I dreaded my eyes a few times and cleared my vision.

Let's hit the fluffy bed, get up close and look at the mirror on the wall....

A hand like a plump maple leaf.

A misguided arm that seems to have led to Frank Sausage.

Soft cheekbones protruding from the bulge.

The body of the Three Idiots who do not move at will.

This fat body that looks like a four-year-old, even though it's in the air.

I looked in the mirror and thought of myself as a lost person.

'Again, I regressed again.'

I can't believe I have to live this life again!

* * *

My name is LeBlaine.

From the beginning, my life wasn't a mess.

It was certainly fortunate that I became the only child born on February 29 who was an orphan of Heavenly Love.

Because the Emperor adopted me to the noble family for a plaque called the child of destiny.

Just sitting on Emperor Hu's knee picking out one of her portraits, I became the child of my chosen family.

There were a total of three options.

1. Duke Amitier, a righteous warrior who defends the order of the Empire.

2. The Duke of Valois of a prestigious family that has expelled a thousand scholars.

3. Duke Dubled, who possessed strong military power and goods, but was the villain.

The family I chose in my first life was Amitier.

He chose without knowing anything in the spirit of a complete baby, but Duke Amitier was a decent father.

As a prudent, just and rational man, I followed with admiration my stepfather.

Until then it was a peaceful life.

'Until Mina, the child of real destiny, appeared in this world.'

I did. In fact, I was a child of false destiny who came out of dishonoring the trust.

Unlike me, who trained for only three or four hours a day, but failed to express her divine power properly, Mina was the perfect 'child of destiny'.

During the drought, they summoned spirits and stopped the war with prophecies.

Just as bright as the sun, she was loved by everyone.

Even my adopted father, Duke Amitier.

She seemed to have mixed the two halves so much that her father's first love might have given birth to a daughter from a different level.

My father and Mina were attracted to each other like fate. Eventually, with the help of the diocese, Mina became the second daughter of her father.

And I.....

'I was sacrificed for Mina in the ritual of sealing the evil god.'

I was glad when I first came back. I regarded it as a new life opportunity given by God.

In his second life, he chose Duke Valois.

And I got hit by Duke Valois on a shameless day.

He was a real bad guy.

Every day, I was educated, and I only washed and decorated when I went to the Imperial Palace with my hands like a cauldron.

The last day of my second life was the same. I got shot and hit my head on the corner of my desk, and when I opened my eyes, I regressed.

In my third life, I ran away.

But what can you do with your baby's body? The parrot went into the paddle and starved to death after all the hard work he had.

That's how I realized that after three regressions, my life became four cars.

'Yeah, this place is wrong. Let's get out of here.

To think so, the door opened terribly, and a gorgeously dressed old woman came in.

She sat me down on her knees and touched me. Then the maid brought me three portraits of only the palm of her hand.

"It's time to choose your father."

She smiled very kindly.

But I know.

The moment it turns out I was actually a fake, how cold this eye gets.

The Emperor gave me a portrait with a slash of my head.

"Well, he's a child of destiny. Please choose."

I saw three portraits, and my outfit burst and I rubbed my eyes with a misguided fist. And he breathed within.

'Let's calm down. We need a place to stay anyway.'

I can't live and die in solidarity with a beggar's hand, just like my life.

A family that can live in silence and exile without worrying about losing their lives until they exile.

Choosing such a family.

Then, this time.

"Oh, my God."

The maid and Empress who saw the portrait I chose opened their eyes.

* * *

Arriving at the family to be adopted with the teachings of Emperor Hu, I saw a man who would be my father and swallowed the dried saliva.

'You're so handsome.'

The man was a gorgeous handsome man who had a day's worth of sneaking around.

A delicate chin line that seems to have been cut.

The eyes of the glorious cyan blue.

A neat nose and beautifully situated lips.

Sturdy body concealed in the shirt.

Accessory key.

A knurled shoulder.

What was strange was that the eyes of such a beautiful man were as bright as those of a slayer.

I was just wondering if it would work like this if I was hit by an elbow.

The man who was staring at me, Zigsy, finally opened his well-established lips.

"Did you send me to boil that Bamthol?"

To conclude, my choice was Duke Dubled, the villain of the underworld.

'In fact, in my first life, it was a black tent.'

I thought it might be another hole, but the other option was too bad.

A man's deputy stood beside me and replied in a pucky tone.

"There was a message from the Emperor asking for the upbringing of the child."

The Duke of Dublin, who touched his slender jaw with his long fingers, raised his body.

"You're old."

Then he declared without hesitation.

"Send it back."

"But, Your Honor, this is a chance to get back in touch with the Church. Declining the Emperor's request with a dagger will also complicate things."

The deputy persuaded him enthusiastically, and I shook my head.

'No, Deputy, you're wrong.'

Four times in my life, even if I've never been over twenty years old.

So far, it looks like a pile of internal air.

"Will the threats of the Emperor or the Pope not be eaten? '

But that was hard for me.

This is the only place where it's easy to get away after growing up.

Amitiena, who takes precedence over the individual, and Valois, who thinks like a life of honor, will not even give us a chance to escape the 'child of destiny' sent by the Emperor.

This guy who doesn't care about me was perfect for my stepdad.

'There is only one way.'

I knocked on the deputy's trousers with both hands.

"Audit of Civirol Chiril Mutonbo Teem." (Tax Audit Without Notice, December 7, 2006).) "

The eyes of the two men were focused on me.


The deputy didn't know what I was saying. I was just embarrassed by the sudden cockroach.

I wanted to make fun of my heart.

'Ah, you immature body.'

It's an itchy pronunciation, and my tongue doesn't work because it's been regressed for a while.

This was the number of spleen.

I saw it clearly in my previous lives.

This winter, we saw an unannounced tax audit targeting Dublin Red.

Of course, Dubled, a tax evader, paid a huge penalty.

The Duke has only three sons. Even when my pronunciation was smashed, people who had dealt with the child were quite well acquainted.

But I quickly gave up hope.

You can't have raised a cold-blooded son of a bitch by my hand. You don't understand, do you?

'I wish I could write. But there's no way I can handle an immature pen. Ugh!'

Duke Dubled hugs me in a blink of an eye.

When I saw the sharp eyes, I felt the yesteryear, and I was tired of all of it.

"There was an unannounced tax audit on December 7th?"

.... How did you understand?

I liked it, but it wasn't a problem.

I pretended to be as naive as I could because I thought I was gross as a child.

"Uh-huh. Shh. It's Vimyri. (Yes. Shh, it's a secret.))"


Duke Dubled looks back at the deputy.

The deputy, who was a little embarrassed to see us, looked at us and replied.


"To what extent have the books been cleared?"

"What……. The words of a four-year-old. Do you truly believe that?"

"Can't you believe your four-year-old baby is saying thank you for the unannounced tax?"

"…… I will check immediately."

After answering that, the deputy quickly ran out of the room.

The Duke and I looked at each other for the rest of the room.

'It's really scary....'

I doubted this look, this talent, losing my wife with this power, and then having to retire for the rest of my life because of this.

'I'm afraid it must have been hard for the women to get close.'

He walks out loud and pulls the rope. Soon after, a woman in a maiden outfit came in.

The Duke said he was indifferent to me.

"You smell like a stinking pony."

"Do you want to help your baby take a bath?"


The woman bends her waist with me in her arms, and I leave the room hanging from the woman's neck.