Are you familiar with survival games?

No, not the one who shoots in the woods with an air gun or an electric gun.

Hungry, thirsty, physical status, collecting materials for mining, building a base, and so on.

Isn't it famous for the international game of digging the ground, cutting trees, collecting materials, building houses and adventuring in a world of blocks?

The so-called home console is not yet a very large number of genres, but the number of games that can be played on computers has been released, and I love these genres of games.

Even though it's a survival game with one bite, there are many more genres in it.

Some games are like surviving the collapse of human civilization - that is, the post-apocalyptic world - while others are a bit of a sci-fi game that escapes from a wrecked spaceship and arrives on an unfinished planet in an escape pod to survive against dangers such as aliens and natives.

Some survive in extremely cold snowy mountains, while others survive in the world of zombies.

There are games like creating your own city and adventuring in a looser, civilized and circulating world.

I'm sorry if it's not beneficial. But it's the information I need to explain the situation I'm in.

I've talked for a long time, but what I'm trying to say is simple. I love these kinds of games.

Yeah, I like games. What about games?

"How did this happen...."

My name is Yasuke Shibata. Twenty-four, single. My profession is as a company employee. My hobby is computer games and my daily routine is running around the town at night.

It is the wilderness that spreads before my eyes.

Looking back, the forest is gloomy.

Within sight, there are no artificial structures, no roads, and only underwear and shirts, sweatshirts up and down, and walking shoes that are a favorite of socks.

Only smartphones, house keys and wallets are in your possession.

Well, if you have a wallet, you can handle it. There are about three pieces of Tadayoshi-san in there, and if you catch a taxi or anything and go to the city, you'll be able to go home somehow.

If only this were the Earth and then somewhere in Japan.

"Where are you...?"

There's a sea in the sky, there's land, there's clouds... you can see what's called an earth-shaped planet.

Yeah, I mean, like the moon or the sun, Earth planets look beyond the sky. At the same time, you can see something like a moon with a bumpy surface.

And they're both big.

Earth-shaped planets account for about 30% of the sky, and planets like the moon are like my fists. It's big.

In any case, this earth on which I stand now is not the earth's.

Isn't it miraculous that you can breathe without problems and that the temperature is not unusually hot or cold?

Is that a dream? I tried twisting my cheeks, stretching my cheeks, and waking up from common dreams. I'm confused because I can't wake you up, dammit.

"This is not a bad situation for games. If it's a game, I wouldn't be happy if it were real...."

In such a situation, I am extremely disappointed. It's called orz.

Nevertheless, you can't help but bend over here forever.

Even if I keep quiet, I'm hungry, thirsty, poopy, and above all, the sun falls.

I don't see any wildlife around, but I don't know what comes out at night.

It's dangerous at night.

Combine your knowledge of the game with your halfway knowledge to come up with that.

I'm sure in the evening, zombies, skeletons, militant wildlife, monsters that are difficult to name. I'm sure. I'm bored.

It's no joke, it's nothing, it's not night vision. I'll be completely packed when I'm locked on as a nocturnal predator. It will be necessary to secure a safe place to spend the night.

"But what's going on?"

The protagonist of a survival game can create basic tools without materials, and sometimes he can cut down trees and crush rocks with bare hands... but I can't do that.

You can't, can you? Want to try it? No, I don't.

In the meantime, as an alternative, I look at the affordable size of stone rolling in the wilderness.

The size is about two pickled stones. They break stones by slamming them against the rock, creating sharp pieces of stone.

The convenience of exploration is different from the fact that there is somehow a pointy head device like this, or something that can replace a knife.

Cutting vines and processing trees will be much more advanced than bare hands. Stoneware is also a primitive tool that seems disgusting, but it is a bit more expensive than bare hands.


Throw stones down and crush large rocks many times. After a dozen attempts, I was finally able to obtain stone pieces of a satisfactory shape.

There was a lot of noise, so I was worried that something bad would appear, but I was relieved that nothing was going on for now.

The shape of the stone pieces obtained this time is Stone Blade No. 1, which has a sharp tip and an easy-to-hold grip part. There were several other stones just the right size to throw, so I kept them in my sweatshirt pocket.

Human strength is two things: endurance, which can run for a long time, and the ability to throw objects.

I think the dexterity and wisdom of the hands that can make tools are also superior to those of wildlife, but I am not very confident about the two aspects. I doubt the endurance of running for a long time. The exercise I do every day is like running around the neighborhood at night.

"Let's get a safe shelter first...."

What do you need most to survive? It is to secure a safe place.

Many people think water is the best. That's what I thought.

But when you play a lot of survival games, you see the truth. The first thing we need to do is make sure we have a safe night shelter.

At the time of the adventure in the world of blocks, I was obsessed with walking around and collecting materials, and in the evening, the zombies that springed up were skeletonized.

Zombies who started to run around at night after the demise of humankind ate and killed them, and in snowy mountain survival, they froze to death in the rapidly falling temperatures at night, I'm sure of it.

If there is no water or food, one dies. Definitely true.

Without a safe shelter, however, they would not be able to survive their first night.

"If this is the world of games, I'd be making a high-floor shelter."

A high floor shelter is a very simple shelter that simply places the floor on a pillar.

In most games, hostile characters are often unable to climb untouched pillars, so it is generally safe to retreat to a height that does not easily hop up after all.

Walls and roofs make it even better.

Depending on the game, there may be enemies who actively strike the pillars and try to break them, so I can't rest assured.

Building walls and roofs is too difficult for rabbits and horns. Materialally and technically.

Therefore, the direction I am heading is not toward the blown wilderness but toward the gloomy forest.

There were rocks and stones in the wilderness, but there were no big rocks that could hide. Then I decided to go into the forest and climb the tree.

Trees are good. If you climb up and hide in the lush leaves, you won't find them on the ground.

But be careful with insects, snakes and lizards. When climbing a tree, make sure the trunk is free of nail marks! It's a promise to oniisan.

You don't want to hang out with an iguana reptile over a meter long on a tree, do you? I don't want to.

That's why I turned to the woods.