After the Bread incident, a fairly peaceful routine followed.

It was a case of forgetting seven candies that the Duke had given to Leah.

But today was different.

I had to wear a dress by the maids' hands since this morning. It was a child's dress that spread widely from chest to chest.

They wore lace socks up to the calves, glossy sneakers, and beautifully tied ribbons to the crown.

"Well, let's see if it's convenient. Walk, baby."

As I walked hard, the maids grabbed my breasts and said, "Ugh!" I groaned.

'Okay, okay.'

I've been flirting so hard, I think I have three layers of beans in my eyes.

How hard it took to be like this.

Dubled's employer wasn't as bad as Valois, but he rattled me out.

Dubled pretended to be with the church for seedling reasons, but he did not feel comfortable seeing the church symbol or a child of a different destiny come to the castle.

But the enthusiasm of the young employer is essential for me to live comfortably.

I targeted the maids as soon as I came here.

[Rinda! Rinda! (Linda! Linda's here!)]

[Uh-huh, did you see it last night, and it's good to see you again today?]

[Vimirindé...... Rebu, Rinda is the best. (It's a secret.... Because I like LeBlaine, Linda the most.]

Once you conquer the maid who is dressed in it.

[Now, to the Lord of Candy, Dania only. (Now, I'll give you only Dalia candy.)]

[Why do you only give me this precious candy?]

[Vimirindé...... Rebu, the most beautiful man in Dania. (It's a secret.... Because I like Leblane, Dalia the most.]

I got the heart of the snack guy.

[Uni is sick and sad……. (If Uni is sick....)]


[Vimirindé...... Le Bou, Uni Joha is the best. (It's a secret.... LeBlaine, I like Uni the most.]

I have captured my day-to-day record.

'Now, as in the days of Valois, even if I am hated by Gaju, the maids will secretly feed me.'

When I saw the maids who couldn't help but be cute, I remembered their hard work and became proud.

'But why are you dressed like this today?'

I asked Leah, who was smiling kindly.

"Me, Odie?"

"You will attend today's meeting. My master told me to introduce you to the baby."


Of course, the Duke's neighbours saw a few spikes, but they were not formally introduced. I didn't have to introduce myself if you were going to send me back soon.

That means.....

'You must be trying to make me stay for quite some time!'

I followed the maid, calling out for joy.

But there were people in clothes that I hadn't seen in the hallway. Leah replied when I looked curious.

"These are the employees of the child and his/her father who are to be sponsored."

Aha, is there even a sponsorship child line on today's agenda?

There was a patronage system in the aristocracy.

It is to promote and sponsor talent from an early age and grow it into the talent the family wants.

"Who is this sponsored child? '

A child sponsored by a noble family like Dublin Red would be famous from an early age.

When I entered the meeting room, I saw the girls surrounded by Wen.

It's big enough to be called a child. I looked like a teenage boy at first glance.

The boy was buried among the adults, so he couldn't see the details, but his voice choked.

"Hello, Duke Dubois, Duke Martin, Baron Lux, and……."

The psychics laughed at the polite boy who had memorized the names of so many people.

"The Duke of Jude is enlightened by the day."

"Your father said you have to study hard to become a wonderful adult like Duchess!"

Duke Dubois! Uh-huh! I knocked on her shoulder with a smile.

That's when one of you found me.


When I told the story of the Imperial Palace and the Church, there were a few shamans here with faces.

"Let me see it, too. '

"Don't vine."

As I learned from the maids, I grabbed the lock of the dress and greeted them, and they laughed as if they were cute.

"Aiku, you learned to say hello."

As some psychics approached me, I began to see the face of the child who had been covered.

After confirming her face, I stiffened.

'Marco Jude.'

I know her. That is also very well done.

Because he was one of the worst people I've ever met!

I went to the academy for a while when I lived as Duke of Valois. At that time, Marco was my dedicated professor.

He was a motivated young talent for his supervisors and a good professor of speech for his students. But for me.....

'It was a huge hit.'

I was aiming for the son-in-law of Duke Valois.

He brushed his shoulders grossly and hugged his back while holding the riding stance.

I accused the school of being unbearable when I tried to kiss her in the middle of nowhere.

But he shouted and drove me as the perpetrator.

[It was this one who seduced me. Think about it. If I was so unpleasant, why didn't you press charges from the beginning?]

I don't know what it is at first.

No wonder more men than me are ten years old, and I don't think the professor is black.

[If you didn't like it, why didn't you scream? After all, you were good.]

I was scared. I hardened my body in fear and didn't even scream.

[Yes, why did you come now.. Ohora, I didn't like it when I thought about it? Are you the kind of woman who picks on a man's identity card?]

My protest didn't work.

He was imprisoned for only six months for touching a student, and I left the academy with a finger smeared.

After that, I don't know how many times I was beaten by Duke Valois.

When I thought about it, I was unfair and angry, and I wanted to grip Marco's head.

But he's still a kid. But you're the scum of the future! 'It was impossible to get revenge.

'Let's calm down. If you have an accident like that for no reason, the adoption will cross the water.'

At that time, Duke Dubled came into the room. Marco and the rich men bowed their backs deeply, and the Duke sat down.

The first order of meetings was the review of the sponsorship schedule.

Marco, who was sitting behind the table with me, went up to the stage.

"Ho, you're already solving math problems at that level?"

"Yes! You have to get to know the numbers to enter the Imperial Court of Auditors. But the academy itself is fun. I made a few formulas with the teacher..."


It was ridiculous of me to know his future.

Marco Jude is going to the Court of Auditors. He's also going into the teaching line at the Faculty of Defence. Yes, and I was a fool to boast of such a great connection.

His father, Baron Jude, laughed with pride.

Given the enthusiastic atmosphere, the selection of sponsored children seemed to be in keeping with Marco's rich wishes.

After the Q&A, Marco comes back to my side. He looked down at me and whispered.

"You see, fake? You can never beat me."

What is it?

I stared at him because I was stubborn.

'Is he holding back your age now?'

Marco Jude seemed to know that I came to the meeting because of the sponsorship review.

It's a rotten face because it somehow tries to crush its competitors and stand on top of them. It reminded me of a time when I was an academic professor.

'Even so, since Duke Dubled has left me alone, I may know he's trying to finish sponsoring without adopting me.'

He laughed and spoke.

"You, you poor girl?"


"The Emperor said he dumped you in a pile of garbage called Dublin Red, because it's the same garbage."

Marko laughed, and I held his fist tight.

I was familiar with the history of my previous life.

I didn't know what, and the world was scared of being thrown out alone, naive.

Many people have bowed their heads without saying a word.

But I'm not the one who dies three times and lives a fourth.

'Now I'm a doorman if you touch me, kid.'

And I really bit Marco's arm.


While he was down with his arm, I quickly grabbed his fist and pucked him! Puck! I'm down.

"Ugh! Ugh!"

When the screams went off, the people who were focusing on the meeting or the workers who were guarding the hallway came to surprise me.

People immediately tried to take me away from Marco, but I had to pull out a bunch of her hair and drop it.

"What have you done!"

The goblins frown as they look at Marco.

"That madman..... me, suddenly...!"

Marco shouts aloud. I'm so excited, I don't even know what to say.

On the other hand, I calmly spread my fingers toward Marco.

"Sick Kid! (He's a bad boy!)"


"I'm here when Duredu heaps of garbage. (I'm here because Dubled is a pile of garbage.)"

My colleague did it when I lost the game of beggars. Body fights are won by prebreaders, and horse fights are won by calm people.

That's right. Marco's words are focused on my words.

Of course, the disturbance in front of the Duke's eyes was dull, but it seemed better than being foolish enough to stand still.

But it was weird.

Why is it so quiet around here?