A few days later, the story spread that Terramore had lost his mind.

I snore in front of the basement oxa to see the truth.

'Because of Henri's work, Terramore doubts who I am, so it's good to let go of my mind.'

After a while, Dubois, the head of torture, appeared in the basement of Oxa.



I raise my head and knock on the door.

"Terramo instalments keep getting confused?"

Is it true that he's out of his mind?

"No, get out of your mind and cut off your ankles and throw them in the workplace."

Dubois used to smile awkwardly and shake his hands.

"Torture is over. Now he won't be able to do anything worse."

I said, "Wow!" I yelled, and Dubois looked at me like he was cute.

'Because of Henri, I was trying to figure out how to deal with it because I wasn't usually a child.'

After breaking up with Duke Dubois, I walked like a pole.

The bad guy who reminds me of Duke Valois is gone, and the beautiful castle looks even more beautiful.

'Oh, I think it's a good idea to solve the stress right away.'

When the gods saw me walking, the employers laughed and greeted me.

"Hello, baby. You're in a good mood today. Where are you going?"

"Let's have a snack."

Leah gave me a lot of snacks recently.

The maids were furious after they saw me drifting away from Terramore.


[Hit him.]

[Son of a bitch!]

Leah was quiet among the maids who had poured out a harsh curse.

It was only after the maid said, 'Why didn't Leah say anything?' that she raised herself up quietly.

With a knife.

[Let's kill Terramore for a second.]

If the frightened maids hadn't decided to live to die in case the boss became a murderer, she might have really killed Terramore.

'That eye was serious.'

Thinking of Leah then, I shook my shoulder for a moment.

After spitting out a whiff, the maids hugged me and burst into tears. Then someone seemed to realize it.

[What if your baby gets traumatized?]


[Why is that the case, King? If you don't trust people for the rest of your life because of childhood trauma.]

I thought it was hard for me to be the one who was pushed, and the maids trembled.

And like every day, he gave me a snack, memorizing words like 'Baby is precious', 'Bad one is a thousand bees, baby is a little girl', etc.

'It's a little stressful, but the snacks are good.'

I went into the room humming my nostrils.

'Today's snack was a pie with sweet peach pickles.'

God sat in a cold chair, and the maids wrapped round me and started memorizing the spells they always do recently.

"The baby is kind and gentle."

"Smart and smart."

"He's a precious man."

I nodded, thinking as usual, 'That's what Mina said from the movie.'

Then I was expecting a snack, which was weird.

No matter how late the snacks came in, the maids began to brush their heads.

I shook the maid Dalia's sleeve and said, "What about snacks?" I asked.

"You'll have a snack this afternoon. I was expecting you to have lunch with my master, so I'm going to make lunch earlier than usual."


I cried.

It's depressing that snack time has been delayed, but the Duke and I are eating...!

Yesterday, when I saw it for a moment, it was a terrifying impression.

The annual meetings with the stallions followed, and the boat was horrible because it was busy without a bird in the courtyard.

"Chehagen. Chehagen."

Ahoy, I sighed and got up and stumbled inside the elephant bag.

I have to keep the digestive agent in advance.

* * *

Upon arriving at the dining room, the Duke was sitting at the table. There was already food in front of him.

I'm going to sit down, and Ishaq arrives just like me.

"Good to see you, Duke."

When he bent his back, the Duke greeted him with a light nod.

'Ishaq is here. So is Henri coming, too?'

At the end of the day, the door of a huge restaurant opened and someone appeared.

"Good to see you, Duke."

Unlike usual, Henri bows to the Duke in a neat and elegant outfit.


As the Duke silenced instead of greeting, Henri approached the dining table with his head raised.

'Are you okay now?'

Henri was stuck in a room while the castle was in a storm.

His dedicated workers were also banned from the room, so only a servant or doctor who went to eat was told that he was recovering like a bean from the drought.

'Arms..... Yes, I think it's better.'

I was worried it was the most severely injured place.

I sat down and looked at the Duke and Henri's eyes.

The last time I saw the two men together was when the Duke shouted and Henri ran away asking about Terramore's abuse.

"Maybe it's more between rich people." '

I was worried, and Henri opened his mouth.

"I want to take a leave of absence and be educated in my territory for the time being."


The Terramore incident is going to catch the attention of the Iltu, but you're gonna stay here?

I was surprised, but the Duke said nothing, moving the knife.


"I'm going to say this in the future. I was in territory and I thought it would be a good idea to organize."

Then the Duke looked at Henri Zigsy. While he was silent for a while, he opened his mouth.


With that, the conversation between the two was over.

While everyone noticed the two of them, the parties were of no colour.

And I wanted to make fun of my boobs.

"No matter how much the environment grows, don't you think it's too much, Dubled? '

The Duke and Henri didn't understand.

Both of them grew up under garbage more than Valois, and the Duke was only a few times at the age of one and nearly killed by blood, and Henri has been abused for the past few years.

'Even so, they don't know too much about family relations.'

How could I not know that I had no blood for the fourth time in my life?

I looked at the Duke with Eagle's eyes, and the staring Duke looked at the strawberries on my fork.

"I like it too much, though. All right, I'll give it to you."

I wondered if my fervent eyes were due to strawberries, and he put strawberries on my plate.

I always cared about Henri.

I don't think I take my attention for granted, but I think the child needs some misgivings.

Especially if you're a kid with a heart like Henri.

'What do I do?'

As I was pondering, I quickly waved the Duke's collar.

"Annie is also a strawberry jogger."


No, Duke. Your son likes strawberries.

The Duke stared at me and told me one more time because there was no answer.

"Annie, strawberries, they're gorgeous."


"Annie, strawberries!"

I shouted without knowing why the Duke flinched.

After looking at Henri, he slowly moves the fork.

And you are.


Henri's gaze shivered sharply when he saw the strawberries that the Duke had placed on my plate.

Both of them had no facial changes, but an awkward airflow flowed.

When I waved the Duke's collar again, he remained silent for a moment and said,

"…… Eat."

"…… Thank you……."

I became blurred.

'Okay, okay.'

This will not bring down the wall between the Duke and Henri, but I hope it will still be a little better.

I looked at the two people alternately with a blurry face.

I smiled and said to the Duke.

"Interest rate."

You can't discriminate.



The Duke moves awkwardly again and leaves the strawberries on Ishak's plate.

* * *

After eating, I went out to the restaurant and rubbed my stomach.

'I was a little nervous, so I ate a little.'

Thinking about asking Leah for more food, she shakes her head.

Today's snack is sweet peach pickle or pie, so let's wait for it.

'What are we going to do until snack time?'

In my first and second life, I was desperate to take a day off, and now I'm like, "What are you doing? 'was the biggest problem of my life.

'This is heaven, too.'

I took my steps seriously.

Then I found the door at the end of the first floor corridor open.


Dubled's nature was divided into an ensemble and a library.

Dongguan is a place where outsiders come and go, such as administrative bodies such as offices, conference chairs, and first libraries.

On the other hand, the library was a space for only Dubled's blood.

It is where the Duke's bedroom and the Confucius' room are located.

And the door at the end of the first floor corridor connecting the East Gate and the West Gate was always closed.

"Library. What kind of place? '

Now that I'm adopted, I need to move my room to the library soon, but I'm still living in the Dongguan noble room because the room I'm staying in is under construction.

I am interested because I have never been to the library.

'We'll have a room in the library anyway, so can we go?'

I noticed a slight glimpse, crossing the corridor and opening the door to the library.


The admirer came out to me without my knowledge.

Of course, the hall was cool, but it was as mediocre and intimidating as the outsiders.

But the library was completely different from the hall.

Warm, shiny marble is reflected by the sunlight pouring into a wide window and glowing brilliantly.

The trees planted on the floor at the end of each corridor smelled good.

'It's like a palace where a fairy king lives.'

I found a passageway with no arch-type door. I pushed my head inside.


It was a gigantic portrait, which occupied one wall at a time.

However, it seemed superstitious to be a painting that would be stuck in Dublin Red.

The top center of the portrait frame has only a small editorial embedded in it. It looks very old.

The face full of paintings was a certain old man. Grey sandy hair, wrinkled grandfather all over his face, but elegant and beautiful.

"Who is it?"

It was Channa who muttered.

[…… I have to go.]