Ten trillion

Chapter 1 You are not worthy of me

"The fortune teller said that one day I will add a yellow robe to my body, every day I will eat a lot of meat."

But Zhang Feng never thought that this day would come so soon.

In order to support himself and his girlfriend, the university has not graduated yet.

Zhang Feng put on a takeaway uniform and rode an electric car through the streets of Jiangcheng every day.

Today is the birthday of his girlfriend Chen Wenwen. After delivering the last takeaway in the morning, Zhang Feng can go on a date with her.

With excitement, Zhang Feng took the takeaway and walked in toward the Four Seasons Hotel.

At this moment, a pair of young men and women walked out of the elevator arm in arm.

The man is wearing an Armani shirt, a Rolex watch in his hand, and a bunch of BMW keys on his waist.

The woman is wearing a miniskirt, revealing two white thighs, her face is flushed, she looks very attractive.

The two of them stuck together, frolicking and playing and behaving very ambiguously.

"Chen Wenwen?!"

Seeing the scene before him, Zhang Feng couldn't believe his eyes and ran over with excitement.

Because last night, Chen Wenwen told Zhang Feng that she was going to the movie with her girlfriends, so she would not come back that night.

But Zhang Feng never expected that he would meet her at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Suddenly hearing Zhang Feng's voice, Chen Wenwen's expression changed, and she subconsciously wanted to break free, but was held tightly in her arms by the boy next to her.

"What are you afraid of?"

"Do you still want to get back together with this poor ghost?"

The boy with Chen Wenwen in his arms is not considered tall, but rather short.

If it weren't for his brand name, it would be thrown in the crowd, and no girl would want to look at him.

Chen Wenwen's eyes flickered, there was no panic before, what was left was endless indifference.

"Zhang Feng, since you found out, then I will tell you straight, your girlfriend is with me!"

The boy holding Chen Wenwen is Yang Wei, and Zhang Feng is in the same class.

But compared with Zhang Feng, Yang Wei is a well-known rich second generation in the class.

When Zhang Feng heard Yang Wei's words, he staggered back a few steps, his face becoming hard to look.

But he did not pay attention to Yang Wei, but reached out to pull Chen Wenwen.

"Wenwen, let's go back! I will give you happiness."

"Don't touch me!" Chen Wenwen pushed away Zhang Feng's hand, "Why should I go back with you? Can you buy the phone I like, the bag I want? Even watching a movie, Wait until my birthday, what will you bring me happiness!"

"Wenwen, although I am poor now,...but I will work hard!" Zhang Feng gritted his teeth.

"Efforts? Haha! You are an orphan, with no money, no power, no background, you just give away food for a lifetime, and you can't compare with Yang. What effort are you doing?" Chen Wenwen sneered.

"Zhang Feng, wake up, Wenwen won't go back with you, is it possible to go back and deliver food with you?" Yang Wei also sneered.

"Zhang Feng, I wanted to tell you a long time ago, you are not good enough for me, let's break up!" Chen Wenwen said indifferently.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Wenwen turned to look at Yang Wei, and said with a smile: "Young Master Yang, let's go."

After all, Chen Wenwen took the initiative to hold onto Yang Wei.

Yang Wei looked at Zhang Feng with disdain, and said coldly: "Poor cock is not worthy of love, understand?!"

After speaking, Yang Wei took Chen Wenwen and walked towards a BMW car outside the hotel.

Seeing Chen Wenwen's back, Zhang Feng's heart was pulled.

Angry, painful, unwilling, but helpless...

"Just because Yang Wei is rich, can you humiliate me like this?"

Zhang Feng lowered his head, his hands clenched his fists tightly, his nails were sinking into his palms, so that blood flowed out.

Zhang Feng and Chen Wenwen met at university. The first time they met in the class, the two confirmed their relationship. At that time, Chen Wenwen was still very simple.

But now she betrayed herself and chose to be with Yang Wei.

Zhang Feng did not try to stay, nor did he pursue Chen Wenwen, because he is a poor dick, what qualifications does he have to fight Yang Wei?

And Zhang Feng also saw through Chen Wenwen.

To be honest, in the past two years, Chen Wenwen has used money to humiliate Zhang Feng because of her poverty.

But Zhang Feng didn't say a word, so he could only desperately deliver food and make money to support her.

But now, she is secretly carrying herself and messing with the rich second generation outside!

"Chen Wenwen, today you humiliate me in every possible way, and I will surely make you unable to climb high in the future!" Zhang Feng said brightly.

Jiangcheng University, inside the canteen.

"Zhang Feng, I want to start."

Roommate Wang Xiong said: "I told you a long time ago that Chen Wenwen is not a person in the same world as us. She is so beautiful, she has a spicy body, and she can talk, and she is not a serious woman."

"As the saying goes, the goddess of the poor, the fine pots of the rich, and the long-legged, big-breasted net red faces like her are all for the second generation of the rich. Don't mix up with our dicks, or we will end up being green. It's still us."

"Besides, haven't you sex with her too? You don't suffer."

"I didn't slap it." Zhang Feng said.

"Fuck it, isn't it? You talked for two years, and you haven't sex with her? You usually go out to the movies, don't you all open the room!"

Wang Xiong jumped up all of a sudden, with a distressed look.

"It was a standard double bed, nothing happened." Zhang Feng said.

"No! I lost hundreds of millions of dollars!"

Zhang Feng thinks about it, it seems to be a bit disadvantaged.

However, Zhang Feng really liked Chen Wenwen and respected her, so he never forced her to happen to him.

Just, oh...

Zhang Feng glanced at the order message on his phone. The only benefit of breaking up should be that he can finally not deliver food!

At this moment, the mobile phone made a beep, indicating that a text message had arrived.

"Your last number is 4466 account, the credited amount is 1000000000.00 yuan, and the balance is 1000000056.00 yuan!"

Zhang Feng stared at this text message, his eyes staring as big as a copper bell.

I am grass!Who has beaten me with one billion?