"It's a ceiling I don't know."

I'm going to whine about the words that kind of go into Wordtop Three that I'd like to use. The fact is, the ceiling I see now is something I've never seen before in my life. Most likely, it should be called an attic rather than a ceiling.

I try to wake myself up but I get caught up in something and my body doesn't move because apparently I'm being put to sleep by something like a bed. Or is this, tied up...?

My neck seems to move, so I'll just look around at the movement of my face, but apparently my arms and legs are tied with rope. The quality doesn't seem to be very good and the tingling itches.

"Do you... naked...? I'm supposed to be a man...?

I also looked at my body when I looked around, but, you know, I have two fine buns on my chest, and a little sawdust ahead of me. Again... no, why?

I try my best to remember my last memory, but the door to the room opened before I cut it off. Looks indoors over there, but does it feel more like a cabin than a house?

"Oh, hey, you finally woke up."

"Yeah, who is it?

I'm a bandit, no matter what you think, with a beard that stays stretched out to a dirty figure. Thank you so much. Wait a minute! What's with that nasty face!

"Me? I was down in the woods. I did it via you. You're a prince, so to speak. She's my biological daughter, and I knew I'd have to have fun while I was sleeping, not when I was awake."

That's what I figured!? What a raw daughter!! I made sure!! Mine! There!!

"Am I right? It's natural, isn't it? Hehe... because of the long sunshine... accidental outburst... I did some image training first to have fun."

I feel kind of sorry for him, but that's why I won't be serving him. Some memory came back during the conversation with this guy. This place is not even a foolish planet, it's a different world, and then I was made a woman by that pig god...

"Ha... I have to take that pig god now... don't let the mutton squirt my hand..."


The bandit, who moves his hands excitedly closer and closer, cramps with a falling bicumbicum in an instant. This is my, to be precise, horny dream of my race, Sacubas' ability. It was meant to be, it's never the middle of summer or anything like that. No, I'm probably allergic to the person who meant it...

"Wow... you drool too much liquid of all kinds... dirty... I don't know, Kuse... Oh, I should have let you untie the rope before..."

It seems impossible to pull the rope off with my muscle strength. Well, what do we do? He became a feather holding his head. No, I can't even hold it tied with a rope...