"You're also gentle."

The grinning fanatics entered a heated meeting earlier.

In the meantime, I sat quietly on the duc's knee. In the middle, they only replied when they asked about the story they had heard from the temple or the Imperial Court.

Soon after, the meeting broke down.

One by one, the grandfather who remained until the last came to me.

"Thank you for telling me such a valuable story."

"Thank you. It's all about liking me. '

I regretted the church, which made me a fake fatherless child, and threw me as a sacrificial lamb when a real fatherless child appeared.

Besides, you can't dig up the Oracle from the old plateau where monsters roam with their young bodies.

"Here, it's a gift."

My grandfather gave me one candy.

I slipped my hand into Duke Dubled's arms and pulled out the candy.

'Even if I was less unfamiliar, I would have let you stroke my head.'

I could still wave my hand to my grandfather.

"Bye. (Goodbye.)"

Grandpa said, "My daughter is so cute, my daughter is so cute." I left the conference room.

There are only me, Duke, and two left in the conference room.

He gazes at Zigsy the day he whines at the candy peel, and he snatches the candy.

I was shocked. I hardened and alternated a few times with an empty-handed and candy-bearing duck.

And soon I was devastated.


My candy…….

You son of a bitch, you take the candy from the kid!

Duke Dublred is a bit of a sweetshell at once. And you are.


To give it to me?

'You're not such a bad guy.'

To think so, the Duke pressed my cheek with both hands.

The pressure causes the mouth to open like a crustacean, and the candy is thrown into the mouth.

'.... Bad guy.'

But the candy was delicious.

He touched my cheek, which was baked with candy.

"If someone goes back to the capital and gives you candy, will you tell me what my family does?"

"Child. (No.)"


You tell the people in the capital why I do that.

It's an imperial palace, a church, another Duke's family, and they've all been bothering me.

But I couldn't tell you the reason for that passage, so I said it out loud.

"I open the ball. (I'm with the Duke.)"

To date, Dubled has been the only family I have left with a sad memory.

I thought I could go back to the capital and endure the troubles I was going through four times.

The candy was delicious then.

The blanket was cozy.

Leah's lullaby was good to hear.

Duke Dubled wasn't as bad a villain as he heard.

As you go.

I thought so and saw the Duke.


Isn't that a smile you just caught in your mouth?

That's when Leah came in to pick me up.

"Oh, baby, my lord."

Leah, who was glad to see me, stopped walking and lowered her head.

The Duke puts me on the table and raises my body.

"Don't let them wander around noisily."


I never would have laughed at such cold blood.

* * *

After returning to the room, I stood in front of the couch table and fell in love with block play.

'All right, one more up on the 12th floor.'

Just one more.


The maids who watched me play well alone with my mother's smile were chattering.



Leah nods and the maids cover her mouth with their hands.

"Oh, my God."

"That's ridiculous."

"The sun is rising from the west. I can't believe your master cares about your baby."

Who cares about me?

I was as surprised as a man who heard of the Cheongcheon Wall. Warr blocks poured into that wind.

Angry, "Ugh!" Leah rushed to me as she groaned.

"It's okay, baby. You can put it back up. Self."

The sweet Leah collects blocks and raises them slowly.

"Leah, tell me more."

"That's right. How did you worry?"

Yeah, yeah. Tell me.

He's worried about me.

Leah opens her mouth by building a block for me.

"It's dangerous at night, so he told me to take good care of the baby."

How do you disassemble and combine 'Don't let it go around so loud'?

I was so amazed and amazed by her positive thinking.

"So you want to adopt your baby?"

"That would be great. The trainers will be happy to have a brother."

'Ah, Dubled's three accomplices.'

They were famous since I was a child, and they were more famous when I grew up.

They all had a chaotic appearance, no skill, no intellect, and a cool personality.

I've never seen it, but I've been told to be as bored as a name.

In the future, there were more names to be called than Dubled's three accomplices.

'Mina's brothers.'

As cold and indifferent to others as the Duke was, so sweet to Mina as they were to honey.

It was a well-known anecdote that when Mina was abducted by another country, three princes rushed over and completely trampled on the other country.

'Especially his eldest son had a triple relationship with the prince with Mina.'

"But is it really good for your baby to be adopted?"


"That's right. You're the one who pointed the knife at the deceased generation, and it's emotionally good for the baby to be adopted by another duke."


Leah calls out sharply, and the maid shrugs.

Leah, who was aiming for the maid, sent other employers out of her head.

Then I grabbed my hand gently and said,

"You're not that bad."


"You don't keep people by your side because of complicated circumstances, so you only live through years of misunderstandings."


"You're not as cold-blooded as people say you are. He loved you very much. If you hadn't died during childbirth, your baby would have had a good mother....."

Leah's eyes darkened with grief.


The Duke's wife was pregnant with a fourth?

I haven't heard that before the regression.

I didn't feel bad for the Duke.

'The Duchess and the child went wrong during childbirth....'

Then it also makes sense that the Duke is cold as frost in the middle of winter. How can we live properly without losing two loved ones?

"I don't want the baby to be afraid of you."


"So I hope you have a good father."


Leah, who carefully embraced me, stroked my back with a soft hand.

"He's kind."

The sound of whispering in the ear was sweet, and the breeze that came over the window was good.

Because of that, I closed my eyes with my face on Leah's shoulder.

* * *

It was only in the middle of the night that I stubbed my head under the pillow and groaned.

I'm hungry!

I rolled my head a lot to recall the memory before the regression, but I didn't eat until dinner.

Leah and the maids looked like I had fallen asleep and had not woken up.

I was going to wait until morning, but I couldn't stand the blunder.

'It's just an afternoon of candy and a glass of juice.'

I hit the floor because I was gross and lacking reason.

The only thing that occupied my head was the fear Asa felt over and over again.

When I was a Valois infant, I was trapped in an attic for days, and I was hungry, so I ran out.

During the defeat of the beggar, the pain of starving to death.

'I have to find food and eat.'

After all, I came down from the bed carefully, entrusted with instinct.

I pushed the huge door, groaning, and went out into the hallway.

I came to the reference kitchen with the terror of darkness, but the door was locked.

Oh, my God.

I roamed the castle again.

It was only a short time ago that I found a loaf of bread in the servants' waiting room.

It was cut in half and pervasive, as if someone had left something to eat, but I was satisfied that I had found something to eat.

With the bread in his arms, God ran down the corridor.

Go back to your room and eat.


While I was running mad on bread, I hesitated to hit something hard.

I looked up at something I wanted to bump into, and I said, "Ugh!" I took a breath and hurriedly hid the bread behind my back.

Duke Dubled looked down at me with cold eyes.

What he saw at night was how scary his hands and feet would tremble.

At that moment, Mina remembered a tale of Duke Amitier clawing her chin and bellowing.

[…… so Jang Jang Jang Wool was guilty of stealing bread, uh, and what?]

Zhang Bal.

Yeah, I think it was.

What did the barber say about stealing bread?

[He was executed!]

Mina's clear voice comes to mind, and her blood sprouts.

"What were you doing in my castle?"


"You were unhappy because the Emperor sent you to spy on my family."


I swallowed my dry throat. Duke Dubled was not the one I could deal with, who was determined to reveal a horrible posture.

The Duke of Dublin mutters low, not answering his fears.

"A child of destiny."

"Nee, no...!"

"I hate liars."


"Especially the naive ones who pretend to be on my side."

He slowly stroked his slender jaw and spoke in a different tone.

"They were all torn apart."

My back was scratched, I trembled.

The Duke bends his back slightly towards me.

"What should a little mouse do?"

I fell flat in haste. I curled up like a loaf of bread and put my hands together.

"I can't... I can't... I can't! (Well, well, wrong..... wrong!)"

"Do what?"

"Hongtutto..... (I stole it…….)"





"Military secrets?"


"Do it."

The Duke's eyes, shining blue in the dark, were so terrified that I snorted and cried out.

"Par……. (Bread…….)"