He sits not far from the Duke, whether he is quite dressed or not.

'No matter how familiar you look.'

I remember my first life as if I was laughing at my head.

[Please send me abroad. How long do we have to wait?]

'Oh, is that him?'

The old man who came to see me late at night, Duke Amity.

Hado shouted eagerly and made Duke Amitier step out himself in the middle of the night.

Recalling who Terramore was, the scene of the day I saw him passed through my head.

The face of the old man who looked clumsily open.

The voice of the butler who grumbled while giving the coat to Duke Amitier.

[No matter how many witnesses you are, you are not worthy of your own protection.]


[Life at stake is the decision made by the author. I have abused the child so much that I have avoided the eyes of the guardian, so I don't understand the child growing up and targeting the author.]

It all grows.


'North said the Terramore ball had no children. What kind of child…….'

At that time, Henri came into the field holding Ishaq and Fork firmly in a carrot and fierce snow fight and leaning his head against the bowl.

'The only children who reach Terramore are Ishaq and Henri....'

And one of Dublin's elders, Terramore, should be Dublin Confucius.

I shook my head.

"No way. The Duke must have abused the Dublin Confucians by avoiding his eyes without losing his mind. '

That's natural, but strangely uncomfortable.

'It's not uncommon to be out of your mind.'

There are often stories of crazy domestic teachers crunching their children while they have no parents.

When I got into that subject, I even claimed to be a hawk of love for the child's education.

And it wasn't just about the silk world.

Mina said while the butler was drying the Duke of Amitier to help Theramore's refuge.

[It happened where I lived. because the housekeeper abused the child, and the teacher in kindergarten did it in front of the other children. Parents always find out later. It's horrible.]

I felt more uncomfortable thinking about it.

If Terramore is really abusing the Confucians, which one of you is it?

According to Deacon Amitier, there seemed to be one child who had been abused.

Henri is smart, so I don't think I can touch him easily.

A child who creates non-funds and invests in domestic and international affairs will not be abused.

Then it's Ishaq.

But Ishak seems to be much more impulsive than Henri, and he's endured abuse until he's all grown up?

'Or I just didn't know the butler. It could be both.'

At that time, North called me by the side.


When I turned my head to the anxious face, he smiled.

"Does the meal not fit your mouth? Do you want me to give you something else?"

I said, "No, drink it....." Fix the fork, "he said.

'It's likely to be a premature guess..... but let's check it out.'

Are you really being abused?

If you're hit, tell me which one of Henri and Ishak is.

* * *

That afternoon.

I looked into the corner of the hallway and found someone coming out the door and ran to Ododo.

"Notre Dame. (North))"

I cling to my legs and look up.

North is surprised to see me for a moment, but soon he sits down with a big smile.

"What's going on, baby?"

"There you go, Sipo. (Hey, I want to go. Training ground.)"

Henri and Ishaq were thrown into the training ground as soon as the luncheon was over.

I have to go there to see the kids, but I don't know where the training ground is.

North opened his eyes and asked.

"The pool in this weather?"

"Trainee Faction! (Training Ground!)"

"Su ~ Young ~ Jean?"


I sighed, holding my back.

This guy's pronunciation.

It's economically slow to grow, so no matter how you practice it, it doesn't get better.

"Karl Ikeke is capable of this. (Carl) You're doing this.)"

Speaking in as pronounceable a sentence as possible, he shook his arm. And so North said, "Oh." I nodded.

"The maids told me not to take her to the training ground."

I closed my eyes tightly as he said it was too bad.

I gathered my hands calmly with a desperate expression. And I looked at North with my sparkling eyes.

"Devaluation. (Please.)"

And North said, "Argh." I groaned and took hold of my heart.

Soon he reached out to me.

"Go. Go."

North, who dragged me wide, moved Rulurala's steps.

When I arrived at the training ground, I saw Henri and Ishak holding a wooden sword.

I jumped out of North's arms, and the children who found it hovered.

Ishaq asked.

"Why are you here?"

"I'm going to play with Annie. (Ishak, I'm going to play with Henri.)"

"It's me. Did you come all the way here because I wanted to see you? It's annoying."

Ishaq said so and gave me a convenient way to walk. It seemed good to follow.

I walked along Henri and Ishaq, looking carefully at the underside of my sleeve or my thighs.

No bruises or cuts on the neck.

Not even on the ankle.

Below the retail…….

'I don't know if it's the wound I saw during my training or the one I saw.'

Moreover, there was a sneeze on both of them.

Focusing on looking at the two, I did not find a stone beak. I swung in front of my eyes and leaned.

'I'm falling!'

Someone accepted me.

"Thank you, Annie. (Thank you, Henri.)"

"No problem, baby."

Henri smiled, but politely threw down the wall.

'But I don't think he's a bad kid.'

Even if you speak politely, you can speak aloud and not over-restrain.

Ishak looked at me and looked at me. And I said, "You can't even walk, you idiot." And I trampled the stone beak that I caught and let it swallow into the dirt.

The Terramore ball has abused these kids.

How scary.

When I think about it, my throat stings.

At that time, someone approached us.

"Were the three of you together?"

It was the Terramore ball.

He bends his back and snaps his eyes.

"You're the lovelier one to look closer."


"This is Austin Terramore. I've had Dublin Red for a long time."


"Do you want to shake hands?"

He grabbed my hand and smiled as he tucked, tucked, and touched the palm of his hand.

"Children's hands are soft."

I can feel the sharp glare in my eyes hidden inside my hot brows. He looks down at my hand and whispers.

"You're gentle."


"If you keep being so gentle, you won't have to carry a hawk. Right?"

When he sees me, he pulls his tail and looks at Henri and Ishaq.

"In the future, I have helped Master Henri's discipline. Today I'm here to greet you, so I'll go to the library with you."

To take the kids?

'Not really.'

I squealed.

"Nootsu! Nootsu!! (North! North!!)"

North, who was a long way from hearing my voice, came running for a month.

Why would I bring North without serving another servant in the Training Ground?

Because there was a Terramore ball in the castle, we needed the Duke's last chance to protect the children.

North looks at the Terramore ball and hardens his face.

"What's going on here? You must be busy scheduling in nature."

"After a while, I came to say hello to my adorable disciples."

North's face hardened once.

"Again, are you in charge of education?"

"I don't think there's anyone else who can help you bring your talents to fruition."

Terramore's ball slowly strokes his beard and looks at the two children.

"I think it's best to say hello."

When he said that, he lightly bowed his head and disappeared.

North stared at Terramore's ball with a stiff eye, and I was looking at the kids.

There was no need to find a child who was abused separately.

I met Terramore and had a kid with a white-necked neck.

It was Henri.

* * *

The training of Henri and Ishak was resumed.

I sat on the chair that North had set up on the other side of the training ground as I left, and I tucked, tucked, and tapped my toes.

'So what do we do now?'

Shall I tell the Duke?

But there is no evidence.

What can I say if I was injured while practicing bruising or wounding my body?

In this case, the abused child had to tell him himself, but Henri seemed to be hiding the abuse.

Because there's no way this smart kid can't shake Terramore.

'But why would Henri hide the fate of Terramore?'

At that moment, elasticity burst into the training ground.

I wanted to do something. I turned my head and I looked up in surprise.

Ishaque, let's hold the sword! The ground trembled, and little stones or dirt came up around the child.

At that time, Ishaq jumped to the ground quickly, and his body ran red.

"Oh, my God. Are you going to come back? '

I knew Ishak was using Auror, but I didn't know he was expressing it at such an early age.

Does it make sense that I know how to write an oracle at that age that I can use even the best of the Crusaders?

I can't believe I saw it with my own eyes.

The opponent hurriedly twists as Ishaq narrows his distance to a single breath.

Almost missing the opponent, Ishaq swiftly strikes the opponent's leg with his left foot, and soon collapses.


The smiling man lightly threw the sword he was carrying and flipped his wrist and received it again.

He was holding his hand in his sack, so he was heavily weighed.

Then I dig into the other person in a single breath.

"Surrender! Surrender, master! Argh!"

"Where's the surrender. If you lose, you die."


The opponent dodges close, but the armor on the sword of Auror is slightly tapered.

However, Ishaq did not really intend to look at it. He raises his sword once again.

I looked at that horrible scene and muttered indifferently.

"Musher……. (Scary…….)"

Ishak's sword flickers.

He coughs when he looks at me with flaws.

"That's not funny."

Then he tosses the sword and retreats from the opponent.

'The opponent was lucky.'

I was glad Ishaq wasn't having fun.