Take a Primitive Planet with You

Chapter 1, I really don't want to cross.

Ye Wen has never thought of himself from the best of the big god. At this time yesterday, Ye Wen is still open with mobile phone and friends, and the mouth of the spicy chicken teammates, and today is old Punish.

Touching the pendant with him through him, Ye Wen's heart shouted, I really don't want to cross!

Ye Wen is a north drifting, three graduates, now in Beijing, take a takeaway work, although it is very hard, but a rich remuneration gives him a great comfort, the first two days of Ye Wen Road passed by Pan Home, from one The stalls were spread on the neck, and the very big tongue spent the fifty RMB from the stall owner of the rape, and did not expect this pendant to give Ye Wen a huge frightening.

Last night, Ye Wenche watermelon, accidentally broke the finger, and then accidentally touched the blood, followed by the pendant, and Ye Wewen shouted on the beach.

This beach is extremely wide, the front of the beach is an inexperienced sea, behind is the lush original forest, Ye Wen has been trapped in the beach for four or five hours, he did not dare to go far away, suddenly came to a strange world Who knows what happens to meet, good to eat on the beach, the number of seafood falling in the sky, but the seafood seems to have a bigger, it has become huge.

Just taking a crab, the ordinary crabs on the beach are not limbs, there are watermelons, and the bigger Ye Wen is as big as the face, Ye Wen is only a long look, secretly walking, The thief scared.

Ye Wen now is a highland of the beach. At this time, he is holding a arm size of sea prawns, tastes a bit, but the taste is very good, the meat Q group is bomb, with a sweet taste. The foot is a creek made of a creek, which is full of water from the border of the trees.

After eating the sea shrimp, Ye Wen hit a fullness, then worriedly looked at the crystal pendant in his hand, but this, Ye Wewen suddenly found a big change in crystal pendant, Ye Wen remembered the crystal The pendant is transparent, but now it has become green, what Ye Wewen also reads countless, and I think about the pendant. This is enough. He is expected to go back.

With this finding, Ye Wen was happy, but he still took a while, it took a while. In the concept of thieves, Ye Wen played the idea of ​​crabs on the beach, such a big crab, In Beijing, you will definitely sell a good price, so Ye Wen has a dozens of grass ropes, from the tree, a big tree fork, simply do a crab tool, and rushing to the big crab go with.

When Ye Wewen felt that these crabs didn't look big, but stupid, as long as they fix them with a tree, they caught it.

After a few minutes, Ye Wewen grabbed more than a dozen, thinking that he can take these most, then don't catch, use the grass rope to tie the big crab, and link together, sit in a height Waiting for the accumulated energy.

After almost an hour, the color of the pendant is not changed, but there is still no white light that can hang, is it wrong? Ye Wen couldn't help but appear in a hurry, constantly recalling the details of the cross, suddenly taking a head, thinking that the pendant is getting a blood of the blood, so Ye Wen can't wait for it. The branches of the roots were tied to the fingers, and they used the blood to touch the pendant. At this time, his other hand also firmly grasped those crabs, which is a typical money to not live.

Under Ye Wen's gaze, a white light screen appeared in front of his eyes, unequal Ye Wen excited, as if the space reversed, Yewen's brain fell into a downtime, after a while, Ye Wen returned to God, already appeared In his rental house. I still put a big crab in my hand.

Put down the crab, Ye Wen hands hold the jade pendant, tears directly from the eyes, Ye Wen knows, his fate has changed, from today, he is not a small silk that is no longer before.

Put a excited emotion, solemnly hang the jade pendant on the neck, Ye Wen picked up the mobile phone on the table, looked at the time, once again shocked, the time on the phone is only too For six minutes, that is, the world and the earth's time ratio is a minute of the world, that the world.

Sitting on the bed, Yewen is a cigarette, looking at the crab on the foot, everything happening today is a dream.

Yewen's rental house has a twenty flat, and it has been to Beijing for more than two years. I have a small savings. I have earned hard-earned money. This rental house is also Ye Wen last month rent. When I arrived Ye Wen can only share with others in the basement, and it is not convenient. It is not convenient until the roommates who share rent last month are really can't live in the pressure of Beijing. When I returned to my hometown, Ye Wen rented a comfortable house to live.

I took a smoke. Ye Wen put the crab into the bathtub. Ye Wen is in this big bathtub when I rent a house. The price is also particularly touching, and the price is still very moving. Running takeaway as long as diligence, a month's income is also available for such expensive rent. Stress is still there, Ye Wen's life has a money is a bastard, and it is not necessary to make it, it doesn't matter too much. Don't give yourself stress, I don't know how many cattle is forced.

Put a good crab, Ye Wen is happy to watch them like a pile of small money. The sky is already black, Ye Wen was lying on the bed, but the brain's excitement always let him sleep.

Ye Wen uses hand strokes the pendant. According to the calculation of the world, the charging time of the pendant is about six hours. Due to the difference between the two time, the time in that world can be ignored, that is, Yewen You can cross the world four times a day, as long as you are careful, in that world is not dead, the seafood on the beach can make Ye Wen all the clothes, Yewen has no big ideals, there is money, find a good The wife is very faint, but since the old man gave him a golden finger, I went to see the scenery of the mountain.

Ye Wen , unconscious, I fell asleep, dreaming of Ye Wen did a dream, dreaming of he to start a good, luxury, luxury car, villa, beautiful wife, lovely children It's all, I finally became a world richest.