only leave the board, since then, from now on, it will be separated.


Dong Yan still wants to try to recommend the above high-level leaders to do such a fight.

But Qi Xuejin sighs: "Don't say, send an announcement, penguin 6 Series and related production, suspend."

Penguin Motor Group had to suspend production.

Because the sales of Penguin 6 series have reached a freezing point, then continue to produce, then the stock will gradually increase, and the company will be more and more, this is the situation that the Penguin Group is not wanting to see. .

"That is, just like this ... Is this end?"

Dong Yan's heart is also very lonely.

After all, I came to the Penguin Motor Group. It can be used to exhaust my heart and energy. I have seen the Penguin Motor Group getting more and more growing. I can have a new energy car in the penguin 6 series. The most powerful new energy car company.

As a result, I didn't think of this leap in the future. The new energy car, but I broke the future development path of the Penguin Auto Group, making the Penguin 6 have become the singer of the Penguin Motor Group.

"What can I still?"

Yan Xuejin helplessly shakes: "The Road to the Penguin Car Group, go now, and end."

In the entire office, it is full of desperate breath.


Fog City Arts University here.

In the Office of the Executive Tower, Ding Yue is dealing with some schools.


If the secretary contemplasses: "Ding President, Penguin Auto Group announced the detained!"


Ding Yue listened to the secretary if this loud scream, when he glanced at her, asked: "What is it?"

"Penguin Motor Group, that is, it is that before and we can't afford our Penguin Auto Group, they officially announced that the 7 Series of the Defender."

Wen Yang has been excited.

"Ha ha ha ha."

Ding Yue heard, suddenly laughed: "This thing is expected."

With your own leap, the new energy car is hot, the penguin car group's penguin 6 Series does not have much competitiveness and market, so eventually failure is the thing.

However, Ding Yue did not think that the Penguin Motor Group did so quickly decided to stop the penguin 6 series.

A car company suspended a car that he had just released the most advanced technology, and did not give any reasons, this shows that this car company has reached the desperation.

When this announcement of the Penguin Motor Group, it also set off a hot discussion.

After all, the Penguin Motor Group is famous in China, and it is still famous. It is a new energy car's car company. It is still a situation in the day before the day. Nowadays, it is a pair of ignorance..

This topic is discussed by all kinds of netizens, and analyzing Penguin Auto Group announces the cause of the suspension of the penguin 6 Series. The heat is one of the hot search first.