Turba talked about everything before the Gossip even started.

There was a sacrament I had to hand to deal with the Pope, which was astronomical, so I needed money somehow.

Is this supposed to be some kind of nonsense?

'What kind of a sacrament would make Turba do such a reckless scam?'

I wanted to know what the hell it was, but North brought me a painting of the sacred object that the Tourba Merchant Guild kept.

I was surprised to see it.


It was the sacrament that allowed Mina to exert her powerful power.

A star of bronze, and a colored gem embedded at each end of the star, a circle surrounding the star and the gem.

It looks the same as Etwal, the saint who made Mina perform all kinds of miracles by exercising her divine power.

'But it's different from Mina's Etwal.'

The thing about Mina was obviously the rope and the pendant were platinum, which is gold. Different types of jewels were embedded in each head of the hexagon.

'This is not the Etwald of Mina, which is being kept in the temple.'

There was a sacrament in pairs.

'But why wasn't it made public in my previous life?'

Etwal was the symbol of the Neriad school. If the second Etwal exists, there is no reason not to disclose it in the Church.

'It would have been advantageous to have the public. The owner would have handed it over to the temple if he'd seen Segan.'

At that time, the Duke murmured with his eyes closed.

"The second Etwal."

"Then I understand that Tourba did something crazy. Etwal has made Neriad's teaching a crucial tool for the empire's nationalism, isn't he?"

"So what is the current position of this Etwal?"

"He's asleep in the ocean. You only have one answer to import. But the problem....."

North puts out a map with a hard face.

"This is not the territorial sea of the Empire. It's only 10 meters across the territorial sea of the other continent."

The Duke snorted.

"That's why the church couldn't go out on its own."

"Yes, they will not be able to avoid war."

[Do not kill as Pope. All I need is a moment of protection.] could not have broken the doctrine.

Tourba also needs money from the national budget because his trading partner is the king of the other continent.

I won't let you invade the territorial sea with that kind of money.

"What do we do?"

"If it's something like Etwal, we should get it from our side."

"Are you going to make a deal with the king?"

"To do something."

"If you……."

The Duke threw the paperwork back to North Tuck, saying:

"I think we should start a war."

It was the look on my face whether I needed to fight with my head.


I was tired of his marvelous answers and put out my tongue.

"Well done. I'll send the Emperor a bunch of royal branches from the rest of the continent without having to recognize any other gifts."

North looked at me with a smile.

"This is all her virtue. If Newit hadn't been broken, he would have known the existence of the second Etwal. And by reading the ancient language, I was able to prevent fraudulent deals."

He is Dubled's first deputy, called a villain. I like the way things work out even though there's going to be a war.

I was a little embarrassed to see the hidden side of North, which usually seemed kind.

But it wasn't bad for me.

'Etwald, you did good, me.'

The irony of fate broke Newt and gave him a chance to get a better Etwal.

When I ruined Newit, I gave up half my adoption, and I was so lucky.

Adoption…… Maybe you don't have to give up.

I looked at the Duke. I don't have a bad look.

'Shall we test it?'

And North said, "Well, you want to go?" He tried to hold me.

I said, "Shire!" I shouted to the Duke, and Dodo ran, and took hold of the bridge.

"You and Itsuko. (He'll be with the Duke.)"

Then North said to his wounded face, "Argh." I groaned.

I did not cling to him, and North had no choice but to abandon me and leave the room.

Being alone with the Duke, I raised my arms in a flash.

"Ana Jusse. (Please hug me.)"

The Duke stares at me and reaches out within.

'All right, I'm close enough to say hug.'

Then maybe we should take out the word.

Thinking about it, it's been a month since I came to Dublin. It is time to ask what happened to the adoption of the Emperor.

'At least now's your chance to feel good.'

I'm a little scared, but I scratch the container and open my mouth.

"Le Bou, Chakan. (LeBlaine, good boy.)"

I can grow up all by myself without bothering.

So, Duke...

"Be my avatar. (Please be my father.)"

* * *

A week later.

I put all my concentration in my fingertips, and I was evil.

If we give up on this, asylum will be immense.

Let's not be disappointed in ourselves anymore. You don't have to blame yourself.

I've experienced death three times, so there must be a lot of will and experience in this soul.

I quickly pulled it up.

'Succeeded, socks!'

A thunderous applause burst out around me and I kissed my cheek several times as though Leah were magnificent.

"It's a long shot. Well done, baby!"

"I've only taught you a few times, and you're already wearing your own socks."

"You're a genius!"

I wiped my sweaty forehead with my back of my hand and said, "Ahoy..." I sighed.

It was only six successes since the challenge.

'All right. I've grown.'

Then we're ready.

I hold a pair of socks and shake Leah's sleeve open.

"I want to go to Princess Mihate."

"Yes, show it to the master."

Leah smiles quietly and takes me to the Duke's office.

The Duke, who was looking at the paperwork with the clerk, looked at me with his glasses off.

I heard a glimmer of white lace socks like a bank leaf.

"Le Bou, I'll see you in a few socks! (LeBlaine, you can now wear socks!)"

And he said, "Let's see." I swallowed the drool.

The day I asked you to adopt, the Duke didn't have a word. But it was never as negative as before.

If I'm good enough, I can adopt him.

'So this is kind of an interview for me.'

I'm a kid who's grown up and has less hands, so I can adopt him.

I hesitated to sit on the floor and grasp the socks with both hands. Gazin and the clerks stared at me with a blunt face.

'I'm widening the hole with my fingers.'

Broadening it well.

'Okay, next time you put your toes together and put them in a wide hole.'

I swung my legs! I put my toes together as sharply as I could.

'Now you can pull it up by giving it a boost at once.'

All right, in one breath!

'…… Ying?'

The socks get caught in the heels and don't go up.

Let's do it again.

No, again!

I tried my best to pull my socks up by rolling them around, but I didn't know they were going to go up.

One of the passengers sitting around the table shook his head and shook his shoulder.

I looked at the Duke with an uneasy expression. The tip of his lips slowly went up.


That was a clear laugh.

I wanted to go into a rat hole. I'm not here to interview the Great Wind Faction, only the Stragglers are left.

'Pathetic, I.....'

When I became gloomy, Leah said in a laughing young voice.

"You just succeeded before. I only taught it twice."

The psychic who heard that said, "Oh." Elasticated.

"You're different."

"Is that so?"

When the Duke leans on his backrest and mutters, so do you.

"Don't you remember anything difficult? This time, I really got a lot of help."


"When you teach, it's actually very difficult to follow what you're taught."

In the meantime, I was staring bluntly at the socks with the big blossoms on my toes.

'I failed.'

Then the interview also failed…….

It meant that the days of pride would come when he would send me back.

For more than a month, the Duke felt that he was as strong as spirituality.

Somehow I tried to get acquainted, but the progress was very positive. At the very least,


It was enough to shorten the name.


He looks at me as he walks away with his dropped socks.

"I can't overlook my castle without any improvements."

"Yes, I know. '

He was also incredibly cold to his three sons, Confucius.

The three Confucians were taken from the godfather Duke as soon as he was born, so he could not raise them himself, and until now he still has the power of education, but not his blood, anyway.

Confucians have been educated in the capital since the beginning of the war. Even John, the eldest son, was in a boarding school away from the Empire.

"Practice while I'm visiting the camp."


"Can you do well?"

"Ugh, that's Princess Le Vu's daughter. (Yes, the Duke's daughter will do it.)"

I think the duc's mouth went up a little.