"Yogi, new people coming in?"

"Yes, I took the test last month and elected a brilliant person. Training and secondary exams will take place starting tomorrow. When you pass, you become Dubled's administrator."

Dubled doesn't pick people.

Selection is an unconditional test, and there are talents from all over the country because they are treated well.

So Dublin had a lot of great talent, but there were shortcomings on the other hand.

That a criminal could be hiding.

'This is easier than I thought to catch the wanted person.'

Henri and Ishaq came in because the door of the library was open.

North, who saw the two of them, stepped out of the chair and left his seat.

Ishaq, who came straight to me, shook his face.

"Are you all better?"


"Cold. Is it all better?"


Ishaq opened his eyes and groaned. Then I look at my brother.

"Why is he so weak?"

"Because I'm a kid."

"I was so healthy when I got here."

"That's because you're a monster."

Henri used to push the face of Ishak in front of my nose.

"Hello, LeBlaine."


"Has there been anything strange since it was broken? You have spots on your body, you have abnormalities in your divine power. It's a sign of a curse."

His voice was sweet, and as if he were building a wall, his words of respect disappeared in front of others.

I blinked my eyes to see what was going on. Henri said with an uncomfortable and refined expression.

"I'm sorry I said that last time."


"I wanted to keep apologizing. If that's okay, will you forgive me?"

Henri's words at the time broke my heart a little, but it was nothing for me to hear any kind of hurt words in my previous life.

"Ugh, Ganchana."

Henri handed over my hair and said, "That's sweet." I said.


It was a sweet act of a man who would set up followers in the future.

The maids smiled in the spring wind and said, "Haaah." I sighed.

She said that she is different from the rice cake leaf, and the destructive power is amazing.

With his tongue out in astonishment, Ishak frowns at Henri.

"It's very different from what you do to me."

"I only care about my people."

"Why is the kid your brother? He's my boy!"

"He's my brother."

"My boy!"

Then the brothers stared at each other, and I looked at the two men with no mind.

'No, why are they doing this!'

At that time, someone entered the open door. It was the Duke.

He stares at the brothers who are staring at each other and at me who can't do this or do this.

'Duke, your sons are doing strange things!'

Take him quickly.

The Duke embraces me with such a glance.

"That's my daughter."

, and

* * *

Henri and Ishaq frown with arrogance when they saw the Duke holding LeBlaine with one arm.



The Confucians have been standing in front of LeBlaine's room for the past few days.

But when I said I needed stability, I pressed and held my heart to go to see him.

However, unlike the two of them, the Duke came into the kinky room once a day to examine the condition of LeBlaine.

But I can't believe you took Hall with you today.

'I told him to prepare his favorite snack.'

LeBlaine would love to clap her hands. And, "Interest is the best. 'I would have told you.

Ishaq looks up at the Duke with a very dissatisfied face.

"That's not fair."


"The Duke always hugs the kid!"

"What's so unfair about your father holding his child?"

"That…… but……."

Henri stepped out as he rolled his eyes and couldn't find what Ishaque was going to say.

"We also need time to be with LeBlaine. It will always be awkward to stay with the Duke."

"You were right!"

Usually, the bad guys can't fight each other. Today, they pretend to kill each other.

"Getting to know each other is enough. Stay back because your child is in bad shape today."

"The kid said he was all better!"

"Yes, the doctor of LeBlaine is important."

The rich man who faced each other with Eagle's eyes stared at LeBlaine at the same time.

"You don't want to be with your father."

"Kid, you want to play with us, right? Huh?"

"Who are you?"

"Who likes it? Huh?"

LeBlaine, who was looking at the Dukes and Princesses alternately, squeezes his hands.

"Umm, divided……."

Everyone in the library focused on the child with a tense expression.


Then he jumped out of the Duke's arms and ran to Leah, who had finally entered the library.

"Nia is Joa's best friend."

"Oh, baby. I like your baby the most."


"Would you like to go to dinner?"


When LeBlaine grabbed Leah's hand and walked out of the library with Chewy, the wind passed between the three rich men.

* * *

I walked down the hall with Leah, and I had a subtle expression.

'Why are you doing this with me?'


'What did I do wrong?'

Apparently, he was like a father and a brother restraining his daughter between them.

'But I'm not careless.'

I know from my experience at Duke Valois that when I get excited about what my family looks like.

Leah smiles at me with a conscientious expression.

"Is that what you're looking forward to for lunch?"

"Huh? Yeah, I don't think so."

"Your baby's favorite cream stew. He asked me to add a bunch of meat."

I quickly felt better and held Leah's hand.

"Leah is the best. '

Good job you said you'd come with me.

The stew that Leah gave me was better than I thought.

I knocked on my stomach after eating two bowls of lots of stew, and the maids looked at me like I was going to die cute.

* * *

Ishaq, who was heading to the training ground with Henri, thought with a lamentable face.

'Why would a kid want to be with a maid more than we are?'

When you think about it, it wasn't once or twice that Leah came with him.

"Are you a better employer than I am? It's weird. It can't be."

"What nonsense."

Henri, who was walking with him, asked with an impression.

"When I gave the kid the cake, 'Ishak the best! Awesome!' she said."

Ishak speaks conscientiously, and Henri narrows his glans.

"I'm just saying."

"No, the kid loves me a lot. I'm glad to see you."

No one greets Ishak so much.

Employers and goblins greeted clerically with a nod, and gifted children are hard to avoid when they see me.

Henri narrows his glans.

"LeBlaine greets others too."

I mean, I'm into the hires near her.

He appeared like a little kitten in Dublin Castle that was just chopping, and he said, "Vine!" I went to say hello.

People were forced to take away their gaze.

Ishaq stops walking.

"So the kid's not really my favorite?"

It was an incredibly disappointing face.

Henri shrugged.

"I wouldn't hate it. I don't know how much you'll like it. But not the best."

"So what do I do to make you like it the most?"

Henri frowned at his brother's question.

I wonder if that's who I am.

Originally, it was easier for Henri to be favored by others than by other families.

It was because he was the owner of a sweet look, unlike the Duke, brother John, and brother Ishaq, who kept him still. Moreover, he knew how to make people friendly to me.

But LeBlaine was different.

He was very fair.

I was not equitably interested in both my father and myself, Ishaq.

'No, my side is at a disadvantage.'

My father and Ishaq didn't look so smitten by him, but he poured out a lot of words that would hurt him.

'Restore the relationship, at least the Duke and Ishaq need something to get ahead.'

It was Chalna who was pondering.

I saw the servants walking with their toys.

"Did you buy it too?"

"Yeah. 'Kid's Day' is getting closer, so the toy store's been crowded for a long time trying to save this one."

Henri and Ishaq, who had inadvertently listened to the servants' conversations, remained gazed at the gifts in their hands.


"Uh, you think the same thing?"


"Cooperation this time?"

"All right. Let's take the lead."

Not as much as that maid Leah, but not as the Duke who interrupts her time with LeBlaine every time.

The brother was born and was meant for the first time.

But the boys didn't know. I knew there was a hawk's eye watching them.

"You two went to the store to prepare a gift."

The Duke, who was receiving a report from North, spilled the picks and silos.

"I can't believe I bought a gift in the store. It's shallow."

North said with an awkward smile.

"I have to, turning your heart to bribes....."

"You have to buy a shop."


The Duke looked at North and other clerks and administrators with intimidating eyes.

"Buy the biggest toy shop in the store."

North, who was about to fall into paperwork again in his insistence, screamed loudly.

* * *

The next day.

After confirming that the new Administrator had applied, I headed to the middle of the first floor where they were.

And I looked at the new administrators in the middle corner.

'My money. Who are the criminals who will be my money?'

Even though it seems rather clumsy on the first day, it all seems normal.

Because he's a criminal, he won't write "wanted" on his forehead.

North, the chief executive of the executive, was confronted with a new executive who announced the caution and assignment department.

"Huh?" Ada. "

Few of the new administrators have noticed that I am here.

But looking at North's eyes, everyone pretends they don't know me.

'That guy doesn't notice, so he can't even do his job.'

North and the existing clerks found me and bowed their heads.

I came out from behind a crooked wall, too, and I said, "No..." and greeted him.

North hugs me like that and heads to the center.

"You are the youngest daughter of Sir LeBlaine."

Then he looks at the clerk who called me "child."

"It's not just a kid."