Sword Whisperer

Read the one-piece knife (1)

”Stop giving up. Van."

Van grabbed the knife instead of answering. My colleagues have long been dead at the end of this war. He couldn't even afford to grieve. There were many enemies to cut, and he was alone.

The opponent said.

"You're the only one left. It doesn't matter if you fight now. But don't surrender. If it were the name of the famous Swordsman Van, the new kingdom would never be treated like that. ”

"If you were worried about treatment, you wouldn't even be standing here."

Van laughed bitterly. Come now. I never meant to burn. The fight was over, and he was defeated. He looks around with bitter eyes.

"It's a meaningless war. What did we fight for? It's all..... dead. ”

”It is a war to prevent this kind of war from happening again. The new kingdom will bring eternal peace to this land. ”

"I didn't know you believed in fairy tales. ”

Van grabbed the sword with tribute. I don't have any stamina. I've shed too much blood, and in fact, I can't even see the other person's face. But the weight of the sword in his hand was clear.

"The chatter is over. ’ '

And that was the moment I tried to swing the knife. Bang! Van grabs his forehead with pain. One day, the knife was not in his hand. There were no hostiles who were filling the plains. What I see in front of my eyes..... is a stubbornly wrinkled face.

"The end is a bitch. What are you dreaming so hard about? Wake up, you lazy bitch. ”

"Ah, Teacher..."

"The Caol Herb is not a basket or two today. You know what?"


Van raises his body with a gloomy face. He was the one who scolded dozens of bandits until just now, but now he can't.

He did, because he was just a pharmacist's assistant.

Not to mention the autopsy, not even the test.


"…… Ah, I liked that dream. ”

Half the time I cut the herbs, I kept thinking about the dream he had. Today's 'blacksmith half' dream was of quite high quality. I think the touch of the sword in my hand was quite clear, and the lines.....

"The talk is over…… Khh, cool."

He smiled for a moment and sighed again. As always, delusions call for self-esteem. What if I had a dream that made sense? He knows he's a kid who's never held a wooden sword once in his life.

Van wanted to be a prosecutor. As a 15-year-old boy, it might be natural.

Think about it. The cutlery splits the ocean, and the stabbing takes the form of an examination that drops the moon. Are there any delusions that could make a little boy's breasts pound even more?

Van grabbed the branch rather than digging in the dirt. And he swung it into the air for a long time, and he finally picked up the branch as if it had fallen out.

It was meaningless training. I wasn't even sure it was a properly sword-wielding corporation, and above all, sneaking a few branches out of the hind mountain like this didn't change his future.

The only thing that could be the assistant of the pharmacist was the pharmacist. Now catching a sword didn't mean he could be a great prosecutor in the morning, and most of all, the guards wouldn't even try to get him. In the village, one of the pharmacists would feel more valuable than one inspector.

It was only a matter of time before the herb basket was full. Ever since I was a child, I have been able to memorize every herb in the mountain.

Suwon Jenson didn't know. He didn't go straight to Jenson because half the basket was full. In his daily work, there was one thing that was indispensable.

It was the armor of the guards who trained. Even though it was an awkward weapon, I just swung a wooden sword at an empty place..... but I felt something clumping and irritating in my chest.

Is it you again? "

And it was then. I walked and heard a low voice from behind. Turning his head, a man as big as a dream looks down at him with a scarred face. It was Guard Commander, Aidan.

"Oh, Aidan. ”

"Once Jenson finds out, it won't be over. You know that, right? ''

"Yes, I know……"

I know, but I couldn't stand it. If you don't see me swinging my sword this short, I won't be able to sleep.

Of course, Aidan knew how deeply Van had a passion for swordsmanship. And so he was forced to shake his head even more.

”Learn to be about the moon properly. Jenson is the best pharmacist I know. When you grow up, you'll realize how lucky it was to be his assistant."

”I'm working hard. I'm also grateful to the teacher. ”

"... But you still can't give up coming here? ''

Van grabs a basket full of herbs with a shriveled expression.

"Isn't it okay to watch? ”

"I want to insist. ''

Aidan sighs. Honestly, I didn't understand. He didn't even know how childish a boy of this age was.

He puts his hand over Van's head. It was a rough hand, full of hardened flesh.

"Swordsmanship is just a skill that kills people after all. On the other hand, you can save people. If I were jealous of you, would you believe me? ''

"No, I wouldn't believe it. ''

".... That one. ”

In the end, Aidan laughed with no strength. In fact, I already knew that a word or two was not an admiration to beat. Because of that, Aidan didn't really like Van coming here.

No, I might be rather disappointed if he stops on his feet. No one in the Guard has ever been so passionate about swords.

'If he had caught the sword from an early age.....

Then I didn't know it was just a guard, maybe I was looking for the Knight. I don't know how talented he is, but if he loves the sword this much, he won't be able to do it.

But it's too late. At the age of fifteen, he was already hardened. Now that I had him hold the sword, the chances of him growing up to be a great examiner were frankly slim.

Maybe that's even better for Van. Just living as a pharmacist in this crappy town. It's not going to be fancy, it's not going to be an unfortunate road.

Don't stay too late. ”


Van answered without hesitation.

And he continued to watch the armor until sunset in the sky. I saw the trajectory drawn by the blade. I saw the tip of the sword shaking. I saw the twitchy muscles, the dizzy feet trampling on the ground with the knife.

Keep going. Keep going. And keep...


"Where else did you go so late?"

"Oh, where are we going? You've come to Canada hard for herbs. ”

"How many years have you only canned herbs, and you still have such slow hands? ''

"How slow is it...?"

Van walks into the house whining. Jenson glared at him like that, and said in a soon-to-be-submerged voice.

"Don't stay out too late. It's dangerous.”

"I was all grown up. You don't have to worry about that anymore. ''

"It's not all big. I'll still let you go painlessly. 'on the same subject of sleeping or sleeping. ’'

"Oh, that, that! Teacher! Are you talking about your dreams cowardly?"

"Shut up, you bastard! Come on, pick a herb. ”

"…… Yes. ”

I didn't have anything to say, honestly, when I had the dream of "The Dark Ones." Van blushes his ears and runs to the warehouse and starts picking herbs. It was a strange act. It was such a wonderful and fun dream, that it became a shame in reality.

'Oh, I don't know. I want to swing a knife because it's good for once.'

A wooden sword is also in the house, but I don't think it felt like he wanted it. He wanted to feel the sharp blade cutting the wind. I'm tired of the weight of iron pressing on my wrist, and the light scattered on the finely chopped blade....

'What would you say if you wanted to be a prosecutor?'

It's a good thing you didn't get hit. Getting kicked out would be the basics.

It was then. Maybe it was because there was too much misunderstanding. Van instantly slips out of the basket and falls on a sorted herb. It was a moment when almost half an hour of hard work had returned to uselessness.

"…… Ah, please."

Van sighs and starts putting the herbs back in the basket. I've been categorizing this for a long time, but I was in the middle of sighing. The moment he pulls out the herb that falls between the crevices of the floor, he frowns and looks at the floor.

What is it?

I didn't know because I didn't care until just now, but this floor was something strange. In case you want to reach out, the floor sounds as if it's natural. And half the time I saw the box hidden under it, I spilled the real thing.

'What have you been hiding so hard?'

It was a suspicious box, no matter who saw it. Van sneaks through the door and carefully pulls out the box. Whether it's a honeycomb or something that can't be seen in front of the teammate? I didn't know what it was, but I wanted something to be a mockery. It allows you to fight back when you have a 'sword half' dream.

However, when he opened the box a moment later, Van was forced to make a face that looked like he had been hit in the back.

It was something he didn't expect at all.

"...... Carl?"