When I looked at the wound, she said, "Ah…." I laughed awkwardly.

"Isn't that terrible?"


Leah leaves to bring medicine, reluctantly, even though I didn't cry.

"Do you want to continue with the class? This tower was built three hundred years ago to honour the Duke of that time...."

It was a curious spire.

It didn't look like a dinner or for any purpose, it just looked like a symbol.

There are only stairs inside, and there is no room. Even the lamp, which is maintained by horsepower, could not hold the torch.


"Would you like to go up there?"


Seria smiles as she looks up the stairs.


"I think of kids like my brother."

"Seria must have been Joe's sister."

"Not really."

"No, I think so."

I went up the stairs and looked back at Seria.

"I killed a nobleman for them."


Her face hardened.

It was a checkmate.

* * *

'I was hoping it wasn't just you.'

Evidence is the earthquake-like scar on the back of the foot.

I saw it at the slave auction. Slaves all have the same markings on their feet.

'There was also the footstool of the man who tried to attack me.'

And Seria is a Knoxstone accent.

Knoxstone, the frontier where most of the immigrants are captured.

"The fact that a nobleman is dead is a slave. Seria, you are the slave the noble sold."

It was not for the dead nobles to help the weak. To be sold as slaves.

He was a slave raised by his nobles, and Seria was able to break into the mansion by herself. I'll know the structure.

"How did you... how did you..."

Seria, who looked at me with trembling eyes, burst into laughter.

"You heard from Duke Dubled. I didn't think I'd be able to hide it for long, but I picked it up sooner than I expected."

I rolled my eyes.

'Thank goodness. You misunderstand.'

I prepared an excuse.

"That's right. He deserved to die."


"No one knew he was such a writer. Even slave children."

Seria squeezes her fist tight.

"Those kids who knew nothing would still be waiting for the man to save them.... like me."


"But I was lucky. I worked at his mansion because I had a good head. And then, after adolescence, it was sold, and I realized it earlier than the other kids. I know the fucking nature of that man."

Seria said she escaped to live before she died.

I went to the facility to save children mentally, but many children had already been sold out.

"Children who are not suitable for sale are miserably……."

Seria is blurred.

So I know you killed a noble.

"But why did you come to Dublin? '

Seria kneels before me.

"Baby, a prospective administrator like me doesn't see the president. Please, please, help me see the President."

I was surprised and said.

"When you look at the princess, you see the Serbian residence!"

Do you think a man without blood or tears can save his life because he has a sad past?

"There was a flying bug in my castle," he said, handing it over to the security guard.

"The man's luggage is here. I have to find my brothers who have been sold out."


"I heard it from someone else. I don't know why, but he clearly said he was going into Dublin Red."

At that moment, I remembered things that I was uncomfortable with.

The eyes that looked at me.

I think he was particularly fond of children.

I measured the length of my hand at a glance.


It was time to murmur.

"How did you know?"

I heard a clumsy voice under the stairs.

It was when Seria raised her head. He twisted her neck as he jumped up in an instant.


Then I dropped her down the stairs without any foolishness.


I picked up some dark red blood around Seria, rolled from a high staircase.

Jacob looked at me.

"Huh? How did you know?"

I bit my lips tightly.

This tower I am in is very far from nature. It was a zone where knights did not patrol well because it was merely a symbol.

I said I would enter the tower because there are no people.

I needed space to talk to Seria, and I was sure she would never attack me.

Jacob came slowly.

"You're not gonna tell me?"

I didn't answer, I stepped behind the dance.

Jacob said, "Hmm." I groaned and tilted my head.

"My guest told me not to ruin it but to bring it..... Too bad. I won't get my reward."

I stare at him muttering in a very regrettable tone.

'This time, I will kill you.'

But if you don't want to die sick, what's the best thing?

Should I fall off the tower?

Do I have to bite my tongue?

'Child, you have to die before you get caught.'

Jacob's 'guest' must have been a madman, so it is the most dangerous thing to let go of your mind after you are captured.

'You'd better fall off and die.'

I ran toward the window of Huddak, but Jacob was faster.

He said he grabbed my collar.

"It would be fun to play with them."

It was then.

"What is it, you."

I heard a familiar voice.


There was a UNI behind it.

I shouted hastily.


You can't beat an adult man with two women.

Most importantly, Jacob had fallen Seriah down the stairs before, and he was a skilled slayer in these things.

It's more difficult when they both die together to protect me.

But they didn't move.

I was gonna scream to get away again.

Leah narrows her distance with one foot. It was much faster than Jacob.

Jacob twisted his body toward Leah. But whoops! Leap to the roof! Don Leah opens his shoulders for the air! Pick it up and slit your throat with your legs! It was tightened.


Jacob was not breathing, and the temples blew, and his face was swollen.

Leah then hooks, turns her legs, straddling the wall.

Jacob missed me and fell on the floor.

Because of that, I rolled over and banged my head.


Surprised Leah rushes towards me.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry, it's been so long..... making mistakes."

I looked at her because she was dumb.

"Oh, my forehead is red."

I had a little red on my forehead, but Jacob was dying.

Uni, running this way, twisted Jacob's shoulder and asked,

"You're here. Are you the Malta of the Auditorium? Brown Wolf Orca? Or the dog oil of Karutano's death penalty?"

The name of the drug organization, human trafficking organization, and assassins was given along with the accent that was usually blown from the glorious and loving mouth of the uni.

Then I grabbed his head and put it on the ground, and I could only hear the sound of walnut eggs breaking somewhere.

"Oh, get your intestines out and talk cheaply before you blow."


I was watching Jacob get beaten up like a dog.

"... No, I'm not a maid?"

Leah quickly shook out her hand.

"The maid is right! It was just a little bit different back in the day."


"In a place called here for a while……."

Are you referring to the Dublin Elite Knights, all of whom use Auror to end a battle that has mobilized more than 100,000 people in a fortnight?

I swallowed the drool and asked.


"No, Uni had a brief organizational life before entering the castle……."

Then Uni excused himself for being flawed.

"I just did a little financial business!"

If it's a finance business, is it a loop payment business…….

Uni came to me, and shook his hands, and excused himself, and threw away the foamed Jacob.

"But I still have the least bounty among the maids who serve your baby!"

.... So Dalia and Linda are wanted too?

I realized I was overlooking one thing.

Dubled accepts him as an administrator and an employer without taking into account his identity and origin.

In other words, criminals may already be mixed up.

'Ah, this is why Dubled is a villain....'

I nod silently.

* * *

"I just did the teachings of God. There are cheap people in the world who die.... No, there are people who need to be sent by God."

"The serial killer Dalia said that he killed about a hundred rapists.

"My house was poor from an early age, I had never had a meal with anyone else, and my mother said she didn't like pasta……."

This was Linda, the ambassador, who said that she had flown with a one-year budget.

"Baby, don't be disappointed!"

"Now they've all washed their hands!"

"Exactly. I live in reflection!"

I nod with blurred eyes.


But the maids wept whether they thought it was empty.

'It's really okay.'

Technically, I was Mina's homicide undertaker before the regression. In my case, of course, it was a murder.

'That's not more important than that right now.'

Leah enters the room with a stiff face.

"Your master is looking for you."

Headed to the Feud of Nature.