Sweet Planting Life of Two Young Masters

Chapter One Entering the City (1)

A black limousine drove up on the bumpy road, and everyone who came and went on the road looked over.

It had just rained here yesterday. The dirt road was full of puddles. The wheels of the car were pressed on it. The shell of the car that had been polished to reflect the light soon splashed with gray mud spots, but no one cared about them.

A man and a woman sitting in the car looked nervous. The two of them clasped their hands together and looked at the road ahead with nervous eyes.The front is bare, there is nothing except the soil which is green leaves.

"Master, ma'am, we will be here soon." The butler sitting in the co-pilot turned around and said, "Young Master is ahead."

The man nodded, his always majestic face tightening.

Ten years have passed since their youngest son was abducted by human traffickers. During these ten years, they have been searching for the whereabouts of their youngest son. They have paid for themselves. Some time ago, they finally found out the news of the human trafficker. , I found this place after tossing and turning.

This place is separated by more than half of the territory from the capital where they are located. It is very backward, let alone basic education, and it is a poor mountainous area that they had only seen on TV before.As the car drove by on the road, everyone I saw along the way was very simple, and the gaze looking at their car also brought surprise and envy.

When they thought that their youngest son had grown up in such a place, both couples couldn't help feeling sad.Before they came, they checked countless information about this place, and only two words were revealed in the thick pile of information.


The half-year-old child gets up before dawn and walks several miles to drive cattle and sheep. Not only does he undertake all the housework, he also has no food to eat, his clothes are not warm, and he can't even read books. on.

I think their Fang family can be regarded as a decent family in the capital. Although they are not top-notch, none of the Fang family members had a golden spoon when they were born. They have no worries about food and clothing, and they have not suffered anything from childhood. If... if his little son hadn't been abducted, he wouldn't have fallen into this situation!

The father's hand holding his wife was shaking slightly.

The car drove forward and passed the mountain road before finally seeing the house.

But those houses were also very low and dilapidated. Father Fang glanced at it and turned his head unbearably. The wife beside him had red eyes and sobbed softly.

The housekeeper in front comforted him: "Madam, when the young master returns home, he won't have to suffer this kind of suffering anymore. When he returns to the capital, are you still worried about not having a good life?"

The driver also followed Yinghe: "Yes, when the young master goes back, there will be no need for such a hard life."

The father patted his wife comfortingly, and made a secret decision in his heart. After he took the youngest son back, he would take the best things to the youngest son.

The car finally stopped in front of a low house.

Fang's father helped his wife out of the car, but the housekeeper had already knocked on the door.

He knocked on the door a few times, and soon there was a voice with a thick accent: "Here is here! Who?"

"Squeaky-" The door opened slowly.

A middle-aged woman came out and was taken aback when she saw a few people.At first glance, Fang's few people were not ordinary people, and they did not fit into this small mountain village. She quickly became vigilant and closed the door slightly, revealing only the size of her own body, and asked, "Who are you? Is there something here?"

The steward said: "Are you Fang Honghua?"

Upon hearing her name, the face of the middle-aged woman became more wary: "I am, who are you?"

"That's it. You bought a baby from a trafficker ten years ago, named Fang Xiaobao, and our old lady is Fang Xiaobao's biological parents. In the past few years, they have been looking for the young master. After several investigations, they finally managed I found the trafficker and found the whereabouts of the young master. We came this time just to get the young master back."

In a few words, the disparity in the family background of the two parties was pulled apart.

Fang Honghua was silent immediately.

The arrival of the few people undoubtedly revealed her most worrying thing in these years.

She subconsciously wanted to close the door heavily, shutting these people out, but soon, reason stopped her.Her gaze swept across the people, and saw the high-end suits worn by several people, and the delicate necklace on the woman's neck, and then fell on the high-end car behind them.

After thinking about it, she took a step back, opened the door, and let them in.

Obviously it means to negotiate.

The butler replied with kindness and authenticity: "Ms. Fang, don't worry, we will give you a generous support if you have brought up the young master in the past few years."


The sky was getting dark, and there was already an orange sunset on the horizon. Fang Xiaobao was carrying the floral cloth backpack that Hua's mother had sewed for him, and hurriedly ran towards home.

He is now in the third grade of elementary school. As soon as he reached his age, Hua's mother sent him to school, saying that he should study hard so that he could be successful in the future, and he would not even be allowed to work at home.He can only rush back early after school every day, so as to help Hua's mother do more.

When school was over today, Da Zhuang of the village chief’s house stopped him from leaving. In order to get rid of Da Zhuang, he took a little bit of work, and it took a while longer than usual. It is estimated that Hua’s mother is already waiting in a hurry.

The school was far away from home, and when Fang Xiaobao ran home, the sun was half down.

As soon as he walked in, he saw the black limousine parked at the door of his house. He paused and stopped hesitantly.

Fang Xiaobao looked around and saw that it was still the surroundings of his own home, or the doorway of his own home, and he hesitantly raised his foot to continue walking in.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw four people sitting at the table in his house.They were wearing clothes that were very valuable at a glance, and the necklace on the neck of the woman in the middle was gleaming, and they immediately compared them to Mother Hua next to them.Fang Xiaobao retracted his steps in a wink, hiding behind the gate and looking at them timidly.

As soon as she saw him, Fang's mother's tears burst out.

"Mom, mom..." He looked at Mama Hua helplessly.

Fang Honghua hadn't responded, and Fang's mother responded first: "Hey!" Then her tears flowed more.

Fang Xiaobao grabbed his schoolbag tightly with a dazed expression. He didn't understand why this person should come down, or why the other people looked at him with surprises, let alone why Hua's mother had a straight face. , Looks unhappy.

He didn't know that starting from this day, his life would have undergone earth-shaking changes.