As the auction progressed, I became zinc.

It sounds like Heaven. This is hell.

'The slave auction is illegal. But why are so many people at the auction house?'

"This prize is the Lunsha Brotherhood. in white hair and white hair, even eyelashes, white as snow. The girl knows how to read imperial language."

He was shackled in both his hands and ankles.

The whole body is filled with terrible wounds, as if it had been inflicted severely.

"How's it going?"

Henri lightly said in Ishaq's words.

"The guy looks too fragile. If you're gonna live, just a girl. I'll let you read a fairy tale book."

The slave who came out next was a tall man.

A man with his face completely covered in hot hair! Argh! I screamed like a roar.

A sharp iron rope tied around his neck like a thorn, tied in numerous ropes.

It was more like a brother than the previous one.

Ishaq glittered his eyes.

"He can burn the lanterns and drive around the castle all day."

"Not because it's violent. What if LeBlaine gets hurt?"

Henri looked at me and asked.

"Did you have a toy you like?"



"To the oar……. (I don't like slaves…….)"

In my words, Ishak tilted his head.


"A pomegranate."

"No, I told you, weakness is bad."

His fucking patriot.

I grind my teeth.

What did you teach the kids? When I came back alive, I wanted to shake my prey.

It was then.


Strong on stage with a rough scream! The noise went off. And there was a tremendous gust of wind from the sound source to the passenger seat.

At that moment, the man's rope was broken.

He quickly pushed the ground and leapt to the second floor VIP seat where we are.


A man sits on the handrail with blunt noise.

He swiftly looked around. Seems to be looking for an escape hatch.

But there was nowhere to run. With this, he looked at me.

You're not trying to take me hostage, are you? '

When that thought touched my head, a man reached out to me.

'I'm caught...!'

I closed my eyes without knowing.

But no matter how much time passed, nothing touched my body.

I saw it when I opened my eyes.

"You look like a fucking wizard."


The man's hand was blocked by Ishak's sword, and a red orb that started with Henri's hand wrapped around me.

Ishaq quickly stepped on a man's leg. When the unbalanced man tries to crash into the passenger seat, he jumps on the handrail. And fall with black eyes on a man's chest. The noise went off.

I hurriedly grabbed the handrail and looked down at the first floor.

As if the meteorites had fallen, the earth was swarming.

Ishaq's seal shines blue on the man's chest, and his whole body is nicknamed after the line that extends from the seal.

The chairman was completely frozen.

The face of the left side, where the ark watched the power of the other Confucians, was a little frightened.

It was natural. Even I experienced the forgetfulness of the Temple Crusaders.

Ishak shakes his hand at me.

"Kid, this is so strong. I want you to play with it!"

Then he sympathizes with the half-masked man who was hardened.

"That's a really special item. It's called an anti-Semitic creature, born out of collision with an animal. Plus, it's younger than it looks. You'll be able to play with it for a long time."

'What are you talking about, you lunatic?'

I stare at a half-masquerade that stretches out a line of trashy words.

I'd rather not go back to slavery.

But the officials were too scared to say no. I really think I'll come back if I get hit by Ishak.

How can we refuse to let those young monsters plant unharmed?

The bear sighs as he ponders.

'Oh, I didn't want to do this in a lot of people.'

I looked so surprised and said, "Wow!" I shouted.

"Fuck you, Annie Mercy!"

Then Ishaq's eyes opened. Henri also opened his eyes slightly and looked at me.

"Lev, you need a toy. Annie, it's better to play with this guy. Because you two are so, so stupid."

Then, when I hugged Henri's waist, he was surprised for a moment. I thought it was a failure, but Henri's lips were sealed.

"So..... should we not buy toys?"


Yeah, let's go back.

Let's go back and report this garbage to the temple or the Imperial Court.

Ishaq said with a thick face.

"Oh, well, if you think so, let's just go. But....."


"... how good is it to play with us?"

It was a little embarrassing.

I put my mouth up, my mouth up.

"What do you see as the fourth time in your life? '

I can sleep with my father.

I said with a big smile.

"The best in the world!"

After confirming that Henri and Ishaq's face were illuminated, I turned my head with a satisfied expression.

However, a very familiar figure came into my eyes.


The Duke's face was stiff when he entered Heaven. It looks like the sky has fallen.

And somehow, the faces of the officials became very arrogant.

* * *

A few hours ago.

Henri, the Duke frowns when he hears that Ishak took LeBlaine to the shop.

'That's nasty.'

I thought I'd be pushed out of the gift, so I hit the player.

The first thing I got was something to remember.

If the order is reversed, my sons' gifts will be more memorable than mine.

The Duke immediately got up with his jacket.

North and the administrators begged me to look at one more file, but I didn't even listen.

He did not like the situation of the crops very much.

When I was alone with LeBlaine, it was a very relaxing and full life.

I used to sit on my knees all day, and I used to frown every time.

After formal adoption, there was less time to be together in such an event, but she was still in second place.

But things changed after the sons came down.

If you want to go see LeBlaine after a while,

[You chased after Master Henri.]


[You are with Master Ishak.]

The word came back.

The daily life without LeBlaine was free.

If he had seen himself a few months ago, he would have snapped his neck.

At first, he was just a nuisance.

A fearless man who chases after himself every time.

I thought it was annoying, but I followed my back a little harder the next day.

Since when did I feel awkward behind her back without her?

LeBlaine seeps into the cinnamon.

I didn't know exactly when or why.

But, with a white-faced face, "I did it wrong, I did it wrong." Rubbing your hands on your chest.

I was angry when I got sick.

I liked the sound of a voice calling out, "Princess!"

And I said, "Please be my abaddy." A desperate word was written.

That's when he closed his eyes quietly in the wagon, Heeing! I heard a voice in the stables crying.

"We've arrived."

The Duke from the shop asked North who followed him.

"Where are Lev and those guys?"


The Duke narrows his glans.

Haven has been a pain in the ass of Dubois lately.

It is primarily an auction place for immigrants or prisoners of war.

The slave auction itself is illegal, but there was a vague corner to touching the trade of prisoners of war because it was a practice that blinded them.

Moreover, if so many of the powers were to be detained in barrels, it would become a field of chaos.

"Is the gift of LeBlaine a slave?"

"I think so."

The Duke raises his mouth cool.

"You're being useless."

That's it, slave. You have to give me twenty men so I won't get my gift.

I thought so.....

"... how good is it to play with us?"

"The best in the world!"

An absurd situation occurred.

The Duke alternates between LeBlaine and the smiling sons with a stiff face.

And told North.

"Blow it up."


It was when North swallowed dry saliva with an uneasy face.

The Duke declared himself a living equal face.

"Blow up this damn space."

* * *

I looked at the building with my eyes wide open.

'It's a dumpster. I ride well.'

The Duke blows Heaven to pieces.

No birds to hear why.

As soon as the Duke said, "Moore," the four black robes beside him jumped anxiously, and the magician was clearly in the air.

The Duke approached and left the building with only me on the side.

And the building exploded in a blink of an eye.

Luckily, there are no casualties.

North desperately said, "Whoever wants to live, run!" It was a virtue I shouted.

'And all the slaves got out.'

A little while ago, a half-masked man counted the number of slaves and said, "There's all the merchandise. It's all there." I saw him complaining.

'He should have exploded with the building.'

I looked at the half-masked man with a very sad look.

"Why? Do you like that?"

I almost frowned at Ishaq's words. You don't like that crap.

However, Ishaq's gaze was not a half-masked man. He was a man of jewelry who was bending behind him.

The slave who attacked us earlier.

"Do you want to buy? You'd better buy it now. The building collapsed, so we won't be able to auction for a while."


"If you buy that, you can play with us. Because we're the coolest people in the world!"

I don't know why it's so connected, but I didn't really want to have a slave thing anyway.

'If the carrots don't work, it's a whip.'

I looked at Ishak and said, "Hoooo……." I sighed and said,

"No, I'm not playing."

"Huh? Why?"

"It's not very nice to think about it."

"Why?! No, I'm cool!"

Ishaq was terribly embarrassed and shouted.