Super Warcraft Factory

Chapter 1 Li Xiuwen, who is owed

Nanhu, Nanhu City, South, Winter

From Siberia, Ich cold wind blowing through the gate of Zhengxing Electric Vehicle Factory, and entered the wide range of widespread buildings such as a small knife, like a knife.

Li Xiuwen wrapped the blue down jacket wrapped in the body, and smashed the cold-white hand, looked at the Tang Factors in the crowd, sighed in his heart: half a year's internship only got three months of salary, year-end award It's even more shadow, the blood loss is.

As a large number of students in the second-run university, the internship work is very difficult to find, and the great company with a good treatment is not included, but I have to enter the small plant, and the results encounter the legendary arrears.

Li Xiuwen secretly regretted that when the college entrance examination was poor, the results were adjusted to mechanical manufacturing. I have met the big pit in the manufacturing industry, I can't climb it.

"I am talking to you, the factory is officially closed today, bankrupt! You are no money, really no money."

The Tang Factors were surrounded by the workers' groups, and there were some panic in their hearts. They had a string of sweat bearing on the forehead. The thick cheeks did not stop jitter.

These two-year entity economy is getting wrap, especially if there are no too many electric vehicle industries, the market concentration is constantly increasing, and a number of unstacks of small plants.

Small plants like Zhengxing Electric Vehicle Factory, there is no strength to compete with Emma, ​​Yadi and other big brands, even the local market can't help. I haven't transferred it for a long time, and a foot is in the bankruptcy.

Li Xiuwen looked at the head of the Tang Dynasty, and there was a little sympathy in his heart. The factory was closed, and the money was lost.

However, other workers are unlike his intern, supporting the family's stress, letting them see more heavy, one waving fists, looking at the Tang Dynasty.

"I have to send us the salary, when we don't understand the labor law?"

"Just, that is, don't want to leave here if you don't pay attention."

The workers have a sound, and they are not inappropriate, and the entire plant is a salary voice.

Tang Factors feel that the chest is very bored. I can't get out of the workers. You are nothing more than a few months, and the factory has been down!

It's just that he knows such a word, if you detonate the resentment of the workers, it is not good to have bloody disasters.

Seeing that workers are getting more and more irritating, or taking the sleeves, or start looking for steel pipes, wrenches, and violent conflicts will be staged.

The Tang Factory has long, making it full shouting: "Don't worry, talk well. I have already reported alarm! They are coming after a few minutes."

"Also, are you so angry? Now there are some machines in the factory, you are divided, just do salary. This is the production machine, value money."

With a machine with a salary, most of the workers' mood gradually calmed down, and if they are not forced, they don't want to really do their hands, the police's deterrence is still very big.

A small number of workers are not satisfied with this decision, the machine of Zhengxing Electric Vehicle Factory is not advanced, all the second-hand goods that have been eliminated, the old and old, not worth it.

Besides, these outdated machines are difficult to find buyers and have difficulty appearing.

"No, I don't want these to break the goods! Selling scrap iron can't buy a lot of money, you must give cash!"

"Yes, as long as cash, don't break the copper rotten iron."

It's just that there are not many people, it is not a climate, the momentum is much smaller than just.

The Tang Factors did not hurly, and took out the paper towel and wiped the sweat on the head, and the look was relaxed, and I felt that the workers had a salary style.

"Anyway, only these machines are, just see if you want."

"You want to be clear, is it a money, or because of beatting me into the house?"

After the Tang Factors finished, a pair of death pigs were not afraid of boiling water, but they were very laid, but most workers did lying down.

"Forget it, sell these tattered machines, you should be able to get back for three months."

"Yeah, no wages can't be taken."

Li Xiuwen watched the entire process of Tang Fire, in the heart, and finally served in the heart, no wonder him can be able to go to the business owner, this resolution of the crisis is really strong enough.

Of course, the heart of the Tang factory is also black, and it is difficult to get the old machine hard plug in workers, which not only solves the wind wave, but also earn a small.

Li Xiuwen secretly recorded, I feel that Tang Factory is very dark and very dark, and I know more about it will not suffer.

"Hey, Li Xiu Wen, why don't you pick a machine?"

"The late step is likely to have only the most inactive machines, these workers will not let any excess money."

The Tang Factory is called Tang Ho Shuo, the head of the head is sparse, and it is a big belly, a typical middle-aged and greasy man.

Perhaps because of the resolution of the crisis, the mood is good, and Li Xiuwen standing is still curious.

"Waiting for the first time, how much is the machine that is separated from the hand."

Li Xiuwen stared at the Tang and He Shuo, and said: "If you don't have the factory direct to send me, I will have half a month."

"No, everyone has access to colleagues, you still wait."

The Tang and the hidden face changed, and he waved his hand and hurriedly said.

Li Xiuwen is dark: greedy vampire, it is really a bloody blood and I don't want to pull out.

There is a shining BMW in the factory, and the Tang Dynasty, the factory is not going to the road, and it is not willing to make a dismissal fee of the workers.

The troublesome melons are finally ended, and the workers will carry out how to carry. The blocks of these production tools are not small, heavy, and human don't want to move easily.

"The most inside the machine is yours."

Some workers said to Li Xiuwen.

Li Xiuwen said with a thank you and walked towards your own machine.

In his impression, only the most unused, the worst performance of the performance will be in the most inside, and it is also the most worthless.

Li Xiuwen thinks: If you sell scrap, it is not expected to be arrears of internships.

There is no one in the corner, about three meters long, covering a thick layer of black greasy. There is a lot of iron red rust on the surface, and the nameplate is covered by the booties, and you can see the 194x era.

"This is the old antique in seventy years ago?"

Li Xiuwen is shocked, and the Tang and Misu are the machine from which it is too hunger. There is a factory that is so old production tool, nothing to do.

Curiously, he found a dark red diamond paper and wiped up on the nameplate.

"Hey, the attidues of this World of Warcraft factory are in the destruction of the destruction, according to the No. 0 rules, open the self-rescue process. Look for the recent wisdom creature, the auxiliary module is online."

Li Xiuwen suddenly sounded a mechanical voice, was shocked, and the sandpaper in his hand fell to the ground.

"Who, who is talking?"