Superstars start with hip-hop

Chapter 1397, 500,000 sales

After Song Yibai came to Li Qing's live broadcast, it also added a fire to the popularity of the live broadcast.

According to the original set of Taiwan, Song Yibai began to introduce yourself for the design of Li Qing's album.

The entry album is designed, it can be said that Song Yibai is in the fencing, and there are still many contents that can be said.

This link, Song Yibai also introduced very serious.

More, Song Yibai felt that he was like a brief broadcast.

In fact, there is still a few different, after all, this link arranged in live broadcast is to sell more for Li Qing's album.

Song Yibai feels that the company's album pricing is still very real, and the configuration is also very sincere.

Coupled with the experience of the goods before Song Yibai, it is not directly hanging in the live broadcast. When the live broadcast is over, sales should be very fast.

So thinking, when introduced, Song Yibai is also more enthusiastic.

The introduction of the entity album, can be said to be very detailed, Song Yibai told some careful designs.

Some details, even Li Qing, who is sitting on the side, still listening to Song Yutai for the first time.

However, after listening to the explanation of Song Yibai, Li Qing dye has become different from the eyes of the album.

Now, Li Qing is infected, single is the design of the entity album itself, it is called the art.

Think about the songs included in this album, as well as your commemoration.

Li Qing Dye feels that he has to let Song Yutao signed two albums, and then bring it back to the wall.

Song Yibai, which is enthusiastic, obviously will not know the idea of ​​Li Qingqing.

He is focusing on selling discs.

Belt, Song Yanyu is serious.

Song Yibai felt that Li Qing was dyed as the first artist of its own studio, and how to sell some of them.

This live broadcast ends, coupled with subsequent sound sources, with Li Qing's popularity.

Song Yibai felt that sales should be less likely to go.

After introducing the album, Song Yibai also took a drink on the side of his own endorsement, talked for a long time, and the mouth was dry.

After Song Yibai introduced the album of Li Qing Dye, there was nothing left when the album was officially launched.

After about more than ten minutes, the album is going to be officially launched.

When the album really wants to go online, Li Qing's mood seems to have excited, and the voice talking is slight.

This time, live broadcast is basically finished.

Li Qing Dye can only interact with the barrage, answer some questions, and wait for the album online time.

Ten minutes, a sway.

At 6 o'clock, Li Qing's audience is officially launched.

A total of ten songs, released one time.

After the album is officially launched, it has also reached the last link of the live broadcast.

Li Qing Dye played the main song of the album in the live broadcast.

Li Qing Dye This album was named "Meet"

This name is Li Qing's own, and there is no relationship with Song Yanyu.

According to Li Qing Dye, it is, it is a good encounter to hear this album itself.

This album name is very good in Song Yibai.

The choice of the album of the main song, Li Qing Dyeing and Song Yanye are tangled for a long time.

This choice is indeed difficult to do.

If it is Song Yanyu's own album, it is better to say when you choose, just think of which song is suitable for shooting MV.

There is basically no big gap in other substantially.

But this is the album of Li Qing Dye, especially the album.

There are a lot of attention to the choice of the Lord's song.

First of all, there is a certain guarantee, "Meet" This album is basically not bad.

In addition, as the choice of the main song, it is also necessary to consider the singularity of the song, and the effect of the song live performance.

In fact, I just started, Li Qing's dye is more likely to choose lyrical music as the target of the album.

However, after considering the stage effect, it is still replaced with another song, "the rain has been walking"

This song is in Song Yibai, if it is the effect of live performances, it is quite good.

In the album of Li Qing Dye, there are not many dance music. After all, the studio is a singer to Li Qing's positioning.

When the song sounded in the live broadcast room, Li Qing's mood was obviously very excited.

Although the song before, Li Qing dyed himself has been listening to many times, but in the live broadcast, I still have a relatively different.

The song is finally issued, and many people can listen to this song.

At the same time, Li Qing is officially dispatched.

Although many people feel that Li Qing is fortunate.

As a result, Song Yibai and others were produced as the album, tailored to the officer.

But actually Li Qing dyed or spent a long time.

From the selection of "Wanzhong Choose", the final wins, this process is already very long.

After winning the wins, Li Qing's dye is basically not resting for a few days.

At the next day, I immediately started practicing, starting the production of albums.

Going now, the album is finally officially released.

Although it is a very cheerful song, Li Qing has listened to some oysters, mainly emotional too excited.

At this time, Zhang Lin also has a month and others are also watching the live broadcast of Li Qing Dye.

The sound source is officially launched, and Li Qing's dye is officially dispatched.

Although there is no series of trips such as songs, they are still envious.

After all, it will take a long time to be a long time.

Anyway, this time will definitely not be too short.

General companies push newcomers, they are waiting for one year and a half.

Song Yibai studio is not going to take ordinary road, and it is impossible to be too far away.

In fact, the debut planning of Song Yibai before, and the time interval is short.

Normal company preparatory combination, exercises are normal for a few years.

However, in Song Yibai, Zhang Lin is a very good exercise through the draft survival to the final strength.

If you have been exercised, there is no need to do it.

It is basically all the strengths that already have an assembly.

In this case, Song Yibai is impossible to delay the future of these practicing.

The assert is basically the proper arrangement.

In Song Yibai, the possibility of debut failure is small.

When Li Qing Dye played "Rain and rain", Song Yibai left the live broadcast and left this moment to Li Qing.

This moment is Li Qing Dye.

After playing the interanous song, Li Qing Dye said a few words with the audience who watched live broadcast, and the live broadcast was officially completed.

At the end of the live broadcast, Li Qing dyed picked up his mobile phone, and then opened the music software quickly, then searched his own name.

In the music software, although Li Qing's name can also be searched.

But in a search, Li Qing dyeed a song that was covered in the "Wanzhong Choice".

It is not the same now, a search, the page is displayed is the first album of Li Qing Dye.

After seeing your album online, Li Qing's dyeing is also staring at his mobile phone. It's a budget, and there is a person with a work.

Song Yanybai looked at Li Qing smile on the side, always feel that it is not very smart.

It is good to stay in this state of Li Qing's dyeing, and it will return to normal.

"Tonight, our studio gathering, it is a celebration you officially show it." After Li Qing dyed himself, Song Yibai said.

What is the first day of Li Qingfeit officially dispatched today, there is still something that it is still.

Song Yibai has arranged a studio gathering.

Everyone packed up and went to the dinner.

After Li Qing's album is online, immediately board the hot search.

Not only fans, many passes are also very curious about this album.

Also benefited from this time studio promotion, let albums have high attention.

Many bag reviews were also opened in the first time, and they wanted to write out the feature of music.

The time for the album is more than 40 minutes, and it takes a little time to listen to the complete album.

Li Qing's new album is online for an hour, Song Yibai and others just arrived at dinner locations.

For your own sound source scores, Li Qing dye is still very concerned.

There is basically no newcomer who doesn't pay attention to your list.

Li Qing Dye is naturally no exception.

At 7 o'clock in the evening, the first hour of the sound source has already come out, Li Qing Dye is brushing a list.

And Song Yutai has received the list of lists that the staff aggregated.

Simply swept away, Song Yibai felt a relatively good grade.

The highest ranking is the cooperation song that sang together with Song Yibai, which airbornes the first place in the real-time list.

In addition to cooperation songs, the highest ranking is the main song of the album.

"The rain has always been" airborne the eighth place in the real-time list.

Other tracks of the album, all also entered the list.

Such a score is really great for a newcomer that is just off.

Through the first hour of the sound source score, it can also see the trend of some subsequent sound source results.

According to Song Yibai judge, Li Qing's album subsequent sound source scores should only be better and better.

After all, the number of albums is so high, and people listening will only get more and more.

Li Qing Dye swept a list, and the mood was also very good.

The celebration is indeed a venue.

In addition, the sales of Li Qing's entity album is also a high road, and it has broken 100,000 quickly. If there is no accident, it will not have a long time.

It can be said that whether it is the sales of the entity, or the results of the sound source list, Li Qing is actually exceeded some singers who have taken a long time.

On the celebration, everyone celebrates Li Qing Dye, and Yun Qingqing and Nie Yaoyang have come to the scene of the feast, and the atmosphere is still very good.

Just like Song Yibai, Li Qing Dye album is really getting better and better.

When I arrived at night, there were four songs in the album into the top ten of the list.

There are a few songs left in the top thirty songs.

The whole album got this achievement, it is indeed a high quality album.

On the eve of the song stage, Li Qing's itinerary is basically practicing every day, then pays attention to the sales of the list.

The list has been very stable, and the five songs have been stabilized in the top ten, and the cooperation song is even more than the first list.

The entity is also selling very high, the sales volume is high, the album is online on the day, sales successfully broke through more than 2 million.

In the next few days, sales growth is also very fierce, especially the next day after the online, it has increased the sales of ten million sales.

The day before the song, "Meet" This album has been successfully exceeded by 400,000.

Song Yibai felt that Li Qing's final sales exceeded 500,000, it should be more convenient.

After all, I have sold 400,000.

In fact, the studio only produced 300,000 albums, follow-up to continue to print.

However, if you want to reach a million sales, you have to see the situation. After all, the fastest sales should be the time.

Waiting for the formal start to play songs, maybe there will be some sales.

This time Li Qing's dyeing album should increase a lot of fans.

One day before playing songs, Song Yibai also once again reached a stage of cooperative songs with Li Qing Dye.

On the day of the song stage, Song Yibai also made a model for a long time.

After all, this time, Song Yibia basically homes at home, and there is no need to make a model.

For the first time, I participated in the recording of the song stage, Li Qing's mood was comparable to it.

However, Song Yibai took it on the side, Li Qing Dye is not so nervous.

I have arrived in the recording site for some time in advance.

Li Qing's first song stage, live a lot of Li Qing's fans, and the car was very embarrassed.

According to the tradition of Song Yibai, the car is also parked in front of Li Qing's fan, there is a road to walk.

The first time I met with the fans in this close, Li Qing's mood was a bit excited.

It is also to sign the signature, it is a photo, and I will take a long time.

Song Yibai also greeted his own fan, because there is a stage of cooperation songs, so the scene has also come to Song Yibai's fans.

After interacting with the fans, the two of Song Yugue entered the recording site.

Song Yanye first took Li Qing to fight with the director.

The relationship between Song Yibai and the director is more familiar, that is, with Li Qing's dyes.

After the awareness of the director, Song Yibai took the roll of Li Qingqing.

It's simple to rehearse, and the two returned to the standby room.

In the standby room, Li Qing dye has studied the list of a broker.

They are all artists who participate in the song today, and I will definitely not say greetings.