In the meantime, the priest sat down, and Dubled's knight dragged his neck and threw it in the wagon.

After entering the castle, Dubled's employers could not hide their happy colors.

"Oh, baby. Well done."

The butler reaches out to me and I quickly hugs the Duke's neck.

"Ah, baby....."

The old butler's eyes were troubled.

It wasn't revenge for what Leah dried up when she tried to save me from the priest.

I covered my face a lot, and I was amazed by the priest's rough hands, and I remembered the troubled memories before the regression.

It is now time to scare even familiar adult men.

Above all, I couldn't do anything but think that the memory before the regression was overloaded with reality.

Leah and the maids gather around me as the butler is shocked and twisted by my refusal.

The maids began to soothe me with a kind voice.

"You should just go home and wash and purify your clothes."


"You're nice, aren't you?"


"Here you go, baby. Come here."


Leave me alone. How do you know this is the only thing that's gonna calm you down? My heart is beating.

I think it was this person who saved me in that dreadful situation.

Employers tried to take me away from the Duke, but I hung him with a lantern around his neck.

Leah looks at me with a worried face and looks at the Duke's eyes.

"My lord..... The baby was so surprised..... He also wanted to see you all the time. You are usually very gentle... I..... today, no, half a day, no, just a few hours....."

Leah clenches her tongue and raises her verse blur. The Duke looks down at me with his chin bent.

"Get out. I have this one."

The duc slackens his mouth before Leah's face brightens.

"That's really annoying."


"You like me so much."

The Duke sealed his mouth and asked.

"Isn't that right?"

Leah replied with a shaky face.

"Ah, yes……. Yes……."

I look at the Duke with a ridiculous face.

When someone sees it, they think I'm going to be with the Duke every day.

As they thought so, the workers escaped like sleds.

I'm the only one left with the Duke. "Ahoy." Exhales and clings to his arms like a flying squirrel. His cheeky cheeks are pushed up and his face is dented, but he is reassured.

'Thanks for today, though.'

If it weren't for Duke Dubled, I would have adopted Valois immovably and repeated my misfortunes in my second life.

When I lifted my head and looked at him, he looked at me.

At that moment, I recalled what I had just heard.

[Get your hands off my daughter.]

My daughter.

She said she was my daughter.


I squirmed my hands and looked at his eyes.

"Can I use your yogi? (Can I stay here?)"

However, the Duke did not give any answer. I was just saying it because of the revolt against the church that crossed the gate without permission.

I became anxious and began to murmur.

"If you squeeze your socks, you can always wear them……. (I can wear socks in a little while....)"


"I'm going to mug some rice. (I'll eat a little too.)"


"I'll be a chakra. Then, then... (Be nice. And, and…….)"

"Stay here."

I dreaded my eyes, and he turned my cold, wet hair behind my ears.

"I will adopt you."

It's strange. He's always been as insensitive as I am, and it's a dry voice, so why is it so boardy in there?

Ta-dah, Ta-dah. The sound of firewood burning in the fireplace sounded low in the ear.

A large hand that stroked my back moved very gently.

The phosphorus castle in the window melts a little in the smoke in the room.



"You can sleep, Lev."

I fell in love with him like a liar.

I missed the news that the butler had told the Duke.

I heard Dublin officials are heading here.

* * *

A few days later.

I lay on the rug and shook my legs.

"Write it, Joe. Yogi, yogi! (Write it down. Here, here!)"

"Yes, I'll write it down."

Leah grins and grabs Cook Crepas.

LeBlaine Dubled

I flashed my sketchbook and looked at my name with a dazzling expression.

LeBlaine Dubled.



I summoned pleasantries into my heart.

Only when the priest arrived, I thought it was wrong, but I received Dubled's castle and wrote the name of the land in the book.

'Dubled is great.'

Even though I broke the arm of the Neriad Priest, I can't believe I got adopted safely.

It was the emperor who calmed the priests who foamed that they could not entrust this violent duc with a child of destiny.

'You must have taken a bribe.'

Ah, the honey of this capital.

Now, goodbye to the night you were so proud to be dragged to Valoana Amitier.

"It only grows here for five years. '

Before Mina, the child of real destiny, shows up and becomes abandoned by herself.

By the time you're ten, you can control an adult accident, so you can leave.

'Let's stay invisible. And we're gonna save up a little bit of money.'

When I tried to put the sketchbook on the floor, a flash came into view.

The maid's uniform button was hanging from the silverware.

"I'm going to fall.)"

"Oh, my God. I have to put it back on."

"Button Joy. (Button, please.)"

I politely put my hands together and gently stretched my eyebrows.

'Because collecting the buttons and selling them makes quite a lot of money.'

"The button that fell off? Yes, drill....."

When the maid touches the button and answers, Leah shakes her head with a stern expression.

"No. What would you do if you put it in your mouth?"

The maid who listened to Leah laughed as if she was in trouble.

"Ah…… what should I do, baby? I can't button it."

Collect 30 luxury buttons like running in a Dublin Red uniform and give me 3 francs. That was how much you could buy two potatoes.

I entered a desperate attack mode.

With glowing eyes, I squeezed out my hands.

"Two. (Please.)"

The splendid maids rip out the button at the end of the neck and tuck it out.

One, two, three, four, five.

'I've already collected five!'

Leah said, "These guys." I tried to take the button from me. I quickly retracted my hands.

"It's not mug. (I'm not going to eat.)"

She said so, but Leah was still uneasy.

One of the maids approached and grabbed and tore the skirt's thread like a soldier in battle.

Then I tied the thread to the button hole. Then I looked at Leah with my eyes, 'Mission accomplished.'

"You won't be able to eat it anymore."

Leah didn't say anything this time either.


I was a little embarrassed, too, but I'm glad I could collect the buttons anyway.

'Good start.'

We should leave it in the elephant bag when the maids don't see it.

Leah smiles as if she had no choice but to look at me with a button.

At that time, I saw several pairs of shoes moving quickly between the slightly open doors.

"Terramore balls and his snuffs. I'll be busy."

"I don't know what else you came for. Aren't you afraid?"

"These are the conspiracies that led to Dublin Red's beginnings, so you can't easily punish them. In a way, they're more demanding than blood."

Leah's gaze sank as the maids grumbled.

"Take good care of your baby. There's nothing good about them."

The maids bowed.

* * *

After noon, each of the maids left looking for something to do.

"I'll get you lunch. You can be nice, right?"


When I left Leamazer, I got Charlna's time to be alone.

'Buttons one, two, three…… five.'

I am counting again the number of buttons I have gathered today, and I turn my head at the look I feel like I'm losing my mind.

"What a surprise!"

My grandfather, with white hair and beard, was staring at me with strange eyes.

I thought you were a ghost. '

I stare at the window with a thumping, beating heart.


But it's weird.

I've seen a lot of grandpa.

'You saw it before the regression.'

The mouth of the white bald man who was looking at me fluttered and moved slowly. When the rotten fangs were revealed, I was forced into my back.

I feel bad, but I feel strangely familiar.

"Where did you see him? '

I heard a voice outside the window as I groaned to think of the old man.

"Terramore ball."

Terramore is the one that Leah and the maids said before.

The old man replied with his eyes focused on me.


"Your Excellency has told me that you have a hard time with heavy work."

"How can you be so heavy when this old man comes?"

"You always come without contact, so you won't be able to take the time."

The one who talked to Terramore was North.

North's face was stiffer than usual.

Terramor nods his head as he kicks his tongue.

"I can't help it. Can we go see the baby?"

Seeing me in the window, the flawed North covered the window with my body and said,

"You cover a lot of faces. You won't be familiar with Dublin yet, so we'll set you up later."

"It's been a long time since I've been able to smell the baby's milk."

He smiled and said, "Too bad." I left, muttering.

North sighs as if he had done something big. I grabbed the window in the gap and raised my head.

With his face open, North's eyes widened.



He laughed bashfully.

All right, all right. Kids who say hello are popular with adults.

'North is Dubled's tall man, so let's get some more cheer.'

I stretched out my arms and shouted.

"Ana Joe. (Give me a hug.)"

"Well, is that so?"

He opens his spear and hugs me, and I cling to his arms.

"Nice day for a walk, isn't it?"


"Did you still have fun with the maids today?"


When I answered loudly, he was excited and said,

"You answer well. Okay, I'll do something fun for a good baby. All right, high, high!"

North lifts me up to the sky.

'Oh, this is fun.'

I laughed when I became a god.

At that time.

"You're a good man."

I can hear the roaring voice from the back of North.


North hardens with my side.

"Go, sir."

"You look very happy. With my daughter."