Tensei Oujo wa Kyou mo Hata o Tatakioru

The mourning of a certain pharmacist.

Transfer the fresh medicine that was milled by Yagen to the paper.

Rolfe, who was standing next to him, reached out.Tap the edge of the paper with your fingertips, put the powder in the center, and then wrap it tactfully.

While impressed by the polite work that can't be thought of from the usual shitty postcard, I will place the pharmaceutical car.He turned his shoulders, stiff and dull, and waved his hands.

”Ahh... my shoulders are stiff”

Rolf, who was lining up his medicine bag on another desk, stared at him in horror as he roared out in a wild voice.

Old man.

"It's my old man."

What are you doing now? I squinted with my nose.

Even though it was already thirty, there was something to fix.If it's a teenage opponent, it's better.

When Rolf heard my words, he squinted his eyes lightly, so he squinted his face.Rather than unpleasant, I'm not in a good mood.Rolf murmured, his face as if he were a muffled child.

"... if Volff-sama is his old man, his husband will be his old man too"

I see, I nodded in my heart.

The other day, our Lord's official engagement was definitely with a man my age.However, the only thing that is similar is age.

Compared to their status and family ties, they are far from irresistible.On top of that, that look. I don't even want to clash.

There's a man out of his word for "old man."

"If Marie asks, you'll get angry."

Marie saw several scenes with the Kingsguard Commander, but she seemed to be quite falling in love.According to what I hear, they've been chasing after me for a long time.

Marie, who is indifferent to herself and tolerates ranting about [slut], probably won't if she is bewitched by a man she fell in love with.

"If you really don't want me to hate you, stop it."


Rolf is silent, but he probably knows it.

Rolfe has a lot of stupid behavior, but his head is spinning fast and he can't read the air.Except for Marie, she doesn't speak rudely, and slapping the 'slut' and the hate mouth is a measure of how far she is allowed to go.I am relieved to see that the essence does not change even if we change to the position of princess and subordinate, rather than children of the same age.I wasn't sure if he was aware of it.

"If you're the same age..."


I wish I could've told Lord Volff.


Unexpectedly, now I was silent.

After a few blinks, I stared at Rolf.He looks away uncomfortably, but apparently he doesn't intend to retract his remarks.

"Except for your age, you don't look alike."

What's happening?

"Everything. The Commander of the Kingsguard of the great powers and the son of the famous Count family."Besides, did you see that beautiful face? "

"Even Lord Volff is the son of the chief of the Kuah tribe."Although it is a part of the countryside, it does not allow other followers in the field of medicine.It's not a bad idea to tie her up as a son-in-law, considering that the value will jump ahead.It's true that my face is strong, but it's in order.I've seen quite a few scenes where the castle maid is falling in love with me. "

It seemed like Rolfe was buying me very expensively, unexpectedly.

"I didn't expect you to think that way."... the Kuas are worth a fortune, and I'm proud to be a fairly good man myself. "

Place your hand on Rolf's head and slap him like he's going to forgive you.

"But I don't have enough of the most important things." You know that, don't you? "

If Marie is going to marry someone she doesn't want for her country, I've thought about it.If it was a complete political marriage, and the man was not a loser, he would have used everything he had to get in the way.

But it's not.

Marie... she won the marriage she wanted with her own strength.

What can you do to me when you two lovebirds with no interruption are happily married?

Marie, who thought she was going to be my daughter-in-law, was enough for me to become the head of the Duke's house.

Even if Marie is a princess, the Countess's position as the master of the Kuah clan could be a burden.I didn't have the idea of having another husband from the end, but I didn't mean to cause any trouble.

"I'm happy enough to have Marie as my master."


I laughed bitterly at the silent protest.

"You are also that exclusive personality, it's time to do something about it."Why don't you learn from Lily? "

I don't know if I want to solidify my surroundings with just someone who forgives me.It is also understandable that the important person does not like to leave in the form of marriage.

Until now... if the world was completed by just one member of the family, that's fine.But we decided to get involved with the outside world.Then change must be accepted.

When I was in the village, Lilly seemed more familiar and stubborn than Rolf, but it was different.

Lily is also interacting actively with people other than her family.There are remnants of people I know, and they seem nervous to people I've never met, but they still seem to be working hard.I think it's very healthy to see her husband, Marie, working hard to be useful.

And one more thing. Lilly had a smiley change.

I looked out the window and saw the medicinal herb garden.

Beside Lilly, who cared for the medicinal herbs, was a young man wearing a striking white robe.

Mikhail von Diebold.

A magician of terrestrial attributes with rare powers to heal and promote plant growth.He was very compatible with us, the pharmacists, and we had a deep exchange.

The personality is calm, decent and modest.

Lily keeps her distance from other men, but she seems to be close to him.

Does it suit my personality, or does it suit my story?I often witness scenes that seem to be enjoyable.

The subject of their conversation is often Marie.

Lily knew, but Mikhail worshipped Marie too.The other day, the two of them were exuberant about Marie's engagement.

Rather than being a conscious opposite sex, Lily and Mikhail, like like their fellow scholars, would be very happy if they became a couple in the future.

Looking at Lily and the others thinking so, Rolf noticed that they were looking in the same direction.There were no bad feelings in his expression, but he opened his mouth curiously.

"... it looks like Lilly's been taken away. Are you lonely?"

Although he was prepared to be bitten, Rolf sighed in amazement.

"I'm not a kid."

A warm look at the two of them proved that they were not strong.

Lily and Rolf are closer than they are childhood friends.Too close to seeing each other as opposite sexes would be impossible.

Rolf's face was that of his brother, who rejoiced in his sister's happiness.

"I'm sure I'm exclusive."But I don't think my sex is rotten enough to get in the way of a happy person. "

"You... then what was that before?"

"It's called the body's inner cavity."

Rolf shrugged his shoulders as he gently squinted.

I raised the corner of my mouth slightly.

Rolfe smiled bitterly with an adult face as he looked straight at me, tilting his neck without knowing what it meant.

“I know he's the happiest.But if at the same time Lord Volff can be happy, it's even better, right? "

I washed away the void and lost my words.

I didn't think I'd be noticed.

I dared to pretend not to see it myself.

I was drunk on younger girls more than once, and it was a bad idea to develop my feelings even more.He cut off the water before he grew up and waited for it to wither.

But unfortunately, it's stubborn, and I'm desperately crushing the occasional sprout.

If you ask me if this is love, I can only answer that I don't know.

I want to leave it unknown.

I was stung by my engagement, so I should be slowly out of breath, probably without a name.

"... thank you very much."

Rolf strokes his head ramblingly.

I think she's a nice girl who doesn't wave away even though she looks disgusting.

"I'm a happy man."

I laughed as if I didn't notice a bit of pain in my chest.