There was silence in the bathroom, but I was no longer afraid of the Duke.

Is it because this great man is sitting on his knees in front of a child, washing his feet?

Or is it because your hands are so soft to wash your feet?

The Duke, who washed all his feet, rinsed his hands with water and raised his body.

Then we went out to the bathroom. When the door opens, Leah rushes to the bathroom, waiting unreservedly.

The Duke handed me over to Leah and said,

"Go and apply the medicine."



"Ah... yes, old!"

Leah and the maids, who were furious, took me and walked down the hall like arrows. It was almost the same speed as running.

The maids who came into the room groaned and sat down.

"I know what your master will do to your baby…."

"Me, too."

I looked at the wrinkles. Leah's face hurts when she looks at me like that.

Leah stroked my head in the rain and whispered a small whisper.

"It's okay, baby."


"No one was mad at you."


"It's okay, it's okay."

Her voice was so sweet that I burst into tears.

* * *

I spent a few days after that. But the Duke didn't really scold me.

He did not ask the Emperor to take out Newit, nor did he send me back to the capital. There was not even an inner color I didn't like to shout.

Besides, it's not.

'The flower I broke, I didn't throw it away.'

I didn't know it was dark when I broke it, but it wasn't carnation from the bright.

It was not a flower raised by the balls, it was a field flower that overflowed with grass in the garden.

But the flowers were stuck in the vase in the Dublin Duke's office.

I felt bad to see a wild flower in a very lavish vase.

"What are you thinking? '

If it was someone else, not the Duke, you would have thought that the child could not throw away the flowers that were broken in the middle of the night....

You're Duke Dubled, aren't you?

Theodore Dubled, who committed genocide on account of his indignation.

He's been a little harmful to me ever since. Enough to share a meal.

"Did you hear the beggar on the boat?"

Even though it was a little harmful.

The Duke looks at me with a strange look as he rips off his chicken legs.

But there were no strikes.

'Cause that's what you heard.'

Because in my past life, I was a dick.

And more important than that right now.....

'This is so delicious!'

Chicken dishes cooked with sweet sauce after steaming the spirits with various spices were truly delicious.

Saltware is fluffy, and sauce is sweet and salty.

The duc stares at the day when he kills the chicken.



What? What's wrong?

'.... because you want to eat?'

I covered the plate with my arms in case I snatched his precious chicken legs.

Then the duc's eyebrows twitched.

"Really lethal, lethal. '

You're eating all that big lamb steak all by yourself, and you're after the baby food.

I groaned, groaning.

It was really nice of you to just move on to the Newit case this time.

Newit was a precious treasure. When it was in the hands of the Emperor, the Pope asked me to find the Imperial Palace and keep it in the church.

It is a remnant of the evil god, and its historical value as well as its place of utilization were endless.

I decided to alternate chicken legs with ducks for a long time.

He bites his lips and blows out his chicken legs.

"To the Lord. (I will give.)"

He narrows his glans as he looks at the chicken legs with a loving face on the subject.

"What the hell……."

Short laughter gushed out of his eyes.

"I want to see what's in your head."

You really want to open your head? The Duke is the one who will remain.

I was astonished and held my head with both hands.

"It's a distant bank! (Open it and you're dead!)"

Then I heard Cook laughing at the door. It was North who was carrying the paperwork.

He coughed as the Duke's gaze turned to me.

"This is the Emperor's list of elastic products."

"There is no such thing as taking the place of Newit."

"It looks like you've got some decent stuff in the trade. The merchant was quite confident. I got a message this afternoon that I'm arriving at the castle."

It's a substitute for the new thing, Newit.

You may not know it, but it will be as expensive as you can imagine.

'But I'm glad I found it.'

If Dubled had imagined Newit for the Emperor, it would have meant something to take from the Emperor.

If the deal breaks because of me, the adoption will be across the water.

The merchandise you find must be really fine.

'By the way, did you mention that at this time, the trader brought in only New Items of Worth?'

"The land of pride……. (Trade Merchant…….) and muttered. Then North smiled.

"Wondering what a trader is?"


"A merchant is a merchant who sells goods in and out of the country."

Thinking about it, I think it's a difficult word for a child, so I said, "Wow!" I was so surprised.

"You want to see the merchant."

"Ugh…… Gurotti, Mo. (Yes.... Yes, well.)"

I'm not really curious. I don't know if it's the merchandise you brought.

North said while thinking so.

"You can watch the stuff together. It will be fun to watch because there are lots of amazing things."

Of course I want to, but...

I glanced at the Duke. I wanted to ask him if he was going to ruin anything else, but there's nothing else to say.

'I guess you were good at giving me chicken legs.'

By the time the meal was finished, the merchant had reached the Dublin Duke's decree.

The Duke and North went to the restaurant to talk about the emperor's resignation.

And I decided to go to the library with Leah and the maids to kill time until the trader came.

"You haven't seen the Dublin Castle library, have you?"


"It's full of all kinds of books. And of course, there's a lot of fairy tales."

I almost had my eyes open through the door that Leah opened.

Oh, my God.

What a great library.

The room, which seemed to be a good size for horseback riding, was even higher than the ceiling.

Only the center was pierced, leading to a spiral, and there were countless bookshelves on each floor.

You can't find any empty space in a long bookshelf that looks like it's going to be three meters lighter.

It was such an enormous library that it collected all the books in the world.

I went to the corner of the fairy tale book, looking around the library with great utility.

The maids glanced at him and said,

"Now, pick one!"

It was the eyes of the parents who looked excitedly at what books my child would love.

I was pushed to the front of the bookshelf with a heavy gaze.

I have to pretend I don't know how to read yet, so I have to choose a book with a good cover.

When I looked around at how the book was the most spectacular, I found something unusual and blinked.

'Why is this not titled?'

Moreover, only half of the books remained, and the other half was cut off.

I tilted my head and opened the book.

'It's not a fairy tale.'

[The most sacred achievement of the Founding Emperor Fried I must have been the defeat of Ivan, a member of the Evil God.


According to Ivan's records, there are two conditions for the power of evil to be expressed.

The first is the acquisition of the key to awakening the potential power, contact with the new creature, and the mediation that enables the power to be exercised.....]

That was the end.

The rest were cut off and could not read more.

'What is it, I'm afraid.'

At that time, Leah asked.

"Baby, did you choose?"

I quickly put the book I was holding in my hand, and I picked out any book next to it.

"Yep. Pick one."

"I'll go back and have fun reading it."

I took Leah's hand and left the library.

The maids, who were incredibly talented in fairy tales, played a role, but it was complicated in their head.

I kept thinking of the untitled book I read in the library.

'If so, why is it related to the evil god?'

Evil God had something to do with it.

The goddess Neriad, the goddess of the empire, sealed the evil god, the source of wickedness for man.

However, the seal loosened over time, and the power of Mina, the child of destiny, was needed to seal the evil god.

'And the sacrifice of the ritual was mine.'

The ritual was really painful. I just wanted you to kill me quickly.

When I thought about it, my face darkened, and Leah looked at me with a worried look.

"Why do you have such a sad face?"

I can't say I remember before the regression, so I rolled my eyes and said,

"The Lion Musher. (Lion) Because I'm scared.)"

The lion in the fairy tale book grabbed Leah's arm, excusing that she was afraid to eat her protagonist elephant.

And the maids said, "Oh!" I shook my sheep fist with a shout.

"Yes! My baby is afraid of lions!"

"The evil lion was laughing at me! I'm scared! Do it!"

My elder maids rub their cheeks on my face from both sides.

'Oh, these sisters are getting worse.'

It looks like you've put too much soybean on it.

With my blurred eyes, I endured the maids I couldn't help but be cute.

It was noisy out there.

Leah opened the door a little and looked in the hallway.

"Looks like the merchant has arrived."

And he said, "Would you like to take a look?" Give me your hand.

I took Leah's hand and left the room.

Upon arriving in reality, the Duke was sitting on an ivory chair with a lavish craftsmanship.

Behind his chair, Dublin saw the tapestry of the Founding Emperor, which Duke Dubled grabbed with a peaceful hand on the land of ice.

That tapestry, carved with ancient fish, was a symbol of the Dublin military power, and the nobles who admired it followed you and decorated the tapestry behind the Gaju's chair.

A man who seemed to be a trader of the Duke was bowing down.

"Good to see you, Dublin Red."

I recognized the man all the time.

'Why is that impostor here!'

Greater Turba.

Later, he dug up a forged painting in the Imperial Palace and it was the garbage he wanted to nominate.