Ryuhanbin was still yawning around 12: 00 today.


His weather time these days has always been the afternoon.

After three months of enlargement, it will be enough time for the regular life habits of the army to disappear.

Hanbin was bored by the habit of turning on his computer and surfing the Internet.

“What are you doing today...

Only a few months left to return.

There was nothing really interesting about the game.

When I was in the army, everything in society looked dazzling, and I was amazed.

‘I don't want to waste my time like this, but I have to study English...

Then I was in the middle of it.

Suddenly, black smoke blooms beneath my feet.

The blooming smoke wraps around the chair in an instant and kicks through the legs and trunk to the neck.

“I'm sorry. Huh? ”

Hanbin blinks as he is dazed.

Embarrassment and fear are the only ways to become aware of reality.

It was an unrealistic and unrealistic situation, so I couldn't feel anything.

Just an instantaneous thought.


"Am I still awake? ’

An intense headache came at the moment.

Extreme pain seemed to grip my head.

Hanbin screamed.


At the same time, the darkness completely covered him.

And after a while, it sank again and vanished.

There was no longer a young man named Ljubljanbin.

I was just slowly squeaking, losing my master's chair.

Beep, beep, beep...

That's how he disappeared from a planet called Earth.



I don't see anything.

It's not because it's dark.

Because it was so bright, everything was so horribly glowing that my vision was meaningless.

I hear voices in the glorious light.

You have accepted all the fitters.

It was not an ordinary voice.

A strong, transcendent, and humble human being was a voice that felt like he had to kneel and obey unconditionally.

Hanbin thought carelessly.

‘Am I dead...

This situation seemed to make sense if he died and his soul stood before the Almighty God.

I immediately heard another voice.

Is that all the numbers you need? I heard the candidates are over seven billion.

It's seven billion, so at least this is the right person.

It was a very low probability, wasn't it?

I'm sure it is.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Hanbin was confused.

The voice was followed.

Power, implant guidelines.

But can we really do it this way? Is it too small and not too artificial?

That's how motivational and adaptive the situation is. No problem.It is a fact that has already been confirmed through the case of existing suitors.

Got it.

Hanbin became even more confused.

Unlike the feeling of transcendent existence, it was an overly secular dialogue.

I didn't think God would talk like that.

However, this overwhelming feeling of intimidation..?

It was then.

Something pierced him in the light.


Ryuhanbin screamed, frightened.

Again, extreme pain overwhelmed him.


Between the screams, a voice was heard.

Oh, I made a mistake.

Mistakes? Mistakes? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

There was an error in the guidelines…….

It's a pretty embarrassing tone, but it seems like it's going to be a big deal in no time.

Oh, about one. It'll be fine.

Hundreds of them. Can't you see them?

It seems that the owner of the voice doesn't care anymore.

Push the leech bin sideways and drop it somewhere!

In an endless fall, Hanbin shouts like crazy and shouts again.


I heard a faint voice in a distant sense.

Suitable Number 398, Dimensional Transition Initiation.

When he regained consciousness, Ryuhanbin hesitated to sit on a large rock.

It's full of spiky rocks everywhere.

I can see the black fire and the trees that have dried up.

‘It's not Korea. No, I don't think it's Earth. ’

He could not have any doubts about his judgment.

It was so easy to recognize.

It's a rocky landscape. Yes, the sky was too unrealistic.

Once there was no sun. There were no clouds.

That didn't even mean it was night.

It was bright.

The sky of the Dark Red Azyrang shines ominously like a twilight.

“Oh, I see...

Ryuhanbin was convincing with a stupid face.

‘Your dream.’ This is a nightmare.

I'm forced to think so.

He closes his eyes and opens again.

I pinched my forearm and tried to hit my cheek.

Sadly, an excessive sense of reality overwhelmed Vienna.

‘No! It's a dream! It has to be a dream!’

I haven't been able to give up my foolishness and continue to seize, but the reality hasn't changed.

How long has it been since you put your mind on the line?

I was forced to admit it.

“…… not a dream. ”

Somehow it was ridiculous.

In just a few decades, can a person accept this ridiculous situation?

"Are you usually crazy or not? ’

It didn't seem like anyone was dodging reality.

I don't know if adaptation is fast or slow, but Ryuhanbin eventually admitted that the world is real.

At the same time, he was overwhelmed by extreme anger.

“What is this, Shivaaal! ”