Survival in Another World With My Master

Episode 432 - Harpy Tower One Day

The new Kingdom of Merinado has been rebuilt. It seems that there is no other example of a Kingdom that has been temporarily placed under the rule of the Holy Kingdom, and whose royalty has also been taken prisoner, and which has virtually once perished, has thus regained its former glory and made further progress. That's probably why I was involved. My abilities were too useful to support the group and the nation. It may be said to have been useful and too much.

Supply food at a rate unusual, build a military base overnight, extract high-value ore and gems from the rocks, use them to create equally powerful weapons, and unleash a golem army that scatters a million armies from nowhere. In a strategy simulation game, it's like a perfect cheat unit, from the internal affairs to the military.

I wonder if my weakness is that it makes me vulnerable to assassination. No, maybe not as weak as I'd say.



"Yes, yes."

Today, I was playing with Harpy chicks who charged into the Harpy Tower. These include children for whom I am not the father, but basically all the Harpies living in this Harpy Tower are one family. Harpy's unique culture, starting from Harlem and the colony, has been with me for many years, but I still can't understand it, but I just need to hold on to the important part that everyone is a family.

It is easier to throw away the existing chastity or ethics or common sense when you go out with them.

Milord, have you been to Merinnesburg for a while?

"No, I just stopped by to see everyone's faces." I've been pretty busy over there. "

"Is that so... what are you going to do at night?"

"Hmm, I'm sorry, but this time it's a pass." I'll be back soon, at that time. "

I'm sorry.

Harpy, who was babysitting with a really unfortunate face, shuddered. Harpy, who now lives in this Harpy Tower, is also an elder of the sixth generation. My blood is fading, so I'm going to hit you pretty straight. I want to deal with the mountains, but I'm also busy, and Sylphy is waiting for me there.

How's Merinado kingdom these days?

"That's right... as usual. The farms and reclaimed villages built by Da Milords continue to produce abundant crops, and people live comfortably thanks to the magic power supplied by the magic furnaces and magic towers. It's politically stable."

"Politics will be stable if long-lived species are in power."

Ix, son of Sylphy and I, are running the administration of the Merinado Kingdom. The person himself says he wants to retire, but I think it's too early to let Celis inherit the tracks after she's only fifteen years old. I plan to go to the royal castle after this, but it seems that my father and mother will be cheating again.

"Are there any problems with your neighbors?"

"For now. The situation in the East has stabilized, and the Empire is still close to us. However, since the Tigris Kingdom has not been successful this year since last year, it is said that His Majesty will take measures."

Tigris Kingdom. There was a lot of merger with the Duke of Dihart.

Once a state of war with the Kingdom of Merinado under the pressure of the Holy Kingdom, the two northern kingdoms were crushed almost by my own hand, and after a tortuous process, the Duke of Dihart was absorbed into the Kingdom of Tigris. There's the shadow of a kingdom-mainstream ghost, the sweet and sour stories of two royal sons and daughters who came to study at home... Oh, that was a hassle. I really did.

By the way, the Holy Kingdom still survives even though it has greatly reduced its territory. The former formidable power is no longer there, but it is a buffer zone between the Merinado Kingdom and the Varyag Empire.

It seems that their lifestyle has become quite cautious compared to when they were fighting with us, but they have returned to the teaching of the original, and now they are spreading the teaching that the harmony between humans and sub-humans is. As a result, there is no longer any reason to be hostile towards the Merinad Kingdom or the Valyag Empire, and now we have a good relationship there.

Well, there was a civil war in the kingdom, a rebellious lord, a clergyman, a refugee problem, and a lot of trouble, but now it's a good memory... no, it's not a good memory. It was really tough. Even though I wanted to focus on my internal affairs, I really wanted you to stop throwing me problems one after the other with Rigid Fastball.

"Would you mind telling me that story, too?"

I think it's that way.

Over there, the story of Omikuru, a giant planet floating at the end of the sky. Speaking from scratch, it would be like an outrageous long novel, so I explained it suddenly. We watched the children grow -- that is, I and Silfi, Aira, Melty and other long-lived species gave up the country to the children and left the Merinado Kingdom.

It is unhealthy as a form of state that we will always be sitting on top of, and above all, the state management is very stressful. It's about time we gave up everything to the children and we're on an adventure trip across the world, a honeymoon... no, it's not a honeymoon. Honeymoon? Well, anyway, I decided to throw all my troubles at the kids and walk around the world.

Naturally, the children resisted. Who would love to wear a torture chair called the Throne and a crown called the Crown? My father and mother are still on active duty, so they asked me to do more. A good-aged adult (about fifty years old at the time) threw it all away, and cried and cried on the ground.

But we went on a journey with our hearts ghosted and everything we pushed on them. Well, it's irresponsible to keep throwing everything at the boulders, so I've been showing my face several times a year to advise and help.

Well, let's put that aside. Anyway, when we left the Kingdom of Merinado, we went sightseeing and adventuring around the world, and ended up in Omikuru. There was a transfer device somewhere across the place. As a result of the accidental activation, I hadn't been able to come back from over there for about a hundred years.

How old are you? That's over 200 years old now, isn't it? I don't think my body is fading at all. I honestly don't know whether this is due to my abilities or some other factor.

I've had Ira take drugs from Grande's blood that I don't know about. In any case, even though I'm a human being, I feel like "I'm a couscous..." even though I'll always be young. How about if I don't wonder too much?

Naturally, more than spending a long time like this, I had to go through a lot of parting. Lord Leonard, Danang, Gerda, and the maids of the beast were to be sent off to complete their lifespan, and the Harpies had a short life expectancy, so they were to be sent off not only to Pirna, but also to many children of later generations. It is difficult to do this with my abilities or with wealth that surpasses the country.

Sometimes it was depressing, but I'm still alive. I can live.

"It's hard over there." There are far fewer people than we are. It's rewarding, though. "

There were people living in Omikul. In our legend, there were various discourses about the world of monsters and the world after death, but in reality, it was a world where a small number of people who had perished once and survived were terrified of the threat of monsters and lived in detail.

Aira and I believe that the depletion of mineral resources near the surface has prevented us from reconstructing the civilization that collapsed once. It is difficult to make bronze because it is difficult to obtain copper ore and tin by hand digging, it is difficult to cast and forge iron, and there is too much metal alloyed in the artifacts seen there, and there are many things that cannot be cast and melted properly by just fire or charcoal. I remember seeing on Earth that it was difficult to develop civilization without the use of metal vessels. I don't remember much anymore.

"I'm so embarrassed..."


"Don't chew, don't chew. I wonder if you're hungry?"

"It's about time, isn't it?" Why don't you go eat here for lunch? "

"Oh, I'd love to, but I'm invited to lunch by Ix." That's the next chance. "

"I'm sorry..."

"I'll say it instead, but I'll leave the sweets." We'll split it later. "


"Hahaha, after dinner."

I'm going to help you prepare lunch while I'm indulging Harpy chicks. What, Ix can wait a bit. Hahaha.