Super express

Chapter 1

"When will I be able to receive a call from my father, asking me to go back and inherit the family's tens of billions of assets, and give me a piece of land."

Holding a bowl of instant noodles, Wu Hao muttered while looking at various recruitment information in front of the computer.

Of course, Wu Hao knew that he was just daydreaming.

Naturally, he knew very well what was going on at home.

Wu Hao, 22 years old this year, graduated from Magic University.

My parents are farmers. There is an older brother who works along the coast and a younger sister who is in high school below.

After graduation, Wu Hao stayed in the magic city, dreaming of joining a big company, working hard, getting promoted and raising salary, becoming general manager, CEO, marrying Bai Fumei, and reaching the pinnacle of life!

However, reality gave him a slap in the face.

One month passed, and no company was willing to give him a position.

The money on his body is about to be spent, and if he can't find a job, he can only go back to his hometown to farm.

Wu Hao didn't want to go back so desperately.

Just as Wu Hao was muttering,'Take a piece of land', a box fell abruptly on his head and then to the ground.

This time, Wu Hao was so scared that his soul almost flew away. With a shake of his hand, his instant noodles almost fell over.

When Wu Hao looked at the box, he found it was a courier box.

Suddenly, Wu Hao appeared with a black question mark face.

I didn't buy anything online at all. Where did the courier come from.

Besides, the express will suddenly fall from the head.

After hesitating, Wu Hao picked up the express box carefully.

The courier box is not big, so it's just a kid's shoe box.

It shook it gently, and it didn't feel much.

Wu Hao glanced at the sender and recipient, his eyes widened suddenly.

The recipient's name is ordinary, Liu Ziwen.

But the sender's name, Wu Hao, is very familiar, God of Wealth, and the address is the Three Realms General Sacred Palace.

"Damn, this won't really be a courier from the God of Fortune."

The sender's name, address, or the way the express appeared, convinced Wu Hao that the express was sent by God of Wealth.

"But why did you show up to me? Take care of him, since I'm here, it's mine. I'm sorry Liu Ziwen. It seems that you can't receive the express from the God of Wealth."

Wu Hao didn't know who Liu Ziwen was, and even if he knew he could not return to the Song Dynasty and return the courier to Liu Ziwen.

Open the courier, there is a wooden box inside, and there are 10 small gold ingots inside.

"Fa, developed."

Wu Hao jumped up from the chair excitedly.

Now, even if Liu Ziwen asked for it, Wu Hao would not pay it back.

"Change money, change money." Wu Hao had only one thought left.

So poor he was going back to farm, and Wu Hao naturally wanted to change the gold ingot into money immediately.

These ten gold ingots are about 3 taels each, which is also 150 grams. Now it is about 300 yuan per gram. One gold ingot can sell for 45,000, and ten is 450,000.

This is a huge sum of money, and my parents can't make that much money for a lifetime.

Just as Wu Hao got up to exchange money with Jin Wanbao, another courier box fell on his head and fell to the ground.

This box is a bit smaller than the one just now.

Wu Hao quickly picked it up and looked at the sender above. It turned out to be Shennong, and the recipient was Jiang Wei, who turned out to be a figure in the Three Kingdoms period.

Thinking of the Three Kingdoms, and seeing this name again, Wu Hao suddenly thought of a person, Jiang Wei, a brave general in the Three Kingdoms period.

"Shennong actually sent a courier to Jiang Wei, what is their relationship?"

In doubt, Wu Hao opened the courier and found that there were three small bottles of green liquid exuding fragrance.

At this moment, Wu Hao suddenly received a message.

Baicao Liquid: A precious liquid made from hundreds of precious medicinal materials. One drop can cure all diseases and three drops can restore the dying person to the original.One bottle can elevate an ordinary person to the innate realm.

"Good things, good things."

At this time, Wu Hao had completely regarded other people's express delivery as his own.

"Innate realm."

Looking at the fragrant green liquid, Wu Hao, who couldn't resist the temptation, reached out and picked up a small bottle.

This vial is the size of a bottle of oral liquid.

Holding it in his hand, Wu Hao hesitated, then opened the bottle, raised his head, and poured the whole bottle of green liquor into his mouth.

The green liquor has no other taste, it can even be said that there is no taste.

But there was a light fragrance in his mouth.

After the liquid medicine entered the body, Wu Hao thought he would wash the muscles and cut the marrow and have diarrhea just like the novel said.

But after a while, that didn't happen.

But the body is full of power, and the five senses have increased many times.

The originally thin body turned into a perfect body shape, and the eight perfect abdominal muscles in the abdomen were full of male charm.

The height of 1.7 meters also reached 1.85 meters.

The original acne marks on the face disappeared completely, and the skin became smooth and delicate.

Seeing himself in the mirror full of masculine charm, Wu Hao almost fell in love with him.


Wu Hao touched his face and said a word stinkingly.

"Right, change money, change money."

Although he has become handsome, he can't be a handsome man, he has to be rich.

After posing his own poss in the mirror, Wu Hao was ready to go out.

However, at this time another courier box fell on his head.

Even at this time, Wu Hao's five senses were far beyond ordinary people, and he still couldn't escape this inexplicably falling express.

However, Wu Hao was not at all annoyed, picked up the courier with a look of excitement, and looked at the sender.

"Aquatic Ma Ming Wang"

If most people see this name, they don't really know it. If they talk about another name, they will be very familiar.

Lord Ma is the one who "If you don't give you something powerful, you don't know that Lord Ma has three eyes".

The recipient was a man named Jin Ming from the Han Dynasty.

Wu Hao doesn't know this person anymore, of course even if he does, Wu Hao doesn't bother to care about it.

After opening the express, there are two things inside.

One is a ball of light like eyes, and the other is a ring.

Wu Hao reached out and clicked on the light ball, and the light ball disappeared instantly.

But Wu Hao had a new technique in his mind, the first level of the Sky Eye Technique.

Celestial Eye is the ability of Lord Ma, able to discern visions, observe chakras, spiritual energy, and see through.

The first level of the sky eye technique only has the ability to observe spiritual energy and see through.

Wu Hao focused a little bit and was able to see through everything within ten meters.

Neither mice nor cockroaches could escape Wu Hao's eyes.

After the Tianyan trial, Wu Hao picked up the ring again.

The ring is black, and the surface looks ordinary.

But since it was a courier from a fairy, it was definitely not an ordinary ring.

Wu Hao tried to detect the ring with his consciousness, but suddenly a space of ten cubic meters appeared.

"Space ring."

Wu Hao was suddenly extremely excited, even more interested than getting ten gold ingots.

Wu Hao, who has read many novels, naturally knows that the space ring is a necessary artifact for home travel and murder and arson.