'Well, it's been filmed.'

I deeply mourned the clumsy clerk.

"What are you doing here?"

I took out a cold prepared excuse.

"Write all the letters yesterday. I want to learn more."

"You are sincere. Now that the inquiry is over, please wait. I'll bring the book."

North said so, leaving me to the servants.

The new administrators, who were relieved of tension, opened their mouths one by one.

"That's the one....."

"The 'Eugene North' who resolved the drought in the north when he served in the Imperial Palace, and was the youngest in the Imperial Intelligence Department?"

"Wow, I didn't think you'd actually see it. He said he was a genius without blood or tears."

Everyone was nervous and expectant.

'Oh, yes.'

North retreated tremendously, forgetting that he was one of the most prestigious talents in the Islands.

"Do something tense. Even if it's Eugene North, it's a species like us now."

When a big man spoke, the woman in the glasses frowned.

"Charlie, did you forget it was in front of your baby? Be careful what you say."

"Seria, why are you always moaning when you only see me? You don't like me?"

"Are you crazy?"

When the two voices became sharp, an unnoticed clerk stumbled.

"Don't fight. What are the test tubes trying to do?"

"Good for you, Jacob. You're the most photographed one of us."

I looked at a man and a woman called Charlie, Seria, and Jacob.

"Those guys, the Noxton accent? '

On the day the wanted man murdered the nobles, testimony from the employers suggested that a murmur was heard in his bedroom in the Noxstone area accent.

People speculated it might be the killer's voice.

I was in the middle until North came and looked at the clerks, but no one had a Knockstone accent.

I laughed.

So once the range is narrowed to three.

* * *

While I was studying with North, there was another thought in my head.

'I wish I knew more about the wanted person in my last life.'

There are only a few famous things to remember.

The wanted person's crime was murder.

That's noble murder, too.

This incident, which occurred earlier this year, engenders the wrath of all the people.

That's because he ran a nursery, and he was the real Noblesse Obligor who took out all his property to collect abandoned elderly and disabled people.

'That's why I asked if the temple didn't kill him with a thud.'

Because our dead nobles have done their part.

The whole empire was furious, but it couldn't be easily captured because it didn't even reveal the killer's impression.

'But how the hell did you catch the wanted man in Dubled?'

I'm thinking that, and someone knocked on the door of the library. He was a butler.

But the butler's eyes were different from the usual.

"The master is looking for Sir."

"…… 'That's the job'."


North shakes his shoulders without strength.

"Baby, do you have any toys you'd like to have?"

"What the hell."

Issac and Henri appeared behind the butler, cutting off North's words.

Ishak shoots North sharply.

"Are you trying to engrave?"

"No way."

Henri smiles darkly at the awkward words of North.

"Do you think the Duke will prepare it?"

"Well, I don't know what you're doing."

"If Eugene North doesn't know, who knows?"

North and Henri's gaze hit in the air.

"I beg your pardon. I have to go see the President. Baby, let's do the next lesson."

I said, "No." He nodded, and North greeted the Confucians and went out to the library.

Ishaq murmured as he stared at his back.



"I don't think so. Let's do that today."


Soon the two of them looked at me at the same time.

"LeBlaine, don't you want to go to the store today?"

"Let's go."

What shop?

I opened my eyes in circles.

'People have been strange since yesterday.'

It wasn't just the officials who were making a bad noise.

The maids from the library laughed,

[Which toy do you like best? [Teacher]

[Oh, boy!]

[Ah, no, we were wondering...!]

You're laughing, aren't you?

And when the knights came to me,

[Have you ever handled a wooden sword?]

[I wish the gift could be useful, right?]

I asked.

Whatever the bear was thinking, I opened my eyes slowly.

'Aha, tomorrow is a child's day.'

Since I was adopted, it is the first day of my child, and the Dukes and Princesses want to take care of it.

Duke Amitier and Duke Valois took care of his first day.

Duke Amitier only gave me no love, but he did almost everything the guardian had to do.

Duke Valois gave me a gift because of the gaze of others. I didn't want to appear to neglect an adopted child.

'The Dublins must be the same reason.'

Last time the Shrine came to pick him up again, the Duke broke his arm and sent him back.

But if he did not take care of the same day, he would protest in the temple, 'Why didn't you let me go?'

Toys are cold and overflowing, but I wanted to hang out at the store.

"Can I go?"

"Of course."

"But I didn't get permission from the princess."

"You're welcome to come with us, LeBlaine."

With Henri's sweet smile, I smiled brightly, "I want to go!" I said.

'When I get a toy, I have to pretend I like it.'

* * *

Where we rode the wagon was a lavish building without signs.

As he enters the entrance, a man in a half-mask bends his back deeply.

"I'll take you."

I looked inside, chasing after Henri and Ishak.

It's like an opera house. '

There's a big stage in the front, and the front seat is crooked. There were few vacancies in many of those seats.

We were seated on the second floor of the deathbed, not on the regular passenger seat.

There were three couches for a single person that were much more lavish than the other seats.

You're not here to buy toys, you're here to see a show? '

It's exciting!

In fact, the toys were kicky and overflowing, so it was better to watch the show.

I only saw the opera once during Duke Valois's youth.

"What would you like to prepare a drink for?"

"Earl Grey."

Henri raises his mouth briefly, followed by Ishaq, who opens his mouth in a tight seat.


Speaking of which, look at me.

Not "red tea." "

"What kind would you do?"

"What I wrote."



"Ah…… yes. I'll arrange it in a dark car."

Then he asked me what I wanted, and I said, "Strawberry milk!" I said.

Ishak looked at me like that and smiled.


"Interestingly, Ajana."

"I'm an adult. Drinking red tea. It's very bitter too."

And he said, "Baby, baby." I smile in a single bunk.

I wasn't that weak. Because I was right. Moreover, I was accustomed to being called 'Baby' because of this fateful child plaque.

Soon after, I had a drink.

Under the white, savory milk, a ruby-like, sparkling strawberry sauce sank.

I received cold milk and stirred it with straw.


Henri Cook smiles and bites and nods.

"Have some refreshments."


Henri and I had a good drink here. But Ishaq was very quiet.

His car was several times darker than Henri's. It looks like it will be overwhelming. And you are.


Ishaq was gloomy.

'I knew you wouldn't drink it.'

I gave him a glass of slutty milk.

"Interestingly, this is Mugger."

"I only eat milk for the children...."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no."

"..... Yes?"


Ishaq, who received a glass from me, tasted the milk.

My face was brightened to see if it was delicious. But soon I would change my face and cough.

"There's nothing to eat."

"Drink it."

"So you drink me once, and you drink me once?"

I said that and put the glass of milk back towards me.

Henri stares at Ishaque like a cockroach like that.

"Give me another one, you idiot."

"... I know!"

"LeBlaine, let's order another glass of yours because that milk is filthy."

Ishak was choking because of his brother who didn't listen, but I put straw of strawberry milk in his mouth again, so he was quiet.

I was looking forward to the start of the show as I drank the new milk.

Is it a play or an opera? '

I thought it might be a play when I saw a kid like me.

I have a crush on my heart because I like theatre more than opera.

Soon, the half-masked man who saw me on stage came up.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you for finding Heaven here."

The inside mouth of the corpse went up and down along the left side.

"I will start the slave auction from now on!"

.... What?

You're lying, aren't you?

I looked at the Confucians with those eyes, and Ishak smiled widely.

"Pick anything you want. I'll buy you everything!"

Then I remembered who the three of them were.

That's right. Guys, those were villain dream trees.