Sweet Reincarnation

Episode 361: Envoy Takami

The heart of the capital of the kingdom of gods.

The day after the splendid parade.

A group of envoys stepped into the Imperial Castle's visual room.

Without looking around the luxurious room, a man hangs his head. He was a tall expatriate and had an eye-catching atmosphere from a distance.

"Your Majesty, from the Republic of Sorami, I hope to see Ambassador Plenipotentiary Amorous Ruud."

Um, I'll forgive you.

Although it is a formality, it is disrespectful for those below to call the king directly.

It is not permissible for a man who has come to the kingdom of God to speak directly, no matter how high he may be in the kingdom, if he does not yet know whether he is in the sea or in the mountains.

Foreigners can acquire a position in the Divine Kingdom for the first time after the envoys convey the status of their country, and those in charge of the diplomacy of the Divine Kingdom confirm it, and after it is clear that there is no mistake, they will accompany the king with their mouths.

It is the first time that a position is officially established in the God Kingdom, and it is above a certain status, that it is allowed to communicate directly to the King.

It's a really cumbersome procedure, but it's not a good procedure to scorn. The king's body is one and time is finite. No one can meet a man who wants to see him. It is also unavoidable to carry out a preliminary examination with a certain number of lines.

If you are a nobleman of a friendly country, you will be treated like a nobleman in your own country. There is some adjustment depending on the size of the country and the affinity of the relationship, and even in the other country, even if it is a duke, it may be treated as a count in the God Kingdom, but basically it is easy to understand because it is treated as a title with the same status.

So what would happen if there was no aristocracy?

This coordination of treatment is also part of the negotiations that the Royal Mission of Voltuzara has been secretly conducting with the Sorami Republic.

In the Sorami Republic, the status of envoys sent abroad is high. In particular, the Plenipotentiary is the representative of the State. The king's deputy, if it be compared to the kingdom of God. The Sorami Republic sought treatment at the royal or duke level, but settled for the count's treatment after negotiating with the God Kingdom.

"Lord Amorous, pray to His Majesty."

A man who stood up approached the king as he lived among the hundreds.

The man's name was Amorous = Lourdes.

I am the Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Sorami, who has come to the Kingdom of God.

The slouchy height is attractive to people. If you were a diplomat, you would be better than ever.

In fact, his track record since becoming a diplomat has been considerable, and he has a reputation for conducting strong negotiations.

"I would like to thank His Majesty for his service."

From the upright posture, the left leg was pulled back wide and halfway down.

Keeping your hips folded, keep your spine extended and your head deeply lowered, turning your hands behind your hips.

It was the finest courtesy of the Sorami Republic.

Even if it is an unfamiliar greeting, everyone knows that it is a thank you.

"I was better travelling a long way. I will welcome you as the ruler of the Kingdom of God."

Thank you very much.

The ceremony is solemnly conducted according to the format.

There's no sudden attack on something, and there's no sudden improvisation (ad lib).

"I have kept my father's handwriting as a representative of the Republic of Sorami."

My first job as an ambassador was as a masterpiece.

As the mission of the Republic of Sorami, I assure you as an official document that Amorous is definitely an ambassador.

Then, both sides confirm that they are representatives who have some say in the negotiations.

Without this, no matter how much we exchange words with each other, everything becomes meaningless depending on the intentions of our country.

It's important to know how much authority you have in order to avoid wasting time and effort on each other.

The master's book is handed over to one of the court nobles, and from there to the foreign affairs notes, which are handed over to the king after checking the contents.

"Hmm, I checked." I will now more than ever guarantee his personal safety and identity in Japan. "

Thank you very much.

In turn, the ambassador's identity is guaranteed.

In a world without the Hague Convention or anything, even foreign ambassadors are bound by the laws of the country where they are stationed.

In addition, in a country with a strong degree of feudalism, even the nobility of the country does not give consideration to the ambassador just because he greeted in the royal capital.

Therefore, the safety of foreign ambassadors should normally be done by themselves. All you need at the time of your stay is an armed permit.

But above all, it is extremely dangerous to bring foreign armed groups to the King's knees. There's no way we can get armed clearance.

Naturally, it is our natural right to protect ourselves, but the king will guarantee the ambassador's safety. Instead, the ambassador trusts the king to keep his armament to a minimum.

This is why we have to appeal even after the ceremony.

The royal family is intimidated by the nobles who are gathered here that the royal family will not be silent when it comes to this ambassador.

Lady, the exchange between the king and the ambassador will probably include practice.

By the way, it seems that this country is a scenic place according to what I hear.

“Haha, I'm not proud of anything else, but I'm proud to say that the beauty of the landscape is something that the nations can be proud of.”

"I see, I see. I'd like to see it if I get the chance. Is there a good place?"

"If that's the case..."

When the practical part is over, a light chat.

Even as a king, it is not free, but form alone leaves only stiffness.

"Hmm, that's a great country after all."

Thank you very much.

I heard you've been to the Voltuzara Kingdom as well.


In the first place, it was in the Kingdom of Voltuzara that the Prince entered into negotiations with this mission of the Solami Republic.

I dare to smell it, but what I say is just a chat.

"How did you feel about the Voltuzara Kingdom?" Of course, I want to hear what you think, including my country's impressions. "

"That's right... after all, it's hot."

Oh, is that so?

"There are towns by the river in Japan, and there are places where you can cool down even in the summer. Cool breezes flow in the summer, even in the shade of trees.”

"I see, that's good. In comparison, is it hot in Japan?"

"Yes, it's hot. It's a corner, so I'm thinking of going home thin while I'm in this country."

"Hahaha, that's good. Can a stay in Japan help me lose weight?"


“Let me pray that their stay will be meaningful.”

"I'm afraid not."

Somewhat light chat ends the ceremony in a mild atmosphere.

At the end of the conversation, everyone once again took the most respectful position.

Your Majesty, please leave the room!!

The ceremony is concluded with the voice of the ceremonial officer.

The envoy and the nobles of the God Kingdom saw off the king after the magnificent room.

This is finally the end of the ceremony.


"You're exhausted, Pais."

Well... it's after that parade.

"Hahaha, that was a real spectacle." I wish my magic was [Transcription]. "

Of course, there were also Morteln's parents and children among those who sent the king away with the most respectful salute.

Now that the diplomatic mission has returned home, Pais is unarmed.

He is a teacher at the boarding school and a nobleman who holds the title of Lord of the Mortelun Realm, but does not hold the title as a nobleman of the God Kingdom.

Therefore, the official position at the domestic event is behind Viscount Mortelun.

Father and son have a lovely conversation after the ceremony.

"Anise was too dry for that parade." The way Pais was dressed stood out from the crowd. "

"I didn't hear you dressed like that."

"It's the same to me that I haven't heard. You really, just take your eyes off it and you're messing with something."

“It's an unwilling assessment. As for the parade, I said I hated it, but I was pushed away by His Highness and Squirrel."

A son in trouble who was loved by the commotion.

There are many words that speak of Pais, and the children of the typhoon's eyes, which are always in the center of the fuss, from the Father.

If it wasn't for Pais, the parade wouldn't have stood out.

Regardless of what the person wants or does not want, it seems that the constitution that comes from the troublesome side is still the same, and my father caresses my son's head forcefully.

"I could only see from a distance, but there was no mistake in seeing it, not even if it was his [far vision]." I appreciate it as a parent. If you dress like that next time, it will be easy to find. "

"I won't do it again."

"Hahaha, well, it's time for us to leave the room. Make sure you stand out here as much as you can."

At the end of the ceremony, the sergeants who were lined up in the Tochimi Room were leaving the room in high order. The order of departure of Viscount Mortelleun was taken, and the father and son left the room side by side.

Even if you leave your room, you won't be able to go home soon. There are important people who rarely come to the royal palace. This was the case, for example, with Fuberlek's Frontier County. As a relative, you must keep one of your greetings about the time you meet each other in the king's city.

Also, as a Territory Noble, I would like to speak lightly with the lords of several Territories close to the Morteln Realm.

Everyone thinks the same thing.

Are you in a hurry or don't you like to talk to people? Unless otherwise, move meticulously to a place like a waiting room and do something like a reunion of the ceremony.

Then, there was something to stop the two Mortelleuns who were lining up in the cabin with their parents and children.

Lady Casserole, Lady Pastry.

"This is Sir Squirrel Kadrechek."

The call was made by Squirrel, the next president of the Duke of Kadureček, who was deeply bounded by casseroles and pastries.

Casserole is a colleague in the Central Army, and Pais is a friend who has crossed the line.

In the previous parade, he was recognized as one of the main characters who led the escort team and protected the prince safely.

“There was a parade and I haven't been able to talk much lately, so I wanted to speak up when I saw you.”

"That's, that's a big thank you." We have a lot to talk about, so I'm glad you called. ”

Hahaha, the parents and children of the Mortelun family and the sergeant of the Kadureček family who laugh with the family.

Just laughing at many people's eyes on purpose, the two of them felt that it might have some meaning, but they didn't show it on the surface.

I'm sad, but I'm getting used to trouble.

There was nothing to do, and it was suggested that there would be "real errands" separately.

“I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation.”

As expected, there was someone who called out.

Pais and Casserol, the younger aristocrat of the year, and acquainted with the nobility of the court, remembered only their faces.

"Sir Pastry-Mortelton."


It was Pais who called out to the young man.

The father also sharply pointed his eyes at his son for what he was doing, but he said to the young man that he was a voice transmitter.

I mean, it's a messenger that sends a message.

It is the most common position for court nobles, and any nobility can become a nobleman.

The important message naturally has the role of being conveyed by a person of high rank, but it shouldn't be much if it is a young person or a person whose name doesn't even appear on the casserole.

As expected, the word conveyed was terribly simple.

Sir, Your Majesty wants to see you.

Would it be all right if my father and Lord Squirrel were present?

"I was just told to call Sir. I don't know anything else."

Pais sensed a certain amount of circumstance in the message.

That said, I only understood why Squirrel was bothering to stop and have a chat.

Who did you learn from? Squirrel said to Pais with a slightly mean, mischievous face.

What have you done, Master Pastry?

"It's surprising that Lord Squirrel said so." I only have a few thoughts. "

“If you're not specifically told to be alone, you're welcome to be present. I'm going with Pastry-sama, too."

"... after all, was that the purpose?"

I wonder why they called me.

Pais frequently twisted his neck.