Surprise Hotel

Chapter One Lost

A dilapidated jeep was driving on a highway through the desert.

A thin-faced man leaned on the steering wheel with one hand, watched the vehicle icon on the navigation and the coordinate points gradually approached, he pulled off his headscarf in fear and wiped it twice on his face to wipe off the dirt.

His name is Lu Xing, and he is a scientist who studies quantum physics.

He came here a year ago due to scientific investigations and detected strong energy radiation here.

After that, a series of changes occurred in his life, which brought him to the current end.

Those who chased him were thrown off after entering the desert and did not catch up.

Thinking of the shocking danger before, Lu Xing couldn't help swallowing, and his heart lingered.

He stretched out a hand covered with veins, turned on some lagging car music, and celebrated his survival from the rain of bullets.

Speaking of saving him, it turned out to be the location coordinates that suddenly popped up on the navigation.

83.57773E, 40.08503N.

The icon on the navigation coincides with the coordinate point.

Outside the car, a boundary monument with inscriptions almost brushed past the body.

Lu Xing didn't look at it because he knew what this coordinate meant.

This is known as the sea of ​​death, a restricted area of ​​life.

Looking through the car window, the whole world is covered by yellow sand.

He has a very strong hunch that there must be something that guides himself to this place again.

The wind gradually decreased and the vehicle stopped at the end of the highway.

The scientific research station originally built here has disappeared. Instead, it is a motel.

Lu Xing rubbed his eyes and looked again, thinking he was dazzled.

Who would dare to knock down the scientific research station and build a profitless hotel in a place where birds do not shit?

However, the hotel was actually standing in front of him, not the mirage he had imagined.

strange?Did it really come to the wrong place?

In shock, Lu Xing was very curious.

He got out of the car and pushed open the gate that was covered by yellow sand.

One after another snoring floated into his ears.

Following the reputation, in the huge hotel, only one man in professional attire was sleeping at the front desk.

"Hello, what is this store..."

Lu Xing walked over and tapped the tabletop lightly.

The other party raised his head and glanced at him with sleepy eyes, then he found out a room key from nowhere and threw it to him, then fell asleep.

Snoring sounded again.

Lu Xing sighed in despair and grabbed the key.

0136, this is the house number on the sinker.

After a day of desperate escape, he felt extremely tired. Although he was full of doubts about the entire hotel, he had no choice but to follow the number plate to find the room and get ready to rest.

The furnishings in the room are very simple, a bed, a bookshelf, a set of tables and chairs.

Lu Xing took a rough look, and found that there were only ten books on the bookshelf, and there were unfinished puzzles on the table, which seemed to have been left by the previous guest.

After thinking about it this way, Lu Xing laughed at himself again. Will anyone else come to this kind of ghost place?

He silently took off his jacket and hung it on the hanger. Only then did he find a side door next to it.

Maybe it's an indoor washroom?Lu Xing frowned when he smelled his own stinky sweat.

It seems that it is necessary to take a comfortable bath before going to bed.I just don't know where this broken hotel got the water in the depths of the desert.

Just thinking about it, Lu Xing had already turned the doorknob to open the door.

However, the environment greeted him completely shocked him!

It's not a sink, toilet, or shower.

It's... a bed, a bookshelf, a table and chairs.

Damn it!

Lu Xing almost shouted out.

What he saw turned out to be the scene of the room behind him!

He tentatively walked out of that door, and unexpectedly walked back from the original front door!

He was so frightened that he quickly closed the door, and the two doors closed almost simultaneously.

Ghost hit the wall?

Thinking of the weird part of the lingyi story, Lu Xing's heart was beating wildly, and there was no sleepiness!

After a while, he cautiously opened the front door.

Sure enough, he walked back from the side door!

Lu Xing stood in the middle of the door and observed it back and forth several times, and the result was the same: the two doors connected the entire space together, forming an infinite looping space!

He pinched himself hard, and the intense pain made him realize that this was not an illusion.

He closed the door and started knocking for help, hoping to wake the guy who was sleeping at the front desk.

However, no one responded at all, and there were no windows in the room—he was trapped here.

Lu Xing slumped on the ground.

He himself is doing scientific research. From the perspective of space theory of general relativity, this is not scientific at all!

In his physical cognition, this phenomenon only exists in movies, and it is impossible to happen in the real dimension.

But everything in front of him completely subverted his concept.


It seemed that the previous shouts aroused the clerk, and Lu Xing heard the footsteps outside the door.

Lu Xing began to infer complex structural knowledge in his mind.

If the outer space of the front door is the inner space of the side door, it will form a closed loop.

If this is the case, the sound cannot be transmitted.

But in this case, his own entry is clearly a paradox.

But if the sound can come in, it means that this is not an independent space...

At this moment, a small wooden board was pushed up under the front door, and then a dinner plate full of food was brought in against the ground.

Lu Xing yelled at the small hole, but the people outside turned a blind eye and directly pulled down the small wooden board.The door panels were restored to their original state. He lay there and watched for a long time but to no avail. He didn't even notice any gaps between the boards.

Lu Xing was upset, he was going crazy.

He kicked over the dinner plate, the soup of the food was splashed everywhere, staining the white wall.

After a long time, he regained his sanity and began to look for clues in the room that could help him leave here.

The sight fell on the ten books on the shelf.

Those books have a unified series name-"Surprise Forbidden Classic".

Moreover, each book's spine is marked with a strange vulture badge.

Lu Xing took out one of them and sat back on the bed.

"Surprise Forbidden Code-Murder".

This looks like the name of a novel.

However, after turning a few pages, Lu Xing suddenly felt a little dull.

There is no text in the book, it's all set in the background of the story, and he can't understand it with a high IQ.

Lv Xing Chang sighed and dropped the book on the table casually.

After the previous tossing, sleepiness finally struck again. This time, Lu Xing did not resist, and went to sleep directly.

What he didn't know was that after this dream was over, there were even stranger things waiting for him...

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