"Chairman! Nice to see you at the end of the day!

"Yeah, it's nice to meet you. Have a good vacation."

"Have a good vacation!

In the usual student club room, I send another student on vacation.

Were the students who just left Nicky in Class B? He is a magician apprentice at the Huang Ju family and one of the students who went from Class D to Class B as a result of my training.

"This leaves only the four of us here."

"Yeah, right."

"So the first four."

There are three other people in the student club room besides me.

Urania stays here to go home with me, and Tebby and Sola are delaying their vacation trip by a day for some errands.

"Still, what the hell is a call from your grandfather like?

"You don't mean anything, do you? If it was you and me and Lily who were called in, I'd probably consider it."

Tebby and Sola, plus my three, had been summoned by letter in a league of White Lord Bowdwin, a wise man of sheep, and White Lord Iglesio, a wise man of lions.

It didn't say anything about the content, but the two were competent wizards who beastified at this age. As for me, I would have presented a magical talent that surpassed both of them and an unprecedented way of educating them.

"That's right...... is Mr. Urania really okay?

"Daiji, bu. Hey, I'm tired, just"

By the way, Urania is sinking on the couch in the student club room. I'm in the midst of taming my magic for the treatment of "The Disease Beginning," but no matter how much it is for the treatment, I seem to have strained a little too much this morning.

"What is the treatment of 'sickness'? If that's true, the world will turn upside down."

"Is that it?

"Disease at dawn is an incurable disease that this country and its neighboring empire could not overcome in hundreds of years, right? Lily should know a little more about the world."

Yes, Tebby complains. It was just recognition to the extent that I did something a little awesome, but it seems to have been a more serious event than I thought.

But when you do, don't get a little bit of a problem. The cure for Urania is for Urania and me. There's no way I'm gonna stick my hand in another woman's hip, and what am I supposed to do with a man's 'sickness dawn' patient? That's what I'm talking about.

Besides, it is only at this stage that it is theoretically possible. Whatever happens to Urania, I won't worry more than I follow, but the other patients won't. Clinical experiments are becoming necessary.

When I was thinking about the treatment of the "sickness", the door of the student club room was knocked and two people entered the room.

"Oh, did I make you wait?

"Whoa, whoa, it's a little crowded."

One is just a little on a rare seventy-third haircut. Seth looks relaxed.

Seth, who is Teng himself who read me, seems no different around biting a beautiful wink that sounds like a "pussy" when he walks into the room and notices me.

The other is Lord Ronald Albunu Obeha Boardwin, a favorite with white hair that covers his back with mosamosas on a white beard that stretches all the way to his chest.

"I wonder if I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Ronald Albunu Obeha Boardwin. I give you the White Throne, the wise man of the white sheep."

"It's the first time I've seen you. I am Lily, the Iglesio family food magician. The other Urania is not well enough to forgive you."

"Whoops, good good. Stand up."

I don't like to say hello, but it's not like I can't. Kneel down to Master Ronald and pay the finest respect.

Urania should have said the same thing, but I hope she forgives me for being ill.

Fortunately, as well as his appearance, Master Ronald seemed to have a tolerant personality, and Uranian disrespect did not make him an issue either.


"Oh, Tevy, it's been a long time. How are you doing?

"Yes! Grandpa, how are you feeling?

"Whoa, I didn't know Tevy Boy was gonna worry me, did I? I'll be fine. I'll be fine."

Apparently, Tebby and Ronaldo, rumored to be the next sage, have more interaction than that, and there is a friendly air in their exchange.

"Long time no see, Solarima. Did my Lily take any trouble?

"I can't believe it's troublesome, no. Instead, I'm left to take care of you."

"Ha-ha-ha. Right. I haven't been dating that long either, but I'm a kid who can act for people. Keep him company in the future."

"Yes, of course it is"

"Already! Mr. Seth! You're not here to say that!?

This is all I can say. My face must be shameful and bright red to the conversation between Seth and Sola that began abruptly. If I told you that I thought no one was there and invited my girlfriend to my home, I would feel like a boy junior high school student whose father had been lenient in the living room for some reason.

"What is it, Lily? You're not exaggerating when you go with my kid anymore, so it would be my job to ask for your regards, wouldn't it?

Seth totally enjoys saying that with a nigga laugh. I can't help but enjoy watching me turn bright red and look wolfish.

Then I have an idea.

"Really? Then I'll tell Mr. Adan about this, too." Your father will pinch your daughter's friendship. "My daughter's reluctance at her age is above all over-interference. I'm glad you didn't have to go home, but you wouldn't be complaining, would you?

"Hey, hey, come on! Oh, just stop that!!

Whatever Ms. Seth's weakness is, it's her daughter Adan. Seth, who is too busy working to get home, takes care of her moments with Adan more than anything else.

Adan loves Seth in Adan too, so such a smiling regiment is in place, but if Adan becomes old and doesn't like interference from his father, it will be over.

"Ha, what does the Lord do?"

"Grandpa Ron, it's a matter of bonding with my daughter!

"That would be good now. More important than that."

Master Ronald's words tighten the air on the field. Is it the moves that a position of sage can make to create this air, or is it the work of the years that have grown so far?

"Hmm, more or less I seem to have predictions, so let me leave out the preposition, but the three lords have come to see me as the next sage candidate"

The time has come for it to come.