It was full of officials as well as numerous wizards, administrators, clerks and high-ranking employers.

I had a few broken teeth on my feet. It was Jacob's.

Jacob, who was brushed, covered the furnace with blood, and saw that the furnace was full of blood.

The blood flows from Ishak's sword and Henri's hand.

Seria lowers her head on her knees.

'You haven't handed it over to the police.'

The soldiers dragged him away and worried, but I think I have something to investigate about Jacob.

The Duke asked in a sinking voice.

"No place to get hurt."

I answered coldly.

"Don't hurt me!"


The Duke's gaze darkened and I replied again.

"A little hair……."

Henri's back sparkled blue and a phosphor came to mind.

Unlike Ishaque's seal, which had a flame-like pattern in the circle, Henri's had a vine-like curve around the circle.

The red light that wrapped around his arm stretched out like an arrow and entered between the furrows.


Jacob twitched as if he were strangled.

On the other side, Ishaq runs upside down.

"Son of a bitch."

After stomping his head a few times, he struggled for a long time to get angry.

No one could be strict enough to dry it.

'It's so scary.'

The Dublin people's attitude so far was nothing.

For those who were really angry, the heart felt so intimidated.


At the words of the Duke, Ishaque kicked his tongue and retreated.

Then the administrators flew in front of the Duke's golden throne and bent their knees.

At the forefront was North, who was in charge of the officials inside the castle.

One of them shouted.

"This New Chagall, with its bloody heart, invites you. Hit Eugene North's neck, who dragged an unhappy seed into the castle!"

North did not participate in this selection of administrators.

It was my adoption and Etwald's and Terramore's.

This time, it was said that the mouth of the wizards was strong.

'That's why these preliminary administrators are opening.'

Just because North is responsible for this, they'll have their necks tied, so they'll play.


I looked at the Duchess and North without words with a slight sentiment.

I don't keep my hands on the side of the duc.

It was not because he really believed North in the first place, but because he was the greatest talent.

With his eyes closed, Duke Zigsy pressed the temples.

"Yes, I do."

North raises his voice without a look.

"There is no excuse."

"North, you frustrated bastard! '

There's no excuse why.

The insistence on a managerial and employer exam in Dublin, where a spy could come in, was because he was confident enough to crack down.

The reason we haven't put safeguards in place for the bloodline is because Henri, Ishaq, and Duke are far superior to the knights.

After the Preliminary Administrator came in, my room was always guarded.

"All the administrators who participated in the selection of new recruits were referred to the penal council. North Eugene...."

The Duke, who opened his eyes slowly, wondered.

"Cut off your wrist."

And the Dagger of North fell forward.

I looked as if people knew this was going to happen.

North slowly pulls the sword out of the bayonet with a trembling hand. A new glowing day just touched my wrist.


I burst into tears.

Everyone looked at me in surprise.

The eyes of Duchess Henri and Ishak, who were insensitive faces, widened.

Henri and Ishak came running to me.

"Why are you crying? Who hit you again? Who, who!"


"Ahhh! I'm scared of the princess!"

The two of them were very embarrassed when they saw the day the world was crying.

"The Duke was originally scared! Everyone in the world is scared! No wonder you're scared!"

Ishaq said he was relieved, and Henri wiped away his tears.

The Duke, who was still looking at me with his eyes enlarged, stared at the butler.

The butler held me and took me to the Duke.




I snort, inhale, and squirm my hands.

"If you cut off Notsu's wrist....."


The Duke seemed a little embarrassed.

'That's right, this is it.'

I hung a hot stone on his leg and rubbed my face.

"Forgive me, Princess North."

"... Okay, stop crying."

Having said that, he put me on my knees and rubbed my eyelids.


I heard breathing everywhere.

When I looked back, I looked at me with the look that people were going to get mixed up.

North was staring at me in a daze.

'Because I did this to protect you, you are mine now.'

In the Imperial Palace, the first officer of the covetous Duke came into my hands.

* * *

Thanks to the tears of LeBlaine, the administrators could barely be drawn to the Punishment Society.

North's wrist is fine.

They all knelt down in front of LeBlaine and expressed their gratitude.

North, at the forefront, clenches his head in front of the child's feet. It was an oath of loyalty that John, Dublin's eldest son, had never received.

The work was shortened, and Ishaq and Henri came into the private library of the Confucians.

After entering the room, Ishaq was silent. I barely opened my mouth after about ten minutes.



"If our boy had been taken, he would have been like the last slaves."

Henri's hand stopped when he wrote something on the paper.

"..... I'm sure he did."

From the time of the freshman, the first generation to educate the two, he said.

It is the world's victory that the weak are devoured by the strong. The weak are bad.

I thought you were right.

Neither of them had ever been an acronym.

Unmatched flesh.

A brain that has no shortage of genius.

Even Magical Powers and Families were the top predators incomparable with others.

There was nothing weak around them, so they could not empathize with the fear of the weak.

'But LeBlaine.'

In Ishaq and Henri's head, LeBlaine was drawn who was shackled like a Runsha brother.

LeBlaine who was captured.

LeBlaine who couldn't even get blood, and dragged a starving ship.

Wrapped around his head in front of a whip and curled up LeBlaine.

"Annie....." Or "Interest……." LeBlaine sniffing.

The two men's faces hardened.

It felt strange.

I feel frustrated with my chest and blood on my head.

Ishak raises his body and looks at Henri.

"Haven, you're rebuilding, aren't you?"

"Why, to live as a slave?"

"I don't buy. For life to come."

Henri said to Ishaq, who was holding the doorknob.

"Stupid, why don't you just go smash it and let the slaves go?"

Henri threw the paperwork I was writing to Ishak.

"Go tell North."

"What is this?"

"You don't know. It's a story shared by the half-masked and the vanguard."

"What happens if I tell you this?"

Henri smiled, leaning deeply against the lavish chair.

"Written. Maybe this evening we'll hear that the masked man committed suicide."

"When you do this, really....."

Ishak used to shake his head.

"Nice dog."

That evening, close to a hundred slaves belonging to Heaven were all freed.

* * *

"…… Ginim."


While I was asleep, I opened my eyes to the sound of my ears fluttering.

Leah and the maids were looking at me in the bed.


"It's dinner."

"I'm more sleepy....."

Leah rubbed her eyes and said, "Leah has touched me.

"Your master is looking for you, why don't you go out for a while and come back soon?"

The Duke?

I raised the booth body.

I heard from North this afternoon that he was investigating Jacob's 'guests'.

I went out of the room with the maids.

While I was walking, drowsiness came and I kept walking like a sick chicken.

The place of arrival was a first-floor restaurant.

'It smells delicious.'

Is the meal prepared at such a late hour?

I opened the door because of what happened, and there were numerous employers and Dukes, Henri and Ishaq.

And the table was full of all kinds of good food, and Duke Dubled and the princess had a box on their side.

'Oh, that's right.'

It was a kid's day, really.

I received a gift from the maids and forgot it because I was out of my mind.

Ishak rushes quickly and pulls out a large box for me.

I was a long, heavy box that I couldn't hear.

"Loosen it. Hurry up."

When I opened the box, it was a training bow with no arrowheads.

It's very light and prettier than anything for a child to hear.

Next up, Henri.

When she opened the salsa she gave with a smile, there was a very cute little lady's dress.

Dreamy, soft cloth that seemed to clump the eyes, with small wings on the back.

"Don't fly, my angel."

It suits Henri a lot when he thinks someone else has done it.

Henri really looks like an angel.

I hugged Henri and Ishaq once.

The two men's mouths slid up.

At that time, the Duke took out the envelope of documents for me.

"Untie it."

I looked at him, opened the envelope. And after checking the contents inside.....

I put him back in the hood.

'I think I just saw something scary.'

I took a few deep breaths and slowly pulled out the paper.

It was written on a luxurious piece of paper decorated with gold.

[Certificate of Rights]

Oh, my God.

I stared at the Duke with a dark face. His paper-bearing hand trembled.

My heart ran too fast to hit my chest.

'Is this the honeyed taste of my rich father....'

There's flames in your head! I hear a trumpet burst into my ear.