I dug into the drawer where Leah put my luggage and threw it away.


Surprised Leah quickly pulled me out of the drawer.

"What are you doing?"

"The subdivision gave me the bag. (Grandpa gave me the bag and where is it?)"

"Were you looking for a bag?"

My grandfather, who left the field with the Duke, once brought me a child's bag because I was so beautiful.

It was an apricot elephant-shaped bag that I bought as I passed by.

"If it's a bag, it's right here."

Leah finds the bag and looks at me with a curious face.

But I looked at the crooked eyes and ran out.

Leah, I'm sorry.

This is something I have to do alone.

'Cause I'm getting ready to run.'

Perhaps, no, almost certainly the priests of the church will take me.

The Emperor gave me a choice, but if I insist strongly on the Church, I can't pretend to beat them.

The best thing for me right now is that Duke Dubled won't let me go. The chances were slim.

Once there was no Duke Dubled in this castle, there was no reason to keep me here, even if I was fighting back against the Pope.

'Once you're adopted in Valois, it's impossible to escape.'

So I escape on my way to the capital.

'This body is dangerous, but if you go to Valois, you will be abused and you will die.'

I'd rather choose the one with hope.

I went into the kitchen and threw my face out on the cooking table. The cook who was preparing the meal smiled and asked.

"What's going on here, baby?"

"Water juice."


"Marni. (A lot.)"

She told me that if I carried a lot of water, it would definitely fall down and put it in a bottle with a cap.

"Yogi, it's you. (Please put it here.)"

When I heard it, the cook smiled and put the water bottle in the bag and put it to sleep.

'Secure water.'

It's time for food.

'We have snacks for you!'

I need to be prepared for what might happen. Because the most direct thing to the brain is the brain.

I used to be a child when I was tired, sleepy, or hungry until my brain finished growing.

So the only thing is essential.

I headed to the candy room the Duke gave me. I put the bag on the floor, and I put one candy in it.

'One is too few, isn't it?'

One more.

And two of them.

One more.

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere with this. '

One day the elephant was breaded. I whimpered because the button wasn't locked.

The bag is too small. I only put thirty candies in it.

'We need to get a map and clothes. And shoes.'

Light children's shoes will soon be sunny, so they are not suitable for long trips.

Too bad, but I only need ten candies.

I took the candy out of the bread bag and came back to the room. Looking at Leah's eyes, she gently went behind the curtain as she cleaned the room.

Then I took out a few silver coins hidden in the window.

'One, two, three, four…… eleven.'

It's a collection of gifts from the Ghosts.

'This will make a difference.'

When she's ready, Leah opens her eyes and looks at me.

"What kind of joke are you playing?"



"I don't want my bag!"

Leah kicks and laughs as she is stabbed and shakes her hand in excuses.

However, the smile quickly faded.

Leah hugs me.

"You have to let me go."


"It's an opportunity to grow up in a better environment, with a lot of parental love. It would be a good thing for her."

I bite my lips and sweep up my hair.

"You'll be happy. You are such a lovely person that you will all love your baby."

Leah smiles with a murmuring voice.

No, Leah.

Your people don't like me. I'd rather be in a dumpster!

I thought so, but there was nothing she could do but be an employer.

Seeking help would only endanger Leah's life.

"Now, let's go read a book."


I nodded my head and went to the place where Leah and the maids were waiting.

The maids who seated me on the couch gave me old-fashioned tales.

What is it?

Other employers stood by the wall and held the palm of their hand towards me.

Leah's hand also contains jewels.

'There's been a lot of that lately.'

While eating snacks, there were people holding those things. It was a really good snack, but I cared and left a piece.

Oh, I want that snack again.

I'll give it to Leah when I talk to her.

But today's snack is a chocolate cream.

The chocolate cream I had last week was so delicious that I was expecting it.

I had fun playing with my horse back then.

A tall servant burns me and makes me feel better! I cried and got excited.

I was thrilled to recall the memory of Dublin Duke Castle.

Compared to my past life, this was heaven. I keep sniffing and crying because I think that my life will fall into hell in heaven.

When I cried, the workers came running in shock.

"My dear, why are you crying?"

"Lie down and ring my baby. Lie down."

"I'm going to be very upset."

I touched my cheek with a very worrying face.

'If you go, you'll never see Leah again.'

I'm even more thrilled! Aaaah! I cried out. I keep thinking about adults. I couldn't resist the greed of being blessed.

I'd rather have Duke Dubled here.

Then there must have been real hope that you might not have to go.

I hate churches, so I can't let you go.

"Why is my baby crying?"


"What's going on?"

"Princess, see Sipher! Aaaah! (I miss you!)"

I never thought I'd miss that cold blood.

Even so, I was afraid and cried to make my nose red.

The red gem flashes from Leah's hand.

* * *

Priests of the Church arrived at Dublin Spirituality.

In the past few days I have been crying without even trying.

I bathed in warm water, cried, ate snacks, cried, and slept.

It is clear that if you are dragged like this, you will die again.

The regression was terrible, the death of the dog was unjust and unjust.

I couldn't stop crying because it wasn't even clear who to blame.

Employers seemed extremely worried. I couldn't help but stare at me.

My side is full of Dubled stuff.

blankets, handkerchiefs, and snacks that made me not to be cold when I went to the capital.

'They're really warm people.'

When I see a priest smiling in front of me, I see even more wonderful things about the Dublin people.

A man who came to pick up a child had a sharp ring in his hand and a bracelet like a chain.

"How are you, baby?"


"How much did you suffer in the absence of ointment?"

"Well done. (I didn't have a hard time.)"

"Now don't worry. We've found someone to love your baby. Duke Valois is a prestigious scholar, and he will be one of the five Dukes of the Empire."

I don't know what to raise with love.

That son of a bitch raises me in a maze.

Moreover, it was not entirely for me that the Church chose Valois.

When I became a child of destiny, I only chose a friendly family to eat with.

"Ah, I want to go. (Ah, I'm not going.)"

"Now, let's go."


Hands on me were very rough.

He said, "Come on, let's go!" I pulled my arm.


When I shouted aloud, the workers who came out to evacuate me were astonished. When Leah tries to pop out, the butler grabs her shoulder and shakes her head.

"Cursed is God if you use a pack like this."

That's what you're gonna say to a kid.

And I've already been cursed. This damn regression.

I shook Doridori's head to shake his hand.


"Uh-huh! Bad kid gets a whirlpool!"

He draws me with even more strength. I thought I was really out of arms this time.

I covered my face with a bunch of adult men, and I felt like I was going to die because I was sick.

"If you have the blessing of God, you should be able to see the color of your heart."

The Duke of Valois overlaid over the face of the priest who made an impression on the horse.

[If you're lucky enough to adopt a few great scholars, you have to show some kindness.]

The smell of liquor.

Leather waistband drawn to the floor.

The sound of leather slicing through the air.


I felt the illusion of going back to my second life.

The priest narrowed his glance as he looked at me, groaning. Then twist the ball and turn around.

"Well, what is it? What's the matter?"

At that time.

"Get your hands off my daughter."

I heard a very low and cool voice in front of the glottis.

* * *

'Intimidation……. "

The day before the regression, it was horrible enough to bring me back to reality in a moment.

Duke Dubled stands between me and the priest.

The priest, who had been embarrassed, soon regained consciousness and confronted the Duke.

"The story has already been concluded that the baby was supposed to take over from Duke Valois."

"We should discuss it again."

"That's ridiculous!"


When the priest rebelled, the sword of the Dubled Knights instantly pointed at the priest's neck.

In the blink of an eye, the priest's face, surrounded by dozens of swords, is dull.

However, the Duke said in an astonishing tone.

"I never would have let you open your mouth."

"Go, sir……."

The Duke's gaze slowly descended and touched me. Precisely because the priest held him firmly to his red forearm.

I wondered if there was a slight hint in my eyes that was as dry as ever. I heard a blunt rupture.

"Turn it off!"

The priest shrieks with a bizarre shape.

"Go back and tell him. As part of the gold, this child plays in Dublin Red. Later, if you want to talk about the child, you'll have to bring in the Crusaders."

He pushes away the priest, then gently hugs me up.

I snorted and sucked my nostrils as I tried to pour them down into the crowd.

"Princess..... (Duke....)"

He squeezes my cheeks lightly and narrows his glans.

"You're ugly."

Don't forget to say it. Because I keep crying and I use arrogance.

"It's going to be worth washing."

He tucks me in his arms and knocks me on the back. Then I turned my foot to the castle without any foolishness.