Who can the orphan LeBlaine give the Carnation Cossage? Only Duke Dubled, his guardian.


I shouted as if I had found a leash.

"Look, sir!"


"Your baby is the guardian of the Carnation Cossack!"

The wizards welcomed LeBlaine's carnation in a sparkling position if they could.

When the Duke stops in front of me, he looks at LeBlaine in a zig-zag manner. The child pinched his hand with a shy face.

I thought carnation meant dramatic happiness as an excuse to do things that were born in the power struggle.

I was offended by the words of the Pharisees because I did not have any experience with the preached.

It's just a piece of cloth that's useless.

By the way, I didn't feel bad about getting hurt.

'What did I do wrong?'

The Duke's eyes were so intense to see me.

Are you mad that you spent so much money at the store?

Or did you draw a duck in the sketchbook with a horn?

'Why are you looking like that? Scary....'

My insides burn black and the goblins are single.

"Did you buy your own Cossage?"


When I answered, the goblins were overjoyed.

"How grateful would you be to a caregiver to come out here and buy a carnation?"

"Absolutely. Absolutely."

Then, the Duke's purchase went up.

'Wow, it's scarier today.'

I'm flawed, but Leah's legs are stuck, and the goblins don't know the speed. Uh-huh! I smiled and pushed my back lightly.

"I want you to hand me something like this."

"Yes, I hope so."

I think so. I know I bought a Cossage anyway, but it's weird to be aesthetic.

'I've never given carnation before, so I'm a little embarrassed.'

I twitched my hands.

And the kids wore out, and they said, "Come on!" He silenced me.

The people around me split like the Red Sea, and the Duke appeared in front of the line.

And I shy away.

To Leah.


"Oh, my."

Leah twists her mouth with an impressive face to see if she didn't think she'd get it.

'Because I gave you this, you'll give me more snacks, right?'

Leah cries and bends her knee in front of me.

"Were you going to give it to me....."

"No, Joha. Thank you. (Leah) Okay. Thank you.)"

"Thank you, baby. I'll keep it for real."

Leah hugs me, and I rub her face around her neck.

But it was weird.

'Why is my back so cheap?'

I want to know what's going on. I look back.

The maids and all but Leah were alternately staring at the Duke and Cossage with a bluishly bored face.

At that time, the Duke called me.



"Mine is."


"Do you have mine?"


The Duke didn't buy it because he bothers me. You did good, right?

When I put a big smile in Leah's arms, the Duke twirls his eyebrows.

And I stared at the goblins with a scary face, and they swallowed up the drool and became tired.

That evening, the revocation of the thanksgiving decree was dropped throughout the Duke of Dublin.

* * *

Leah carries a red causeway around her chest all day. And every time you look in the mirror, you say, "Baby, to me, this! 'I was shocked.

Of course, I feel good about Leah too.

'Leah gave me a whole bunch of snacks.'

I had a snack to make my stomach bread, and I was soaked in happiness, and North came to me.

"Would you like to go to His Excellency's office?"

Today was the day I decided to tell the Emperor how I was doing.


North Cook laughed as he replied.

"You're brave today."

With a nod, the ball shook in the cylinder.

When he saw it, North stretched out his arms. I felt like touching my cheeks.

But all of a sudden, the maids... He pops out and blocks North.

"It's hard. I can't believe you're touching her."

North raises his hand to the solid guard. The maids still shouted with an unworthy expression, even though their hands were reaped.

"You have to stay in order!"

I heard Linda say that other maids are really frustrated.

"You have to keep the order once a week and take your hands off in two seconds."

"If you touch it as much as you can, your fragile baby's skin can't stand it."

.... When did you set such a rule?

I looked at the maids with a ridiculous face.

Unlike me, however, North nodded.

"I see. I almost made a big mistake."

They soon discussed North's order with a cautious face.

"You have to wait three weeks?!"

North sees a list with a string of ropes and shouts.

"I caught you as soon as I could. You have to wait a month in order."

"Are there so many people waiting?"

He turns to fart with a look that asks the maids what North has to say.

"My baby's cheeks are lovely, pretty, and the softest in the world, so they all want to touch them."

"Of course I want to touch it."

"If you're a human, you have to touch it."

North nodded his head hard again, and I was ridiculous to see it.

'You put your bean chips on too hard.'

If you just leave it alone, I think it's time for a day, so I shake the top of North's trousers.

"Kadiah. (Let's go.)"

I'm tired here, so I have to go.

North only listens to me after he wakes up and says, "Ah, yes." I opened the door.

I walk down the hall to go to the Duke's office, and the castle is bustling today.

There was a pile of stuff in the hallway, and the workers were organizing them with no mind.

Let me look at you with a curious face, North said.

"I'm arranging a gift for His Majesty's resignation."

At this time, the nobles were distracted from preparing gifts.

Duke Amitier, the father of the first life, who was not interested in Congolese, was also courteous enough as a gift.

'Duke Valois borrowed money and prepared a plausible gift.'

I spent a lot of money at the time, but it was a huge shoe for everyone else.

Especially for me.

When I was Duke of Valois, I used to buy a ten-year pencil with a little price.

At that time, Duke Valois was angry with the fire and locked me in the attic for three days.

Caught in a dark, old attic, I cried with trembling and guilt.

When I saw that day, Duke Valois's son asked my brother.

[Brother, can't you buy a 10,000 year old pen?]

[Why not? If you ask me to buy it, my father and mother will be happy. Where are the parents who hate their kids for school supplies?]

[But why is LeBlaine so upset?]

[He's not a relative.]

I knew it then.

I'm not a protégé. I hate small things, so I have to try desperately.

'Now we have to do something to impress Duke Dubled.'

Adoption of fishermen will fly far away.

I thought so and entered the Duke's office.

The Duke, who was sitting at the desk, raised his head with popularity.

As I looked at the documents, the silver glasses matched with the blue eyes, so I put my tongue out into my mouth.

But it's the glasses. Today seems more fierce than usual.

When I cling to the bridge of North, North smiles awkwardly.

He sits me on the Duchess' couch and whispers to prevent the masterpiece from listening.

"You're not mad at your baby."

You're angry elsewhere.


"Isn't it that you were angry with yourself……."

'What the hell?' With a look on his face, North cried and whispered.

"Next time, please prepare two Carnation Cossages."

Ah.... Then I realized I was flawed.

All the money I bought from the grocery store was Dubled's. I picked one of these. It's going to be pretty expensive.

'I guess the duc didn't buy anything about the duc's money and felt bad about it.'

I was just going to buy two Cossacks. I think I like Carnation a lot.

But that was already the case. I can't buy it again. Now that I've gone and bought it, all I have to do is protest that it's lethal.

He should do something more pleasant than that.

'Which of the things I know can help the Duke?'

I was groaning and pondering, and I saw something on the couch table.

Inside the luxurious jewelry box is a sacred stone.

'Why are the stones kept in such a lavish jewelry box?'

It was Channa who was laughing at her head.


The lungs tightened with fine vibrations.

North's voice collides and the pace around it is significantly slower.

It's like time flies differently between me and the world.

A cluster of light flows over the black stone, and soon it scatters rapidly, creating a line. In the meantime, it turned into a hexagonal star with two triangles intersecting up and down.

I got a creep on my back stem in an instant.

Beep profit!

Tinnitus crossed my head.

[…… Giya.]


[Gi…… Danda.]

A voice that feels like it's seeping right into your head without going through your ears.

The sound was so small that it didn't sound right at some point.

[My child.]

Kuku Palace, the heavens and the earth trembled finely.

Then North's voice and slow gesture returned to normal.

North mutters in a stiff voice.

"It's an earthquake."

But the vibrations shriveled in an instant. The duke who hit the curtain and checked out the window said.

"Send an expedition to Mount Louvre. It could be the forefront of a volcanic eruption."


While the Duke and North are talking, I hiccup my chest with my face.

The heart jumped too fast to breathe.

What the hell is that?

The light of brotherhood that came to me.

And that voice that keeps howling in your head.

A voice from the stone cried out to me bitterly. My hand moved towards the stone as if I had a will I did not know. It's like a magnet.

And when the stone came in full of hands.



It was crumbling in an instant.

I was so surprised that I came back to my senses that I was so puzzled.

'What, what, what!'

I couldn't help but stare at the Duke and North.

"Oh, oh, Otokee, Otokee!"

Looking at the remnants of the stone that became powder and scattered through my fist, North panicked greatly. The duc's eyes also rarely widened.