Superstars start with hip-hop

Chapter 1 The Deep Ice Fall

"After half an hour, I went to the company practice room and something was announced."

Song Yubai looked at the text messages on his mobile phone and was sluggish for half a minute.

The mobile phone is a new mobile phone, and the body is also a new body, and finally came to a conclusion that he crossed.

The crossing of the rotten street was finally met by me, Song Yubai. Can the brothers at the starting point hear it?I, Song Yubai, passed through!Crossed!!

Song Yubai, who had lived at a certain point for n years, quickly accepted the setting he had traveled through, and was gloriously transferred from the original Sunset Red Orphanage to the current orphanage where the big brothers gather.

But here comes the problem.


Who am I, where am I, what am I doing?

Song Yubai burst into tears, isn't this playing cards according to the routine?To be reasonable, don’t you generally have to give me the memory of my predecessor first?Then there will be a rouch system, give a gift package to the newcomer, and then lead the lightning all the way to the peak of life?

Why am I nothing?

Is it because there is no charge?

I'm too hard!!!

If it hadn't been for a better quality face, and the logo on the back of a certain fruit phone in his hand had become a banana that had been gnawed away, Song Yubai would really not be sure he had crossed.


"Just because you are too ******aby"

The banana phone that Song Yubai had been holding in his hand rang. The note was an economic man. I just felt that the ringtone was a little weird, but it felt was quite exciting...

Song Yubai clicked the answer button and answered the call.

"Song Yubai! What are you doing? I asked everyone to assemble in half an hour. What time is it? Do you know everyone is waiting for you? Give you ten minutes and come to the practice room right away!"

On the other end of the phone was the roar of a middle-aged woman. It sounded like Yazi who was in menopause. Before Song Yubai could speak, the phone was hung up.

After a moment of stunned, Song Yubai decided to go to the practice room because he suddenly thought of the second sentence: "Take your body and bear your cause and effect."

That sentence seems to be like this, I don’t know why Song Yubai felt that his memory was still a little fuzzy after crossing. It was definitely not that he had no culture, definitely not!

It’s March 8th, and it’s still a little bit cold outside. Song Yubai put on a denim jacket, stepped on the double white canvas and was ready to go out. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, he said shamelessly in admiration: "This kid is so handsome. !"

When I went out and stopped a taxi to go to the company, how do I know the name of the company?

Song Yubai successfully found clues in the banana phone. Song Yubai added a group of artists under the name of Qingcao Entertainment on his WeChat.

Yes, Qingcao Entertainment, Song Yubai didn’t understand why the company’s boss took such a green name, but it is undeniable that this name is, um, yes, very popular!

Just when Song Yubai was empty of his thoughts, he felt that the car had stopped, huh?So fast?!

"Chenghui 10 yuan, WeChat or Huafubao?" The driver turned around and held up two signs.

Song Yubai thought for a while, "Cash!"

After passing a neat stack of ten dollars, Song Yubai couldn't help feeling a little disappointed.

Sure enough, there is no negative emotion system?

The driver took the money, then thought about it and said, "Young people still have to be restrained. Some things will be known when they are old."

"???" Song Yubai closed the car door, stunned by what was going on.

Watching the old driver go away, he turned to look at the 18-story building, and couldn't help but sigh that the green company is really rich.

Step into the door, take a confident step, show a confident smile, and come to the front desk lady...aunt?In front of.

Song Yubai suppressed the corner of his mouth and smiled, "Auntie, how can I get to the practice room?"

The aunt raised her head, "Qingcao Entertainment is on the 17th floor. Take the elevator by herself."

Maybe it was because of calling the aunt. Song Yubai felt that the aunt was not very friendly, so he didn't ask more.

Entering the advanced elevator and pressing the button on the 17th floor, Song Yu decided to take back the saying that the Green Company is really rich.

The elevator door opened, and Song Yubai finally saw the words green grass.

Before he could think about it carefully, a long, handsome man in a white sweater rushed over and took Song Yubai's hand and rushed in.

Chong is like a grass...Yah youth idol drama.

Song Yubai stared at the man blankly for three seconds, and finally came to a conclusion with peace of mind: "Well, I'm still more handsome."

After he came to the conclusion, Song Yubai heard the man in Bai Weiyi screaming while pulling him: "I told you to go to bed early last night, you are actually late, and sister Yang is going crazy."

The tone of this admonition seemed familiar, and Song Yubai held back the sentence "Who are you?"

It seems that Ako who is not polite to ask.

Let yourself be pulled into a practice room, just like the practice room with big mirrors in the MV before.

There is also a black man and a middle-aged woman in the practice room, kind of blessed.

"Song Yubai, you are pretty big, and you have to let me wait." A middle-aged woman, Yang Hongzhen, looked at Song Yubai with a smile that was supposed to be a sneer.

"Sister Yang, Yu Bai was too tired from practicing last night and overslept this morning." The man in white sweater who had just rushed in with Song Yubai explained to Song Yubai.

"Okay, let's sit down first." Yang Hongzhen waved impatiently.

Looking at Yang Hongzhen, Song Yubai's thoughts were suddenly a little erratic. I don't know why he thought of the aunt at the front desk downstairs. She shouldn't be called her aunt just now.

After Song Yubai and the man in the sweater sat down together, Yang Hongzhen spoke with a serious voice.

"Calling you over this time, you should also know the reason."

"Your contract is about to expire, and the company has done its best to you. This is the last resource won for you. If you don't live up to it, it will be impossible to renew the contract."

"I won three variety shows for you, all of which are talent shows."

"Wang Yang, you are good at dancing, you go to "idol trainee", Sun Chengxuan, if you like to create, then you can participate in "Rising Stars"."

"As for Song Yubai, you say you want talent but no talent, what else do you have besides face?"

Song Yubai didn't know why. He didn't feel embarrassed at all when he heard this sentence. He even felt a little dark in his heart. He never thought that one day he would be pointed at you and scolded you for nothing but your face.

"Are you still laughing?" Yang Hongzhen looked at Song Yubai and couldn't stop her anger.

"Since you filled in the information and said that you liked rap, then you should go to "China has hip-hop"!"

"This is your last chance, you can figure it out!" Finally, Yang Hongzhen left the practice room shaking his flesh.

After Yang Hongzhen left, Song Yubai wondered why the atmosphere in the practice room was a little silent.

After thinking for a while, he said, "Cheng Xuan, thank you for explaining it to me just now."

After saying this, I wonder why the atmosphere became more silent.

Song Yubai felt very strange looking at the man in the sweater, why didn't he answer?

At this moment, the man in black who had not spoken said, "Well, Yu Bai, what did you just say?"

Song Yubai finally realized that he might have called the wrong name, so "Ahaha, I don't think the atmosphere is a little dull, so I deliberately called your names incorrectly to activate the atmosphere."

Song Yubai praised his wit in his heart, "What a little clever ghost!"

Wang Yang smiled bitterly, "Although we still have the last chance, it should be difficult for us Hurricane Boys to regroup in the future, and I feel a little bit uncomfortable."

"Yeah, even though I haven't been very popular for three years in a group, I still can't bear it." Sun Chengxuan also responded.

At this moment, Song Yubai was a little embarrassed. Seeing this black, one white, black and white... the two brothers both looked sad, and Song Yubai suddenly felt that he was not very gregarious.

However, I have no memory and my acting skills are not very good. I really can't pretend to look sad.

Looking at these two buddies like huskies waiting to be fed, and looking at himself wailingly, Song Yubai felt that he should say something.

"Well, the mountains don’t turn, the rivers turn, no, the feng shui turns, ah, ah, the mountains are high and the water is long, yes, the mountains are high and the water is long. Although the regiment is gone, the road of life is very long, and our friendship will last forever! In this way." Song Yubai felt that his summary statement was still very cultural.

Song Yubai looked at Wang Yang again, and Wang Yang seemed to understand something, "Yes, Yubai is right. The mountains do not turn, we must work hard to fight for future fires."

Sun Chengxuan also continued, "Yes, hurricane I in three years, we will always be hurricane boys!"


Finally, Song Yubai felt that this was a session of feeding each other chicken soup. Song Yubai won the MVP for the one-hour chicken soup session.

When I got home, well, my home was on the street at the back door of the company, no wonder the driver would say that.

Song Yubai turned on his banana phone and searched for Hurricane Boys, and it turned out to be an 18-line boy group.

I emphatically searched for myself again, um, it is really a facade that only depends on the face to eat.

Taking out a can of ice from the refrigerator, and pulling the can open sadly, Song Yubai began to feel sad for the spring and autumn.

What should I do?What should I do?

Song Yubai has a deep understanding of what it means to travel through other people's homes, and he has to find a way to live by himself.

too difficult.

Although he was an 18th-line star before, he really didn't make any money. Because the group failed to become popular, the three of Song Yubai had always had a dead salary of 5,000 a month.

In the metropolis of Magic City, five thousand is a bit less for ordinary people, not to mention Song Yubai's special occupation, all kinds of cosmetics and fashion brands have to spend money.

Think about a decent job. You can get a job without the university exam.

As for the next show to participate, is there hip-hop?What's hip-hop?Hee hee hop Song Yubai is a little bit better.

"My life, how come there is a feeling that it is about to end before it starts? How can I go on the road from now on?" Song Yubai poured his mouth sadly, and then choked.

However, he picked it up and took another sip, with deep eyes, quite a sense of where he fell and where he got up, because he heard the voice he dreamed of: "Life planning system, start!"