North swallowed the dried saliva.

"I went to see the baby to preach the words of the Lord of Terramore, but it seems like you were free for a while....."

He's got a new face.

'The Duke is really scary.'

I looked at him with bitter eyes, and the Duke watched him with very cold eyes.

"He's a stranger, and he seems very sweet."

"Well, not like that."

"I have a great talent."

The Duke said in a frenzied way.

Duke Dubled is more of a petty boss. I can't believe you threatened the deputy so terribly because you played a little during business hours.

'Poor North.'

North has put me down.

"Come here, Lev."

I'm scared to go.

I think the fire's spilling on me too.

But when I hesitated, North's face turned white and the Duke's gaze grew even more intense.

"Come here."

I had no choice but to approach him.

Prior to the Duke hugging me, North greeted me as if he had folded half his waist.

"Well, then I went to see the work...."

Even if the hordes were coming after me, it wouldn't have been such a desperate tone.

After North fled like a shooter, only me and the Duke are left.

I'm afraid of a sharper Duke with more eyes today, so I'm stuck in my hands.

You're not gonna punish me for playing with the deputy, are you?

The Duke's eyebrows twitch as he looks anxiously. Then I murmured a little.

Didn't you say, 'You look so happy with North?' '

I raised my head and looked at him.

He stares at me, grabs my side and slices it up.





What is it?

It's a very high pinjan cycle.

* * *

What the hell was that yesterday?

I slowly opened my eyes and remembered the Duke of Yesterday all the time that Leah was dressed.

[High, high..... Isn't it high?]

When I panicked and stood still, he threw me into the room and threw me away. And in the evening, I heard the music of North.

'Maybe he was going to play with me.'

Are you trying to act like a father when you say you're adopted?

I didn't know because I was called the villain of the underworld, a demon mixed with the blood of monsters, but there might be quite a human beauty.....

I shook my head.

At the end of the day, you say, "Should it be higher?" You were in a position to throw me in the air.

I almost tore my mouth from laughing and pretending to be happy because I really wanted to throw it.

At that time, Leah, who put all the buttons on my clothes to sleep, said:

"Shall we go to the restaurant now?"

Why aren't you eating here?

Most of the pinnies were solving problems in the room.

The Duke was always busy, so he preferred to eat roughly in the office.

When I saw it with my doubtful eyes, Leah smiled and grabbed my hand.

Somehow, he seemed to be excited by the gift.

'We should go eat first.'

It's harder to do adult accidents when you lose.

I took Leah's hand and walked down the hall with Jolangzoland.

When I opened the dining room door and entered, I saw the Duke sitting on the most upstanding seat.


And to the left of the Duke, the boys sit side by side.


At that time, the Duke thumped at my knee and called me. I walked up to him and reached out to him.

The Duke lifted me up and put me on his knees and showed me the children in detail.

"This is Henri the second."

The child, whom the Duke pointed to, smiled.

The child had dazzling silver feet and blue eyes like the sea of Sirin, which looked incredibly pretty.

If the Duke was a handsome man, he looked like a delicately crafted doll.

It's so sweet that I want to be a girl.

"This is Ishaq, the third."

This time, the child he pointed to looked exactly the opposite of Henri.

I felt cool even though I had the same silver hair as Henri.

It was so different, but both children were really beautiful. Besides...

The duc's miniature! '

His eyes, nose, face, lips resemble him.

The first one was at an academy abroad, but it didn't come.

The Duke finally introduced me.

"It's LeBlaine."

Henri grins with a sweet smile and grabs my finger.

"Hello, LeBlaine. Good luck with that."

Then I stabbed Ishak's side with a carrot and an eye fight.

Ishaq was a grumpy face, but saw the Duke's eyes and said, "Ishaq." I made a short introduction to myself.

'It's enormous compared to age.'

I look like I'm about 11 years old to someone I don't know. There was also a tremendous amount of interest expense.

'I guess it's true that a handsome beauty has been moulding since I was born.'

I couldn't help but envy the growth that is inherently slow.

Besides, there was a glorious future ahead of them.

Children born in Dublin, like the wild, were all extraordinary, and the three connoisseurs were special among them.

'Those who climbed the summit of the pyramid without the help of the family.'

The second, Henri, a ten-year senior in the capital, follows my brother into an international academy.

And graduate with the perfect report card. Grows to be a talented person who stretches out the Empire's money line at a young age.

The ball was a genius who became the ruler of the Dublin Bunga in his early 20s.

'Duke Amitier hated being called a desirable fox who avoided the statute.'

Ishaq had an extraordinary talent for martial arts.

There was a rumor that he dealt with Auror from an early age and struck down the Imperial Knight Commander at twenty years old.

'I hated Duke Valois for being such a violent troublemaker.'

I was a little nervous when I actually saw the only rumored contributors.

They were like Mina's brothers and sisters.

When I turned Mina's murder charge upside down, people said,

Tell the Dubled Confucians that you're lucky you didn't get caught.

So I felt like my heart was going down under my feet, even if the Dublin Confucians mentioned it right before I died.

'It's okay, it's not Mina's knights now.'

If you don't bother me, I won't have to punish you if you just hear my name like before.

I looked at the Confucians and laughed softly.


Anyway, they are trainers of the family, so you should look good.

* * *

An hour later.

I watched Henri and Ishaq's eyes swell.

'I'm scared....'

After the meal, we were pretty confident until the adults pushed us into one room to get to know each other.

It won't be hard to get to know because they're kids, you both said hello.

However, as soon as Ishaq entered the room, he glanced at me. Henri didn't even care about Ishaque.



"Do you know how to eat carrots?"

I have nothing to hide.

It seems that there was a very long time ago, when the Duke of Amitier was a virgin, but not now that Valois and his men suffered defeat.


Then Ishak twitched his eyebrows.


He growled. It seemed like a threat, but it wasn't weird this time.

Henri, who handed over the bookshelf, murmured.

'I thought I just told Ishak he was an idiot.'

Henri didn't seem very interested in me.

As soon as I came into the room, I picked up a chunky book and wrote something down on the parchment.

I wanted to do something. I looked at the parchment to heal it.

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

And sometimes difficult symbols.

Curiosity stepped forward and reached out to his desk.

Henri looked at me.

"Do you have anything to say?"

He said, "Baby." He added:

It was a calm attitude that seemed to draw a line.

I froze and frowned.

"Seeing the bruise, the seeper... …. (I want to see what....)"

Then Ishaque, who picked up the wooden sword that was brushed on the floor, rinsed and snorted.

"I'm trying to steal the money out loud again, well."

"Non-funding, idiot."

I was stunned and opened my eyes.

Does the kid know about the non-funding?

When I opened my eyes, Henri took out the newspaper and murmured.

"Things are getting crowded at home and abroad. In this case."

"I know. I learned it last time. You're buying iron, right? When the war breaks out, the price of iron that makes weapons first goes up."

When Ishaq speaks, Henri's mouth rises sharply.

"Less answer."

"Why. You're right."

"That's what merchants think. Nobles have to dedicate iron to their country when the war breaks out."

When Ishak kicked his tongue, Chet Henri shrugged.

"In this case, it's gold. When you're at war, the value of money drops."

I didn't think people here were very surprised to see a four-year-old who knew the words "tax audit."

A child who recites difficult words like domestic and international affairs.

'I feel like I'm from a strange world.'

Ignoring my brother, Ishak frowned! He looked back at me.

"You, ignoring that I didn't know gold, die."

I swiftly opened my eyes and shook my hand.

"Ignore Ang. I'm not ignoring you. You knew the railway company.)"

He said, "Right?" With a smile, I woke up and opened my eyes.

"Don't pretend to be a child of destiny. I am King Sen Ay. I mean,"

Henri, who covered the newspaper, looked at Ishak with a pathetic expression. Then he curled his eyes sweetly and said to me,

"The war doesn't cover cognition. Dubled does. He doesn't care about blood, his parents, his children."


"Wouldn't it be even more dangerous if you didn't mix a drop of blood? Please don't let the business line get shorter due to overheating."

Henri's eyes sparkle blue.

'Oh, I guess I had a little too much to eat on the Duke's knee.'

I can't get my head back because I'm losing.

I don't know what you're talking about.

'But first answer.'

How a child who is good at answering questions is loved.

I said, "No!" I said.

Henri then looked somewhat embarrassed.