Then it was Henri's turn.

It wasn't as fierce as Ishaque, but it was certainly an exceptional talent.

Henri also emitted an aurora.

Rather, it dealt with Aurora because it was more delicate than Ishaq.

However, when the training opponent was replaced, he was unable to exert his power.

Henri's new opponent was an old man with clean hair.

Despite being much weaker than his previous opponent, Henri has fallen on the ground several times.

You think he's an old man? '

The opponent yells at Henri with the impression that he thought so too.

"Don't ignore me!"

Henri quickly got up and avoided the attack of old age, but after seeing something, the pupils expanded and the blood went. Soon the child shook his head and, at the same time, the sword fell from his hand.

The old man strikes the wooden sword while holding the ground firmly.

I'm going to get hurt!

"Ang vs! (No!)"

I squealed and dug between the old man and Henri and stretched out my arms in front of Henri.

"Don't hit Annie! (Henri) Don't hit me!)"

"Baby, this is a legitimate battle....."

The old man smiled awkwardly and said, but I made an impression.

"Take Annie Sword. Take a look at the ground. (Henri didn't catch the sword. I was looking at the ground.)"


"I'm not mad at you, Annie. (Grandpa is angry and beating Henri is not a battle.)"

The old man looks at the sword that Henri dropped due to a defect.

"Oh my..... I guess I was too excited."

The old man reached out to raise Henri.

But Henri did not hold his hand, but twisted himself.

Henri leaves the training ground, and I follow the child and hold his arm.

"What are you doing?"

"Annie, get hurt. Apply the medicine. (Henri, I'm hurt. Approximately apply.)"

"I'm good."

"Oh, are you scared? No, he's a good Sarami. (The doctor is scared? No, the doctor's grandfather is a good man.)"

I treated her kindly even when I was sick. I'm not scared because I'm a shy, sweet person.

"You can't be scared of a doctor! I just hate old people!"

The child who shouted like that shut his mouth.

Standing by the road, I stare at him.

'The old man doesn't like..... no way.'

I knew the circumstances of Dublin, hidden in Segan, because I repented several times and remained a Duke of Eternity.

Dubled is a rich family with both wealth, power and reputation, but the interior was a terrible vendetta.

When you get one, you lose one. The world was the Dublin Red, where everything was a cold deal.

For generations, Dubled's children had to give up their parents' warm care instead of enjoying the rich wealth achieved by their predecessors.

Dubled's immediate relatives are raised in the hands of the householder and his lateral muscles as soon as they are born. All you have to do to meet your parents is celebrate a few anniversaries.

It was a system to ensure absolute loyalty to the household from childhood and to identify the most outstanding successors.

And the three princes, the children of the present Duke, were all raised in his hands until the death of the elders.

The scary old man. '

The first father of life, Duke Amitier, trembled every time he mentioned Dubled's lineage.

[Cain Dubled is a terrible writer. Isn't it the devil who murdered my younger brother Chris in front of his grandson? Do you know what the reason for the murder was? It's just a stumbling block. I killed my blood because I didn't need a scratched child.]

What if the grandson, Henri, who was with him when the Sunbae killed him?

'Then we are forced to have a trauma for the elderly.'

I was evil with the sweet flesh of my mouth.

Yeah, no matter how smart he was, he was a kid.

A child who sees trauma to the elderly as a scratch and is compelled to die if there is a scratch.

And Henri must have been hiding the fact of abuse because of the compulsion.

'Henri had been completely hidden, so the Duke didn't know that he was being abused.'

Terramore must have known Henri's obsession. So I wouldn't dare abuse the Duke's blood.

Really, it's a bad inspiration.

'So what do we do now?'

The smart way is to just keep your mouth shut.

I want young people to believe me because I'm Kabalin.

Unlike previous events in Dublin, this case involved witchcraft.

The people here have seen Terramore a lot longer than I have.

Of course, there will be more credibility over there.

'What's been piling up so far could collapse Warr.'

It was a problem that could be mentioned even if it went wrong.

Then you will have to repeat your previous unfortunate life.


Henri's hand trembled. I couldn't turn my back on a kid who was as tired as he was going to die soon.

'This is why I don't like my little body. It's hard because your conscience hasn't disappeared yet.'

I listened hard and stroked Henri's head. Then the startled child threw out my hand.

"What are you doing?"

I sighed with a gritty Henri.

"What the hell....."

"I keep it to the Lord, Annie."

Henri then narrows his glans with the look of what he ate wrong.

I can't help it, so I'll protect you. So repay me for not bothering me while I'm here.

* * *

The next day, I went to the office of Duke Zola for Leah.

"Baby," said North, who was with the Duke when I opened the door. "I called out, and I approached.

I bent my knee and asked him gladly after seeing his eyes.

"What's going on here?"

I'm here to retrieve Terramore's information.

You need to know how to defeat an enemy. However, I could not get deep information from my room, which was almost exclusively for the employers.

'Then we have to find someone with a lot of information.'

The Duke of Dublin, who owns the most prestigious intelligence department in the Empire.

"Yup, see Princess Siposo."

North who squeezed his heart at me as he squeezed his hand and said, "My daughter is the best……." I groaned.

Then he held me and went to the Duke.

"Here comes the baby."

"But you can't fall off me."

"So, shall I take you?"

When North looks at me with a heavy face and asks, the Duke quickly snatches me away and sits on his knees.

I put my hands on the table, lifted my head and stole the Duke's papers.

"What are you looking at so closely?"

I was about to spy on the Duke's missing information and quickly excused myself for being stabbed.

"Princess Janmi Yepo. Great! (Duke's writing is beautiful. Awesome!")

"You admire it with nothing."

Then North smiles and faces Cook.

"You don't know how to write yet, so you look great."

The Duke picked up the blank paper on one side of the desk.

And I held the pen in my hand, and covered my back with a big, warm hand.

I wanted to know what I was going to do, but I was going to hold my hand on an empty piece of paper and write instead.

My hand didn't move well, so I wrote it down a little bit, but I could recognize the writing at a glance.


And one more time.

LeBlaine Dubled

"Can you read it?"

"Le Bou Irmiyah. (That's LeBlaine's name.)"

"You remember that the maids used to write it a lot."

In North's words, Duke Pick smiled and stroked my head.

'I wanted to come to the office and hate it, but I don't feel bad. Thank goodness.'

The Duke really saw the job, leaving me by his side for nothing.

I eagerly listen to stories like this, so that I don't get in the way.

"How is the construction of the new advisory body underway?"

"I'm going to tell you what's going on today."


It was mostly a political or alpine fight.

But there was also a helpful story.

There is a vacancy in the Senate, so we will select a new Senate.

The candidate is Terramore. And it's Terramore and the marshal, Missanq.

'If this works, I won't put my hands on my nose.'

I laughed bitterly.

* * *

That afternoon.

I pretended to come out to play, killing time in the garden in front of the entrance where a lot of people pass by.

She sits on Leah's knee, picks flowers, and steals her wristwatch.

'It's your poem now....'

The Duke of Missanq said he had an appointment with the Duke at four and a half o'clock, so he will pass through the gate by this time.

Anytime I want to come, someone comes into the glottis waiting for me.

Antiqued curly hair, saggy eyes, and a cozy figure that looks mid-30s. And the underjaw wound.

It is the same as the impression of Viscount Michener.

I said to Leah with a hug.

"It's cold.)"

"Shall we go inside then?"

"No, I want to make all this and give it to you."

And when I showed her the wreath I was making, Leah wrapped around her cheek and said, "Will you give it to me?!" I was impressed.

Leah looks around and confirms that there are guards far away.

"I'll get you a coat and a blanket."


As soon as Leah heads to the nesting castle, Viscount Michener crosses the gate.

As he was about to enter nature, he found me and turned his steps to me.

"I see that famous fateful child here. This is Karn Michaud."

"It's Leve. AnVin."

As much as possible, he looks up and down at me.

I seem to wonder what I was adopted to attract the Duke's interest.

"What were you doing here? It's a cold day."

That's right, I waited for that question.

I said with a smile.

"Wait for Terra's installment."


As soon as Terramore's name comes out, I don't look well.

"Levdo, Annie, listen to the interest and value soup. (LeBlaine will also take classes with Henri and Ishak.)"

I was waiting to ask you to join me in class, and the purchase of Viscount Michener was twisted.

"You're all misunderstanding. Terramore is an old man who doesn't deserve to teach Dublin's immediate family. Family is small, academic is not that big."

When I blinked deliberately, Viscount Michelangelo told me easily.

"There's nothing to learn from Terramore."

"No, it's clever. (No, Grandpa is smart.)"

"What did he say?.."

"Now let's say you're wearing a really cool robe."

It was a dark red robe worn by the members of the Dublin Senate.

'Mi-Saint, that robe you're looking for, too.'

As I glanced up to my arm, Viscount Missanq's expression changed all the time.

"Did he say that?"

"Yeah. I heard Lev talking to the other guy."

"That sounds ridiculous. That spot...!"

"I told you it was all about custody. He said he'd give it to Rob."

"No way the Chairman..."

I wedged my face to a hardened Missanck.

"Rob told me to watch the fool who knew it was mine shed tears together."

At this moment, the child's voice was spoken and pronounced correctly, but Michelangelo did not seem to feel the facade.

A cord of blood burst into the hands of Michelangelo, who rolled up his trousers.