Ten trillion

Chapter 1560 Digging the wall

the other side.

Zhang Feng did not continue to call Qin Yu after knowing that Qin Wei did nothing.

We want to find Wei Xiaotian, and it takes time to wait, so Zhang Feng is not anxious.

Because of this time, Zhang Feng has never went to Hua Tianshui.

Therefore, Zhang Feng feels that there is nothing in it now, and he should go to Hua Tianshui.

Zhang Feng drives to Hua Tianshui.

Although Zhang Feng has not been over for a long time, the business is still very hot under Xia Zaiqing's business, of course, this also has the credit of the heavyweight guests in Zhang Feng's opening ceremony.

After Zhang Feng entered the meeting, I found that I didn't come over, there are many new waiters who don't know who they are, and they don't even let Zhang Feng go in.

Finally, I finally encountered a waiter who met Zhang Feng, and took Zhang Feng into Hua Tianshui.

After entering the Hua Tianshui, Zhang Feng came directly to Xia Yiqing's office, and then knocked on the door very cautious.

"Please come!"

Summer sound sounded.

Zhang Feng smiled into the office of Xia Yiqing.

"Yi Qingjie, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

Zhang Feng smiled and shouted in Xia Xi.

After Xia Zaiqing, after hearing Zhang Feng said, I couldn't help but looked at Zhang Feng. The expression on my face was somewhat surprised, and the light said: "Zhang Boss, do you still remember that you have a clock?"

"Yi Qingjie, I have something to deal with before, so I have been in Xiangjiang ..."

Zhang Feng has some embarrass explanation.

Today's Xia Xiqing dressed up very beautiful, wearing a black turtle t-shirt, revealing the perfect clavicle, and the following is a denim shorts, step on a pair of high heels, matching the beautiful face, is simply in the best The best.

"Zhang Shaoye's thing is really much, what is the instructions come over today?"

Xia Xiqing asked faint.

"I can have any indication, I just want to ask you what is wrong with you?"

Zhang Feng smiled back to a sentence.

"There is no problem in my side!"

Xia Xiqing shook his head gently.

After all, Hua Tianhui has been managing in Summer for so many years.

Therefore, even if it changed the boss, there will be no effect on Xia Yiqing.

"Nothing is good ..."

Zhang Feng nodded and looked up, then got up and down, Xia Xiqing glanced, smiled and said: "Su Qing sister, you have worked for so many years in our Hua Tianshui, is there a feeling of this place?"

"Of course!"

Xia Xiqing nodded gently.

"Well ..."

Zhang Feng listened to Xia Xiangqing, he hurriedly he nodded, and then continued: "That is Qing Sister, how do you think I am?"


"How are you?"

Xia Xiqing was directly stunned after hearing Zhang Feng said, then the expression was puzzled, and he asked Zhang Feng. "How did you suddenly think of me?"

"Nothing, I just ask ..."

Zhang Feng smiled, he rushed to Xia Yiqing.

Xia Zaiqing's expression is very serious, and then said that there is no expression: "I think you are not so much?"

"Why? Where did I sin?"

Zhang Feng said very unexpectedly.

"Where are you sin, do you have your own heart? Anyway, I just think that you are not so good?"

Xia Xiqing said faint.

Zhang Feng heard the words of Xia Zaiqing, the expression on his face was a bit embarrassed, then whisper: "Yi Qingjie, we don't consider the character of private feelings, I am doing a boss, you think I am this person. How about it?"

"If you are a boss?"

Xia Xiqing looked at Zhang Feng hesitated for two seconds, then said that said: "Although your boss is not responsible, it is actually it, at least you trust me!"

"That is to say, do you think I am a boss or a qualified?"

Zhang Feng said some excited to ask Xia Zaiqing.

"What should you say?"

Xia Xiqing wrinkled with the brow and asked Zhang Feng.

"That kinds of sunny sister, you have always been here to do general manager, I will give you some shares, how do you think?"

Zhang Feng is now can't find someone who can replace Xia Zaiqing. It is also found that Zhang Feng also feels that the general manager of Xia Zaiqing's most suitable Hua Tianship will, so Zhang Feng does not intend to let Xia Zaiqing leave.

Once Xia Xiqing, once if you leave, it is definitely a loss for Zhang Feng.

"I said this thing, you still go to Liu Qing's business!"

Xia Zaiqing understood the meaning of Zhang Feng's meaning and faint.

"Yi Qingjie, you are you, Liu Qing is Liu Qing, why is our two things to discuss? You said that you don't want to stay here? If you think that the treatment is dissatisfied You can mention me now, as long as I can do it, I will definitely do ... "

Zhang Feng said that he was very serious and said to Xia Yiqing.

"Xiao Zhang Feng, you are really too authentic, actually I am not digging my wall!"

But at this time, Xia Zaiqing's bedroom suddenly came up with a woman's voice.

Zhang Feng stunned after hearing this voice.

"Da da da……"

Then, it is a high heels tap the sound of the ground.

Liu Qing wore a white bag with a white bag, and his body came out from the bedroom.

Today, Liu Qing dressed very beautiful, especially the pair of legs, it can be said to be the best in the best, and the long white pen is straight.

In this world, it is estimated that there is no woman's leg, which can be attractive to Liu Qing.

However, when Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng could appreciate these things, because he didn't know that Liu Qing was in the bedroom of Xia Xiqing.

"Xiao Zhang Feng, you are really unsatisfactory, even my people dare to grab!"

Liu Qing stepped into Zhang Feng in front of the high heels, and his expression was angry with Zhang Feng shouted.

"How are you here?"

Zhang Feng said helplessly asked Liu Qing.

"I am free to come over, I can't find it, don't you play?"

Liu Qing took a little mouth and then continued: "I have heard it with the words that I have said to it. How do you plan to compensate me?"

"What do I compensate?"

Zhang Feng asked some speechless.

"You secretly carry me a thing, don't you plan to give me an explanation?"

Liu Qing asked Zhang Feng.

"What explanation do you want?"

Zhang Feng asked helplessly.