Hilbert led the fleet with a no-purpose search in the universe.

Until one day he got a news he wanted in a destroyed civilization, the heart of the universe has been stored in the universe.

So Hilbert is rushing to the Galaxy.

The ancestral Earth was still a continent, similar to the ancient saying, is the form of a gentle circle, although the ambition does not develop technology, but then because it is the universe of the universe, the world is full of rich aura So the human beings on the ancestral, after millions of years of evolution, finally formed their own civilization, that is, extraordinary civilization.

When Hilbert Xinghuo came to Grand Star, I found that there is still a woman who has not been developed. Of course, I am excited, so I ordered the handfall, start to kill the ancestral indigenous, and I plan to destroy everyone, in happiness Looking for the heart of the universe.

The initial action is also smooth, because the extraordinary people in the ancestral cultivation will have a small world that belongs to their own disciples, rarely contacts the outside world, which makes Hilbert find a gap.

When hidden in the small world, the ancestral, the people on the ambition have been killed by 40%, which makes all the big thunder.

So Hilbert's disaster is coming, he has a uncomfortable fleet in his hand, and it has become a bunch of broken copper, like a paper passed, and Hilbert is only like the paper paste. I am awake, and the ancestral is not the power that is not resistant.

Hilbert is not a fool. After learning that there is a force that can fight against him, he immediately stays away from the ancestral star, then informs his father, has found the heart of the universe, but the other civilization power is not less than your own Let their father to support people.

After the king of Culas heard the news, he was excited. He made Hilbert a coordinates, saying that it will come to support.

Although Hilbert was very far from the ancestral, it was very interested in the rare super civilization of the ancestral star, so she secretly sent people to the ancestral star, caught a lot of low-level extraordinary people, lectured. The division of strength on the ancestral.

The cultivation on the ancestralization is now cultivated in Yewen. In addition to refining the oil, refining the gods, the gods, the gods returned, and they also have a higher realm.

After the refining is the same, it is necessary to practice the realm of the scattered fairy.

After the Tianxian, true immortality, Jinxian, Daro.

Hilbert has seen extraordinary civilization, and it is also very tall. The Kulace family is a science and technology test. Without the help of science and technology, it is the slag of the battle. It is not a countertop, so I want to think about it. Practice, but the old God does not give the face. After he tried, he knew that their family was not suitable for practice, and finally had to regret.

As the top science and technology civilization of the universe, the Culas family is not afraid that these superfigters on the ancestral, can be based in the universe, which ethnic group has no stack in the bottom of the box.

When Hilbert came out, he just took some guidelines, the real army and super weapons were also controlled in his hand.

The ancestral energy is also a little enemy. For these very much, the cosmic universe is not a rare thing. They know that there are other life in the universe, so Hilbert attacked the ancestral, big It would be a burst incident, since Hilbert has been in advance, and there is no search, but this has also created the hidden danger.

After the king of Kulas and Hilbert, Hilbert reported that the ancestral information reported to his Laozi, Kulaus's king also had a certain understanding of the fighting power of the mother.

Then, compared the skills of his own, with reference to it, it feels completely unimpeded, so I launched a war of the second attack.

This time, it is much longer than the last tiger's tail. It is more than 800 years. In this period, both sides also know that the strength of the other party is indeed, the end result is the king of Kulas, the mother star has one The great weapons of the Culsi, and the ruins of the Kurasian final weapon finally had to enter the sleep state due to energy, and the damage is very serious, and Hilbert is in the end of the final battle. Some kind, secretly ran to the Franki Ship, with the destruction of the Francisco to sleep, until the sky is awakening energy stone, the Runxun ship absorbed the energy, restart, Hilbert and his hand reached wake up.

So Hilbert is the person who knows the combat power of the ultraordinator, and just the reaction will be so big.

The four punishment of the people from the Directive Directs of the Fimony Sanchez, seeing the Qingtiancheng, showing their own energy weapons and maintaining a defensive posture.

"You find that there is no, from the gesture of the machine, it seems to be a jealous of this giant bird!"

There is a saying in the high level of the video.

"Yes, it may be that this giant bird has seen it? If you don't have the actions of the two days of the robor, it is basically no damage! Formerly put it before, it should be rushing to destroy it." Someone attached.

"Don't call first, no matter what the giant bird is, since it is willing to help human beings, we are our friends, we still pray that the giant bird can win the victory! Otherwise! Oh!" The old open mouth.

Everyone is careful to close his mouth and look at the meeting screen.

After the promotion of the martial arts of the martial arts, the Qinggui was all open.

After seeing the machine has revealed his own weapon, the Qingtian carving is going to go all out, a high scream, the body that has been several tens of meters in the moment has risen to four or five hundred meters, giving all people watching the video are scared. A hop.

"Forest bureau, you see, you also said it is not a beast, this is the magical size of mythology!" Some people shocked.

"Amount, I don't know! The last time it saved the plane, I didn't show this energy, but the stronger of the giant bird is a good thing! It can drill it at this time, it is no doubt, I can't get it from the sky. "Lin Director" replied.

After the Qing Dynasty, he did not use the body. It was sprayed against hell moderate against the four machines. It has been watching the battle. If you don't break the energy cover outside the machine armor, it is not damaged. The interior of the armor.

After the Qingtian Carving, Hilbert couldn't hold it.

"Is this the sun's real fire?" Hilbert shocked.

The sun really fire is the top flame of the ancestral ancient retrieval of the Cook, can also be said to be a knock. It is no wonder that Hilbert will not sit, if this is a fairy super extraordinary, then Hilbert's power is at all, and it is possible to quietly.

"No, the temple is not the sun's real fire. According to the energy hood contact, the flame temperature can only reach the thousandth of the sun, if it is a real sun, this penalty is now gray, However, this flame is not small, with the state of punishment, it will be broken after two minutes, "Sanchez replied.

"It seems that the small world is really coming, telling the punishment to return immediately, we are now insufficient to compete with them, don't be fearless sacrifice." Hilbert command.


Sanchez quickly passed the instruction to the four machines. After the machine has been commanded, it began to resist hell moderate, while retreating to the sea, the meaning of running is very obvious.

"These bastards are going to run!" Suddenly there was a big shouting.

"Well, obviously the strength of the giant bird is higher, the enemy should be an enemy, to run, but but unfortunately, the giant bird does not communicate with us. If this war machine can leave one, just! "There is a tanguary.

The Qingguang also saw that the enemy's trend is going to run, and as a lot of the bangs, the Qingtian Vaguue has been fully aware of the strength of yourself, that is, I am very strong, this battle is shot. Of course, Qingtian carvings will not stop this, and smash the output power of the land of prison, let the four machine articles have to attack the spirit of the blue sky, there is no time to escape.

"A group of waste! Even the escape is so hard!" Hilbert looked at the battle picture.

"His Royal Highness, you can't blame them, mainly the resistance of them is not full, it is very likely that the defense cover is directly broken." Sanchez is on the side.

Hilbert sighed: "After leaving two punishment, the remaining two have been run first, as for the temple can run away, see their own creation."

"His Royal Highness, now the enemy is weak, save strength, and minimize losses to the lowest." Sanchez slammed.

After the four machines get the order, there are so soon a machine armor will have two other machines behind them. In addition, the two machines have not returned. After the companions resist the hidden inflammation, they will leave the battlefield, to the ocean Walk deep everywhere.

Less two companions, the remaining two machines have a bigger pressure, did not stick to it for dozens of seconds, the transparent defense cover showed thinking cracks, finally collapsed, the machine has been too long because of the resistance time. The energy is exhausted, turned scrap iron.

After the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty was broken, I would like to try my own claws, unexpectedly, the enemy himself directly.

The Culs family's armor is equipped with laser weapons and original weapons, but these two weapons are also unused because energy is exhausted.

The Qingtian car is a little annoyed to look at the two machines in front of him. There is a kind of Mad, my pants are taken away, you give me a feeling of movie.

So Qingtiancang pushed up a slap in a paw, flew to the sky, flew in the mainland, and then gave two machines to a free fall.

Then fly away.

"Pretty! We are victory?" The Minister of Defense was a little surprised and happy.

"It should be that the two machines should be energy depletion, weak combat, now I ordered, immediately send people to find the two machines, this giant bird is still very sensible, actually knows that the machine armor is back, Hahaha! "The old man is happy.

Soon, the ground army, found them in the direction of the machine.

This inter-time weapon has become something most important, and the high-level leaders of the military have also arrived at the place where the military.

"How? What? What is it?" A senior officer asked about the scene of the scene.

"The head of the report, the machine has indeed been exhausted due to energy, and we have lost its combat capabilities, and we also found the driving position of the machine armor, but now there has not been found to control the switch, our technical personnel are looking for.

There is also ... "Live a repayment.

"What else, how to swallow spit." Asked the head.

"It is based on us to estimate that this machine has been operated with light energy, and the conversion rate is extremely fast. If you can't open the cockpit as soon as possible, we may still have trouble."

"Rely! That is still doing, I will organize people to find it! If they recover combat skills again, then it is not a trouble, we are the wolf into the room." The head of the head is also scared, burst.


On-site command, immediately send everyone to find the cockpit switch.

Under the effort of hundreds of people, found it.

After opening the machine drove, a team elite special warrior took the lead in entering the cabin.

The cabin is very large, and it is also very science, the soldiers are also quickly found the driver of the machine, the driver's fish, and it will be surprised enough.

However, the driver has died, and the team leader is carefully checked. It is found that it is died in suicide. It should be died after the energy is exhausted.

The news on the machine armor immediately wore the capital headquarters.


Everyone is incredible, human beings have been looking for other lives of the universe, and they did not expect people under the human eyelids, and no one found, and obvious to human beings are unfringent attitudes.

"Personal fish tail, so, the mermaid sent by the ancients is these aliens." The old man looked at the death of the Culas, and the brow wrinkled.

"In addition to the news of the alien, how about the armor?" Asked the elders.

"Report, the hardness is unknown, but the hardness is several times the diamond, so there is no damage to the fall behind, and there is a good news. According to the simple research of scientists, the machine has been operated by light energy. It has a light energy converter, which can convert light energy into a light energy crystallization, is very amazing, that is, as long as we can master the machine, you can use the machine to fight, but ... "The communication person reported.

"But what?" The old man who heard the good news was slightly stretched a little, but after hearing two words, God was tense.

"However, those scientists let me report to you, saying that they have to take back and remove it, and technology can make our country can enter a new era." Communications said.

"Mon! When is it now, how can it be a war? How can such a powerful weapon? This is not a joking with the front line of the soldiers, this matter I hold an observation." I didn't wait for the old opening, the Minister of Defense first fried Temple.