I frowned and someone's voice flowed into my head.

It feels like I saw Newit.

Heart beats fast and dizziness.



Thump, thump, thump, thump.

My ears were full of heart sounds. I couldn't breathe because my lungs seemed to tighten. I keep narrowing my vision.

The world wanted money and the body wobbled. And thump! It collapses with the sound.

At that time.


"…… Lane!"

I heard Henri and Ishak's voice.

I thought out of my mind.

"Who the hell is that? '

Why does that voice always make me cry?

* * *

How much time has passed.

I couldn't reach a finger because my eyes were drenched and worn, and my body was a thousand muscles.

"Why don't you open your eyes? Did you check it out right? You want to die?!"

"Take another look. Find out why he fell. If you want that neck intact."

I heard tons of excitement and a serene furious voice.

And you are.

"Pull it out."

The Duke's voice?

I heard the urgent cries of my men with a sharp, blunt walker.

"I mean, really. Seriously, sir! There's nothing wrong with your baby!"

"Anyone can say that."

"But really……!"

"If LeBlaine can't find the cause of his stupor, cut the doctors' throats one by one on time."


I opened my eyes.



I have two handsome faces in front of me. It was Henri and Ishaq.

'No, why are they so clingy?'

I looked around slowly, drenching my eyes.

I was lying in bed, with Henri and Ishak on either side of my bed, and I can see Leah's troubled face behind them.

And there were thirty doctors on the floor who looked at it at first glance, and they were on their knees.

The man standing in front of the doctors was the Duke.


That's what I called it. I was so rested.

The Duke approached me in a slow, disconnected voice.

"Are you okay?"

With a nod, a small sigh gushed out from the duc's head. Soon he turned his head towards the doctors who were on their knees and North.

I swallowed a sigh.

'Oh, good timing.'

It seemed that the doctors were reprimanded because the child of destiny from the Shrine fell in Dublin.

But they have no fault. It's my fault for sneaking into the library.

The Duke opened his mouth.

"LeBlaine is awake."

Yes. Please let the innocent doctors go.

"Kill them all."


I looked at the Duke in surprise, and North said, "Go, sir... …!" and called him.

There was nothing to say that the limbs of the doctors on their knees trembled.

"There is no salary for incompetent people who haven't even found a reason for their stupor."

The Duke said that all he had was money.

Henri and Ishaq, who stood next to him, agreed with cool eyes.

'No, really?!'

North desperately tried to convince the Duke, but he was determined.

"Sir, it will take two weeks to get people out of the Islands."


"When your baby is in trouble again, who do you want to find until someone comes from the Islands!"

Then the Duke winked.

Realizing that this word works, North is as powerful as anyone who has seen even one stem of hope..!

He gave me an excuse.

"It's not your baby's body that's sick, it's cursed, or it's a matter of divine power, but the doctor can't find out why. However, if you have a body in the aftermath, the doctor will be able to help you."

That's what he said, right? 'I looked desperately at me with my eyes.

Everyone in the room looked at me.

Dukes, princesses, maids, and doctors who seem to have found clutches.

I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth.

"…… Etch."


The Duke opens his eyes and gives a thunderous shout.

"It's not a cold! Come on, see LeBlaine!"



As the Duke, Henri and Ishaq shouted, more than thirty doctors jumped into my bed in a frenzy.

Since then, I have been enthusiastically stunned by the cold, and doctors have avoided the death penalty.

* * *

A desperate cold-blooded child was eaten by the Duke and the doctors were fortunate enough to save his life.

Of course, the doctors, the specialists, couldn't have known that I didn't have a cold at all.

So every time they see me, the doctors say, "Baby..." Far jaw trembled.

In particular, Baron Mor, Principal of the Dublin Castle Medical Center, was greatly impressed.

"I will sacrifice my life for you, Adam Morn."

After 10 years of marriage, she almost died when she didn't even see her only child being born, and she called me a silver man.

I'm glad I saved innocent doctors.

'But what is that voice?'

A voice that has been listening to me from time to time since I touched Newit.

'Cursed, too.'

At the price of breaking the sacrament, it is convincing.

Exactly. I knew I had to show the state to the Shrine, but I didn't want to get involved with the Shrine.

If you're caught in the wrong place and you say you're going to break the curse, it's hard to take me with you.

"I got to know the Dublins. '

It was Ishaq and Henri who brought him right on the day of his fall.

They both wiped the doctors.


Especially Henri.

I heard a lot of slaughter the other day, and I thought it might have gone wrong.

The Duke of Massachusetts was a miracle.

"You don't hate me. '

Rather, would their emotions be more of a favour?

I covered my mouth with a sheep fist and laughed.

It's rewarding to chase after Paulsol.

Then the first button to prepare for asylum is the one you put in.

Dublin was a heavenly place for me, but when I get older, I will have trouble again.

A child of real destiny is coming.

To be sacrificed in a ritual to seal the evil god.

This is the Duke of Dublin, and it wasn't something you could do.

'How much money there is.'

I crawled up to the crib with an elephant bag.

"One, two, three buttons…… to twenty-one."

I looked at the buttons with a blurry face that I had gathered quite a lot and put them back in the bag.

'If you raise money, you should go to the Information Guild and create a fake ID.'

We need to do this as soon as possible. Since next year, the law will be amended to strictly manage resident data.

'Yeah, it's a short time, but you can't make money with the buttons.'

It is time to create non-funds.

I don't have the capital to do iron speculation or gold speculation like Henri, but I've figured out all the ways to make money.

I smiled and looked at the calendar.

'Soon the wanted man will be hiding in Dublin Red.'

Even the Imperial Palace is noteworthy, and the amount of bounty is enormous because the face is not revealed.

And I'll hand him over to the country for a bounty.

'Even a child pays a bounty!'

But how did you say you were coming in? I heard you were working at Dublin Castle.

Was he a servant?

'Thinking about it, I have to go find out what distance a new person can get into the permanence.'

I just ran into Leah, who was about to walk out the door.

"You're up early today."

Leah asked nicely, and I said, "No!" And he answered with a loud voice.

"I'm glad you're healthy. But where are you going?"

I could not hide in the restroom of the servants with the schedule of the castle.

I rolled my eyes and mumbled.

"Inter-Postol." (Library.) "

"Did you borrow a lot of fairy tales yesterday?"

"Not a frog, hmm…… a bear! Bear."

Leah nods, lightly wrapped around one cheek with her hand, as if measuring something for a while.

"I see. I'm old enough to learn the slate. I will preach the word to my master. I'm sure you'll give me a good teacher."


The imperial language has been learned three times.

You can flip the letters left and right and write them on your toes, so you don't need them at all.

But Leah said, "Our wonderful baby." I went to see Duke Lululalla.

* * *

The Duke immediately sent a teacher.

He graduated from Moorish Islands University as chief, passed the difficult administrative exam of the Imperial Palace, and was the youngest with experience in teaching renowned family restraints.


I'm leaving North.

Of course, the famous family restraint he taught to write is Henri and Ishaq.

"You don't work?"

"If you know how much paperwork you have on my desk, you will cry with me……."

North murmurs with a dull eye.

I have to deal with the case of Teramore, from Etwal Phong. How much work will it take?

'I'm having a lot of trouble with my cold-blooded boss.'

He shrugged his shoulders, and North had a frowny face.

'I have to concentrate and pretend to learn quickly because I'm a fox.'

"First of all, we need to learn the alphabet. Now, look at this card."

North was certainly a talented man.

I'm not just good at paperwork, I'm good at teaching kids.

It is easy to explain and examples are appropriate so other children can learn easily.

"Now, follow the instructions. Gail."

"To me."

"Gail is pronounced that. So what are the letters that Gail uses?"

"Bear, puppy, thank you, gri-gu, gri-gu....."

As I rolled my eyes, North, who had fallen in love with the class, laughed as if I were going to die cute.

"You're terrific, baby. Come on, I want an Administrator recruited, so I can only take care of your education."

Recruiting an Administrator?